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Croatia Hall celebrating 75th anniversary
 Frank Sebalj (left) is ready for the hall's 75th celebration this coming weekend. The society also hopes to increase its membership to keep the tradition and culture of Croatians alive in Schumacher

Space Travelers Gather in Croatia for Historic Summit

Uskoro povratak ukradenih lipicanaca Ergele Lipik, by Mato Čačić, M.Sc.
 Put ukradenih lipicanaca bio je težak. ... Prema našim procjenama sada je na prostoru Srbije oko 300 lipicanaca porijeklom iz Lipika.

Horses in Croatian Art
 Ivan Meštrović: Chicago Indians, New York; Antun Augustinčić: Horsewoman (or Monument of Peace, in front of the UN building) - probably the best known equestrian statue in the world; Charles Billich - Official Artist of the 2008 Beijing Olympiad, etc.

On Ageing - As you get older, it is easier to be positive

New England was first called New Dalmatia, by Adam S. Eterovich
 New England was first called New Dalmatia: La Dalmate Da Nouveau Monde, La Dalmazia del Nuovo Mondo, Dalmatia of the New World. New England is a part of the USA comprising Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hamshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The largest city is Boston.

CROWN Croatian World Network Newsletter, August 26th, 2007

An article about Kursalon in Lipik, a place to visit, when you go to Croatia. A lot of interesting history and pleasant people, horses and empty stables waiting for stolen Croatian horses. Astronauts and Cosmonauts at the same Split, Croatia. Our astrophysicists are amazing.

The Lipik Kursalon 1893-2007
The Lipik Kursalon is one of the most important Thermal Health Centers in Europe, together with Baden Baden (Germany) and Karlove Vary (Czechia). It was almost completely destroyed during the Serbian agression on Croatia in 1991.

Astronauts and Cosmonauts LIVE from Croatia Aug 24 - 26, 2007
  The Astrophysics Initiative in Dalmatia

Celebration at the Dubrovnik Maritime College
Fifty years ago 22 young students graduated from the Dubrovnik Maritime College. On September 14, 2007 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, a special celebration is in the works to mark this event.

Croatia: The New Riveria
With summer upon us, we face a serious question: where is the hottest place to soak up the sun?

Croatia celebrates in Sarajevo - beats BiH 5-3
 Mladen Petric (left), celebrates Croatia's 5-3 win over Bosnia-Herzegovina  after yesterday's friendly in Sarajevo.

Invitation to Croatian Émigré Publishers. Deadline Sept. 10th
  The Croatian Heritage Foundation calls all publishers, book stores and individuals to participate in an Exhibition of publishing activities in Croatian emigration. Deadline September 10th 2007.

FIFA ranks Croatia 6th in the world

Spirituality and mission of the Christian teachers in Europe today
  The European Fedaration of Christian Teachers (SIESC) organized its 53rd Annual Meeting in July 2007 in Croatia. The host of the conference was Hrvatsko katoličko društvo prosvjetnih djelatnika (HKDPD), Zagreb.

Free Admission to U.S. Open Tennis Qualifying Matches
Come see the best Croatian tennis stars, Ivan Ljubicic, Ivo Karlovic, Mario Ancic, and Jelena Kostanic Tosic, as they practice and compete for the 2007 US Open! 

Petition for unconditional return of Croatian Lipizzaners from Serbia
 The Mayor of Lipik, Mr Antun Haramija, was among the first to sign a Petition for unconditional return of stolen Croatian Lipizzaners from Serbia to Croatia. We invite you to do the same. Did you know that Croatia is the leading world force in Lipizzaner's breeding?

Ivan Krstić, Harvard: Making antivirus software obsolete
 Instead of blocking specific viruses, Krstić's system sequesters every program on the computer in a separate virtual operating system, preventing any program from damaging the computer, stealing files, or spying on the user. "This defeats the entire purpose of writing a virus," says Krstić.

Award Winning Film Random Lunacy available on DVD + 2 Festival Screenings

Home Team Productions  announces RANDOM LUNACY on DVD at FilmBaby. com. See it as well at the Chicago Underground & Wildwood By The Sea Film Festivals. Hear Nenad's music.

Oliver Dragojevic through the lens of Zoran Orlic

10th Annual Horse Race in Ravni Kotari
U subotu, 18.08.2007.god. s pocetkom u 17h u Polaci odrzat ce se jubilarne 10. medunarodne konjicke utrke galopera i kasaca.

Handball: Egypt and Croatia secure spot in Main Round
 Croatia is the second team to secure a spot in the next phase of the Men's Junior World Championships in Macedonia, after drawing 25:25 with neighbours Slovenia.

The biggest known post-WWII execution site in Europe
In 1995, Serbian troops massacred 8,000 Muslims at Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Tezno grave in Slovenia (near Maribor) was found in 1999 during highway construction, with the number of post-WWII victims exceeding even that of Srebrenica.

A river of the faithful visits Our Lady of Sinj from all directions
Mnogi vjernici iz Hrvatske i svijeta hodocastili su Cudotvornoj Gospi Sinjskoj moleci se ponajvise za zdravlje. 

19th International Olympiad in Informatics in Croatia Aug 16-22, 2007

The 19th International Olympiad in Informatics will be held in the Croatian capital Zagreb gathering nearly 300 best students from 90 countries, organizers said in Zagreb on Monday.


Nela Eržišnik, a Croatian actress and entertainer, died
  Nakon kratke bolesti u Voloskom  umrla je 14. kolovoza 2007. u 84. godini Nela Eržišnik, hrvatska glumica, estradna umjetnica i najveća komičarka hrvatske scene.

Zoran Orlić - Brilliant book - The Frames behind the glass - True Rock and Roll

Zoran Orlic is a Croatian-born fine arts photographer with a flair for revealing the many moods of rock photography. Orlic's passion for the camera and music has led him to capture rock bands on film for the last seventeen years. Orlic's snapshots have appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, websites and music packaging. A new star is born.

Muhamed Sacirbey: Civilization where religion is no longer denigrated

Defending the rights and access of the faithful, as well as the institutions of faith and spiritualism, is the obligation of all Bosnians and Herzegovinians, indeed the shared responsibility of civilization where religion is no longer denigrated, whether it is yours or your neighbors.

3rd Festival of Baroque Music - Rovinj 2007

U sklopu projekta Tragovima Venecije, Festival iznova u goste dovodi eminentne glazbenike koji strastveno propitkuju i istražuju djela čije su stranice ispisane u razdoblju baroka i bliskih mu epoha.

2 Silver medals for Croatia at the World University Games
Josipa Kusanic (right), and Danijela Grgic won silver in Taekwondo and the 400 meter race respectively at the 24th World University Games in Bangkok, Thailand.  

Martin Sinkovic wins bronze in Beijing
 Martin Sinkovic (left) won a bronze medal at the World Rowing Junior Championships in Beijing, China.

"An Age of Angels" at Edinburgh Festival

New Jersey Singer is #1 in Croatia
 When Gina Picinic was a senior at North Bergen High School a few years ago, she was already a recording star in her native land of Croatia. Just 17, Picinic was like the Croatian version of Celine Dion.

Organic agriculture rising in Croatia
According to the latest statistics published by the Croatian government, organics are on the move in the country. There are 369 organic companies up from 130 in 2003.

10th International Boat Race in Metković
 10th International Boat Race in the southern Croatian town of Metković on the Neretva River on Saturday, Aug 11, 2007. More than 600 sportsmen in 35 teams compete.

The awakening of a new Lipik
  This summer the small town of  is coming back to life. Prior to the Homeland war, Lipik was side to side with the most prestigious European health resorts Baden Baden and Karlovy Vary. In September 1991 everything was burned down and destroyed.

GZH Zagreb Croatia a long history in book production dating back to 1874.

Josip Hanjš - world champion in stenography in Prague
Josip Hanjš won the title of world champion in stenography (in category shorthand / capturing, mothertongue; seniors), among 44 competitors from nine countries, during the 46th Intersteno Congress held in Prague.

MEDILS Značajni rezultati u svega 4 mjeseca rada

Usaglašeni su znanstveni programi i smjernice za rad u slijedećoj godini. Isto tako, želimo napomenuti da su prva dva projekta, "Bioinformatika i Biofizika" i "Genetika smrti u kvasca", već polučili značajne originalne rezultate.

Marko Puljić, Ph.D. Philosophy with the touch of Artificial Intelligence

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science, University of Memphis, 2005. Master of Science in Finance, Fogelman College of Business and Economics, 1998. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics / Economics, University of Zagreb, 1996. Unique, to say the least.

Rudolf Arapović 1937 - 2007 In Memoriam

Rudolf Arapović of blessed memory died on August 3, 2007.  He was an active parishioner of the Croatian Catholic Mission of St. Blaise in Washington, D.C., from its founding until his return to Croatia in 1997. We shall miss you very much! May God grant you eternal rest!

We learn from others - Učimo od drugih. The most amazing Video

Diaspora Disenfranchised - The Ethnic Cleansing of the “Diaspora Entity”

Diaspora is called upon to invest or just spend and send money for BiH, the Government of BiH and the Office of the High Representative have exhibited no priority in addressing the needs and rights of the Diaspora community. By Prof. Ramic, Ing. Vrljicak & Ambassador Sacirbey

Karlovic and Ancic won in Montreal. Both into the second round

Rare air indeed - Vlasic Jumps Second Highest in the History of the World
With 2.07, Vlasic moves up to No. 3 all-time in Stockholm Tuesday 7 August 2007. Blanka attacked her own Croatian record of 2.06 with the bar raised to 2.07. All the spectators in the fully packed Olympic Arena will remember Blanka Vlasic's 2.07 leap.

Volunteers sought for Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra's USA Tour
 The Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra will be touring the USA, November 1-12, 2007.

Honey bees hunt for landmines in Croatia

Honey bees buzz over Croatian meadows in an experimental hunt for explosives in an effort to clear away potentially deadly landmines. No field is ever 100% cleared, and that is why any method by which we could additionally increase security is priceless.

Tino Radanović victor of the 292nd Sinj Alka
The victor of the the 292nd Sinja Alka was Tino Radanović.  Stjepan Mesić, President of Croatia awarded him a sabre and a gold ring.

Award Winning Film Random Lunacy on Chicago Underground Film Festival 2007


Award winning "RANDOM LUNACY: videos from the road less traveled" screens at the Chicago Underground Film Festival, Sunday, August 19th, 2007 at 2:45 PM The Chopin Theatre - 1543 W. Division Street, Chicago, IL. Hear the music of Nenad Bach and Klapa Navalia. See you there.

Croatian Victory for Croatian History August 5th 1995 - 2007
   Ancient people. Old nation. New democracy.

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