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Branka Kandic-Splavski and her Croatian fairy tales as medicine - Bajka kao lijek
Branka Kandić-Splavski is a specialist in family medicine and in her soul, a fairy tales writer. In 2004 after her first book ANDREA'S SHELL had been published her personal and professional life took a new direction: one of her patients was dying of brain cancer. She was no longer able to move, or speak, she was laying motionless and communicated only with her eyes. In the process of catching the public ear and eye, informing and educating the society about the patients' rights and neccessity for dignified care in the lives of severely ill people the fairy tale idea once again served as a bridge.

Dr. Hrvoje Kacic: The Hague Tribunal omits establishment of the truth
Dr. Hrvoje Kačić, distinguished Croatian expert in maritime law, gave two interviews. In the first one he describes the importance of the decision of the Badinter Comission on 7 September 1991 about factual recognition of Croatia. The second interview concludes that the Hague Tribunal does not meet the goals for which it was established.

Miro Gavran's play "All About Women" watched by theatre lovers in India

‘All About Women' was a wonderful journey in to the lives of women. The play has been written by Croatian author and playwright Miro Gavran. It starred Mumbai-based theatre artists Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, Prerna Chawla, Nimrat Kaur, Tahira Nath, Malaika Shenoy and Shivani Tanksale. It was made up of five interwoven stories of the dreams, aspirations and the unexpressed desires of women. A few minutes into the play, the stage, the lights and the audience all melted away. Only the actors on stage remained. They were like people who lived next door!... Written by Akila Kannadasan for The Hindu.

International conference in Carmelite convent of St. Elijah in Busko Blato in Bosnia and Herzegovina
F. Zvonko Martić, Carmelite in B&H The Carmelite convent of St. Eliah in Buško Blato in B&H and the Society Passion Heritage from Croatia's capital Zagreb organized a very succesful international conference dedicated to passion heritage of Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The accompaning program included two concerts of sacral music of Croatians in B&H, with participation of original groups in fantastic national costumes from various parts of the country. The principal organizer of the conference was F. Zvonko Martić, on the photo.

Association of small and family hotels in Croatia
Griffons fly in Croatia above the island of Cres The Association of Small and Family Hotels gathers more than 150 members whose concept is based on high quality service and nurturing authenticity and indigenous local values. Hotels are spread all over Croatia and are distinguished by their continuous search for new features to enrich the stay of their guests. Whether you are searching for an active vacation, traveling with family, love to enjoy local cuisine or just want to rest we believe you will find a hotel that will fulfill all of your expectations. Welcome!

The Croatian Academy of America Issued New Volume of the Journal of Croatian Studies
The Croatian Academy of America issued volume 44 of the Journal of Croatian Studies, its annual interdisciplinary review. Contributed articles by Darko Žubrinić: William Feller (1906-1970) - an outstanding Croatian-American mathematician, Vinko Grubišić: The three alphabets used in the printing of Croatian Reformation books in Germany, John Felix Clissa: Migration history of the Italo-Croatians of Molise to Western Australia, Jure Krišto: Brother's keeper The surveillance of American Croats by FBI during World War II, Stan Granic: Canadian Ethnic Studies (1969-2003) and Polyphony (1977-2000) as sources for the Croatian Ethnological Community

Dr. Mladen Vranic awarded by honorary degree from the University of Toronto
The University of Toronto recognized extraordinary achievement in community, national, and international service and  honoured professor Mladen Vranić, whose accomplishments are of such excellence that they provide, through example, inspiration and leadership to the graduates of the University. It was offered to him in recognition of his lifetime of extraordinary contributions to diabetes research and scientific mentorship, as well as his advocacy for the importance of research in advancing public health.

KAFKA'S FRIEND and FORGOTTEN SON by Miro Gavran go digital on Amazon
The most frequently translated contemporary Croatian writer, Miro Gavran, has published his novels Kafka's Friend and Forgotten Son in their English translation by Nina H. Kay-Antoljak as e-books on AMAZON, making them accessible with the Kindle electronic reader. Miro Gavran's works have been translated into 35 languages, and his books have come out in 150 different editions at home and abroad. His dramas and comedies have had more than 200 theatre first nights around the world and have been seen by more than two million theatre-goers.

Ivan Mestrovic's "Christ on the Cross" sold at Sotheby's in London
Dne 17. svibnja 2011. na dražbi "Europsko kiparstvo 19. i 20. stoljeća” (Sale: L11230, 19th and 20th Century European Sculpture) u kući Sotheby’s u Londonu sa velikim je  uspjehom prodano još jedno djelo Ivana Meštrovića (1883. – 1962.). Mali drveni reljef “Krist na križu” (86  X  31.5 cm) postigao je jako visoku cijenu (54,000 EU; 77,000 USD). Reljef je izrađen vjerojatno 1912. od slavonskog hrasta.

Dora Maar robbed by The Direction of French Cultural Patrimony
The Direction of French Cultural Patrimony (La Direction General des Patrimoines) disregarded the realm of Law and Private property, and took everything from Dora Maar's inheritance for the state. The Croatian citizen Mrs. Dragica Marković married Brkljačić was left without any inheritance contrary to existing French law. Mr. Predrag Brkljačić, the son of late Mrs. Dragica, and Croatian-American citizen, professor of English, French and Spanish, tries to get some just solution.

Homeland defense is a right, not a crime
Ante Gotovina, Croatian general  It is time to judge the judges.

Casting Call For House Hunters International
House Hunters International, on Home and Garden TV is looking for people who have recently relocated to Croatia to appear on the show. Being on the show is a lot of fun for participants and a great way for them to document their exciting search for a home and new life abroad.  It's also a very positive show which offers a wonderful opportunity to inform our viewers about interesting countries and cultures worldwide. It can drive interest in tourism and we've even had people tell us they bought homes in a city after seeing it on House Hunters International!

Pope Benedict XVI in Croatia's capital Zagreb 4 and 5 June 2011
“I offer my most cordial greetings to the beloved land of Croatia!” Here I would like to introduce the main topic of my brief reflection: the theme of conscience. This cuts across all the different fields in which you are engaged and it is fundamental for a free and just society, both at national and supranational levels. Truly, the great achievements of the modern age – the recognition and guarantee of freedom of conscience, of human rights, of the freedom of science and hence of a free society – should be confirmed and developed while keeping reason and freedom open to their transcendent foundation, so as to ensure that these achievements are not undone, as unfortunately happens in not a few cases.

18th Annual Convention of the NFCA to Take Place in Pittsburgh June 4, 2011
 The 18th Annual Convention of the National Federation of Croatian Americans Cultural Foundation (NFCA) will take place in Pittsburgh on June 4, 2011 at the Clarion Hotel in Greentree, located just outside of Pittsburgh.  Delegates from throughout the United States are expected to attend.

US Senator Jeff Sessions to Deliver Keynote Address in Opatija, Croatia
The Adriatic Institute for Public Policy will host a regional conference for elected officials and reform proponents at the International Leaders Summit in Opatija, Croatia, June 16-18, 2011. The Adriatic Institute for Public Policy is pleased to announce that United States Senator Jeff Sessions will deliver a keynote address at Adriatic Institute's International Leaders Summit.

Zvonko Martic & Vido Bagur authors of ethno monograph about Croatians in B&H
Carmelite monk f. Zvonko Martić on the photo and Vidoslav Vido Bagur are authors of important monograph in Croatian and English dealing with national costumes, dances, customs of Croatians throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina: Vila bana zvala priko Vrana (A Fairy Called the Viceroy Over the Mountian of Vran). The book has 200 pp. and about 100 pp contain luxorous photos. The monograph is accompanied with two DVD-s containing numerous dances and songs.

Don Wolf Croatian photographer and benefactor in Kansas City USA
Don Wolf is a professional photographer living in Kansas City, USA. His family is from Gorski Kotar, a mounatinous part of Croatia. His greatest comfort was to help Croatian orphans via the vehicle of photography, showing their needs and presenting them to the good people of America.

1132 years since the first international recognition of Croatia
The first international recognition of Croatia came in May 21st 879 from Pope John VIII, i.e. in the 9th century, in his two letters to Croatian prince Branimir. He gave his blessings to the prince and the whole Croatian people. Croatians live in Europe near the Adriatic coast since the 7th century.

Mijo Juric: Wolves in Springtime, in German with foreword by Dr. Alois Mock
Mijo Jurić's book "Wolves in Springtime" - Life under a Dictatorship, has been published in German with a foreword of dr. Alois Mock, former vice-counceller and minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of Austria, while the afterword wrote dr. Hannes Swoboda, distinguished Austrian politician. It is an expanded version of his book "Osamnaesto proljeće" (Eighteenth Spring) published in Croatian in Zagreb.

Vlada usvojila Strategiju odnosa Republike Hrvatske prema Hrvatima izvan Domovine
Vlada Republike Hrvatske usvojila Strategiju odnosa Republike Hrvatske prema Hrvatima izvan Republike Hrvatske. Predvidjeno je i donosenje Zakona (kao instrumenta provedbe Strategije), Savjeta Vlade i Ureda Vlade za Hrvate izvan RH (operativnog tijela), izvjescuje za CROWN Dr. Ivan Bagarić (lijevo), Predsjednik Odbora Za Hrvate Izvan Republike Hrvatske. Strategy for the relations between the Republic of Croatia and the Croatians outside the Republic of Croatia.

Franck Alfirevic Croatian film director from the island of Reunion in Indian Ocean
Franck Alfirevic is a film director born in Paris, and since the age of 9 living on the French island of Réunion in Indian Ocean, 800 km East of Madagascar. He discovered that he has brother and three sisters in Croatia. One of his sisters, Kate - Katarina, sings Švet Ivane - St. John, traditional Croatian song dedicated to the protector-saint of Trogir. The music was registered in his studio on the island of Reunion. A CD has been issued entitled Rencontre magique (Magic reunion) - KATE.

Pope Benedict XVI on his apostolic visit to Croatia 4 and 5 June 2011
Croatia will soon host pope Benedict XVI on 4 and 5 June 2011, which is the National Day of Croatian Families. The slogan of his visit is "Together in Christ". For that occasion a very nice song has been composed, in which about 30 Croatian singers participate. The first international recognition of Croatia came in 879 from Pope John VIII, ie. 1132 years ago!

Songbooks of Bozidar Kunc Croatian composer now available
Croatian composer Božidar Kunc was born  in 1903 in Zagreb and died 1964 in Detroit. His sister Zinka Kunc Milanov was a famous opera singer. Recently Ivana Kunc, his daughter, has issued the first CD containing his music. In 2006 Ivana Kunc gave a concert of her father’s vocal pieces at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall. She has since released a studio recording of these songs entitled “Music of Božidar Kunc.” Much of the music on this CD is being presented for the first time.

Dr. Slobodan Lang: "Storm" was humanitarian operation that prevented genocide
Dr. Slobodan Lang, distinguished Croatian scholar and humanist, gave interview for the readers of the CROWN on 25 April 2011 concerning the 1995 operation "Storm": "... This Court never heared me speaking! It is too strongly afraid of its own shameful history. And that's why it will be a Court of shame! There will be nothing that will be remembered of it, because it did not start from anything. And that's why it is a failure. ..."

“Painting with the Sea” photo art conceived in Croatia by Visnja & Marijan Anic
Višnja and Marijan Anić from Croatia's capital Zagreb concevied a new photo art based on an intricate interplay between sea surface, light and the bottom of the sea. Dazzling sceneries discover a new world of amazing shapes and colors, captured through fascinating photos. This art is the art of nature of breathtaking beauty. Croatian coast with its very clean sea and exceptionally rich archipelago is ideal place for creating real masterpieces in this art.

Joseph Mikulec Croatian globetrotter appearing in a silent movie 1922
Message from Angelina E. Payne, Canada:  "Hello, I happened upon the name of Joseph Mikulec while watching old silent films by the National Film Preservation Foundation. It's from 1922 and I thought that perhaps it might interest you. ... I, too, would love to know what became of this interesting fellow as well as his book." Josip Mikulec met the American president Theodore Roosevelt three times. Mikulec made thousands of kilometers on foot in the USA, China, Japan, India, South America, ...

Dr. Artur R. Bagdasarov author of Croatian language manual for Russian readers
 Dr. Artur R. Bagasarov, distinguished expert in Croatian language, working at the University of Moscow, published a manual for the study of basics of Croatian language for the Russian readers. The book has 256 pp, and was published in 2011 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

I AM is a film about a twenty-first century quest for enlightenment
Director of Photography, Roko Belic (left) assists director Tom Shadyac  on a twenty-first century quest for enlightenment. Posing two practical and provocative questions: what’s wrong with our world, and what can we do to make it better? The result is a fresh, energetic, and life-affirming film that challenges our preconceptions about human behavior while simultaneously celebrating the indomitable human spirit.

Statement by the Croatian Conference of Bishops on The Hague's Verdict
The formulation "joint criminal enterprise" is an unfounded and grave insult to the Croatian people, and to justice in general. This is also how we feel about the verdict against the Croatian state leadership at that time and the generals who led campaigns to liberate territory during the war. We believe that these judgments could provide dangerous and indirect support for new violence, as well as a source of further injustice in the world.

Nikola Knez won three gold Remi Awards at the WorldFest Houston 2011
 Nikola Knez was educated in Croatia where he produced a vast variety of films for various Croatian institutions. In 2011 he won three Gold Remi Awards at WorldFest Houston, and the Gold Pixie Award by American Pixel Academy for 3D computer animation. In 2010 he won two gold Remi Awards. He is the author of more than 300 documentaries, education and science programs, etc.

Blessed Easter to Mr. Gotovina, Mr. Markac, Mr. Praljak, Mr. Kordic and their families
 Happy and blessed Easter to Mr. Ante Gotovina, Mr. Mladen Markac, Mr. Slobodan Praljak, Mr. Darijo Kordić, and their families from Nenad Bach, Darko Žubrinić, CROWN Team and from the readers of the CROWN. Happy and blessed Easter to all the people of good will.

Brodosplit male choir from Croatia among the best in the world
& Brodosplit male choir from the city of Split is conducted by Vlado Sunko, distinguished Croatian conductor and composer. The coir became the world champion at the 5th World Choir Games, Graz 2008, in the category of male chamber choirs. It is especially known for beautiful interpretations of spiritual songs of Christian inspiration from Croatian and international repertoire.

Ante Gotovina - Croatian general and painter
Ante Gotovina, a famous Croatian general, is probably best known for his role in preventing the tragedy of Bihać in BiH. However, we did not know that Mr Gotovina is amateur-painter. On the left you can see his nice portrait of Slobodan Praljak, another famous Croatian general (who has three academic diplomas from the University of Zagreb: in electrical engineering, sociology, and film art). Mr. Gotovina recently made a portrait of blessed Ivan Merz.

Jack Baric presents Searching for a Storm
Is the UN complicit in the wartime tragedies of the former Yugoslavia ... and is the Croatian general Ante Gotovina indicted for war crimes to justify their failed policies? Robin Harris, London: Gotovina is a scapegoat of  the politics and judiciary.

Slobodan Praljak: The truth about Croatia
Slobodan Praljak: Who destroyed the bridges in Mostar and the water pipelines which connected the sources (right coast of Neretva) and the eastern part of the town? The Old Bridge was destroyed on 9th November 1993. The started investigation about the tank crew which fired on the Old Bridge, in spite of my requests was never completed by any authority of BIH or Federation of BIH. A perpetrator was produced and a lie became the "truth".

Croatian generals are not guilty
The monograph [PDF], published in English by the Croatian Cultural Council, contains contributed articles by Milan Vuković, Josip Jurčević, Robin Harris, Mile Bogović, Miroslav Tuđman, Hrvoje Kačić (on the photo), Josip Pečarić etc. From the introducton by Hrvoje Hitrec: "In August, 1995, the Croatian Army liberated large sections of its territory, which had been occupied by the Serbs for many years. This operation is known as Operation Storm (Oluja). In Dalmatia, the most critical part of the operation was headed by Croatian general Ante Gotovina."

Vitomir Miles Raguz: Who Saved Bosnia
A number of articles in this collection appeared in influential publications in the West, including the largest circulation English language policy daily The Wall Street Journal, The Jerusalem Post, European Voice, and The Harvard International Review, as well as in Croatian newspapers and magazines.

Jack Baric Croatian American filmaker: UN Should Be Trailed!
Jack Baric: "...I wonder who is going to open a court to judge the UN, because in my estimation they were complicit during the war [in Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina] in the sense of their inactivity in stopping it..." His film Searching for a Storm deals with Croatian general Ante Gotovina.

Exhibition "400 years of Croatians in Vienna" opened by dr. Jan Kickert in Zagreb
Dr Jan Kickert, ambassador of Austria in Zagreb, solemnly opened the exhibition "400 years of Croatian in Vienna" in the hall of the Matrix Croatica - Matica hrvatska. The exhibition has been prepared by dr. Josip Seršić and mr. Mijo Jurić from Vienna, in collaboration with Gabriela Novak-Karall, Secretary General of Croatian Center in Vienna, and Petar Tyran, president of the Center. The exhibition was already shown in Vienna in December 2009, as well as in Slovakia.

Miro Gavran Croatian playwright with four premiers in April of 2011
Miro Gavran had premieres in San Pedro, Prague, Moscow and Osijek. "My Wife's Husband" is a long play, to be sure. You'll notice that when you leave the Little Fish Theatre playhouse after 10:30 at night, checking your cell phone or watch and wondering where all the time has gone. You won't notice it until then, though, because Miro Gavran doesn't give you time to notice - from the moment the play begins right up to its final hilarious (and inconclusive) ending.

Ivana Marija Vidovic - successful debut in Rome in 2011
After opening the Meridiano festival in Tuscany on March 27th 2011, Dubrovnik artist Ivana Marija Vidović held a poetic piano recital in Rome on March 29th 2011, which was her first introduction to the Roman public. The recital, which included a presentation of the Ivana’s newest bilingual edition of "The Life of Flowers" published by the prominent Italian publishing house Akkuaria, took place at the headquarters of the Umanitaria Societa di Roma.

Four centuries of Croatians in Vienna
Pozivamo Vas na izložbu 400 godina Hrvata u Beču 7. travnja 2011. u 19 sati u Galeriju Matice hrvatske, Zagreb, ul. Matice hrvatske 2. Autori izložbe su dr. Josip Seršić i g. Mijo Jurić iz Beča. Suradnici  su Gabriela Novak-Karall i Petar Tyran iz Beča. Sudjeluje i dr. Jan Kickert, veleposlanik R. Austrije u Hrvatskoj.  Hrvati su prije četristo godina (1609) imali svoje Hrvatsko Selo (Crabatendoerfel / Krowotendoerfel) u nekadašnjem bečkom predgrađu Spittelberga (Spitaljbrega).

Humanitarian concert for Japan in Zagreb 4 April 2011 20 pm
Kazushi Ôno Duboko suosjećajući s narodom Japana i njihovom strašnom tragedijom, najavljujemo veliki humanitarni koncert Play & Pray for Japan koji će Zagrebačka filharmonija prirediti u ponedjeljak 4. travnja u Koncertnoj dvorani Vatroslav Lisinski u Zagrebu u 20 sati. S Japanom nas povezuje i veliki japanski maestro Kazushi Ôno na slici, koji je u najtežim godinama, u jeku Domovinskoga rata - bio šest godina dirigent Zagrebačke filharmonije, od 1990. do 1996.

Iva Čačija 1953-2011
Iva Čačija, djevojačko prezime Vidić, rođ. 19.01.1953. u Sinju, kao član stare sinjske obitelji Vidić, podrijetlom sa Čitluka. iznenadno preminula, od posljedica moždanog udara, dana 29. ožujka 2011.g. Iva je bila prekrasna osoba, puna zivotne mudrosti, veselja, razumijevanja prema bliznjima, duhovita...nematerijalna. Supruga poznatog Hrvatskog skladatelja Mojimira Čačije.

The Hague Tribunal does not meet the obligations for which it was established
Dr. Hrvoje Kačić, writing about omissions of the Hague tribunal and the problem of “artillery logs”: ...there is no word of Vukovar, Vinkovci, Osijek, Sisak, Gospić and Dubrovnik (in particular the village of Osojnik), resulting in thousands of victims. The Hague tribunal was silent,... This farce has been going on too long, and the consequences can be worrying and painful.

Dr. Slobodan Lang: Goodness has a right to be recognized as a part of truth
Dr. Slobodan Lang, distinguished Croatian humanist and scientist, learned from Gandhi to treat concrete people with their faith and culture as basic partners in facing and solving problems. He also developed the concept of Postholocaust, meanning that we have to use it as a way to prevent future genocides, concentration camps, hate, as well as promote the universal responsibility of righteous among nations and right to a home.

Ivana Marija Vidovic in Rome piano recital and poetry book in Italian & Croatian
Croatian pianist and poet Ivana Marija Vidović will have a piano recital in Rome 29 March 2011 dedicated to Dora Pejacevic, the first Croatian woman composer. On that occasion her new bilingual poetry book will be presented, published in Italian and Croatian. Two days earliear, 27 March, she will have a concert in Cecina, Italy.

Radovan Vlatkovic Croatian born horn player
One of the leading instrumentalists of his generation, Radovan Vlatković (born 1962) has travelled the globe performing extensively as soloist and popularising the horn as recording artist and teacher. In 1998 he became Horn Professor at the renowned Mozarteum in Salzburg. Since 2000 he holds the Horn Chair “Canon” at the “Queen Sofia” School in Madrid. He has also been teaching at the Musikhochschule Zürich.

Ivica Kostelic wins World Cup slalom title 2011
Bravo, Ivica! Kostelic won the Big Crystal Globe. Croatian sport experienced another tremendous success. Our best skier Ivica Kostelic finally had his years long dream come true. Ivica Kostelić posed with a Japanese flag in tribute to the victims of the earthquake and ensuing tsunami.

Nenad Bach Band to play for HELP JAPAN Tsunami Relief Concert
The band has been invited to perform for a concert to help support those affected by the recent tsunami in Japan and we're asking all of our friends to come out and support those affected by this terrible tragedy. The concert is being held on Thursday, March 24 at The Bowery Electric in New York City. The band will perform starting at 11:30 p.m. and will be the final act for the night. All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross and will help the victims of the tsunami.

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