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Thomas Crowley 1949-1995 Irish hero of Croatian defense 1991-1995
Thomas Crawley (1949-1995) arrived to Croatia in 1991, where he participated in its defense. He tragically died in 1995 at the age of 46. He was a Major of Croatian Army. Commemorative Mass in his honor has been organized in the city of Split on 10th June 2012 in the Cathedral of St. Dujam. His earthy remains are buried in the Split cemetery. Thomas Crowley is not only the son of Ireland, but also the son of Croatia.

Mobilne aplikacije Vatrenih - Mobile applications of Croatian soccer team on iPhone, Android and Blackberry
  Mobilne aplikacije Vatrenih. Sada je moguće sve informacije o Hrvatskoj nogometnoj reprezentaciji saznati i u pokretu! Trenutno je moguće instalirati aplikacije na mobilne uređaje koje proizvode iPhone, Android i Blackberry. Škljocnite na logo kako biste odmah instalirali aplikaciju na svoj uređaj i pristupali cijeloj statistici, povijesti, kolumnama i najsvježijim vijestima nogometne reprezentacije., Android aplikacija zahtjeva verziju 2.2 ili noviju, iPhone i iPod aplikacija zahtjeva verziju iOS-a 4.3 ili noviju, BlackBerry aplikacija za BlackBerry Playbook te BlackBerry 10 Beta - Uskoro!

Dr. Andrija Puharich: parapsychologist, medical researcher, and inventor
Andrija (Henry) K. Puharich M.D., LL.D., was born on February 19, 1918 in Chicago, United States. He graduated from Northwestern University Medical School in 1947 and completed his residency in internal medicine at Permanente Hospital in California. During his scientific career Dr. Puharich held 56 American and foreign patents for his inventions in the fields of medical electronics, neurophysiology and biocybernetics. His most known invention was a microelectronic hearing-aid for nerve deafs, which was developed in "Intelectron Corporation" in New York, a 1960 venture of Puharich where he had served as president and director of research for 10 years.

Sasa Casic young Croatian winemaking prodigy of Pakrac and his teacher Ivan Enjingi
Saša Ćasić is 28 year old professional wine maker from the town of Pakrac on Croatian north. He has been awarded as the most successful young entrepreneur in 2012 by the Ministry of Enterpreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia. This is a result of ten years of hard work and advices of his older colleague, another distinguished Croatian wine-maker Mr. Ivan Enjingi.

Croatian Festival in France in automn 2012 will have more than 60 events
More than 60 events held in 45 different locations will be the feature of the 2012 Croatian Festival in France which is to be held from September to December, confirmed Croatia's Ministry of Culture. The official opening of the Festival will be on 9 October in the Cluny Museum in Paris, where it is expected that the presidents of the two countries will open the Croatian medieval art exhibition. Furthermore, the 400th edition of French magazine Geo, June 2012, has been dedicated to Croatia. On the photo the town of Rovinj in Istrian peninsula, Croatia.

New York City premiere of "The Doll" by Miro Gavran on June 22nd 2012

Miro Gavran's play “The Doll” will be premiered in New York on June 22nd by Storefront & Bench Production with The Local Theatre Present at the Gallery MC in the West End. The translation into English was done by Nina H. Kay-Antoljak. Sanja Bestic is directing and the members of the cast are Anna-Nora Bernstein and Chris Batstone. This premiere in New York will be the first performance of the play in the United States.

Living Cells a new book by Julienne Eden Busic available on Amazon

“Living Cells,” now available in English in paperback and for Kindle, is a novel based on the true story, including actual tapes, of a young Croatian woman  who was held hostage as a sex slave, or “comfort woman”, for over two months by Serbian soldiers during the occupation of the eastern Croatian city of Vukovar in 1991.

Nikola Knez and his iFilms LLC has received 11 Remi Awards at the 45th Annual Worldfest-Houston 2012
Nikola Knez directed all of the nominated entries. Nikola is an multi-award winning director who formed iFilms LLC in 2007. iFilms LLC is a multi-award winning full-service film company managing the production process from script to screen. The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art, leading edge technology and staffed with film industry professionals. They bring twenty years of international experience with specialization in 3D animation and visual effects to their work.

Life of Croatian peasants near Zagreb described in a silent film from 1920s
The film was shot probably in 1920s in the village of Mraclin south of Zagreb, the region of Turopolje, near the town of Velika Gorica. It describes the daily life of a family community in Turopolje (Turopoljska zadruga) during one ordinary day, starting from early in the morning. Especially interesting is to see making the sign of the Cross on the bread before lunch, and the sign of the Cross on small children when they go to bed. We illustrate the old customs by a nice collection of photos from Radio Velika Gorica, Croatia.

Christophe Dolbeau wrote a new important book about French - Croatian historical relations
The newest book by Christophe Dolbeau is written in French, and its title is  Croatie - France, Une Belle Amitié, i.e. France  - Croatia, a Nice Friendship. It reveals us many new details about various historical contacts between Croatia and France. It has 138 pp, and covers the period since the Middle Ages till the 19th century. This book will be a wonderful gift to anybody wishing to known more about Croatia in the context of European relations throughout centuries, with a special reference to France.

Epidaurus Festival in Cavtat Croatia solemn opening on 9th June 2012
Indefatiguable professor  Marija Ana Vidović, Dubrovnik, distinguished Croatian pianist, poet and humanist, organized with her colleagues the 6th Epidaurus Festival in Cavtat, Croatia, 6-19 June 2012. Among numerous interesting guests we mention Dejana Sekulić, violin, and Nataša Bekčić, piano, both young talents from the Royal Academy Brussels, and Kyung Hee Luciu Yang, soprano from South Korea. Epidaurus plus is planned for the 4th July as a big surprise.

Ana Vidovic in Zagreb 29 May 2012 playing with the Zagreb Soloists
Ana Vidović distinguished guitarist will play in Croatia's capital Zagreb together with the Zagreb Soloists on 29 May 2012, 8 pm in Hrvatski glazbeni zavod - Croatian Concert Hall. Ana Vidović started her studies of guitar at the Academy of Music in Zagreb under maestro Istvan Roemer. She is considered to be one of the best classical guitarists of today in the world.

INmusic Festival is back at Jarun in Zagreb, Croatia for the 7th year in a row

The festival's seventh edition is scheduled to take place on 29–30 June 2012 on Youth Island in the middle of Zagreb's Lake Jarun. INmusic festival brings together many big names such as The Cranberries, Franz Ferdinand, Gorillaz Sound System, Plan B, Mando Diao, Gogol Bordello, General Elektriks, Retro Stefson, Human Woman, Reptile Youth, and Iness Mezel. INmusic festival is Croatia's biggest international open-air festival. The festival was started in 2006 and includes several genre-specific stages with internationally renowned indie rock, heavy metal and electronica artists. INmusic is among the top 20 European summer festivals.

Ivo Pogorelich intrigues Dubrovnik with his outstanding musicianship and emotional performance
After 26 years of absence, pianist Ivo Pogorelich returned to Dubrovnik to play at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival on July 25, 2011. This concert in the Rector's palace was an unforgettable opportunity to watch a master at work.The contrast yet evenness of the notes showed great control and power in his playing. Pogorelich's body language, as well as his emotions, reflected that, as he played the piece, he was also playing a story in his mind. He continued to stimulate the crowd throughout the performance.

Bosnia and Herzegovina where the God weeps
Even though religious freedom is enshrined in the 1995 constitution (Article 2), there are alarming cases of discrimination and violence. Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox have all reported many cases of aggression and religious intolerance. Religious practice is relatively low but there are some areas where religion is taken very seriously. Examples of this include the Croatian Catholic communities in Bosnia, where they are a minority. They find themselves in a difficult position, fighting for survival... Martyred nuns have been beatified in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2011.

Porez na inozemne mirovine?
U ime Hrvatskog svjetskog kongresa, mjerodavnim institucijama u Hrvatskoj, pismom se obratio Josip Ante Sovulj, tajnik HSK-a za odnose s hrvatskim državnim ustanovama, a na temu nejasnoća oko poreza na inozemne mirovine. Pismo donosimo u cijelosti.

Croatia Haiku Super Power - Vladimir Devide Haiku Award 2012 goes to Kudryavitsky and Maretić
The Second Vladimir Devide Haiku Award was announced by Akito Arima, formerly Japanese Minister of both Science and Education, and president of the University of Tokyo, and current president of the Haiku International Association. The award attracted over 200 entries from 28 countries, and this year the prize was jointly awarded to two authors, Anthony Kudryavitsky from Ireland, and Tomislav Maretić from Croatia on the photo. Croatia is considered a Haiku "superpower".

Marko Vrdoljak photographer and his presentation of Croatia's capital Zagreb
Marko Vrdoljak, Zagreb: "We have to make sure that we see the beauty of tomorrow and enjoy it as happily and intensely as possible. It is our duty to keep our faith in beauty and hope. We must be the ones to create a better tomorrow with our positive energy, our talents, the ones who must keep negative thoughts inside and transform them into warmth, understanding and kindness..."

HRT dokumentirao Jugoslavenske tajne službe na YouTube-u. Bleiburg planiran još u Drvaru.
Jugoslavenske tajne službe 1-7 opisane su na YouTube-u. Filmove je priredila i emitirala HRT (Hrvatska Radio Televizija), a sinopsis napisao Obrad Kosovac, pod stručnom recenzijom prof.dr. Josipa Jurčevića. Scenarist je Andrej Rora, a producent i redatelj Miljenko Manjkas. Glavni urednik dokumentarnog programa HRT je Ninoslav Lovčević. Početak osvjetljavanja tamne prošlosti, tako da iz povijesnih dokumenata učimo i ne ponavljamo iste greške. Jedini pravi način izgradnje temelja prave demokratske Hrvatske je sučeljavanje s prošlošću, bila ona dobra, loša ili indiferentna. Naša je.

Dr. Hedvig Hricak distinguished Croatian expert in radiology and tumor diagnosis
Professor Hedvig Hričak earned her MD degree from the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and her Dr. Med. Sc. from the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. She is the Chairman of the Department of Radiology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, the first woman on that position. Dr. Hricak is President-Elect and Secretary Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). She is an honorary fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists and an honorary member of the British Institute of Radiology, German Radiological Society, Austrian Roentgen Society, Croatian Society of Radiology, Journées Françaises de Radiologie and the Swedish Society of Medical Radiology.

Igor Ilić's first novel F*ckin' Foreigner available on Amazon

Fuckin' Foreigner: Igor Ilic Welcomes You To America! In his first novel, he tells a story full of wit and hard-boiled realism. We are introduced to the Croat Igor and venture with him from Croatia to Las Vegas and to San Francisco Bay Area as he chases the mirage of the American Dream. Pressured by the harsh reality of debt, poor wages and unemployment, our 31 year old hero of this novel is more than just another great American novel's vagabond. He is a reminder of Umberto Eco's mantra that a real hero is a hero by mistake.

Valter Despalj and Istvan Roemer distinguished Croatian cellist and guitarist playing together
Maestro Valter Dešpalj is distinguished Croatian cellist, professor at the Academy of Music in Zagreb. In 1990 he founded Cellomania - an orchestra of young cellists in Zagreb. Among his former students are Stjepan Huaser & Luka Suljic, members of the duo 2 CELLOS. Maestro Istvan Roemer on the photo is distinugished Croatian guitarist and professor at the same Academy. Among his former students are Ana and Viktor Vidović.

The Society to Preserve the Millvale Murals of Croatian painter Maxo Vanka
  Maxo Vanka's murals for Millvale's Croatian Church of St. Nicholas are a unique contribution to the American mural movement of the 1930s and 1940s. The Society to Preserve the Millvale Murals of Maxo Vanka is a nonprofit public supported historic art preservation organization. Vanka's work touches upon common themes of his era, including family, labor, and war, but with a focus upon the disenfranchised and the dispossessed.

Izaslanstvo židovske zajednice u Australiji nazočilo sastanku s Hrvatima u Geelongu
Na inicijativu Generalnog konzulata Republike Hrvatske u Melbourneu, nedjelju 29. travnja 2012. godine u Geelongu, drugom najvećem gradu u australskoj saveznoj državi Viktoriji, održan je drugi povijesni susret između predstavnika hrvatske i židovske etničke zajednice u Viktoriji. Sastanak je održan u Centru Hrvatske Zajednice Geelong, koji je širom otvorio vrata visokim gostima iz židovske zajednice.

Mia Slavenska 1916-2002 Croatian ballerina one of the greatest
  Mia Čorak Slavenska, born in Croatia, a child star at 4 in Croatia's capital Zagreb, became a solo dancer at 12, prima ballerina at Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb at 18, starred as prima ballerina of the Ballet Russe in Paris, Ballet Theatre, London Festival Ballet. Organized her first ballet company at 12. With Slavenska-Franklin Ballet, created dance history with the ballet A Streetcar Named Desire. Mia was fluent in five languages. She also starred in the prize-winning French film, Ballerina (in French La Mort du Cygne), considered one of the best ballet films ever made.

Nenad Bach & Miro Gavran hosted by Branimir Bilic on Croatian TV 2010
Nenad Bach, distinguished Croatian-American musician, and Miro Gavran, distinguished Croatian writer, both of worldwide reputation, were guests on the Croatian Television show Lica nacije (Faces of the Nation) hosted by Branimir Bilić on the photo and directed by Željko Musić. This very interesting interview discussed strategic issues of the global promotion of Croatian culture, as well as fundamental human values nourished within family.

Miro Gavran's comedy "My Wife's Husband" will be premiered in Mumbai, India 28 April 2012
On April 28 Miro Gavran's comedy, "My Wife's Husband" will be premiered in Mumbai, India in the Hindi language.  The Performers Theatre Group and the National Centre for Performing Arts in Mumbai are handling the production side. The play has been translated into Hindi and is being directed by Munish Sharma, while the main roles are being played by Aditi Pohanker, Munish Sharma and Abhimanyu Pandey.

Lika - Karlovac: A harmony of nature and tradition in Croatia
Clarity and power are perhaps best conveyed by the wondrousness of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, the phenomenon which attracts with its uniqueness, but also with the effect it bears on both our mental and physical wellbeing. The National Park of Northern Velebit is an area of distinctive diversity of karstic forms, the wealth of all kinds of a living world and of breathtaking natural beauty in a relatively small area. The best known person born in Lika is Croatian-Americna inventor Nikola Tesla, on the photo. Music for the video was composed by distinguished Croatian composer Đelo Jusić.

Sinking of the Titanic in 1912 and Croatians
April 15, 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the famous Titanic liner.  Among 1,316 passengers, out of which 818 died in this horrific tragedy that stunned the world, there were also a number of Croatians and/or people coming from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Carpathia was the only ship to come to Titanic’s passengers and crew rescue. At the time of Titanic’s sinking Carpathia was on its regular route New York – Rijeka (Croatia). There were 76 Croatians working as crew on the Carpathia – the hero ship.

Helena and Zvonimir Bulaja Croatian digital artists
Helena and Zvonimir Bulaja started a collection of animated and interactive stories "Croatian Tales of Long Ago", based on a fairytale book with the same title written in 1916 by Ivana Brlić Mažuranić. The project won about 30 international awards and recognitions, at the animation and new media festivals worldwide, including the most important ones: San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Montreux, Toronto, Austin, Zagreb, Annecy, Hamburg, Ottawa, Seoul...

Cooking Croatia: Easter In Croatia And Traditional Croatian Easter Cake by Tamara Novakovic
Tamara Novakovic is a passionate self-taught cook, food blogger, freelance food writer and photographer behind Her life journey has led her through Faculty of Humanities in Zagreb, Croatia to discovering passion for making cakes. She is currently a weekly food columnist for Croatian newspaper V magazine and food magazine Repete. Tamara Novaković writes on Croatian Easter traditions, and with a recipe for the delicious traditional Easter cake.

Miro Gavran's play to be premiered in Antwerp, Belgium on 12th April 2012
  "Chekov Says Good-bye to Tolstoy", Miro Garan's drama, will be premiered at the TEATRA AAN DE STROM ( ) in Antwerp, Belgium on 12th April. The translation into Flemish has been done by Bob Snijers, who will directing the play, and the roles will be played by Jef Demedts, Magda Cnudde. Steven de Lelie and Annelore Stubbe. The drama has had nine premieres to date:  in Croatia, the Czech Republic, the United States of America, France and Poland, so that the Belgian premiere will be the tenth.

Dubrovnik appears on "Missing" Thursday April 5, 2012 9pm eastern time on ABC
This Thursday, April 5, 2012 will see Dubrovnik serve as the backdrop on the ABC hit show "Missing" which stars Ashley Judd (left). The episode featuring Dubrovnik was filmed last year.

Armenian and Croatian contacts described by Dr Vinicije B. Lupis
A special bond between the city of Dubrovnik and Armenia is the cult of the City's patron saint St. Blaise from Armenian Sebaste. Croatian Jesuit Josip Marinović, 18th century, wrote the first history of Armenians in the West. The Croatian-Armenian Friendship Society was founded in 2003 in Zagreb. In March 2012 a small gathering of members of the Society has been orgnized in Zagreb, aiming among others to promote a Small Croatian-Armenian / Armenian-Croatian Dictionary.

Jad Marinovic Australian of Croatian roots champion in kettlebell lifting
Jad Marinovic is as strong, tough and committed as they come!  She has high ambitions both as an athlete and coach.  Jad has traveled to the USA and Europe to compete and also learn from the best, attending the IKSFA St. Petersburg Elite Kettlebell Training Camp in Russia becoming Australia's first female certified IKSFA Kettlebell Sport Coach.  She is not daunted at the prospect of hard training under Russian coaches, and already she has shown she has what it takes to mix with the very best. Jad is the short form of her Croatian name Jadranka.

Yamato Japanese drummers in Croatia with students of Japanology University of Zagreb Feb 2012
Yamato in Zagreb again, receiving Croatian Hearts as gifts from students of Japanology at the University of Zagreb. On the left a young lady from the Yamato Drummers group - Madoka Higashi, proudly showing her souvenir from Zagreb. Many thanks to our dear friend Mr. Oskar Šarunić to have recorded this very nice event in Croatia's capital.

Ljubica Stefan 1921-2002 Croatian Righteous, courageous historian and publicist
With this article we commemorate 10 years since the death of Ljubica Štefan, distinguished Croatian intellectual, exceptionally courageous historian and publicist, recipient of the medal of Righteous among the Nations from Yad Vashem. On 17 March 2012 the Holy Mass has been served in her memory by Rev. Josip Kuhtić in the Zagreb Cathedral, assisted by Mons. Dr. Juraj Batelja. She risked her life living in Belgrade until 1992,  and publishing her books in Zagreb under several pseudonims during the Serbian aggression on Croatia and BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina). In 1992 she left Belgrade leaving there literally all her property. The Prize of Ljubica Štefan has been established in her honour in Zagreb in  2009 for exceptional publicist and scientific work.

Collegium pro musica sacra Croatian choir founded in 1972 celebrates 40 years of existence
Collegium pro musica sacra, Croatian choir specialised for churhc music ranging from Gregorian coral to modern sacral music, with a special emphasis on Croatian church music,  has been founded in 1972, ie. 40 years ago. It was founded by s. Imakulata Malinka on the photo, who directed the choir until 1999, and since then until 2010 it was directed by s. Cecilija Pleša. Now the Collegium pro musica sacra is conducted by Iva Juras, prof. The choir has won silver medals at the Internation choir competition in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1996, then in Bremen in 2004in Rome 2009, and gold medal at the International competition of choirs held in Bratislava, Slovakia, in 2010.

Dr. Artur Bagdasarov congratulates all Croatians the Holiday of Croatian Language 11-17 March
Dr. Artur Bagdasarov is distinguished expert in Croatian language working in Moscow, of Armenian origin. He published nine books dealing with various aspects of Croatian language. Here is his message, written in Croatian: Dragi Hrvati! Svima vama u domovini Hrvatskoj, svima vama raseljenima diljem svijeta, mojim kolegama hrvatskoga jezika čestitam blagdan Hrvatskoga jezika! U Hrvatskoj se svake godine, od 11. do 17. ožujka, slavite Dane hrvatskoga jezika. Ta kulturna manifestacija utemeljena je odlukom Hrvatskog sabora 1997. godine, na spomen Deklaracije o nazivu i položaju hrvatskoga književnoga jezika. ...

Professor Artur Bagdasarov published a "Short Croatian Grammar" in Russian language in Moscow 2012
Prof. Dr. Artur Bagadsarov is a well known Russian expert in Croatian language. He was the first one to have published a Croatian-Russian Dictionary and several scientific books about Croatian literary language for the Russian readers. The "Short Croatian Grammar" is his ninth book dealing with various aspects of Croatian language, and is intended for a broad audience. The book is printed on 96 pp in 3000 copies. Our sincere congratulations to professor Bagdasarov for his newest book.

Croacias Totales Radiosat is a new program for Croatians on Argentinean Radio
Croacias Totales Radiosat, is a new program on Argentinean Radio, "Signos FM 92-5", broadcast each Mondey via from 19 to 20 o'clock (Argentinean local time GMT-03:00), and worldwide using Internet on the pages of . The leaders of the program are Veronika Cvitkovic, Jasminka Fiolic i Stella Hubmayer, all of them born in Argentina, but their parents are from Croatia. The program is mostly in Castellano, also in Croatia, dedicated to Croatian culture, music, kitchen and tourism.

2nd Vladimir Devide Haiku Award - Open Haiku Competition - deadline March 1, 2012
Despite a successful international academic career as a renowned mathematician, with professorships in Australia and the US, as well as his native Croatia at the University of Zagreb, it is primarily as a Japanologist and haiku poet that Vladimir Devide is now remembered. Please send your submission in Englihs by email to with 'Haiku competition' in the subject heading. Please remember to include your name, address and contact details.

The Righteous Road of Stepinac - film by Jakov Sedlar produced by FILMIND Tel Aviv
Important testimonies of Amiel Schromony (1917-2009), Dan Baran and others about blessed cardinal Alojzije Stepinac (1898-1960) in a film by Jakov Sedlar. Text written by Rev. Živko Kustić, narrated by Rick Alerson,  produced by Ron Assouline, Jakov Sedlar and Igor Prizmić, executive producers Dominik Sedlar and Stephen Ollendorf. Digital postproduction by FILMIND - Tel Aviv, 2009. Available on YouTube since February 2012.

Boris Papandopulo Croatian composer interpreted by American pianist Nicholas Phillips 25 Feb 2012 Houston TX
You are cordially invited to an evening of CROATIAN PIANO MUSIC with up and coming American concert pianist - Wisconsin's own  NICHOLAS PHILLIPS.  Nick will be performing works of renowned 20th Century Croatian composer - BORIS PAPANDOPULO 1906-1991. He was the son of the Greek noble Konstantin Papandopulo and the Croatian opera singer Maja Strozzi-Pečić. He studied composing in Zagreb and conducting in Vienna. Papandopulo led the chores "Kolo" from Zagreb and "Zvonimir" in Split and was also the director of the Croatian National Opera and the conductor of the Radio Croatia Symphonic Orchestra. He directed and conducted the Operas in Rijeka, Sarajevo, Zagreb and Split.

Lovro von Matacic 1899-1985 great Croatian conductor
Lovro von Matačić collaborated with Arthur Rubinstein, Christian Ferras and Rudolf Buchbinder, Marijana Radev, Ruža Pospiš Baldani, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Christa Ludwig, ... He recorded for labels such as Columbia and Supraphon. Although Anton Bruckner was at the top of the list for his symphony and concert repertorie and Richard Wagner, along with his favorite „Orpheus“ by Ch. W. Gluck and JanĂĄček’s “Jenůfa” at the top of his opera repertorie, Lovro von Matačić's interest covered a huge span from Palestrina, Monteverdi and Henry Purcell, through Handel, Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven to Mussorgsky, Mahlera, JanĂĄček, Smetana, R. Strauss, Wagner, Verdi and others. He was especially dedicated to performing Croatian authors.

NFCACF Supports New Visa Waiver Program Reform Legislation in US Congress
The National Federation of Croatian Americans Cultural Foundation (NFCACF) has announced it's full support for reform of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) which would include Croatia's participation. In a recent letter to the US Senate Judiciary Committee, NFCACF President Bill Vergot cited full support for S. 2046 as another "crucial milestone for the growing relationship between our two countries.  The 'Visa Waiver Program Enhanced Security and Reform Act of 2012’ would enable Croatia to soon join the VWP.

David Diehl Super Bowl winner, pride of Croatia and Croatians around the world
David Diehl on the photo with his daughter Addison Elizabeth celebrated the Super Bowl victory with visible Croatian insignia: with Croatian coat of arms on his left arm, with the Croatian inscription NEUNIŠTIV (Undestroyable), and with Croatian shawl around his neck brought in 2011 from the land of his predecessors. Equally great on the defeated side is another Croatian - Bill Bellichick.

4 Croatians in Super Bowl XLVI 2012 Bill Belichick, Robert Ninkovich, David Diehl & Anthony Lucas
I did not check the history of Super Bowls, but the fact that three Croatian Americans are playing today in a single game on the Lucas Stadium which is named after the fourth Croatian is a day to celebrate. Belichick & Diehl Two Croatian-Americans face off at Super Bowl for the second time. First time was in 2008. Since they play for opposite teams, Croatians will cheer all the way to the end. Super Bowl XLVI: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots is 46th Super Bowl, the most watched show in America, could be the world. With a victory, Patriots coach Bill Belichick becomes the Greatest of All-Time. With the victory, Giants offensive guard David Diehl gets his second ring. R. Ninkovich is playing for the Patriots. The Lucas Stadium is named after another Croatian-American Anthony Lucas b. Antun Lucic, considered as the father of petroleum engineering in the USA.

Katarina Livljanic presenting Judith by Marko Marulic a famous Croatian Renaissance writer from 15-16th ct.
Ms. Katarina Livljanic enacted the ancient drama with splendidly pure singing in Croatian, urgent narration, a penetrating gaze and expressive hands. (...) What makes “Judith” seem almost startlingly modern and metaphysical at times is Ms. Livljanic’s incorporation of other 16th-century texts dealing with inner dialogues at climactic moments in the story. The New York Times, USA. Marko Marulić 1450-1525 was Croatian Renaissance writer, one of the most important European spiritual writers of his time. He wrote the Biblical epic in Croatian, and stated expressly on the title of the book that the book was written in Croatian verses - u versih harvatski.

1040 years of uninterrupted tradition of celebrating the Day of St Blaise in Dubrovnik
Celebrations of the fest day of St Blaise (in Croatian, Sveti Vlaho), Dubrovnik patron saint, is celebrated since 972 AD, that is, continuously for 1040 years. This patron relates Dubrovnik and Croatia with Armenia, because St Blais was Armenian saint. The Festival of St Blaise is also the City of Dubrovnik Day. Croatian-Armenian friendship society has been founded in Croatia's capital Zagreb in 2003. Its current president is Croatian pianist Naira Astaryan of Armenian origin.

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