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Croatian pupil Martin Kotarski and Bill Gates awarded in Japan
Martin Kotarski, 14 years old Croatian pupil, and Bill Gates (both on the photo), are recipients of a recognition from the Goi Peace Foundation in Japan. Martin received Children's Category 1st Prize for his essay Joined by a Cookbook. He prepared a cookbook with traditional Croatian meals in order to get money for poor people of his school.

Ivan Mestrovic's The Descent from the Cross sold for 250 000 EU at Sotheby's
Ivan Meštrović (1883-1962), a famous Croatian sculptor, is probably best known for his Chicago Indians, prepared in Craatia in the course of two years. His another famous sculpture carved in wood is The Descent from the Cross,  exhibited with undprecedented success at Albert Museum in London in 1915. It has recently been sold for 250,000 EU at Sotheby's in London.

Croatian Heroes: Kata Šoljić legendary Croatian mother died
Kata Šoljić, considered as a hero of Homeland War, lost her four sons who defended Croatia in 1990s during the Battle for Vukovar. She was seeking the remains of her children for twelve years, and the last one was found in 2003. During the Second World War she lost her four brothers. Kata Šoljić died in 2008 in Zagreb, at the age of  87.

Nenad Bach is Baack and Wanted - performance at Fairleigh Dickinson University
 Nenad began the set behind the piano and performed a new ballad: "Everything is Forever." The song was in the mood of most of Nenad's previous rich resume of recordings, but it managed to be both melancholy and optimistic. Perhaps that is possible when one has a long track record of engagement on and off the stage. We hope to see more of Nenad's vault full of talent and vision into the future, and the audience that night certainly was left looking for more.

St Paul visited Croatian island of Mljet on his journey to Rome
An important conference is organized in Dubrovnik where outstanding specialists will prove that St Paul went to Rome across the island of Mljet in Croatia, and not via Malta. This fact is contained in a book by Ignjat Đurđević, 18th century Croatian Baroque writer from the city of Dubrovnik. The prinicpal contributor on the conference is Dr. Miho Demović, on the photo.

Eck Spahich distinguished Croatian-American died

Ekrem Eck Spahich (1945-2008) was distinguished Croatian American in Texas, born in the town of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1972, Eck organized the Croatian Philatelitic Society and started the social journal, Trumpeter (Trubljac). He was an active member of  "Bluebonnet" CFU Lodge 1836 in Houston.

Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic, part 10
Part 10 is the last one from the Vukovar Heroes series by Eduard and Dominik Galić, entitled Blago Zadro. It will be available on Friday 07.11.2008 20.10. This episode is about legendary Blago Zadro and his influence on Vukovar's defenders.

Stjepan Hauser obtained cello from legendary Bernard Greenhaus as a gift
Legendary Bernard Greenhaus played on a very special cello made especialy for him by Cornelissen.  And he suddenly decided to give this most beautiful example of Cornelissen to Stjepan Hauser, Croatian cellist, as a gift! The Greenwich Trio, in which Stjepan plays cello, won the 1st prize at the International Music Competition "Carlo Mosso" in Alessandria, Italy.

Hrvoje Saric 1922-2007 inventor of the first 360 degree camera
In 1972 Hrvoje Sarić invented and patented the first professional 360  degree synchro-rotational photo-camera in history. In 1988 he deviced the first electronical construction consisting of nine BETACAM videocameras, catching the range of the full circle. It was used at 1998 and 2000 EXPO exhibitions in Lisbon and Hannover in Portugal and Germany.

Valentina Golubenko and Ivan Saric young Croatian world chess champions
Valentina Golubenko and Ivan Šarić are world youth chess champions for 2008, at the competition organized in Vietnam. With two gold medals and one bronze, Croatia is ranked third at the World Competition, after India and Vietnam, and before China, Russia, USA, Germany etc. Congratulations from the CROWN!

Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic, part 9
Part 9 of the Vukovar Heroes series by Eduard and Dominik Galić, entitled Peyton will be available on Friday 31.10.2008, at 20.10. You'll meet Vlatko Voloder, Miro and Tomislav Josić (on the left) and a few of their friends, who fought against more than 500 enemy soldiers. The result was incredible. They won.

Dalmatian dog is Croatian autochthonous breed
Dalmatian dog is a well known breed from Dalmatia - the coastal part of Croatia. We know about organized breeding of this dog in the Djakovo bishopric already in the 14th century! The name was given in the USA in the 19th century. Recognized as Croatian autochthonous breed in 1994 (FCI-153). Croatian Post has issued a nice series of stamps dedicated to Croatian dogs.

CROWN Croatian World Network Newsletter, October 26, 2008
 On a lighter note, there were never unchallenging times. This time around, information and misinformation is widely available, so it is more than ever up to all of us to make a difference. Read about stories of Croatian talented people, our true pride, true heroes and not just victims, people who contributed with more than their own life and suffering . CROWN  and became the most visible Croatian sites in the world, outside of Croatia.

Katarina Livljanic presenting Judith in Vancouver, Chicago and Kansas City
Katarina Livljanić, singer and musicologist, is one of the principal international specialists in medieval chant performance. Born in Zadar, Croatia, she directs the vocal ensemble Dialogos, Paris, specializing in medieval chant and liturgical theater of the Glagolitic tradition.  She will perform Judith in Vancouver, Chicago and Kansas City, November 2nd, 7th and 8th, 2008.

Benedictine nuns buy shares in Croatian soccer club
A group of Croatian Benedictine nuns have bought shares in a leading Croatian soccer club, the Vecerni List paper said on Wednesday. The 19 nuns, from a convent located some 150 km (93 miles) away from the coastal city of Zadar, bought 50 shares worth around $4,500 in Hajduk Split, the nine time champions of Croatia.

Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic, part 8
Part 8 of the Vukovar Heroes series by Eduard and Dominik Galić, entitled Slavonska and Hercegovačka Street will be available on Friday 24.10.2008, at 20.10. You'll meet Mirko Brekalo senior, Nenad Gagić (on the photo), Ivan Kapular, Ivica Lukić, Dragan Luketić, Ivica Habajec.

Nenad Bach performing LIVE at Fairleigh Dickinson University Nov. 1st 2008

An incredible line-up of cross generational folk stand-outs will perform in a trend-setting concert experience. Join them in song on Saturday, Nov 1, 2008. "An evening of outlandish chuckles and thoughtful folk provocation!" Oscar Brand, Terence Martin, Uncle Floyd, Nenad Bach, John and Martin Dull, Alex Zetelski. Featured seasoned musicians with Nenad: Kinny Landrum, Richard Lindsey, Michael O'Keefe and Mick Hanson.

Ante Gabric the Saint of Sundarban in India
 Fr. Ante Gabrić (Metković, Croatia 1915 - Bengal, 1988) lived like a  Bengali, and he worked tirelessly for the spiritual development of  the Bengali community in India. People in Bengal consider Fr. Gabrić should be beatified like mother Teresa and all the people are praying for for this. He was very much related to Blessed Mother Teresa of Kolkata  and they worked hand in hand.

Croatian Americans for Obama Biden 2008
"In these uncertain and tough times, Croatian Americans, like all Americans, are looking for a President that provides steady leadership and puts the middle class first," said Representative Peter Visclosky (IN). "Barack Obama will be that President – a President who, by his example, demonstrates that achieving the American dream is still possible."

The CRAVAT instead of a TIE and NECKTIE
On the occasion of the International Day of The Cravat on the 18th of October we invite all the English speaking individuals to call the knotted scarf around their neck by it's original name the cravat instead of tie and necktie. The earliest known cravat in history was worn by Ivan Gundulić from the City of Dubrovnik, a famous Croatian poet from the 17th century.

Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic, part 7
Part 7 of the Vukovar Heroes series by Eduard and Dominik Galić, entitled New Banijska Street will be available on Friday 17.10.2008, at 20.10. Main characters in this episode are Miroslav and Tomislav Josić, Vlatko Voloder, Ivica Banožić, Ivan Kapula and Dragutin Špac (on the left).

Ivan Vučetić the father of dactiloscopy - fingerprinting as a method of identification
Ivan Vučetić (1858-1925), in Argentina better known as Juan Vucetich, introduced dactilosopy, that is, fingerprinting as a method of identification. This year we mark 150 years since his birth on the island of Hvar. On this occasion The Croatian Heritage Foundation in Zagreb has organized a series of events and issued a nice publication.

Helen Crlenkovich renowned Croatian - American springboard diver
Helen Crlenkovich (1921-1955) was one of the most successful athletes in America and the world on the three-meter springboard and the ten-meter platform. She was an American-born Croatian lovingly known as  "Klinky." She was the first female to do a full-twisting 1 1/2 somersault and several other dives that were heretofore only achieved by men.

Croatian Heroes: Vinko Gecan USA
Vinko Gecan (1862-1916) is one whose name is woven into the historical fabric of our Croatian and American people. True heroism is not something that is planned. Rather, it is something that takes place under difficult circumstances as presented by life. Heroic moments are those that for some mysterious urge within us surface out of love for others - those in danger or need.

Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic, part 6
We invite you to see Part 6 of the Vukovar Heroes series by Eduard and Dominik Galić, entitled Technical building. It will be available via Croatian Television on Friday, October 10th, 2008,  at 20.10. Main characters in this episode are Marko Filković, Ivo Komšić, Zdravko Mamić, and Ivica Mikula (on the left).

Mirna Brkanovic working on her debut film
Mirna Brkanović studied at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb since 1994. In 1997 she started studying  at the Academy of Television and Film in Munich, Germany. "Hidden Truth" is her graduation film. At the moment she is working on her debut film. Her motto is: "Stay true to your deepest and inmost wishes, because one day they will become your true."

Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic, part 5

Part 5 of the Vukovar Heroes series by Eduard and Dominik Galić is among others about Zdenko Horvat, Croatian defender (on the left), who destroyed 10 tanks and one armored vehicle and almost alone stopped a large enemy breakthrough in Vukovar across Bobota channel in 1991.

Oliver Dragojevic in Concert at Carnegie Hall, October 9th 2008
 Legendary Croatian recording artist Oliver Dragojevic will perform in the Oliver & Friends concert at Carnegie Hall on October 9th, 2008 at 8:00pm. Joining Mr. Dragojevic will be some of Croatia’s most celebrated talent including Ante Gelo, Drazen Bogdanovic, Boris Popov, Robert Vrbancic and famous Croatian conductor Alan Bjelinski.

Eduard & Dominik Galic Croatian film producers
Eduard Galić and his son Dominik (on the left) are very successful film producers. Especially important is their joint work on the Heroes of Vukovar series, which is just being shown by Croatian Television with great success. Dominik holds a Croatian national record in butterfly swimming.

Mark Begich for U.S. Senate to be the first Croatian American in the U.S. Senate
I met with Mayor Begich last night in Washington, DC and was very impressed with his wit, intelligence and commitment to bring reform and an energy expertise to the U.S. Senate. He acknowledged how pleased his dad was with all the support he received from Croatian Americans when he was starting his first campaign and did get elected to the U.S. Congress in 1970. It's our time now to help elect for the first time ever - a  Croatian American in the U.S. Senate

Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic, part 4
Turbo platoon was sent on most delicate and dangerous tasks in Vukovar's defense. Blago Zadro formed the platoon and was their leader. The main characters are Miro Radmanović, Tomo Jakovljević and Nevenko Mauzer (on the left). Part  4 of the Heros of Vukovar TV serial, Turbo platoon - Friday 26.09.2008 20.10, on Croatian Television.

Marin Soljačić Named MacArthur Fellow for Work on Wireless Power
Asked how it felt to be a certified genius, Marin Soljačić (left) laughed, "What, did I just grow a second head?" No, it's just that his head’s in two fields at once-electrical engineering and physics. That polyvirtuosity may have helped the MIT professor win one of the 25 fellowships announced today by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Branimir Budetić won silver medal for Croatia in China
Branimir Budetić of Croatia celebrates after finishing second during the final of the men's javelin F11-12 classification event at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games in Beijing on September 10, 2008.

Darko Kralj won gold medal for Croatia in China
Darko Kralj won gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Paraolympic Games in China. Competing in Men's Shot Put he broke a new world record at the National Stadium known as Bird's Nest. He said: "My biggest wish was to listen to the Croatian anthem in Beijing." Mr. Kralj lost his left leg  in 1991 during the Serbian aggression on Croatia (1990-1995).

Croatian Heroes: Dr. Juraj Njavro legendary surgeon at the Vukovar Hospital died
 Dr. Juraj Njavro (1938-2008) was a legendary Croatian surgeon at the Vukovar Hospital in 1991, during one of the most dramatic events in the history of Croatia. He was known as exceptionally pleasant and tolerant person. He wrote a book about his internment after the Serbian occupation of the city of Vukovar.

Antonia Balek won two gold medals for Croatia in China
Antonia Balek two gold medals for Croatia at the 2008 Paraolympic Games in China. The first gold medal has been won in women's javelin, and the second in women's Shot Put, both with new world records. The competition was held in the National Stadium known as Bird's Nest in front of 85,000 spectators. Antonia survived  a deep coma which lasted for 3 years.

The Baska Glagolitic Path on the island of Krk, part 2
The Second International Workshop was devoted to the project of The Baška Glagolitic Path. It had participants from the Czech Republic, Austria and Croatia. Stone monuments have various cities as sponsor. For example, the stone representing the Glagolitic letter P is sponsored by Prague, capital of the Czech Republic. On the left is Erika Šimanić, Rijeka, carving the Glagolitic letter Ž.

Billy Kirchen and his musical "Mirrors of Desire" in New York on October 19th

Mirrors of Desire is a magical love story set to music and dance complete with a fairy godmother of sorts, angels, imps, and of course magic.. Preview of musical, "Mirrors of Desire" is on October 19th 2008 at the Richmond Shepard Theatre 309 East 26th Street, New Yok City, New York. 8 PM. American baritone, pianist, and composer Billy Kirchen is very proud of his Croatian roots.

Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic, part 3
 Little groups of people had been organizing the defense, and soon volunteers have joined. Graduates, peasants and shoemakers became warriors. Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic proceeds with its third episode on Croatian Television: 3. Yellow Ants and Desert Rats -  Friday 19.09.2008 20.10. On the left Blago Zadro, a legendary Croatian defender.

Cradle Of Football Is Not England, But Dalmatia!
In the 1st ct BC, young Illyrian Delmata tribe warriors, bided their time by passing each other a ball made from leather or bull hair. Sinj-based amateur archaeologist Josip Bepo Britvic dedicated his entire life to proving and providing evidence for this theory. Taking a walk in 1947, in hometown Sinj, he saw a rooted relief on a facade, showing a young man holding...a "football".

Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic, part 2
Please, do not miss to see Episode 2 of the serial Heroes of Vukovar by Eduard and Dominik Galić on Croatian TV, Friday 12. 09. 2008. at 20.10.  On the photo on the left is Marko Babić, a legendary Croatian defender.

Dino Dvornik 1964 - 2008
 Dino was full of life, each time I saw him, always showed a lot of respect, because among us who deeply love music there's no holding, there's no faking. We know who is good in few seconds. And Dino was very good. I always enjoyed your closeness, honesty and classy behavior. Elegant, eloquent, respectful, funny, intelligently inquisitive, witty and kind. Svježi vihor.

Spancirfest in Varazdin, a Baroque city in Croatia
 The Varaždin Špancirfest is a regular festival devoted to craftsmanship, music and entertainment by the end of August and beginning of September each year. This very pleasant manifestation visited by thousands of people. It is a paradise for children.

Croatian national costumes in Monostor on the left bank of Danube
 Monoštor is a village on the left bank of Danube, with majority of Croatian population. We present their very nice dresses and female slippers,  see on the left, as well as old photos of  tamburitza players. The photos have been sent to us by prof. Marija Šeremešić living in this village.

For retired coach Chuck Mrazovich, keeping fit's a slam dunk
At 84, Chuck Mrazovich has been aging well. The retired EKU basketball coach keeps himself fit and by staying active with multiple hobbies, like antiques, raising grandchildren designing furniture, playing the brac, eating well and working out.

Croatians in America - photo collection by Vladimir Novak, part 3
Mr. Vladimir Novak brings us a new series of exceptionally interesting photos related to life and work of Croatians in America, collected over several decades in the USA. As in previous two presentations,  much of this material is presented for the first time, exclusively for the readers of CROWN. On the left Marin Plestina, a famous wrestler.

Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic
What about heroic 1991 resistance in Vukovar, which made Croatian state possible? What about men who destroyed those tanks and created the myth about Vukovar. Where are they? What are their names? What were they doing before the war? Who are they after all? And maybe the most important - how did they defeat the enemy so much stronger? In ten episodes.

Blanka Vlasic wins historic Olympic medal for Croatia at Beijing 2008

Then comes a small "poof" when Vlasic lands in the thick pad, the bar undisturbed. Seven times she did this Saturday night, the obediently motionless bar a little higher each time. The noise inhaled by the gasp of 91,000 fans. The high-jump contest was advertised as the showcase of a legend in this sport, Blanka Vlasic's 14-month winning streak at 38. A true pride of Croatia.

Marin Cilic beats Mardy Fish at Pilot Pen for first ATP victory

Marin Cilic of Croatia won his first ATP Tour event Saturday, beating American Mardy Fish 6-4, 4-6, 6-2 at the Pilot Pen, a U.S. Open tuneup. Despite having the crowd against him, the 19-year-old Cilic broke the hard-serving Fish five times, three times in the final set, to secure the win in his first finals appearance.

Filip Ude won silver medal in pommel horse at 2008 Bejing Olympic Games
Filip Ude won the first Croatian medal in gymnastics at Olympic Games. He won silver medal in pommel horse at 2008 Bejing Olympic Games. This is a result of painstaking work, directed by the Russian trainer Igor Kriajimskij. Recently a top quality multipurpose gymnastic center has been opened in Nedelišće on the North of Croatia.

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