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2CELLOS taking the cello to a new level and breaking the boundaries between different genres of music
Young Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, known as 2CELLOS, achieved sensational success by taking the cello to a new level and breaking the boundaries between different genres of music. “... Go and see them live, because it really is astonishing! I can’t remember seeing anything as exciting as them since I saw Jimi Hendrix live back in the 60’s…” Elton John.

Ljeposlav Perinic 1922-2005 the King of Dolls and the world exhibition of his dolls in Buenos Aires in 1970
Ljeposlav Perinić 1922-2005 was a Croatian known under the title of the King of Dolls or Rey de las munecas. In 1970 he had an exhibition of dolls in Buenos Aires where he lived since 1945. In this article we show a short interview with him conducted by Monica Mihanovic. On the photo Mr. Perinić with two beautiful dolls representing Pakistan (on the left) and India. Since 1991 the collection of his dolls is kept in Croatia's capital Zagreb.

Marko Marulic 1450-1524 and Katarina Livljanic: JUDITH biblical history of Renaissance Croatia
  Far from the traditional filming of a staged performance, Alpha and Katarina Livljanic offer a genuinely cinematographic work based on the epic poem Judita of the Croatian Renaissance writer Marko Marulić. Judita has been printed in Croatian language in 1521, and Marko Marulić, one of the greatest Croatian writers, expressly stated in the title of his book that the poem was written in Croatian language. Musically, this project by Katarina Livljanić, professor at the University of Paris - Sorbonne, is a reconstruction, using Gregorian, Beneventan and Glagolitic sources of medieval Dalmatia, as well as the study of Croatian Glagolitic chant in oral tradition.

Drazen Petrovic 1964-1993 distinguished Croatian basketball player and the greatest European player of all times
Dražen Petrović initially achieved success playing professional basketball for Croatian clubs Šibenka and Cibona, and in Europe (Real Madrid in Spain) in the 1980s before joining the American NBA in 1989. In 1993 Dražen died in a car accident at the age of 28. Petrović earned two silver medals and one bronze in Olympic basketball, a gold and a bronze in the FIBA World Championship, and a gold and a bronze in the FIBA European Championship. He earned four Euroscar Awards, and was named Mr. Europa in basketball twice. At the Olympic Games in 1992, he was the leader of the Croatian basketball team, which won all games except the final against the USA.

1134 years since the first international recognition of Croatia, more than 600 years before the discovery of America
During the solemn divine service in St. Peter's church in Rome in 879, Pope John VIII gave his blessing to the prince and the whole Croatian people, about which he informed Branimir in his letters. In his letter dated from 881 the Pope addressed Branimir as the `glorious prince'. This was the first time that the Croatian state was officially recognized. As wee see, this happened in the 9th century, or more precisely, more than 600 years before the discover of America.

A famous Croatian Professor Balthazar shown by Google on its front page on June 21st 2013
Professor Balthazar is probably the most famous Croatian professor in the world, a popular figure of cartoon movies, familiar to millions of children throughout the world. It has been created in 1967, that is, 46 years ago, by Zlatko Grgić, a member of the lagendary Zagreb School of Animated Film. On June 21st 2013 Google placed the professor on its front page. Professor Balthazar was equally popular among children fourty years ago, as is today.

Goran Karan very successful concerts of Croatian singer in London in June 2013
Goran Karan, a well known Croatian pop singer from the city of Split, will remember the year of 2013 for a series of very successful concerts in Estonia and Poland, culminating with two concerts in England, in London - in Dingwalls Club and Gloucester Millenium Hotel. His singing is deeply influenced by very emotional local Dalmatian melodies. Besides the mentioned concerts, Goran had many other concerts held in Austria, Germany, Italy, France, along with three tours in the United States.

Joseph Thomas Rukavina 1922-2013 Croatian humanitarian and Democratic activist in the USA
Joseph Thomas Rukavina, 91 years old of White Bear Lake, MN died on June 10, 2013 at Southview Acres Health Care Center  in West St. Paul. Joe was a long time activist within the Democratic party and so proud of his work with three Croatian American groups:  Croatian Fraternal Union, MN Croatian Cultural Society and the National Federation of Croatian Americans (co-founder).  He was honored with awards from both the Republic of Croatia and The White House for his outstanding humanitarian work during the 1990s war in Croatia and in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  He was a founding member of St. Pius X Church in White Bear Lake and was active there  for 59 years.

Nikola Primorac Croatian captain of City of Ragusa craft sailing from Liverpool to New York and back in 1870
There are honored people in Croatian maritime history who contributed to the various fields of maritime affairs. One of them is Captain Nikola Primorac, born in Dubrovnik on July 27, 1840, who sailed in his small boat across the Atlantic from Liverpool to New York and back to Liverpool, England. In Liverpool he made a bet with one Englishman for 100 pound sterling that he will cross the Atlantic in a small boat. It was sensational news in Britain which the London "Times" wrote: "It is an incredible brave and crazy adventure ever made that could turn into tragedy or triumph".

Destination CROATIA Destination CROATIA Destination CROATIA Destination CROATIA
Croatia, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, is a land which its citizens often call her Lijepa Naša, that is, Our Beautiful. It is not surprising that this is the title of Croatia's National Anthem as well. Croatia is a southern Central European country at the crossroads between the Pannonian Plain and the Mediterranean Sea. Its southern and western flanks border the Adriatic Sea. In this article we show two fantastic films about Croatia. On the left is a photo of probably the most beautiful cape in the world, called Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape), on the island of Brač in Croatia.

GLAGOLICA a European Musical Language - project by Festival Kvarner in Opatija 25-26 June 2013 Croatia
Logo of Festival Kvarner, Opatija, Croatia The “GLAGOLICA - A European Musical Language” project, is an awarded EU project within the framework of the Culture Programme 2007-2013. We are speaking about Croatia, which will enter the European Union on 1st of July 2013. The central theme is the Croatian recension of Old Church Slavonic literary language with its Croatian Glagolitic Script. The program includes the concerts of Katarina Livljanić (25th June, Middle Age Music) and I.G. Kovačić Choir from Zagreb (26th June, Bruckner's Te Deum) in  the city of Opatija in Istrian peninsula, both at 21:30. Croatian Glagolitic Script will be visualized by Ars Electronica from Vienna. On the photo is the logo of Festival Kvarner in Opatija, Croatia.

LET’S CEE-Short Film Competition - Due date for submissions June 16, 2013
LET‘S CEE Film Festival presents once a year in Vienna high-quality productions from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), including the Caucasus region and Turkey. Since its first installment in 2012, the LET‘S CEE Film Festival has been providing an exclusive and attractive stage for Central and Eastern European cinematography. The second LET’S CEE Film Festival will be held from September 13th to September 21st, 2013. The Call for Entries will be available till June 16, 2013.

Marija Miletic Dail exhibiting her murals on Croatian history at Lovejoy Gallery in Los Angeles June 15th 2013
Marija Miletic Dail, distinguished Croatian American director, producer, animator and filmmaker, living in the USA, will have an Exhibition of Cultural Murals "Five Medallions of Croatian History" at Lovejoy Gallery in Los Angeles, June 15th 2013, from 4-10 pm, 749 South Broadway St. The titles of murals are Alojzije Stepinac, Ante Starčević, Seoba Hrvata (Migration of Croatians), Krštenje Hrvata (Baptizing of Croatians), and Matija Gubec. This art will be available to collectors after the exhibition.

Julija Vojkovic champion of International Competition in Middle Age Fencing in Pavone Canavese Italy
In 2013 a small Croatian group participated in the International Competition of Middle Age Fencing in Pavone Canavese Italy. And for the first time in the history of competition, a brand new team won to first places. Julija Vojkovic won the first place in fencing. She composed her fantastic dresses sewing them alone, based on old traditional, extremely elegant Croatian costumes from the region of Vrlika. Julija is professional graphic artist and designer living with her family in the city of Zagreb.

Miro Gavran's interviews and plays to be shown in Poland, the Czech Republic and in Belgium in June 2013
Miro Gavran, the greatest contemporary Croatin playwright, will soon have several appearances with his plays and interviews in Poland, the Czech Republic, and in Belgium. His works have been translated into 35 languages worldwide, including Chinese. His play Hotel Babilon is in some way very special: it is a monodrama in which his wife Mladena Gavran (on the photo) plays as many as ELEVEN different roles.

The Council for Croats outside of Croatia is founded
The council will assist in designing and implementing policies, programs and activities in relation to  Croats who live beyond the borders of our beautiful country. Members of the council are among the most prominent representatives of the Croatian community from around the world, as well as representatives of the most important institutions in the country. All of them will help the Croatian government in designing and implementing policies, programs and activities in relation to the Croats living outside its borders.

Winners announced for the Iserlohn-Zagreb art competition
The annual student art competition organized by artists Ankica and Ante Karacic (left) have announced the winners in this year's art competition. The theme for this year was protecting the environment. This year, 500 entries from 10 countries were submitted. The organizer is Ankica Karačić living in Germany, on the photo with her husband Ante.

Branko Istvancic Croatian film-maker made a fantastic documentary film about the art of straw-girls in Backa
Croatian female artists called straw-girls (or straw-women) from the region of Bačka are named so for straw, which they weave in order to make beautiful and poetic description of their hard and lonely life. Very common motives are small Catholic churches and Christian symbols. At the 1976 international exhibition of naive art in Moscow Ana Milodanović won the gold medal, while Kata Rogić had exceptional honour to present her work to Pope Paul the 6th in the Vatican in 1964. Croatian film-maker Branko Ištvančić made a fantastic film about the art of straw-girls.

The World Festival of Animated Film in Croatia's capital Zagreb 4–9 June 2013
As many as 52 works from 16 countries submitted their applications for the 2013 Festival of Animated Film in Zagreb. The 16 selected works are characterised by the diversity of animation techniques and artistic approaches. They include abstract works like Unfettered by Canadian author Sandra Eber, Kihi-kuhi by Finn Maria Bjoerklund or Ostali tragovi by Swiss-Croatian artist Michaela Müller, as well as narrative films like Choban by Croatian filmmaker Matija Pisačić, Donijela sam kolača by another Croatian author, Ivana Pipal, and We have no tickets by Chinese artist Bao Jian. In the middle of the photo is the logo of the Festival: Z... is for Zagreb.

Don Wolf author of autobiographical photo monograph Croatian Love Story
Long before Don Wolf was born, the outline for A Croatian Love Story was formed in the 1900’s. An ethnic neighborhood was the site where determined women and men struggled to build, to educate and to become citizens. These Croatian immigrants formed the strong shoulders supporting cherished traditions as they learned to live in and to love their new country. Don’s photographs depict Croatian life both in the United States and in Croatia. His writing preserves generations of memories. This book is a tribute to those who came before and a blessing to those who are yet to come.

Luka Misetic and Tomislav Kuzmanovic presented with the 2012 Vinodol Code Award
  The Croatian American Bar Association presented the 2012 Vinodol Code Award to each of Luka S. Misetic (on the photo) and Tomislav Z. Kuzmanovic, as the joint recipients, in recognition of their distinguished legal careers and outstanding contributions to the Croatian-American community. Mr. Misetic and Mr. Kuzmanovic represented General Ante Gotovina and General Mladen Markač before ICTY’s Appeals Chamber.

David Byler: 8th Generation of Croatian American, New Dalmatia, Nueva España, Texas, and the way Home
After World War II, in America parents began to teach phone numbers and addresses to their children so they knew how to get home. David Byler's parents taught him a little "poem" so he could find his way Home. Home, almost three hundred years ago, was a little town in western Slavonia.  David had a career in international forest products sales and transportation. He has had another career as a Lutheran Pastor which continues at the present.  David is currently producing music videos with which he hopes to attract both Croatians of all kinds and non-Croatians to the priceless treasure of Croatian culture.

Ana Vidovic concerts and interviews of distinguished Croatian guitarist
Ana Vidovic is an extraordinary classical guitarirst with formidable gifts taking her place amongst the elite musicians of the world today. Ms. Vidovic has given over one thousand public performances since first taking the stage in 1988. Her international performance career includes recitals in Zagreb, Tokyo, New York, London, Paris, Vienna, Salzburg, Rome, Budapest, Warsaw, Tel Aviv, Oslo, Copenhagen, Toronto, Baltimore, San Francisco, Houston, Austin, Dallas, St. Louis and beyond.

Call for proposals for international conference on Croatian history, language, and migration
The conference to be held from 5-7 February, 2014, honours 30 years of Croatian Studies at Macquarie University in Sydney Australia. The focus of the conference is on the development of the identity and political consciousness of Croatians in Croatia or abroad through the exploration of the construction and expression of personal and group identities of Croatians of all social classes, in all periods from the Middle Ages to the modern day. Themes include but are not limited to: identity, history, language, art, trans-national communities, literature and politics of Croatians in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and all the other places where Croatians live as a minority group or diaspora community.

How can Croatian science help Croatia to overcome the crisis?
The Arguments radio show on Croatian Catholic Radio, directed by Marijan Ožanić,  discussed to what extent science in Croatia is connected with economy and whether science can help Croatia to overcome economic crisis. Zvonko Benčić and Igor Čatić (on the photo), professors at the University of Zagreb, were invited as competent experts from the field of engineering sciences, who can tell us a lot about it because they have spent their entire working life connected with economy.

General Dr. Ivan Prodan 1927-2013 founder of Croatian Veteran Association in 1990
Primarius Dr. Ivan Prodan, Croatian general, was the first president of the Croatian Veteran Association, founded in 1990. Since 1993 this association was a full member of the World Veteran Federation (WVF) with its seat in Paris. Furthermore, Dr. Prodan was the first Croatian to have been elected as a member of the Permanent committee of the WVF. Croatian Veterans gave an important contribution to the defense of sovreignity of the Republic of Croatia.

Artur Bagdasarov author of Croatian-Russian Dictionary containing 35,000 lexemes published in Moscow 2013
A special attention in this dictionary has been payed to the phraseology. Many notion from the Croatian history, culture, faith, tradition, and their way of life have been described. The dictionary will be useful to a broad audience. It can be recommended to translators, philologists, professors, students, and all those who use it in professional level. Dr. Bagdasarov is a frequent guest in free Croatian media, author of numerous articles and books, and a recipient of the INA Awarad for international promotion of Croatian culture. We congratulate Dr. Bagadasarov on this superb work.

Michael Coren interviewed Judith Reisman who visited Croatia in support of Karolina Vidovic-Kristo
Sun News Networks' Michael Coren interviews Judith Reisman on The Arena. They discuss the recent visit of Judith Reisman and Tim Tate to Croatia in support of Karolina Vidović-Krišto, a respected and successful journalist and tv host, who got suspended after reviewing Tim Tate's documentary on her public television show. On the photo Judith Reisman and Karolina Vidović-Krišto. We also provide a related article by Mons. Nikola Radić, island of Krk, and a lecture by Dr. Ivan Poljaković from the University of Zadar, both in Croatian.

MARULIC DAYS 2013 in the city of Split in Croatia - COLLOQVIVM MARVLIANVM XXIII

The 2013 COLLOQVIVM MARVLIANVM XXIII, under the title  The Heritage of Classical Antiquity in Renaissance Texts, has been organized by the Split Literary Circle - Marulianum, Split, Croatia, 19-20 April 2013. This international conference was held in the Institute of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Split. It was a part of a much larger cultural event, The Marulić Days 2013, named after Marko Marulić 1450-1524 (Marcvs Marvlvs), a Croatian Renaissance writer, who was living in the city of Split.

Adam Eterovich 1931-2013 distinguished researcher of the history and culture of Croatian diaspora in the USA
Adam Eterovich's studies of Croatian diaspora in the USA are inavoidable for understanding the contribution Croatians to the history of the USA. He has accumulated and published a list of several hundred thosanad of names of Croatian Americans. On his well known web-site Mr. Eterovich has selected dozens of interesting biographies, some of which left indelible mark in the history of the USA, like Nikola Tesla (the father of three-phase system in world's electrical engineering), Anthony Lucas (or Antun Lučić, a father of world's petroleum engineering), Mario Puretić (Puratić, important inventor in fishing industry), etc. etc.

Daniel Cacija young Croatian jazz singer of international reputation
Daniel Čačija was recently selected as the winner of the Downbeat Music Award 2013 as the best jazz vocal soloist. He has accumulated numerous prestigious awards, like the European Broadcast Jazz Competition 2011 and the winner of the ‘Best Male Jazz Baritone' in Austria. In addition, he is gaining popularity in the Baltic states performing at festivals such as Rigas Ritmi. Daniel is already at the start of an international career singing in the National Jazz Orchestra of Germany. He is also involved in music therapy for children with special needs. On 5 May 2013 he has a concert in Zagreb, interpreting songs by Ivo Robić.

Croatian Academy of America celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2013
In 1953, a group of persons dedicated to promoting Croatian history, art and culture agreed that a formal organization needed to be established to introduce to an American and Canadian scholarly audience the importance of Croatia to civilization.  The Croatian Academy of America (CAA) resulted from the work of these dedicated persons. The Academy’s Journal of Croatian Studies made its first appearance seven years later, in 1960, and has been publishing ever since, showcasing the articles of hundreds of prominent scholars from North America and Croatia. On the photo John Kraljić, the current president of CAA.

Miro Gavran Croatian writer and ceremonial 300th performance of his drama in the Prague in Czech Republic
On Sunday, April 14th in Prague, Theater STUDIO DVA presented the ceremonial 300th performance of Miro Gavran's drama 'All About Men', translated by Blanka Kučerova and Blanka Fišerova, and directed by Jana Janekova. Miro Gavran is a well-known author in the Czech Republic; so far, he has had twelve premieres there, as well as two published books - a drama book, and the novel 'Judita'. Miro Gavran's works have hitherto been translated into 35 languages, and have had over 200 permieres perfomed around the world.

Croatian entrepreneurs Ivan Matuna, Danijel Babić, Marjan Novak, and Antun Horvat
Once a month, Croatian Catholic Radio broadcasts a live radio show directed by Mr. Marijan Ožanić, devoted to Croatian etrepreneurs. His guests Ivan Matuna (MATUNA Ltd) Danijel Babić (BYTE-LAB Ltd), Marjan Novak (MANOX Ltd), and Antun Horvat (DOHOMONT Ltd). The first two are both under 30 years old. Mr. Antun Horvat on the photo is one of the most respectable Croatian entrepreneurs. In 1989 he founded his company DOHOMONT Ltd, and it currently employs 250 people. The majority of their products are exported.

Documentary film Lovers and Madmen is now available in English
Lovers and Madmen, (based on a book of memoirs by the same title), is a documentary film about the life of Zvonko and Julienne Busic, which was broadcast on Croatian State Television on March 9, 2013. The facts are straightforward: in 1976, the Busics, along with three other Croatians, hijacked a TWA airliner with the sole goal of forcing major world media to publish a leaflet on the human rights abuses against Croatians and others in the former Yugoslav dictatorship: murders, assassinations, imprisonment of students and intellectuals.

Margaret Thatcher 1925-2013: It is a great pleasure to speak to you here in the ancient capital of your beautiful country
Margaret Thatcher passed away on 8 April 2013. One of her greatest achievements came when she was no longer Prime Minister. She came out in support of recognising and arming Croatia in 1991 when Serbia had invaded and she did the same for Bosnia-Hercegovina when Belgrade turned its aggression onto that country. In so doing she helped focus international onto who was the aggressor. She played her role in combating the return of genocide to Europe. (Brian Gallagher, London)

Radoslav Lorkovic Croatian-American musician ranging from classical and jazz styles to blues, country and soul
Drawing from a multitude of influences ranging from elegant classical and jazz styles to the rawest, most basic blues, country and soul, Radoslav Lorkovic has taken on an unusually broad musical spectrum and refined it into his distinctive piano style. His tenure on the R&B and folk circuits has culminated in five critically acclaimed solo recordings and numerous appearances on the recordings of and performances with artists including Odetta, Jimmy LaFave, Ribbon of Highway Woody Guthrie Tribute, Greg Brown, Richard Shindell, Ellis Paul, Dave Moore, Andy White and Bo Ramsey.

Vinodol Collection of old Croatian tunes sung and played near the Adriatic Sea
Vinodol Collection consists of the oldest known Croatian tunes sung and played in the region near the town of Bribir, situated not far from the Adriatic Sea. The collection is a result of enthusiasm and efforts of maestro Ivica Kaliman, b. in 1926, to preserve the songs that were sung about a century ago in Croatian villages near this part of Croatian coast. The efforts resulted in CD published by Maraton in 2013.

Ferdinand Kulmer 1925-1998 distinguished Croatian painter author of Croatia Phoenix series in 1991
According to Mr. Ante Glibota, distinguished Art Historian, a Croatian living in Paris and Shanghai, nobody in the contemporary history of Croatian art has so successfuly and convincingly described the drama of the creation of the Republic of Croatia, as Ferdinand Kulmer. Ferdinand Kulmer was a witness of the drama, which he superbly described in his paintings, and announced the victory in a series called Croatia Phoenix already in 1991. Born in France, Kulmer was a descendant of Croatian nobility, sharing the destiny of all Croatians. His works of art are described in several representative monographs written by Ante Glibota.

Happy Easter from distinguished Croatian painter Zdenka Sertic 1899-1986
Zdenka Sertić 1899-1986 studied painting in Zagreb, Berlin and Paris, and specialized in drawings related to Croatian folklore. From 1939 to 1941 directed the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb. She painted some of the most beautiful Croatian postage stamps, and participated in exhibitions in Paris, Leipzig, Barcelona, Berlin, Kopenhagen, Haag and Bruxelles. She also painted several beautiful Easter greeting cards, that we show in this article. According to Dr. Vedran Deletis, NY, "Croatian glagolitic Lenten chants retrace a venerable and direct link to our ancestors, our roots, and our religious belief. Born out of Middle Ages, they continue to extend an unbroken tradition of Croatian history..."

Miro Gavran distinguished Croatian writer was performed in India in Hindi in March 2013
On March 23rd there was the premiere of  Miro Gavran’s play “Forget Hollywood” in Hyderabad, India, produced by the Theater SIFAR. The play was translated into Hindi, and directed by Feroze Ahmed, while the leading roles are played by Chandra Shekhawat and Shravant Koneru. Miro Gavran's theatrical pieces are of global popularity, translated into 35 languages.

Cantores Maruli vocal quartet promoting Renaissance music and distinguished Croatian guitarist Petar Culic
Male vocal quartet Cantores Maruli, from the city of Split, promotes religious repertoire written by recognised or neglected Croatian composers. The name Cantores Maruli (Marul's Singers) wishes to pay a tribute to a famous Croatian Renaissance writer Marko Marulić - Marul 1450.-1524., named "the father of Croatian literature". The quartet cherishes rich Croatian cultural heritage and emphasises its importance within the contemporary environment. We also present Petar Čulić, distinguished Croatian classical guitarist.

Nenad Bach singing without his hat in 1978 in Croatia's capital Zagreb
Nenad Bach started his music career in the 1970s. One of his earliest registered appearances is from 1978, from Croati's capital Zagreb. He interpreted his song Nokturno with his band Vrijeme i Zemlja (Time and Earth) at the Zagreb Chanson 1978, playing piano. We also provide a few of his latest fantastic songs: I Will Follow You, Everything is Forever, Daughter's Eyes, All I Want Is Freedom, and Vukovar. His voice, and verses with soul, remained recognizable all the time.

Zoran Jakuc student of the University of Zagreb and his project CROM = CROATIA & ROMANIA
Mr. Zoran Jakuc, a student of the Faculty of Textile Technology (TTF) of the University of Zagreb, spent three exciting months in Romania in 2011/12, within the European student exchange, at the University of Iasi. Among others, he proposed and organized an interesting Croatian-Romanian student project, called CROM 2012, aiming to promote cultures of both countries, using fashion and textile technology. The project resulted with a rich two hour cultural program, which was a great success, registered by the Romanian TV. He was also accompanied with his two colleagues from the TTF of the University of Zagreb, Marija Damiš and Kristina Plišo.

Tomislav Bralić and Klapa Intrade 2013 U.S. Tour
Tomislav Bralić and Klapa Intrade will be coming to the United States from Zadar to perform in select cities. Starting in April they will be in New York City, Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit to showcase the ancient a cappella style of singing native to Dalmatia known as klapa.

Dina Rizvic young Croatian singer, composer, piano player, guitarist, and drummer
Dina Rizvić was born in a lovely Croatian town of Labin, in Istrian peninsula. She is not only a fine singer, but also a surprisingly good instrumentalist on several different instruments. At the moment, as recipient of “Berklee college of music” scholarship, she finished her first year in Boston and is majoring in contemporary songwriting and production, educating in many different genres from jazz improvisation, writing for big and small bands, production classes, orchestras and songwriting classes. Besides Croatian folk tunes and belcanto, she is singing, composing and playing pop, rock, funk, jazz.

New Show Paranormal Myths on Reality TV will feature Croatia
The creative team behind the film Awakening, John Kera and Nathaniel Morin, are at it again with a new Reality TV show entitled Paranormal Myths. The show is about two paranormal investigators, Kera and Morin, investigate areas that may be haunted by ghosts, demons or other paranormal entities. The production team has already begun selecting cities and countries all around the world including Croatia. Filming will begin in early September.

Bruno Krajcar distinguished Croatian ethno-jazz-rock composer and singer
Bruno Krajcar, professional Croatian composer and singer, was born in the city of Pula in 1973. His surprisingly diverse repertoire includes sophisticaed intepretations of Croatian folk music, in particular from the Istrian peninsula. With his music he seems to connect a large variety of music expressions, ranging from simple folk melodies, to belcanto, jazz ballads and to wild rock. The poetry behind his music is far from being banal or trivial. His songs are sometimes embued with social content, pointing to problems of poverty and injustice.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Registracija biraca za izbore zastupnika iz Republike Hrvatske u Europski Parlament
Pozivaju se na aktivnu registraciju u Veleposlanstvu Republike Hrvatske u Buenos Airesu:  birači koji nemaju prijavljeno prebivalište u Republici Hrvatskoj, a žele se upisati u posebni popis aktivno registriranih birača u najbližem diplomatskom predstavništvu Republike Hrvatske (VRH Buenos Aires) kako bi mogli ostvariti svoje biračko pravo na izborima zastupnika iz Republike Hrvatske u Europski parlament. Pozivaju se na prethodnu registraciju u diplomatskim misijama i konzularnim uredima Republike Hrvatske u inozemstvu birači koji imaju prijavljeno prebivalište u Republici Hrvatskoj, a na dan izbora borave u inozemstvu. Na slici g. Joza Vrljičak, Buenos Aires.

Zvonimir Janko distinguished Croatian mathematician celebrated 80th birthday at the Martin-Luther-University
Martin-Luther-University in Halle-Wittenberg, Germany, organized an international conference entitled Celebrating the 80th birthday of Zvonimir Janko, dealing with the theory of Simple groups, p-groups, and combinatorial designs. It started in October 19, 2012. The program has been opened by Laudation speech delivered Professor Dieter Held, distinguished German mathematician, who spoke about scientific accomplishments of Professor Zvonimir Janko. The three plenary lectures were delivered by Professors Trung van Tran (Essen), Roger Wilson (Queen Mary, London), and Zvonimir Janko. The conference was attended by more than forty scientists from Germany, USA, Israel, and Great Britain.

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