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Nenad N. Bach lyrics translated into Arabic
 Nenad N. Bach has a dream, and he wants to share it. In a disordered world, a world of war and violence, injustice and economic woe, composer / musician Bach believes the human family can connect to create a seismic force capable of changing forever our troubled earth. Imagine the possibility of world peace achieved in one hour!

Please help Japan
Japan has been struck by the tragedy of Biblical proportions. Pray for Japan.

Max Emanuel Cencic Croatian singing prodigy
Max Emanuel Cenčić, born in Zagreb, Croatia, is gifted with the most beautiful countertenor voice of our time. He was a member of the Vienna Boys' Choir, subsequently pursuing a solo career. He was awarded as the best new singer of the year 2003 by "Opernwelt" magazine. His performance of Andromeda Liberata in Tokyo was named the best concert of the year 2005 in Japan. Since 2007 Max EmanueI Cencic is recording with the top-label EMI/Virgin Classics.

Frank Westerman Dutchman wrote a book about the Lipik Lipizzaners
Frank Westermann is a Dutchman who has numerous friends in the town of Lipik. He wrote a book in Dutch entitled Brother Mendel’s Perfect Horse (Dier, bovendier) dealing with the Lipik lLpizzaners.  He was especially interested in the stallion Conversano Batosta 53 that was born in 1987 as one of two oldest and still living stallions of the Lipizzaner horse breed Conversano in the world. This horse breed has its roots back in 1767.

DOK-ING remote controlled fire fighting system developed in Croatia
Mr. Vjekoslav Majetić is the founder and director of a very successful DOK-ING company in Zagreb, specialized in sophisticated robot controlled systems for demining, fire fighting, and electric cars. Recently the Russian Federation has ordered 14 fire fighting systems. The electric cars raised considerable international interest. The company has about 200 employed, mostly young creative engineers.

Dr. Esther Gitman: Croatians saved thousands of Jews

Dr. Esther Gitman, American historian living in New York, wrote an important monograph entitled When Courage Prevailed. It is a scholarly study dealing with the history of  saving the Jews in Croatia during the WW2. She published original petitions signed by hundreds of ordinary Croatians in order to save their Jewish friends. According to dr. Gitman, no other European nation can show such documents.

Ivan Dragicevic Returns to Australia with Medjugorje’s Message
In June 1981, six children witnessed the apparition of the Virgin Mary on  Podbrdo Hill, in the parish of Medjugorje in western Herzegovina. Ivan Dragicevic (left) was one of these children; he was 16 years old then. Years after coming to terms with the holy role that has unwittingly evolved for him, Ivan has been traveling to the four corners of the world to share his experience and spread the messages from the Virgin Mary.

Mate Ujevic 1901-1967 the founder and editor in chief of Croatian Encyclopaedia
Dr. Mate Ujević was the greatest Croatian lexicographer of the 20th century. The first volume of Croatian Encyclopaedia was published on 10 February 1941. Five volumes were published until 1945, out of 12 planned volumes. He was editor in chief of The Martitime Encyclopaedia published in 1954 in eight volumes. Dr. Ujević was posthumosly honoured by the title of righteous among the nations by Yad Vashem.

Ivan Pavletic directs "476 A.D." a new film about the Fall of Rome
Writer, director and actor, Ivan Pavletic (left), has filmed the last days of the once mighty Roman Empire. The film, titled "476 A.D." brings to life the turbulent fall of Rome at the hands of the Ostrogoths and the characters that see the sunset of an empire that spanned 12 centuries.

Perforations Festival to be held in New York City, March 11-21, 2011
Zvonimir Dobrovic (left) in association with La MaMa will be bringing the Perforacija Festival from Croatia to  NewYork. The Peforations Festival is a live arts festival featuring some of the leading contemporary performing artists from Southeast Europe. The festival will be held at Club La MaMa in New York City, March 11-21, 2011.

Nik Orosi - one man's passion for coffee

Nik Orosi (left) dreamt about coffee one night, about how he was preparing it in some box and knows that he told his wife, immediately the next morning,  to tell her he was finished with his previous business career and  that he wanted to open a café with real coffee because he had dreamt it!

Sam Miltich jazz guitarist from northern Minnesota
Sam Miltich (left) is a jazz guitarist born and raised in the woods of northern Minnesota. He is a musician by profession and plays regularly in the Upper Midwest as a soloist and with his bands the Clearwater Hot Club and Big Dipper Jazz Band. In addition to gypsy swing and traditional jazz his musical interests include bluegrass, Brazilian choro, French musette, tamburitza, and other forms of traditional folk music.

Appeal for Matijas Derek
 Matijas Derek (left)36, father of two children, has been stricken by ALS -  "Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis" or Lou Gehrig's desease. Matijas', relatives and friends are hoping for increased research of the disease and have launched a petition the German Parliament with that goal.

My Wife's Husband Premieres makes US premiere March 9 – 24, 2011
Little Fish Theatre (LFT) in San Pedro is kicking off its 2011 Mid-Week Series with the comedy MY WIFE’S HUSBAND by Croatian playwright Miro Gavran, directed Don Schlossman. A favorite in Croatia, LFT will be presenting the US Premiere of the English translation of the play. This production features Croatian actress Iva Hasperger (left).

Michael Mazzeo Gallery hosts exhibit by Hrvoje Slovenc March 3 to April 23, 2011
Michael Mazzeo Gallery is pleased to present Home Theater, a solo exhibition of large-scale,multiple-panel, color photographs by the New York based, Croatian photographer, Hrvoje Slovenc (left). The work will be on view from March 3 through April 23, with a reception for the artist on Thursday, March 10, from 6 – 8 PM.

Kava Cafe in New York City gets rave reviews
John Saric (left), the owner of Kava Cafe was so impressed with Stumptown Coffee Roasters that he was moved to open a coffee bar within walking distance of his home in New York City. "Kava" is the Croatian word for "coffee." The name is a tribute to Saric's parents, who are from Croatia.

Dr. Kathleen V. Wilkes 1946-2003 devoted her life to the victory of Croatia

Dr. Kathleen Vaughan Wilkes was a distinguished British humanist, professor of philosophy at the University of Oxford, and also taught at the Inter-University Centre in Dubrovnik, Croatia. During the Serbian siege of the City in 1991 and 1992, she was spreading the truth about its merciless destruction. Dr. Wilkes wrote on Dec 26, 1991: "Dubrovnik... there is still no water or electricity, scant food, no glass in the windows, temperature at freezing point..."

Dr. Hrvoje Kacic's book Serving My Country translated into several languages
Prof. dr. Hrvoje Kačić is a distinguished Croatian specialist in maritime law.  Since 1990 he was an independent M.P. of the Croatian Parliament, elected chairman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs during the first mandate. From 1994 to 2001 he was president of the State Commission for Borders of the Republic of Croatia. His book Serving My Country has been published in Croatian, English (three printings), Spanish and German. It will soon appear in Ukrainian and Polish.

Ivica Kostelic & Natko Zrncic-Dim sang Croatian Anthem in Chamonix France 2011
Ivica Kostelić: "Natko's result makes this victory to be double so sweet! My best friend right on the winners' podium just beside me. We sing Croatia's national anthem together - I mean - this is like the best day of my sporting career so far, maybe even ever". Natko Zrnčić:-Dim "...being with Ivica on the podium, singing our national anthem... Really unbelievable, and the moment you keep inside your heart for the rest of your life."

Dr. Artur R. Bagdasarov promoter of Croatian culture and language in Russia
Dr. Artur Rafaelovič Bagdasarov is a distinguished Russian linguist of Armenian origin, very active in promoting Croatian culture, in particular the Croatian language, in the Russian Federation. He is the author of numerous books, dictionaries and articles dealing with Croatian literary language. For his efforts he has been awarded with the 2010 INA Award in Zagreb.

Dr. Slobodan Lang and his concept of the Challenge of Goodness
Dr. Slobodan Lang, professor of medical ethics at the University of Zagreb and at Harvard, is best known for his tireless work on humanitarian issues, without precedent in contemporary history. He initiated the concept of „Challenge of Goodness“ and proposed and presented prevention of hate and genocide, protection of hospitals, prisoners of war and refugees, as well as responsibility for goodness by human beings during conflict.

"I Will Follow You" by the Nenad Bach Band is hit of the week on Radio Split
  "I Will Follow You" by the Nenad Bach Band has been named hit of the week by Radio Split in Croatia! This is the band's first single and is off of their EP "All I want is Freedom." On Sunday, January 23, the Nenad Bach Band performed at the historic Towne Crier in Pawling, New York to a captive audience.

Croatia in the Early Middle Ages published in English and French
An excellent and easy to read book that should be available in all universities and libraries world-wide for scholars and anyone interested in studying the history of Europe's Middle Ages. Croatia is one of the oldest continuously existing countries in Europe. Hilda Foley. This luxorous monograph  containing 30 extensive articles with numerous photos, has been published by the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Croatian cellists Stjepan Hauser and Luka Šulić are a YouTube hit
Cellist Luka Šulić (left) along with cellist Stjepan Hauser have created a hit on YouTube with their new video. The video features the duo engaged in a classical music rendition of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal". This rendition was arranged by both Stjepan Hauser and Luka Šulić and already has several hundred thousand views on the popular video sharing site.

Branko Franolic 1925-2011 distinugished promoter of Croatian studies
Dr. Branko Franolić, distinguished Croatian scholar, a member  correspondent of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, spent most of his life far from his homeland, in England, France, Canada and elsewhere. He defended his doctoral thesis at famous Sorbonne in Paris. He left behind him numerous important books and articles dealing with various aspects of Croatian history and culture.

Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan has Croatian roots
17-year-old Teresa Scanlan (left) is the youngest winner in the history of the Miss America contest and the first woman from Nebraska to take the crown. The blond beauty is also part Croatian. The origins of the newly crowned Miss America can be traced back to the small Croatian island of Ilovik, which her grandparents left many years ago to move to the United States.

Tomislav Domazet-Loso Croatian biologist in cover article of Nature
Evolutionary geneticists, Tomislav Domazet-Lošo, on the left, from Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb (Croatia), and Diethard Tautz and Max Planck Institute for the Evolutionary Biology in Plön (Germany), showed that the development of embryos mirrors evolutionary history. The results are published in the 9th December 2010 issue of Nature as a cover story. Dr. Tomislav Domazet-Lošo is a son of Croatian admiral mr. Davor Domazet-Lošo.

Owen Marecic of Stanford Named Inaugural Paul Hornung Award Winner
A throwback to another era, two-way starter Croatian American Owen Marecic (left) of Stanford University was selected the inaugural winner of the Paul Hornung Award as the most versatile player in major college football, by the Louisville Sports Commission and Paul Hornung.

American success of Croatian pianist Ivana Marija Vidovic
The highlight and the triumphant completion of a successful year of Croatian pianist Ivana Marija Vidović was her visit to the Brazilian city of Curitiba where for two consecutive nights she interpreted Turin and Piazzolla with the spectacular Camerata Antiqua de Cidade do Curitiba orchestra. The concerts were conducted by one of the foremost conductors in Brazil, maestro Luis Gustavo Petri.

Ivica Kostelic winning a World Cup slalom race in Adelboden 2011
After a thrilling battle with the course conditions and a group of determined Austrians, Ivica Kostelic celebrated his first season victory in a ‘Classic’ World Cup race at Adelboden, Switzerland, after two impressive runs. In 2010 Ivica won two silver medals for Croatia at the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada, one in slalom and another in combined.

Nelly Auersperg distinguished Canadian scientist educated also in Zagreb Croatia
Nelly Auersperg b. Gutmann (1928), born in Austria, and escaped before the WWII to Croatia, where she spent her youth in the town Beslice. She studied medicine at the University of Zagreb, and completed her studies at the University of  Washington. Her scientific work in Canada was focused on problems of early ovarian cancer detection. She is Professor Emerita in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of British Columbia.

Mladen Lovric founder of SUVAG Center in Yakutia in Russia 1990
Mladen Lovrić is a distinguished specialist for Verbotonal method which is applied to children with deafness problems. This global method is due to renowned Croatian scientist Petar Guberina. Mr. Lovrić helped to establish the first SUVAG Center in Russia in 1990, which - surprisingly - was founded in Yakutia, in East Siberia. Recently the 20th anniversary was celebrated in Neryungri. On the left portrait of M. Lovrić by Ukrainian painter Taras Belej.

Rudjer Boskovic a famous Croatian scientist born 300 years ago in 1711
Rudjer Boskovic (1711-1787), born in Dubrovnik 300 years ago, was a member of the Royal Society of London, a member of St.Petersbug Academy, "membre correspondant" of the French Academie Royale des Sciences. According to Werner Heisenberg, "Boskovic occupies outstanding place as a theologian, philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer." On the left portrait of Boskovic by Edge Pine, London 1760.

Lidija Bajuk Croatian singer, songwriter and poet
Lidija Bajuk, distinguished musician of the Croatian ethno music scene, reveals us traditional folk songs from various parts of Croatia, especially from her native Međimurje. She writes music for film and theatre. She has also published several collections of poems and fairy tales, and has initiated The Virtual Museum of Traditional Međimurje Music.

Andrija Buvina's 13th century Christams message Split, Croatia
The world famous portal of the Cathedral of Sv. Dujam in the city of Split had been finished in c. 1214. It is ranked among the most beautiful pieces of art in the medieval Europe. The height of the Buvina wooden  doors is 5.3 m. It contains 28 scenes from the life of Jesus Christ.

New book by Slavica Jakelić "Collectivistic Religions"
"Collectivistic Religions" by Slavica Jakelić addresses questions of religion and collective identity, religion and nationalism, religion and public life, and religion and conflict. It moves beyond the attempts to tackle such questions in terms of 'choice' and 'religious nationalism' by introducing the notion of 'collectivistic religions' to contemporary debates surrounding public religions.

Mime Cuvalo's FireFTP downloaded almost 18 million times by the end of 2010!
Mime Čuvalo's FireFPT was downloaded 17,845,269 times by the end of 2010! To see the trend, the number of downloads until September 2004 was 4.5 million. Just in the course of the last month and a half the number of downolads was more than half a million. Half of all proceeds go towards helping various orphanages in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina and in Vukovar, Croatia.

James J. Sadkovich's monograph "Tudjman, the first political biography"
James Sadkovich is the author of the monograph Tudjman: prva politicka biografija, his first political biography, in 2010, Zagreb (in Croatian). He is an independent scholar who holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Dr. Sadkovich completed the initial research for this monograph  while a Public Policy Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. We provide an interview by Julienne Eden Bušić.

Little Stars Croatian girls choir singing at Lincoln Center December 19, 2010
Maestro Zdravko Šljivac is conducting the Little Stars choir from Zagreb, which will participate the International Holiday Concert Let us sing Croatian Christmas together - Pjevajmo zajedno hrvatski Božić, organized by the Harmony For Peace Foundation. The concert is held in the Lincoln Center, Sunday, December 19, 2010, 3:00 PM Avery Fisher Hall. Also participating are Drago Bubalo & Angel Voices & Bells of St. Aidan, Reagan Stone, Klapa Astoria.

Croatian language and name during centuries
Croatian language and name can be effectively followed at least since the 11th century. We provide a selection of relevant documents where the Croatian national name had been written in its traditional way: Hrvat (as we call it today), Horvat, and their various derivatives. Outstanding monuments include The Baska Tablet from circa 1100, The Vinodol Code 1288, Istrian Boundaries 1275 and many other. On the left Hrvatskoj in Cro Glagolitic, 15th ct., see the 2nd line.

Croatian Tales of Long Ago by Ivana B. Mazuranic published in Japanese in 2010
Croatian Tales of Long Ago, written by Ivana Brlić Mažuranić 1874-1938, have been published by Fusambo International publishing house in Japan in 2010, translated from Croatian by Ikuko Yamamoto. It was promoted at the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Tokyo, and Mrs Yamanoto, Mrs Kikko Sakamoto, director of the publisher, and Dr. Drago Štambuk, ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Japan, described the edition.

Professor Mladen Bestvina associate editor of the Annals of Mathematics
Professor Mladen Bestvina, on the photo with his wife Cynthia, is associate editor of the Annals of Mathematics since 2006, one of the most prestigious mathematical journals in the world. He completed his studies of mathematics at the University of Zagreb before he moved to the USA. Professor Bestvina is distinguished professor of mathematics at the University of Utah. He is a member of the editorial board of Glasnik Matematički, a Croatian math journal.

Nenad Bach Band receives rave reviews on Coverville
Coverville's The 7th Annual Thanksgiving Double-Shot Beatles Cover Story aired a rendition of "Golden Slumbers" by the Nenad Bach Band. "Golden Slumbers" was originally on the Beatles’ classic 1969 album "Abbey Road". Coverville producer, Brian Ibbott called the Nenad Bach Band cover his favorite of the broadcast.

Ivan Gligora's Pag Cheese awarded with the Superior Taste mark in Brussels 2010
The famous Pag cheese produced in the cheese plant Sirena – Mala sirana in Kolan at Island Pag owned by Ivan Gligora, has recently been awarded two golden stars and the right to label this cheese with the Superior Taste mark at the international Superior Taste event in Brussels. This is the greatest award so far for this cheese that has thus been included in the circle of seventy top food products in the world.

Hagen Iserlohn 2011 call for submissions
The Hagen Iserlohn-2011 contest and exhibition of Croatian student's art  from around the world will be held in Germany in cooperation with: HKM Hagen, SD. Croatia Hagen, Hagen Caritas, Matica Croatia for the Ruhr area and the Croatian Heritage Foundation. The deadline for submissions is December 18, 2010. The contest and the exhibition have been initiated by Ankica Karačić, Hagen, Germany.

Croatian Middle Age Poetry by A. Kapetanovic, D. Malic and K. Strkalj Despot
 Croatian Medieval Poetry, written by Amir Kapetanović, Dragica Malić and Kristina Štrkalj Despot, is the first complete chrestomathy and monograph of Croatian medieval texts written in verse during the period of 14th-16th centuries, in Old Latin, Croatian Glagolitic and Croatian Cyrillic scripts. Publishing this amazing book by the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics is a great event for Croatian culture. It has nearly 1000 pages.

Nenad Ban's scientific work is regarded as a milestone in biochemical research
The 2010 Wieland Prize went to Croatian scientist Professor Nenad Ban of the Institute of Molecular Biology & Biophysics of the ETH Zurich for his definition of the molecular structures of fatty acid synthases (FAS) in fungi and mammals, the molecular assembly lines for lipid production. His great achievement now allows a precise understanding of how these large, complex biological machines function.

Blanka Vlasic of Croatia proclaimed the best female athlete in the world 2010
Croatian high jumper Blanka Vlasic has been named the world's best female athlete in 2010 by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Blanka Vlašić was all smiles on Sunday in Monaco, where she collected the IAAF World Athlete of the Year award, the first ever for a Croatian athlete.

NFCA Leaders Meet With US State Department and National Security Council
A delegation of members of the National Federation of Croatian Americans Cultural Foundation (NFCA) met with the White House’s National Security Council staff and several US State Department policy officials earlier this month to discuss the current status of relations between the United States and Croatia and to express their concerns about the ongoing problems faced by Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Ivana Marija Vidovic Croatian pianist touring USA and Brazil
Ivana Vidović  has a series of concert and recitals in the USA and Brazil. In the USA she played with the Wayn State Orchestra, and with Dearborn State Orchestra in Michigan, plus the recital and master class for advanced students of the Wayne State University. In Brazil she will play with the Orquestra camerata de Curitiba. Her program includes also the first Croatian  woman composer Dora Pejačević.

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