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Dear Nenad
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» Help me collect another 100.000 signatures for the Congressional hearings in 48 hours
Submitted By Al Gore | Published 03/19/2007 | Environment , Dear Nenad | Unrated
» GRB - the embodiment of the psyche of a whole nation and a potent ancestral record
Submitted By Marinko Tomasich | Published 03/12/2007 | Dear Nenad , Grb Watch | Unrated
  Red & white were symbols of life & death.  It was believed that the sahovnica was sourced from such traditions & that this made it a powerful symbol, not merely because of the red & white, but the way it was patterned reflecting life-death-life-death... and symbolising the movement from one generation to the next & the passing down of traditions
» Looking for authors to write an English-language books about the Culture and Customs of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
Submitted By Suzanne Lord | Published 03/9/2007 | Jobs , Dear Nenad , Culture And Arts | Unrated
» Npr. salica caja kosta 3rp a to je oko 1/13 dolara ...Davor iz Delhi-a
Submitted By Prof.Dr. Davor Pavuna | Published 12/7/2006 | Opinions , Miscellaneous , Dear Nenad | Unrated
» Can We Go Higher?
Submitted By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published 11/29/2006 | Croatian Life Stories , Culture And Arts , Dear Nenad , Media Watch , People | Unrated is a web site initiated by Nenad Bach. It is an attempt to answer the question "Can We Go Higher?", raised in the title of his beautiful song. We invite you to visit his fantastic video-clips maintained at, revealing the driving force and spirituality of the artist. This video is a Christmas gift for all of us, that everybody should see and listen to.  
» (E) Philippine Community Herald Newspaper about Bevan & CROWN
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 07/10/2006 | Dear Nenad | Unrated
Philippine Community Herald Newspaper about Bevan & CROWN   Hi Nenad, I only got back a few days ago from a trip to Philippines. One of the mail awaiting me was a copy of the March 2006 issue of the Philippine Community Herald Newspaper which is distributed Australia wide on a monthly basis, with copies also provided to Philippine Consulate/Embassies worldwide as well as ot
» (E) Congratulations and Many Thanks to CROWN
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 10/9/2005 | Dear Nenad | Unrated
 Your aim to foster connection between second and third generations Croatians around the world is noble; you also provide a means for other people to appreciate and understand the Croatian culture and sports To Nenad Bach,Congratulations for having established a comprehensive and interesting website. Your aim to foster connection between second and third generations Croatians around the world is noble; you also provide a means for other
» (E) A Check for St. Theresa's Orphanage
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 08/4/2005 | Dear Nenad | Unrated
 A check for St. Theresa's OrphanageJust received a check for St. Theresa's Orphanage from Maria Heindle as per the efforts of CroatianWorld.netPuno Hvala NenadDon Wolfop-edPuno Hvala Vama. I thank all three of you, Maria and Don and Hilda, for your noble hearts and for your kind acknowledgment. NB  Read(E) Elevator 
» (H) Sto trebamo ciniti da nam se buducnost ne desi - prof. Ante Simonic
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 07/6/2005 | Dear Nenad | Unrated
 Sto trebamo ciniti da nam se buducnost ne desi ?  Ili cemo mi Hrvati sudjelovati u medjunarodnoj podjeli znanja, izvrsnosti, mudrosti, kulture, blagostanja, partnerstva, rada, reda, slobode i demokracije; ili nas nece biti. Moramo biti dio svijeta.  Ante Simonic Rijeka 17. lipnja 2005 gosp. Nenad Bach Glavni urednik, CROWN Croatian World Network Dragi Nenade,         poc

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