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Mike Stepovic, the Last Territorial Governor of Alaska dies on 14 February 2014 in San Diego

Former Governor Mike Stepovich was the last Territorial Governor and the last surviving Territorial Governor of Alaska when he died in San Diego on Friday the 14th of February 2014. Mike Stepovich is survived by six daughters Antonia Gore, Nada Stockton, Maria Greulich, Laura Tramonte, Andrea McGill and Melissa Cook; seven sons Michael, Peter, Christopher, Dominic, Theodore, Nicholas and James; thirty-seven grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren; two half sisters, Nada Houston and Ellen Burdette; and two half-brothers, Michael and Alexander Stepovich.

Screening of documentary film "Many Voices One Song" March 8, 2014
"Many Voices One Song" is a 2007 documentary film that follows the journey of one hundred thirty women in the Portsmouth, NH-based women’s chorus “Voices from the Heart” who make a life-changing connection with Croatian villagers who live surrounded by landmines left from the war of the 1990’s. Through the universal language of music this community of American women raised funds to clear the mines in their adopted Croatian village and sang their way across Croatia.

Development and production of electric vehicles in Croatia
The development and production of vehicles in Croatia started in 1951 by a tram prototype. This was followed by several key mile-stones: trolley bus, diode type locomotive, thyristor type locomotive, thyristorisation of diode type locomotives, chopper trams, transistor tram, all the way to the transistor electric multiple unit (EMU) in 2009. The development and production of electrical equipment for submarines started in 1970 by developing and producing the main and auxiliary propulsion for a large submarine. This was followed by the development and production of the auxiliary and main propulsion for a small submarine. Written by Professor Zvonko Benčić, University of Zagreb.

Ivica Kostelić makes history in the Super-combined event at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games
Ivica Kostelić wins the Silver for Croatia at Sochi on Valentine's Day 2014 becoming the first person to win three silver medals in three consecutive Winter Olympic Games. This is his fourth Silver medal in the Olympics.  Up until the present competition in Sochi, Ivica had won three Olympic medals, three medals in the World Championships, and 59 podium finishes in the World cup including 26 victories with 4 small crystal globes and one large globe in 2011.

soCro: a Croatian Hip Hop artist from Chattanooga
Croatian, Hip Hop, and Chattanooga are three words that you don't normally hear in the same sentence. Meet Eric Lisica AKA soCro, a rap artist proud of his Croatian roots who “combines electronic elements of the European club scene with Southern hip hop.” A Dalmatian and good ol’ Southern boy based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, he has opened for Big Boi of Outkast, plays piano, viola, guitar, and drums and plans to take over the world with his music.

Lana Is presents her Solo Debut Album "In Your Head" on Feb 16th, 2014 in New York City
  A new music star on a horizon. Lana Cenčić aka Lana Is, singer. songwriter, actress and dancer born in Zagreb and living in New York enriches the music world with a successful debut album notable above all for its complex song structures and the artist’s expressive voice. The intricacy of the songs is achieved not through pompous instrumentation or bombastic sound but through intelligent rhythms including numerous breaks and surprising twists and effective instrument combinations. Put together, it is not easy to process but has great character that matures and grows on you. Lana Is CD Release Party @ Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2) 196 Allen Street, New York, NY, Sunday Feb 16, 7pm

Joško Paro in Houston for the United Nations Remembrance Day 2014
His Excellency, Mr. Joško Paro, Croatian Ambassador to the United States (left) was in Texas on January 27, 2014 to make a presentation to the Houston Holocaust Museum. This was part of the United Nations Remembrance Day commemorations. There was also recognition of the Croatian "Righteous Among Nations".

Karlo J. Mirth 1917-2013 distinguished Croatian writer and lifetime president of Croatian Academy of America
Karlo Mirth was born in Otočac in Croatian region of Lika, where also Nikola Tesla was born. He studied Forestry and Civil Engineering at the University of Zagreb. Forced to leave Croatia after 1945, he studied  Journalism at the University of Rome. He later studied at the Universities of Barcelona and Madrid, and the Library Sciences at Columbia University. Karlo Mirth was a prolific writer of many articles related to Croatian culture and history. He was very active in Croatian Academy of America, and in 2013 published his autobiographical book Život u emigraciji (Life as an Emigree).

Croatians Krist Novoselic and Ella Yelich O’Connor aka Lorde take home Grammys
Croatians score two wins at the 2014 Grammy awards. Croatian-American Krist Novoselic won as part of a collaboration with Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney and Pat Smear for best rock song. Ella Yelich O’Connor of New Zealand won two Grammy Awards for Best Pop Solo Performance and Song of the Year for “Royals.”

Marin Soljacic Croatian physicist and inventor founder of WiTricity Corp. announces "GOODBY WIRES..."
The story starts one late night a few years ago, with professor Marin Soljačić, standing in his pajamas, staring at his cell-phone on the kitchen counter. “It was probably the sixth time that month that I was awakened by my cell-phone beeping to let me know that I had forgotten to charge it. It occurred to me that it would be so great if the thing took care of its own charging.” To make this possible, one would have to have a way to transmit power wirelessly, so Soljačić started thinking which physical phenomena could help make this wish a reality. In October 2013 Intel was involved in a $25 million Series E funding round for WiTricity, founded by Marin Soljačić.

Milan Horvat 1919-2014 distinguished Croatian conductor collaborated with world's most famous orchestras
For five years, from 1951 to 1956, maestro Milan Horvat was chief conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra in Dublin. Than in 1969 up to 1975 he led the newly formed Symphony Orchestra ORF in Vienna. He was an honorary conductor of the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra. He collaborated with the greatest soloists of the world such as Mstislav Rostropovich, David Oistrakh, Yehudi Menuhin, Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, etc. He taught at the University of Graz in Austria, where his star pupil was Fabio Luisi, now music director of the Zurich Opera. The key to his vitality was, as he put it, his "hunger for music".

"Caught Between Darkness and Light" is a new collection of poetry by Walter Mirkovic
Croatian-American author Walter Mirkovic has published his first book of poetry. The book titled "Caught Between Darkness and Light" is a  collection of poetry highlighting observations of the world through spontaneous workings of the mind and personal experience. The book is illustrated by his niece Adriana Starcic.

Joza Vrljicak writing about Croatian Government Advisory Council for Croats Abroad
Mr. Joza Vrljičak from Buenos Aires, Argentina,  participated in the First Meeting of the Advisory Council to the Government of the Republic of Croatia for Croats Living Abroad, which was held in Zagreb on 18th to 20th December 2013. The Council was established by Croatian law in 2012 and it is formed by 55 representatives of Croatians from around the globe.

Ante Glibota curator of the prestigious exhibition Contemporary Chinese Art in Luxembourg 18 Jan - 9 Feb 2014
Ante Glibota is distinguished Croatian expert in the history of art and architecture, a titular member of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Lettres (Membre titulaire de l’Académie Européenne des Sciences, des Arts et des Lettres). He has exceptional honour to be the curator of  important exhibition entitled "Art Chinois Contemporain 2" (Contemporary Chinese Art), to be held in Luxembourg from 18 January to 9 February 2014. Admission to the exhibition is free. Mr. Glibota lives in Paris and Shanghai. He is curator of the Museum of Art and Urbanity in Shanghai, China.

Croatia Summer Conservation Field School June 20 - July 18, 2014 initiated by the University of Oregon, USA
The Croatia Conservation Field School adds an exciting international element to the University of Oregon's Historic Preservation Program. It is an intensive program that allows students to gain hands-on experience in a culturally rich setting. Students will explore villages, while learning the history of the area of the city of Trogir (protected by UNESCO, on the photo) and on the island of Brač, documenting and analyzing important structures, and participating in a hands-on building project. The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Dr Peter Kuzmic authority on Christian response to Marxism and on Christian ministry in post-Communist contexts
Dr. Peter Kuzmic is the foremost evangelical scholar in Eastern Europe and is considered an authority on the subject of Christian response to Marxism and on Christian ministry in post-Communist contexts. He co-founded and directs Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek, Croatia, the first evangelical theological school in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. He also founded Timisoara Theological Institute, a Romanian school affiliated with ETS.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014 to all the people of good will
Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the readers of the CROWN from Croatian painter Zdenka Sertić, on the photo. Croats have about five hundred Christmas carols, more than any other nation in the world. One of truly famous works of art, related to Christams, is due to Croatian sculptor Andrija Buvina from the 13th century, carved on monumental wooden doors of the Cathedral of St. Dujam in the city of Split. We also send a special Christmas greeting to Mr. Dario Kordić and Mr. Slobodan Praljak and their families.

Toni Kukoc Croatian basketball sensation in Chicago Bulls and Pink Panther of the NBA
In Europe they called him The Pink Panther, his lucidity and intelligence fascinated everyone. He gave three European team basketball titles to his hometown Split, Croatia. He won two Olympic silvers, a World Champion title and many awards in Croatia and Europe. In 1992 he was ready to move to the homeland of basketball. He joined the Chicago Bulls, he got the nickname The Croatian Sensation, and he reached the top, he won three NBA rings in a row. With George Mikan and Dražen Petrović, Toni Kukoč was one of the greatest Croatian basketball players in the NBA.

Srdjan Bulat to give recital at the Royal Academy of Music in London on January 7, 2014
Classical guitarist, Srdjan Bulat will be holding a recital at the Royal Academy of Music in London, on Tuesday January 7, 2014. The recital will be held at the David Josefowitz Recital Hall and will start at 6:00 p.m. admission is free. Bulat, a post graduate student at the Royal Academy of Music will be performing works by Croatian composers.

Miro Gavran's world premiere of "HOW TO STEAL A WIFE" in Vilnius in Lithuania adapted from his comedy
The world premiere of the film "How to Steal a Wife", which was adapted from Miro Gavran's theatre comedy "Henpecked Husbands", is scheduled for December 20th in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The producer is LITL BAZ PICTURES from Vilnius. The director is the young, but exceptionally successful Donatas Ulvydas. Shortly after its release in Vilnius, the film will play in theaters in America and Europe, so screenings are already lined up in Chicago, London, Oslo, Copenhagen, Bergen ... Very recently Miro Gavran had premieres in Slovakia, Czechia and in Russia.

Andrija Mohorovicic 1857-1936 great Croatian scientist discoverer of the MOHO discontinuity in Earth's crust
The MOHO is the boundary between the crust and the mantle in the Earth. This is a depth where seismic waves change velocity and there is also a change in chemical composition. Also termed the Mohorovičić discontinuity after the Croatian seismologist Andrija Mohorovičić (1857-1936) who discovered it. The boundary is between 25 and 60 km deep beneath the continents and between 5 and 8 km deep beneath the ocean floor. The discovery of MOHO is one of the greatest achievements in the history of Croatian science. Andrija Mohorovičić was born in the town of Volosko on the northern part Croatian coast.

Frok Zefi Catholic priest, historian and publicist in Croatia
Besides his regular duties in his parish, Don Frok Zefi (on the photo) is very active as a historian and publicist. Till now he has published about a dozen of books and monographs, most of them in Zagreb and Osijek, and some of them printed in Albanian as well. No doubt, the greatest Albanian in history was legenedary Mother Teresa, educated as a girl by Croatian Jesuits. The greatest expert in the history of Albanians was distinguished Croatian scientist and polyglot Milan pl. Šufflay (1879-1931).

Zed Seselja's maiden speech to the Australian Senate
Video of the speech prepared by newly elected ACT Liberal Senator Zed Seselja for his maiden speech in Australia's Federal Parliament. He was elected to the Australian Senate in the Australian federal elections held on 7 September 2013.

Arsen Anton Ostojic wins in St. Louis and has been nominated for an Oscar for a third time
Both Arsen and his new Oscar nominated feature film "Halima’s Path" were awarded during the 22nd St. Louis International Film Festival, held from November 14th to 24th. Arsen received the Contemporary Cinema Award, which honors mid-career filmmakers doing challenging and innovative work. This is the third time that one of Arsen's films will represent Croatia for the Oscars; his previous two films - "A Wonderful Night in Split" and "No One's Son" were both Croatia's official entries for an Academy Award.

Bijeli Put - White Path 10-26 December 1993 the greatest humanitarian action in European History
Dr. Slobodan Lang is one of initators of White Path / Bijeli Put humanitarian project. Bijeli Put 1993 is the greatest humanitarian project in European History. It is the first and only successful joint humanitarian project of Catholic Christians and Muslims. In December 2013 the 20 years since the White Path has been solmenly marked in the building of the Council of the City of Zagreb.

Latica Anić, Kristina Winiarski and Vid Veljak soloists with the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra in Germany 2013
Latica Anić (Croatia), Kristina Winiarski (Sweden) and Vid Veljak (Croatia) are among the most gifted students of maestro Valter Dešpalj, distinguished professor of violoncello at the Academy of Music of the University of Zagreb. They had a privilege to be elected among nine out of about hundred participants of masterclasses in Rutesheim, Germany, as soloists  for the final concert with the internationally known Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra in November 2013. Among the former students of maestro Dešpalj is Luka Šulić, a member of globally known 2 CELLOS.

Max Emanuel Cencic world class countertenor singer recipient of the Diapason d'or award in Paris 2013
Max Emanuel Cencić, Croatian countertenor, "great amongst great", is recipient of the award Diapason d'or (Golden Diapason) for 2013. It is an important recognition to the spectacular singing career of this former singer of the famous Wiener Sanger Knaben (Vienna Boy's Choir). It is interesting that Mr. Cencić is not the first Croatian recipient of Diapason d'or, it was already won by Katarina Livljanić with her Ensemble Dialogos in 2004.

Croatian events in Argentina 2013: Buenos Aires Celebra Croacia, Klapa Kastav, Chaco, etc.
  Joza Vrljičak sent us numerous video recordings and photos concerning the Croatian Day celebrated in Argentinean capital Buenos Aires, in November 2013. It is estmated that there are about 300,000 citizens of Croatian origin in Argentina. Croatian community in Argentina is very active, espeically in the field of culture. Numerous Croatinas contributed in various ways to the prestige and wellbeing of Argentina. Probably the best known among them is Juan (Ivan) Vucetich 1858-1925, the father of the scientific dactiloscopy, that is, of identification by fingerprints.

It's not a Velvet but a Snowflake Revolution
Why a Snowflake? Simple. A snowflake is innocent, unique, gentle and clean, just like the vast majority of us. A snowflake is a child's joy just like we all want to be joy and pride for our children because we did something for their future. But a snowflake upon snowflake, though gentle, can become a deep snow and an avalanche. Then they have a power that cannot be ignored. Croatian Hamed Bangoura started a non-violent Snowflake Revolution on Facebook, asking for fundamental change in a Croatian political arena. They expect over 50.000 snowflakes in 48 hours. Democracy by example.

Ana Vidovic classical guitar prodigy interviewed for Guitar Artistry
Ana Vidović was born in Croatia, and began performing in her native city of Karlovac at the age of 8. By the age of 11 she was performing internationally, and at 13 became the youngest student to attend the prestigious National Musical Academy of the University of Zagreb, where she studied with Professor Istvan Romer. Vidović's reputation in Europe led to an invitation to study at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, U.S., with Manuel Barrueco, from where she graduated in May 2003. Here we provide an interview for Guitar Artistry, and several of her recordings.

Zamba to compete at the 30th International Blues Challenge in Memphis in January 21-25, 2014
Croatian Blues band Zamba (left) is an entrant for the 30th International Blues Challenge where musicians from around the world will be competing for for cash, prizes, and industry recognition. The Blues Foundation will present the 30th International Blues Challenge January 21-25, 2014 in Memphis, Tennessee. The world's largest gathering of Blues acts represents an international search by The Blues Foundation and its affiliated organizations.

Ivana Kunc's new sophisticated CD entitled KUNC PLAYS KUNC dedicated to her father Bozidar
  We are very pleased to announce Ivana Kunc's new and very sophisticated musical project on CD entitled KUNC PLAYS KUNC, dedicated to her father Božidar Kunc, distinguished Croatian pianist and composer, who spent the last fourteen years of his life in the United States. His beloved and noble wife DeElda Kunc b. Fiebelkorn, a gifted poetess, passed away in 2013.

Vukovar is an indelible part of European and World History
In this article we have collected some of the songs and verses dedicated to the tragic destiny of the city of Vukovar and its citizens. The destiny of numerous victims is still not known. This Baroque city on the Danube river was savagely destroyed in 1991.

Zoran Orlic captures the band Trampled By Turtles in a new book
Croatian-American photographer Zoran Orlic (left) was given the opportunity to capture the band "Trampled by Turtles" as they performed their 10th anniversary concert in Minneapolis earlier this year. Those photos which feature candid backstage shots as well as explosive onstage moments have been collected in a book commemorating the event. The book goes on sale in November and is limited to 1,000 copies. Pre-order your copy today!

How do Croatians Communicate? By David Byler 8th Generation Croatian-American
"How do Croatians Communicate" is a vital topic for many of us. Croatian musicians, poets, artists, politicians, preachers, and marketing people of all varieties, no less than those from any culture or from any ethnicity, are communicators. Our success depends on persistent and pervasive communication. A song heard only by a few birds in the forest, as pleasant and appreciative an audience as they may seem to be, is somehow unsatisfying to us. Our satisfaction is not derived from the wealth or power that our communication might yield but about our "voice" being heard and perhaps eliciting a response from our audience.

Lorde an authentic new music star on a horizon
Ella Yelich-O'Connor, known by her stage name Lorde, is a New Zealand singer-songwriter. She released her first EP The Love Club, in March 2013 and her first single "Royals" in June 2013. Her début album Pure Heroine was released in September 2013. Yelich-O'Connor was born in Auckland, New Zealand on 7 November 1996 to an Irish father and Croatian mother Sonja Yelich, a prize-winning poet.

Nenad Bach's life in America is described in a film called "Everything is Forever"
Home Team Productions has nearly completed the documentary film about Nenad's life in America called "Everything is Forever" and is directed by Victor Zimet and produced by Stephanie Silber. Congratulations to Nenad for being selected as an advisor for the State Office for Croatians Abroad! Advisors will assist in the creation and execution of activities pertaining to Croatians who live outside of the Republic of Croatia. The band will be performing at Percolator Coffeehouse next Sunday, November 10, 2013 starting at 7:00 p.m. HRT 1 will be rebroadcasting the band's concert at Lisinski Hall on Monday November 4, 2013 at 6:20 New York time.  You can watch the live stream at .

Queen of Croatians Chapel on the mount of Medvednica near Zagreb celebrates 80th birthday
In 2013 the Chapel of Mother Mary of Sljeme near Zagreb, also known as the Queen of Croatians, solemnly celebrated 80 years since it has been built. The Holy Mass  was served in September 2013 by cardinal Josip Bozanić, the Zagreb Archbishop. In October 2013 an interesting mass has been served by F. Josip Rožmarić, SJ, and by Rev. Oleh Hirnyk, Greek-Catholic priest from the city of Lviv, Ukraine; see the photo.

Ivana Marija Vidovic representing her native city of Dubrovnik and Croatia in Italy as a pianist and poet
Ivana Marija Vidović, distinguished Croatian pianist and poet born in the city of Dubrovnik, is a frequent guest in Italy. On the other hand, as a profound connoisseur of Italian culture, she was nominated in 2010 as an Ambassador of Italian culture in Croatia. In October 2013 she had two recitals and a master class at the Conservatory of  Antonio Vivaldi in Alessandria, with emphasis on the opus of Croatian pianist Dora Pejačević. During the 2013 PianoMasters Festival in Lombardia in Palazzo Gallio, she was playing Mozart, Granados and Dore Pejačević, while during the break her verses have been recited by Italian actor Claudio Milani. At the end Ivana recited the verses in original Croatian language.

IN2 - the largest Croatian IT company founded by Ante Mandic
Mr. Ante Mandić and his IN2 Group’s IT solutions have received worldwide acknowledgments, and their software solutions have won the highest recognitions. In London, March 13 2013, IN2 Group won a prestigious annual European IT & Software Excellence Award for its software products in the category Government Solution of the Year. In Houston, Texas, in July 2013, IN2 Group won the world Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in the category of Public Sector Partner of the Year – Public Safety/National Security, which Microsoft Corp. grants every year in various categories.

Tina Mihelic from Split Croatia is the 2013 Radial Laser World Sailing Champion
Tina Mihelić is the 2013 world champion in sailing in the category of Radial Laser. This is for the first time in history that a Croatian sportswoman won such a title. The competition took place in China, and she won in front of the girls from Denmark and the USA. Originaly from a very nice Croatian coastal town of Kostrena, she now lives in the city of Split. This is one of great achievements of Croatian sports. Congratulations to Tina and to her YC Labud (i.e., Swan) in the city of Split. The yacht club was founded in 1924.

Ante Glibota Croatian historian of Art published a monograph about Chinese painter Yin Yang in Bejing
Ante Glibota: "...Through his visual work, Yin Yang appears through this book’s pages as a crusher of immaterial, divine and earthly ideas, and imposes himself by the gesture’s apotheosis, and in the reconciliation of the human, philosophical and spiritual values, unifying the whole in tonalities that unveil the simplicity and the colorimetrical richness of the light’s surface. The spirit and the soul are thus transported toward an imaginary that opens up the way towards unattainable issues. ..."  We congratulate Mr. Ante Glibota for his very nice 2013 monograph published by Delight Edition. Mr. Glibota is distinguished Croatian historian of art and architecture, living in Paris and Shanghai, and a titular member of the European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters in France.

Brian Krzanich Intel CEO leads an organization of more than 100,000 employees
Brian Krzanich is the chief executive of  INTEL, the world’s biggest maker of semiconductors. Mr. Krzanich will create an Intel markedly different from the past: "We have amazing assets, tremendous talent, and an unmatched legacy of innovation and execution." Brian is a strong leader with a passion for technology and deep understanding of the business. As chief operating officer, Krzanich led an organization of more than 50,000 employees spanning Intel's Technology and Manufacturing Group, Intel Custom Foundry, NAND Solutions group, Human Resources, Information Technology and Intel's China strategy. Mr. Krzanich has Croatian roots.

Jolijn Ceelen from the Netherlands learning Croatian Glagolitic Script with her father Mart in Sv. Filip i Jakov
Ms. Jolijn Ceelen is a very young and gifted painter and designer from the Netherlands (Nijmegen), and her father Mart (Schijndel) is interested in painting as well. In September 2013 they decided to participate in the Fourth Glagolitic Workshop organized by the Society of Glagolites of Zadar, founded in 2012, in order to learn the basics of the exotic Croatian Glagolitic Script. The literature writen using this amazing script during the past centuries (from the 10th century till today) is surprisingly rich. The Ceelen's arrived to Croatia for the first time, and shared their fascination with other participants of the Glagolitic Workshop.

Adriatic Wonder: the Work of Davor Vukovic at the Broadway Gallery in New York City October 16th – 29th 2013
Broadway Gallery is proud to announce an exhibition featuring the new work of Davor Vukovic. His most recent and largest paintings (300×300 cm) are to be shown in the artist’s second one-man exhibition at New York’s Broadway Gallery in October 2013. Although they depict the sea, islands, and submarine landscapes in tones of dark blue and indigo, they also reflect the sky, the infinity of the space, and the moving of myriads of stars and galaxies. The work involves reflections of dark and light sky with the bottom of the sea on the surface and in the deep water.

Galley walk through of David Maljkovic's exhibition at Metro Pictures in New York City October 12, 2013
A gallery walk-through of David Maljkovic's current exhibition at Metro Pictures is being sponsored by Ikon Arts Foundation. Walk through begins at 3:15 p.m. on Saturday October 12, 2013. The show presents an animation, film installation, sound works and display forms, along with collaged inkjet prints mounted on aluminum and a slide projection.

2Cellos Fall 2013 USA Tour

Young Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, known as 2CELLOS, achieved sensational success by taking the cello to a new level and breaking the boundaries between different genres of music. Their unique cello version of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” took the world by storm. They are touring the USA in October and November 2013. Check to see if they are coming to your town!

Phil Boskovich, King of Onions, descendant of Croatian immigrants, dies in 2013 at the age of 97
Boskovich was born in Los Angeles in 1915 to Croatian immigrants. After graduating from North Hollywood High School in 1933, he joined his father, Stjepan, on the family’s small farm, according to a release from the company. His brother Joe, cofounder of the company, died in 2008. Today, Boskovich Farms grows produce on more than 15,000 acres in California and Mexico and employs more than 500 people in Ventura County.

Jakov Sedlar, distinguished Croatian filmmaker: Who wants to kill Yulia Tymoshenko?
  FILMIND Tel Aviv & Coppola film London presents: Who wants to kill Yulia Tymoshenko? directed by Jakov Sedlar, distinguished Croatian filmmaker.

Miro Gavran's plays to be premiered in capitals of Poland, Brazil and Latvia in October 2013
If you are in Brazil's capital Sao Paulo, Poland's capital Warsaw, or Latvia's capital Riga this month (October 2013), you can see one of three premieres by Miro Gavran, the most prolific contemporary Croatian playwright, that will happen in these cities. The titles of respective plays are "My Wife's Husband" in Poland, and "All About Men" in Latvia and Brazil. Gavran's plays have been translated into more than thirty languages worldwide.

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