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Radoslav Lorkovic Croatian-American musician ranging from classical and jazz styles to blues, country and soul
Drawing from a multitude of influences ranging from elegant classical and jazz styles to the rawest, most basic blues, country and soul, Radoslav Lorkovic has taken on an unusually broad musical spectrum and refined it into his distinctive piano style. His tenure on the R&B and folk circuits has culminated in five critically acclaimed solo recordings and numerous appearances on the recordings of and performances with artists including Odetta, Jimmy LaFave, Ribbon of Highway Woody Guthrie Tribute, Greg Brown, Richard Shindell, Ellis Paul, Dave Moore, Andy White and Bo Ramsey.

Vinodol Collection of old Croatian tunes sung and played near the Adriatic Sea
Vinodol Collection consists of the oldest known Croatian tunes sung and played in the region near the town of Bribir, situated not far from the Adriatic Sea. The collection is a result of enthusiasm and efforts of maestro Ivica Kaliman, b. in 1926, to preserve the songs that were sung about a century ago in Croatian villages near this part of Croatian coast. The efforts resulted in CD published by Maraton in 2013.

Ferdinand Kulmer 1925-1998 distinguished Croatian painter author of Croatia Phoenix series in 1991
According to Mr. Ante Glibota, distinguished Art Historian, a Croatian living in Paris and Shanghai, nobody in the contemporary history of Croatian art has so successfuly and convincingly described the drama of the creation of the Republic of Croatia, as Ferdinand Kulmer. Ferdinand Kulmer was a witness of the drama, which he superbly described in his paintings, and announced the victory in a series called Croatia Phoenix already in 1991. Born in France, Kulmer was a descendant of Croatian nobility, sharing the destiny of all Croatians. His works of art are described in several representative monographs written by Ante Glibota.

Happy Easter from distinguished Croatian painter Zdenka Sertic 1899-1986
Zdenka Sertić 1899-1986 studied painting in Zagreb, Berlin and Paris, and specialized in drawings related to Croatian folklore. From 1939 to 1941 directed the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb. She painted some of the most beautiful Croatian postage stamps, and participated in exhibitions in Paris, Leipzig, Barcelona, Berlin, Kopenhagen, Haag and Bruxelles. She also painted several beautiful Easter greeting cards, that we show in this article. According to Dr. Vedran Deletis, NY, "Croatian glagolitic Lenten chants retrace a venerable and direct link to our ancestors, our roots, and our religious belief. Born out of Middle Ages, they continue to extend an unbroken tradition of Croatian history..."

Miro Gavran distinguished Croatian writer was performed in India in Hindi in March 2013
On March 23rd there was the premiere of  Miro Gavran’s play “Forget Hollywood” in Hyderabad, India, produced by the Theater SIFAR. The play was translated into Hindi, and directed by Feroze Ahmed, while the leading roles are played by Chandra Shekhawat and Shravant Koneru. Miro Gavran's theatrical pieces are of global popularity, translated into 35 languages.

Cantores Maruli vocal quartet promoting Renaissance music and distinguished Croatian guitarist Petar Culic
Male vocal quartet Cantores Maruli, from the city of Split, promotes religious repertoire written by recognised or neglected Croatian composers. The name Cantores Maruli (Marul's Singers) wishes to pay a tribute to a famous Croatian Renaissance writer Marko Marulić - Marul 1450.-1524., named "the father of Croatian literature". The quartet cherishes rich Croatian cultural heritage and emphasises its importance within the contemporary environment. We also present Petar Čulić, distinguished Croatian classical guitarist.

Nenad Bach singing without his hat in 1978 in Croatia's capital Zagreb
Nenad Bach started his music career in the 1970s. One of his earliest registered appearances is from 1978, from Croati's capital Zagreb. He interpreted his song Nokturno with his band Vrijeme i Zemlja (Time and Earth) at the Zagreb Chanson 1978, playing piano. We also provide a few of his latest fantastic songs: I Will Follow You, Everything is Forever, Daughter's Eyes, All I Want Is Freedom, and Vukovar. His voice, and verses with soul, remained recognizable all the time.

Zoran Jakuc student of the University of Zagreb and his project CROM = CROATIA & ROMANIA
Mr. Zoran Jakuc, a student of the Faculty of Textile Technology (TTF) of the University of Zagreb, spent three exciting months in Romania in 2011/12, within the European student exchange, at the University of Iasi. Among others, he proposed and organized an interesting Croatian-Romanian student project, called CROM 2012, aiming to promote cultures of both countries, using fashion and textile technology. The project resulted with a rich two hour cultural program, which was a great success, registered by the Romanian TV. He was also accompanied with his two colleagues from the TTF of the University of Zagreb, Marija Damiš and Kristina Plišo.

Tomislav Bralić and Klapa Intrade 2013 U.S. Tour
Tomislav Bralić and Klapa Intrade will be coming to the United States from Zadar to perform in select cities. Starting in April they will be in New York City, Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit to showcase the ancient a cappella style of singing native to Dalmatia known as klapa.

Dina Rizvic young Croatian singer, composer, piano player, guitarist, and drummer
Dina Rizvić was born in a lovely Croatian town of Labin, in Istrian peninsula. She is not only a fine singer, but also a surprisingly good instrumentalist on several different instruments. At the moment, as recipient of “Berklee college of music” scholarship, she finished her first year in Boston and is majoring in contemporary songwriting and production, educating in many different genres from jazz improvisation, writing for big and small bands, production classes, orchestras and songwriting classes. Besides Croatian folk tunes and belcanto, she is singing, composing and playing pop, rock, funk, jazz.

New Show Paranormal Myths on Reality TV will feature Croatia
The creative team behind the film Awakening, John Kera and Nathaniel Morin, are at it again with a new Reality TV show entitled Paranormal Myths. The show is about two paranormal investigators, Kera and Morin, investigate areas that may be haunted by ghosts, demons or other paranormal entities. The production team has already begun selecting cities and countries all around the world including Croatia. Filming will begin in early September.

Bruno Krajcar distinguished Croatian ethno-jazz-rock composer and singer
Bruno Krajcar, professional Croatian composer and singer, was born in the city of Pula in 1973. His surprisingly diverse repertoire includes sophisticaed intepretations of Croatian folk music, in particular from the Istrian peninsula. With his music he seems to connect a large variety of music expressions, ranging from simple folk melodies, to belcanto, jazz ballads and to wild rock. The poetry behind his music is far from being banal or trivial. His songs are sometimes embued with social content, pointing to problems of poverty and injustice.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Registracija biraca za izbore zastupnika iz Republike Hrvatske u Europski Parlament
Pozivaju se na aktivnu registraciju u Veleposlanstvu Republike Hrvatske u Buenos Airesu:  birači koji nemaju prijavljeno prebivalište u Republici Hrvatskoj, a žele se upisati u posebni popis aktivno registriranih birača u najbližem diplomatskom predstavništvu Republike Hrvatske (VRH Buenos Aires) kako bi mogli ostvariti svoje biračko pravo na izborima zastupnika iz Republike Hrvatske u Europski parlament. Pozivaju se na prethodnu registraciju u diplomatskim misijama i konzularnim uredima Republike Hrvatske u inozemstvu birači koji imaju prijavljeno prebivalište u Republici Hrvatskoj, a na dan izbora borave u inozemstvu. Na slici g. Joza Vrljičak, Buenos Aires.

Zvonimir Janko distinguished Croatian mathematician celebrated 80th birthday at the Martin-Luther-University
Martin-Luther-University in Halle-Wittenberg, Germany, organized an international conference entitled Celebrating the 80th birthday of Zvonimir Janko, dealing with the theory of Simple groups, p-groups, and combinatorial designs. It started in October 19, 2012. The program has been opened by Laudation speech delivered Professor Dieter Held, distinguished German mathematician, who spoke about scientific accomplishments of Professor Zvonimir Janko. The three plenary lectures were delivered by Professors Trung van Tran (Essen), Roger Wilson (Queen Mary, London), and Zvonimir Janko. The conference was attended by more than forty scientists from Germany, USA, Israel, and Great Britain.

Ivica Kostelic won his first world cup slalom race of the season March 2013 with victory in Kranjska Gora
Ivica Kostelić, the 2011 overall world cup champion and three time defending combined champion had been hampered all season with a knee injury. But the 33-year-old Zagreb native showed no signs of pain as he clocked a winning combined time of one minute 45.81 seconds to top the podium 10 years after his first victory.

Croatian Coats of Arms in the 20th century
Croatian Coats of Arms are quite widespread among Croatians in the USA, in South America, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in Western Europe. Easy to recognize, it served and still serves as a sign various organizations and societies, and many Croatian families keep it as a dear decoration on carefully chosen places in their houses, in hundreds of witty variations. It is an interesting element of fashin of Croatian sportsmen and sportswomen. On the photo Croatian Coat of Arms with two angels, from 1919, on the ceiling of a hall in Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb.

Croatian Coats of Arms in the 19th century
Croatian Coats of Arms of the 19th century, as well as in previous and later periods, are of amazing variety and beauty. It is therefore no surprise that they can be found throughout Europe, in the USA, and in Australia. They are often very nice decoration on official documents, postacards, books, playing cards, dishes, bags, fans, houses, monuments, etc. On the photo is a detail from the golden book of donors, when the Croatian Music Hall (Hrvatski glazbeni zavod) was founded in Zagreb in 1871.

Croatian Coats of Arms in 17th and 18th centuries
Croatian Coats of Arms of the 17th and 18th centuries can be found not only in Croatia, but throughout Europe:  in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czechia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain. On the photo you can see a very beautiful Coat of Arms of the Croatian sea port Bakar from 1779. We express our gratitude to late Mr. Adam Eterovich for inciting our interest in Croatian Coats of Arms.

Croatian Coats of Arms in the 15th and 16th centuries
Croatian Coat of Arms is among the oldest national symbols in Europe. It can be encountered already since the 15th century in numerous European countries. By Croatian Coat of Arms here we mean the well known red-silver square pattern, by which Croatia is universally recognizable. Rather amazing Croatian Coats of Arms can be seen for example in the Prague Cathedral of St Vitus, on the mount of Hradčany, in the Republic of Czechia, dating from the first half of the 16th century. On the photo is Croatian Coat of Arms from Innsbruck, Austria, painted in 1495, that is, three years after the discovery of America. The presentation is dedicated to the memory of Adam Eterovich.

Josip Pecaric Croatian mathematician wrote a preface to a monograph by Wan-Lan Wang published in China 2011
Professor Wan-Lan Wang, Chengdu University, Chengdu, China, published a monograph Approaches to Prove Inequalities, issued in China in 2011. His colleague from Croatia Academician Josip Pečarić, distingueshed expert for mathematical inequalities, has been invited to write a preface to the book, and to contributa a separate chapter. Furthermore, an interview with Professor Pečarić has been published in a Chinese journal called Mathematics in 2012, and the interview was conducted by Iranian mathematician Mohammad Sal Moslehian.

Miljenko Matijevic amazing Croatian-American rock singer and frontman of the Steelheart rock band
Miljenko Matijević, also known as Michael Matijevic or Mili Matijevic is a Croatian American rock singer, best known as the frontman of the hard rock band Steelheart. He was born November 30, 1964, in Croatia's capital Zagreb. Steelheart is a glam metal band based in Norwalk, Connecticut. Formed in 1990, the band is fronted by vocalist Miljenko Matijevic. His solo appearances, where he accompanies himself with guitar or piano, attract many those who love authentic and convincing rock music.

Javni poziv za prijam osoba na osposobljavanje u Državnom uredu za Hrvate izvan Republike Hrvatske

Na temelju članka 61.a Zakona o državnim službenicima, a u skladu sa Uredbom o uvjetima i načinu izbora osoba na stručno osposobljavanje bez zasnivanja radnog odnosa u državnim tijelima i Plana prijma na stručno osposobljavanje bez zasnivanja radnog odnosa u Državnom uredu za Hrvate izvan Republike Hrvatske za 2013. godinu od 21. siječnja 2013., Državni ured za Hrvate izvan Republike Hrvatske raspisuje javni poziv za prijam osoba na stručno osposobljavanje bez zasnivanja radnog odnosa u Državnom uredu za Hrvate izvan Republike Hrvatske.

Call for submissions for 1st International Samobor Film Music Festival

The 1st International Samobor Film Music Festival, September 11- 14, 2013., is now open for submissions! Composers can submit film music through the ISFMF's online entry form. Application period will run until March 31st the latest. The Artistic Board of the festival will conduct selection of movies for nominations, and the criteria will be determined in relation to the quality and originality of the score. Only films with the production date between January 1st 2010. and February 28th of the current year, will be considered for nominations.

Oleh Hirnyk translated Hrvoje Kacic's monograph from Croatian into Ukrainian and published in Kyiv 2013
  Mr. Oleh Hirnyk translated an important monograph by Dr. Hrvoje Kačić, Serving My Country (U službi domovine), from Croatian into Ukrainian. The Ukrainian title is Hrvats'ki proriv (Croatian Break Through). The monograph has an extensive preface to the book, written by the translator, revealing many little known details from the history of relations between Croatia and Ukraine. The book has been published in 2013 in Kyiv, and we congratulate Mr. Oleh Hirnyk and the Ukrainian publisher Tempora on great job. The book was previously translated from Croatian into English, Castillian, German, and now into Ukrainian.

Concert broadcast of Nenad Bach Band and Friends in Croatia Feb 17th at 0.15 am & 6:15 pm EST on HTV2
Respected Croatian musician and world promoter or Croatian culture, Nenad Bach and Friends, entertained us all with his charity concert in Zagreb for the abandoned children of Nazor street, November 2012. They say Nenad is an artist with a Croatian soul and an American passport. The footage of the Zagreb concert will be shown on February 17th 2013 on HTV2 at 0.15 a.m. in Croatia and 6:15 p.m. EST on HTV2.

Prof.dr. Kresimir Cosic: Kako smo promijenili tijek rata Operacijom ZIMA 94
Hrvatski general prof.dr. Krešimir Ćosić opisuje povijesna događanja vezana uz tzv. Prvu bihaćku krizu i njenu povezanost s operacijom “Zima ’94”, koja su gotovo su potpuno nepoznata široj javnosti. Međutim, može se reći da je Hrvatska vojska upravo tom operacijom neizravno spriječila pad Bihaća i tragediju civilnog pučanstva srebreničkih razmjera još u zimi 1994., ... Sjećanja, činjenice i izvorni dokumenti svjedoče o tome kako je Hrvatska vojska još krajem 1994. braneći Hrvatsku, u suradnji s 5. korpusom Armije BiH branila i obranila Bosnu i Hercegovinu. Članak opisuje i razgovore hrvatskih generala Janka Bobetka i Krešimira Ćosića  u Pentagonu.

Handball World Championships in Spain Croatia wins bronze and Croatia - France 30-23
Competing at the 2013 World Handball Championship in Spain, Croatia won in a match against  France, current World champion. Croatia won with a big result 30-23. The match was held in  23 Jan 2013 in Zaragoza, and it was one of the main events of the whole compeition. Domagoj Duvnjak was proclaimed the best player of the match. Croatia won bronze medal at the 2013 World Handball Competition in Spain, proving that it has one of the best handball teams in the world. On the photo Slavko Goluža, trainer of Croatian team.

Boris Ivandic Croatian painter in Berlin described in a representative monograph by Ante Glibota
Boris Ivandić, Croatian painter, was born in Putesevica, in  Bosnia-Herzegovina, in 1951. Several books and many catalogues have been published about Ivandic’s work, as well as two bibliophile volumes in limited edition, with illustrations by Boris Ivandić and poems by Ante Glibota. His works are to be found in all the most important private and public collections throughout the world. Ante  Glibota prepared an extensive monograph about his work. Boris Ivandic lives and works in Berlin where he teaches in the Deutsche Akademie der Kunst. His wife Gabriele Binder is a famous costume designer.

Bianca Childs and Healing Arts Croatia produces and promotes leading edge workshops and retreats

Healing Arts Croatia offers trainings and retreats designed to support embodiment, quiet the mind and free the spirit in a field of holistic and preventative health care, such as: Esalen(R) Massage certifications, wide range of bodywork, Holotropic(R) breathwork, Yoga, SpiritDance, SoulSong, Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms(R) dance, meditation, neural somatic integration, diet, permaculture, nutrition and more. These movement forms provide a powerful catalyst for personal and collective transformation by raising awareness.

Goran Oreskovic founder and owner of VESKI Ltd. Croatian export and knowledge based company
Mr Goran Orešković is a mechanical engineer and a mathematician, an entrepreneur and our greatest expert in machine vibrations. He is the founder and owner of VESKI Ltd. (, and a man who has spent his whole career in developing the most complex products in the field of high technologies. The fact that VESKI Ltd. exports its products even to Australia is one the greatest confirmations of its success. In addition, its products have been awarded with numerous international and Croatian prizes for innovations and scientific contributions.

Egon Matijevic distinguished Croatian-American expert in colloid chemistry
Professor Egon Matijević was born in the Croatian village of Otočac ninety years ago. He was educated in Croatia where he started his extraordinary scientific carrier. After postdoctoral studies in England Matijević moved to USA where he joined Clarkson College of Technology (present Clarkson University) at Potsdam (NY). Egon stayed with Clarkson contributing significantly to the University especially within the Department of Chemistry both in teaching and in research in the field of colloid chemistry. Professor Matijević is a prominent scientist and his achievements were recognized by the scientific community world wide being the recipient of numerous prestigious awards.

Iulius Clouius Croatus and a mistake of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna and of the Europeana in the Hague
Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna keeps an early self-portrait of Julije Klović, a famous Croatian Renaissance miniature painter, that is, of Iulius Clouius Croatus 1498-1578, as can be clearly seen in a short description on the upper border of the self-portrait (follow the link in the title to see it). Citing this description in the accompaning web page of this institution, the name of "Croatus" has been omitted. The same mistake can be seen on the Europeana web page We are asking for explanation and the correction.

Ana Konjuh young Croatian tennis player won two junior titles at Australian Open 2013
Croatian Ana Konjuh signalled she is a future star of women's tennis as she claimed the 2013 Australian Open girls' singles championship on Saturday. She became the third player in the past three years to win both the Australian Open girls’ singles and doubles title. Miss Konjuh was born and lives in Dubrovnik at the Croatian coast, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Gavran's novel "The Only Witness to Beauty" translated from Croatian language into Bulgarian
Miro Gavran's novel "The Only Witness to Beauty" has been published in the Bulgarian language in Alexandar Liven's translation. The publisher is "The Foundation for Bulgarian Literature" from Sofia. After its publlication in Croatian in 2009, the novel was met by a warm welcome from readers and the critics, and it will be published in The Netherlands by the end of 2013.  Miro Gavran's works have been translated from Croatian into 35 different languages to date.

Roman Krznaric speaking about the art of living and social change
Roman Krznaric is a cultural thinker and writer on the art of living. He is a founding faculty member of The School of Life in London, which offers instruction and inspiration on the important questions of everyday life, and advises organisations including Oxfam and the United Nations on using empathy and conversation to create social change. He has been named by The Observer as one of Britain’s leading lifestyle philosophers. Roman is a fanatical real tennis player, has worked as a gardener, and has a passion for furniture making. His ambition is to found the world’s first empathy museum. Mr. Krznaric has Croatian roots.

BREVIS Croatian female vocal ensemble in Carnegie Hall in New York on 21 Jan 2013 at 7 pm
Croatian female vocal ensemble BREVIS will sing at Carnegie Hall in New York on 21 January 2013 at 7 pm, Isaac Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage. They are singing as guests of a famous Welsh composer Karl Jenkins. The ensemble had very successful tours in Europe, America and Asia. They were winners of prestigious competitions of ensembles at the Sweden Helsingborgschoir Festival (2004), and also at the 4th Olympiade of choirs at the World Choir Games in 2006 in Xiamen in China (2006). In June 2012 they had a very successful debut in Hollywood. The ensemble is directed by Antoaneta Radočaj-Jerković and Davor Dedić.

Davor Vrankic distinguished Croatian painter living and working in Paris and New York
  Davor Vrankić, distinguished Croatian painter born in the town of Osijek, lives and works in Paris and New York. He had individual exhibitions in Osijek, Rijeka, Zagreb, Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, etc. His paintings are extremely complex compositions, and he paints with a pencil.

Mate Rimac young Croatian inventor created the fastest electric car in the world
Mate Rimac, young Croatian inventor, created the fastest electric car in the world rushing faster than 300 km/h. The U.S. TV Bloomberg ranked him in its list of "Best of 2012". The car has four electric motors with a total of 1088 horsepower. The Rimac Concept One utilizes a 92-kWh battery to power four sets of electric motors (one for each wheel). Each motor operates independently, accelerating and decelerating hundreds of times per second in what the brand calls “All-Wheel Torque Vectoring”.

Karolina Vidovic Kristo distinguished Croatian journalist on HTV
  Karolina Vidović Krišto is producing an excellent program for Croatian diaspora, for which she deserves our deep gratitude. She is engaged, among others, in defending human rights of children in Croatia, and promoting deeper ties between Croatia and its diaspora. Her professionalism and honorable engagement ranks her among the leading figures on Croatian Television - Hrvatska televizija (HTV).

Jacob Jake Matijevic 1947-2012 NASA engineer of Croatian origin father of Curiosity rover on Mars
  Jacob (Richard) Matijevic, also known as "Jake" Matijevic, (3 November 1947 - 20 August 2012) was an American NASA engineer of Croatian origin who worked on Mars Exploration Rovers. Dr. Matijevic, PhD in Mathematics from the University of Chicago, was involved in developing the "Sojourner", "Spirit", "Opportunity" and "Curiosity" rovers. For his contributions to the rover projects, NASA named several landmarks (including "Matijevic Hill" and "Jake Matijevic" rock) for him on the planet Mars.

Merry Christmas to Mr. Slobodan Praljak and to Mr. Dario Kordic with their families
Christmas of joy and pain.

Giulio Clovio Croata 1498–1578 the greatest miniaturist of the Renaissance
Giulio Clovio de Croatia (1498-1578), or Julije Klović, probably the greatest Croatian painter in history, is regarded as the last great representative of the classical European miniature. Among his friends let us mention Michelangelo. His masterpieces are kept in Florenze, Naples, Venice, Torino, Paris, London, Vienna, New York. Klovic used to sign himself as GEORGIVS JVLIVS CLOVIVS CROATA. His grave is situated near Michelangelo's Moses in the the church of S. Pietro in Vincoli, Rome, and bears an inscription "Pictor de Croatia".

Ana Vidovic Croatian guitarist playing Sonatina & Suite Castellana by Federico Moreno Torroba
Ana Vidović, a famous Croatian guitarist, is playing Sonatina & Suite Castellana by Federico Moreno Torroba. Pure joy for ears. And eyes. As Mr. Andres Okorn put it, "Sie ist eine Ausgezeichnete Gitarristin, Excellente Musikerin und eine sehr schöne Frau...". She was interviewed by Steve Halpern on 9th December 2009, as a guest of the Arts of Westchester. We also provide an excerpt from her concert in Seoul, S. Korea, and an interview in Adelaide, Australia.

Mervan Pasic and Darko Zubrinic Croatian mathematicians at the Research Institute of Math Sciences in Kyoto
Mervan Pašić and Darko Žubrinić, two Croatian mathematicians from the University of Zagreb, had a great honour to have been invited to Japan in November 2012, to the University of Science in Okayama, and to the prestigious Research Institute of Mathematical Sciences (RIMS) of the University of Kyoto. They both delivered two lectures at two international meetings. In Kyoto they both had 50 min. lectures. The conferences have been superbly organized by Professors Hiroyuki Usami, Satoshi Tanaka and Yuki Naito. On the photo Professors Hiroyuki Usami and Mervan Pašić.

CroExpress: a newspaper that is better informing the Diaspora
Marina Stojak (left), is the editor-in-chief of CroExpress, a monthly newspaper published out of Hannover Germany. She recently sat down and talked about the paper's beginnings, response of the readership and countries that they hope to expand to.  

Ante Glibota distinguished Croatian historian of art writing about Chinese artists
Ante Glibota was born in Croatia, and studied history of art at the Universities of Zagreb and Sorbonne in Paris, now living in Paris and in Shanghai. He is an internationally renowned art historian and French architecture historian. Mr. Glibota was nominated as Curator and editor of  “Art and Sport”, organized by Adidas and the IOC for the Olympic Games in Peking, 2008 One of his exhibitions, “ Chicago, 150 years of architecture” was singled out as the most significant exhibition of the XXth century by the French newspaper Le Monde. He is the author of several truly amazing books about distinguished contemporary Chinese artists, published in Bejing.

Klapa Cambi 2013 US & Canada Tour Featuring the Jerry Grcevich Tamburitza Orchestra
The most awarded and internationally recognized a’cappella group from Croatia,  winner of a World Choir Championship in St. Petersburg will showcase their unique vocal talent during their USA and Canada tour scheduled for January 2013. For 25 year the group stays true to the core of Croatian heritage and culture while bringing authentic music of Dalmatia to the international spotlight. Their performance will take you through ancient Dalmatian cities, help you feel the love and appreciation for the homeland, and bring closer to the beautiful Adriatic.

Croatie - la voici! L'alphabet glagolitique croate en France
Croatia - here it is! Croatian Glagolitic Alphabet will be exhibited in France in the Museum of Tau in Reims, France. A famous Evangel of Reims, Croatian Glagolitic book ,is kept in the City Library of Reims since 16th century as a special tresure. The book has an amazing biography: handwritten in 1395 in the Prague, tied with an even older Cyrillic Evangel from Kiev, Ukraine, from 11th century, it is a significant symbol of European cultural landscape, connecting Western and Eastern Christianity. An exhibition entitled THE CROATIAN GLAGOLITIC SCRIPT will be open 13 Dec 2012 - 24 Feb 2013 in Palais du Tau, in Reims.

Jeffrey Kuhner, The Washington Times - Croatia’s national independence finally has been secured
Croatia’s national independence finally has been secured. This is the real meaning of the recent ruling by the U.N. war crimes court in The Hague to overturn the conviction of Croatian Gen. Ante Gotovina. Gen. Gotovina embodies Croatia’s struggle for independence. Gen. Gotovina’s actions effectively smashed Belgrade’s campaign of mass killings and ethnic cleansing. No one - neither the European Union, the United Nations nor NATO - did more to end the savage fighting in Croatia and Bosnia than Gen. Gotovina. Rather than being a war criminal, he is a great Croatian patriot and hero.

Croatian toys exhibited at the Zagreb Ethnographic Museum 1 Dec 2012 - 31 May 2013
The Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb organized a very nice exhibition of Croatian toys, 1 Dec 2012 - 31 May 2013. The opening has been accompanied by a group of children, members of the Turopolje Folklore Ensemble, wearing fantastic national costumes from the region of Turopolje near Zagreb. Traditional manufacturing of children's wooden toys in Hrvatsko Zagorje, a region on the north of Croatia, has been inscribed in 2009 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

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