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Croatian toys exhibited at the Zagreb Ethnographic Museum 1 Dec 2012 - 31 May 2013
The Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb organized a very nice exhibition of Croatian toys, 1 Dec 2012 - 31 May 2013. The opening has been accompanied by a group of children, members of the Turopolje Folklore Ensemble, wearing fantastic national costumes from the region of Turopolje near Zagreb. Traditional manufacturing of children's wooden toys in Hrvatsko Zagorje, a region on the north of Croatia, has been inscribed in 2009 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Nenad Bach Band spectacular concert in Croatia's capital Zagreb Nov 30 2012
The Nenad Bach Band appeared for the first time in Croatia, in Nenad Bach's native city of Zagreb, in the Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall. Nenad Bach Band is composed of high class professional musicians, with a very specific, recognizable sound, interwoven with elements of Croatian folk music, enriched with Nenad's beautiful verses. Some of greatest stars of Croatian music participated as Nenad's special guests: Arsen Dedić, Radojka Šverko, Miroslav Škoro, Marko Tolja and Klapa Sinj. For the first time Nenad's song entitled VUKOVAR has been performed, in which the names that will never be forgotten are mentioned: Jean Michel Nicolier, Siniša Glavašević, Vesna Bosanac, and Blago Zadro.

Nenad Bach dobitnik prestizne Fender-Mega Muzika nagrade uoci koncerta u dvorani Lisinski u Zagrebu
U Zagrebu je 27. studenog 2012. u klubu Sax dodjeljena prestižna Fender-Mega Muzika nagrada našem poznatom hrvatskom kantautoru, producentu i mirovnom aktivistu s adresom u New Yorku, Nenadu Bachu. Bila je to deveta po redu dodjela nagrada MMFender koja se dodjeluje za izniman doprinos u glazbi posebice Rock glazbi u Hrvatskoj i to glazbenicima ali i istaknutim pojedincima, koji su iako nisu glazbenici svojim iznimnim radom doprinjeli značaju Rock glazbe u Hrvatskoj. Svečana dodjela obavljena je uoči koncerta Nenad Bach Banda i gostiju u koncertnoj dvorani V. Lisinskog u petak 30. studenog 2012. u 20 sati.

Documentary Celebrating 100 Years of St. Jerome Parish in Chicago to premiere December 9, 2012 on WTTW
The film about St. Jerome's 100th Anniversary "They Never Walked Alone" will debut on Chicago's WTTW (PBS Ch. 11) on Sunday Dec. 9th, 2012 from 6pm-7pm. Only part of the film will be featured (only 40 minutes) that evening, Chicago's anchorman Bill Kurtis and actor Goran Visnjic have narrated the film. Please encourage your parishioners and listeners to tune in at that time and if they are inclined to purchase the DVD and support both the church and WTTW.

Brian Gallagher: a historic day - the Croatian diaspora can take pride in its support of Croatian generals
Brian Gallagher: Certainly there were those outside Croatia who also supported the generals. I will single out here the former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, Robin Harris. He helped raise the profile of the case and was forthright in support. That was quite brave; believing in the innocent of alleged war criminals is not necessarily a very popular thing to do. The Croatian diaspora can take pride in its support. Indeed, Croatian Americans took part in the defence – Luka Misetic and Tom Kuzmanovic. And from Canada was Ana Katalinic, the Gotovina case manager.

Nenad Bach Band in Zagreb at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall on Friday 30 November 2012 20pm
We are pleased to announce the forthcoming concert of Nenad Bach and the Nenad Bach Band in Croatia's capital Zagreb, on Friday 30th November 2012, 20 pm. His special guests will be distinguished Croatian musicians Arsen Dedić, Klapa Sinj, Radojka Šverko, Miroslav Škoro, and Marko Tolja. It is for the first time that Nenad Bach has a soloist concert in his native city of Zagreb, after about thirty years of very successful career in the USA and worldwide. Through his singing and songwriting, Nenad’s goal is to spread the message of joy and universal peace.

Ninth Annual MMFender Awards to be held at club Sax! on November 27, 2012
The ninth annual MMFender Awards will be held at club Sax! on November 27, 2012 starting at 9:00 p.m. The award is given to those musicians and non-musicians for their outstanding contribution to music and rock music in Croatia. Editor-in-Chief of CROWN, Nenad Bach will be receiving an award for his contributions for the promotion of Croatian music in the world. Congratulations to Nenad and all of this years award winners!

Petar Janjic - Tromblon defendor of Vukovar and Croatia in 1991 and twenty years after
Petar Janjić nicknamed Tromblon, was an active participant of the defense of Vukovar in 1991, and survived infamous concentration camps in Serbia. He is speaking about his life and about Croatian defenders in his important and unique autobiographic book about the 1991 Vukovar tragedy, entitled "Žedni krvi gladni izdaje" (Those Thirsty of Blood and Hungry of Treason). He is openly and very courageously describing some of the current problems of contemporary Croatia.

Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markach with their families in Croatia after seven years of grave injustice in the Hague
  We are pleased to send our cordial greetings to Mr. Ante Gotovina, Mr. Mladen Markač, Mr. Slobodan Praljak, Mr. Dario Kordić, and their families, in the name of the readers of the CROWN. They are all defenders of European values and true Croatian ambassadors in the EU. Croatian general Mr. Ante Gotovina contributed enormously to the dignity of Europe during the operation STORM in 1995, which according to distinguished Croatian humanist Dr. Slobodan Lang, was the first ever military action that prevented genocide.

Dr. Ante L. Padjen Croatian neuroscientist and founder of I Medici di McGill Orchestra in Montreal CA
Professor Ante Padjen was educated in Croatia (University of Zagreb, Croatia; 1966, MD; 1970, DSc), University of Edinburgh (Graduate Studies), NIMH (1971 - 1975, Washington, DC). He has served as Professor at McGill University, Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics from 1976. His primary research interests include neuroscience, information technology and knowledge translation in biomedicine with a particular interest in developing areas. He is the founder and principal viola of I Medici di McGill Ensemble (The Physicians of McGill), a performing orchestra made up largely of physicians, medical students and medical faculty.

Kenneth Merten is named new U.S. Ambassador to Croatia

Kenneth Merten, the United States Ambassador to the Republic of Croatia, presented his credentials to President Ivo Josipović on October 30, 2012. Kenneth Merten is a career member of the senior Foreign Service; he joined the diplomatic corps in 1987 and most recently served as Ambassador to Haiti. He also served as a Deputy Executive Secretary to U.S. Secretary of State Clinton and earlier to U.S. Secretary of State Rice. He was awarded the 2011 Ryan C. Crocker Award for Outstanding Leadership in Expeditionary Diplomacy for his extraordinary leadership in the wake of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Zvonko Viduka Croatian enterpreneur selling high-tech products in 35 countries worldwide
Since 2002 ALTPRO Ltd., founded and directed by Mr. Zvonko Viduka, has been included in the Railway Gazette – Railway Directory. Since June 2004 ALTPRO Ltd. has become a full member of UNIFE – The Association of the European Rail Industry, as the only non-EU firm admitted in the association. ALTPRO Ltd. is the only Croatian firm that has become a full member of an EU economic association. It is also a member of two working groups in Brussels and has been granted the CENELEC certificate.

Government office for Croatians outside of the Republic of Croatia is looking for advisors
The Government office for Croats outside of the Republic of Croatia is looking for advisors. This will be an advisory body that will offer aid in creating policies, activities and programs in relation to the  Croats outside of the Republic of Croatia. Advisors will have a four year mandate and will represent communities in their country of origin. The call for the nomination of representatives of the Croatian community in the Government Council is open to November 10, 2012.

Mrgari flower-shaped dry stone sheepfolds on the island of Krk in Croatia studied by Dr. Berislav Horvatic
The ancient building technique of dry stone walling called mrgari, are complex multicellular dry stone sheepfolds, flower-shaped in ground plan, used for sorting out the sheep of various owners. These giant dry stone flowers, tens of meters in diameter, ornate the common pasture (komunada) of only three settlements on the island of Krk (Baška, Jurandvor, and Batomalj), still maintaining the traditional custom of communal sheep round-up. Except in Croatia, somewhat similar flower-shaped multicellular sheepfolds can be found only in Wales and on Iceland. Mrgari have been studied by Croatian physicist Berislav Horvatić.

Victor and Vlado Krizek sucsessfully direct Croatian jewelry company Zlatarna Krizek
In the production of gold and silver jewelry, Zlatarna Križek is using modern machinery such as computer engraving machines and modern machines for casting, etc. However, aware that there is no machine that can compensate for artistic creativity, Zlatarna Križek employs more young, talented designers and this is the assurance that the design and hand-made jewelry Zlatarna Križek will continue to attract with their beauty and originality. On the photo brothers Victor and Vlado Križek.

Nenad Bach, Antun Lučić - Anthony F. Lucas i Boris Ljubičić u Slici Hrvatske s Karolinom Vidovic Kristo
  Nenad Bach u Slici Hrvatske na HTV-u govori o svojoj dosadašnjoj karijeri, planovima za budućnost ali i o društvanoj i političkoj slici Hrvatske. Jeste li znali da je otac naftne industrije Hrvat? Pogledajte priču o malo poznatom Splićaninu Antunu Lučiću - Anthony F. Lucasu! Boris Ljubičić govori o dizajnu države Danske. Urednica: Karolina Vidović Krišto na fotografiji, 6. listopada 2012.

Tajci's California Tour Fall 2012
Tajci will be performing a 7 week tour of California starting on October 15, 2012. She will be performing several programs "Born of Love," "i Do Believe," "Let it Be," and a new program for All Soul's Day - "Love Lives On". She will also be at the Medjugorje Peace Conference in Ivrine, California on October 20-21, 2012.

The unbelievable story of a Croatian hero: Michael Palaich
We asked Mr. Palaich about his activities during the 1991-1995 war in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as about an indictment against him in the USA, that stemmed from his efforts to help Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina to defend themselves against Serbian aggression. Those who know Mike, are well aware of his hesitation to talk about himself. But since so many have already forgotten about what happened in a not so distant past, and for the sake of new generations, he agreed to answer to a few questions, so that we may all remember how much liberty and independence meant, not only to Croatians in the homeland but to those around the world as well.

Davor Vukovic Exhibit at Broadway Gallery in New York City October 24th - November 12, 2012
Davor Vukovic, a self-educated painter and poet, is one of the most prominent artists in contemporary Croatian landscape painting. Vukovic possesses originality mixed with an innate talent for spontaneous expression. Although his poems are more subtle and introspective, his paintings are passionate and exciting—he engages himself both physically and emotionally. Expressing himself in a range of colors that reflect both his inner-self and his outer interactions with nature, Vukovic infuses modernity and impressionism into energetic paintings that soothe the mind. His work, through its evocative use of color, movement, texture, and shape, display a state of mind rather than a tangible landscape. He will be highlighted in a major solo exhibition at Broadway Gallery, NYC.

Dr. Borislav Arapović: A Remarkable Address Given by a Croatian Minister to Those Going to War 1778
An amazing anti-war, pacifist sermon was given in 1778 by an anonymous Croatian preacher to Croatian soldiers, immediately before the battle between Austrian and Prussian troops in Bohemia. While the Croatian original is still unknown, that same year eight translations were published in German in 1778, Dutch in 1778 (in the Hague (sic!), Amsterdam, and Leeuwarden), in Swedish in 1778 and 1779, and in Latvian in 1804 and 1805. The existing documents have been published by Dr. Borislav Arapović, Croatian scholar living in Stockholm, honorary president of the Biblical Institute in the capital of Sweden, foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Zeljko Ivezic Croatian scientist and a leading expert in astronomy in the world
After five years at UK, dr. Željko Ivezić and his family moved on to New Jersey where he began working at Princeton University. During his seven years at Princeton, Dr. Ivezić participated in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey which has been called one of the most ambitious and influential surveys in astronomy history. Over the course of eight years, the survey produced three-dimensional maps of more than 930,000 galaxies. Ivezic is now part of an effort to create the first digital movie of the sky with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST). On the photo dr. Ivezić with his daughter Vedrana.

Joint Injustice Against Croatia and Croatian Generals
All the participants in documentary film "Joint Injustice", made by Vecernji List newspaper and journalist Jadranka Juresko-Kero, have followed closely the work of the ICTY Tribunal for many years and conclude that the court proceedings demonstrate failings of an ad hoc court and that the judgment against the Croatian Generals dated 15th April 2011 was delivered on the basis of inadequately confirmed and inadequately legally relevant evidence.

Josip Pecaric's activities in Pakistan and Croatia from Mathematics to Croatian history
  Academician Josip Pečarić has 13 PhD students in Pakistan. Six of them already earnd PhD degrees in Mathematics. He is visiting professor at a prestigious Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences in Lahore, named after distingushed Pakistani Nobel Prize winner for Phyisics. He was Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the International Conference on Mathematical Inequalities and Applications organized Lahore in 2010, where about 200 scientists from 19 cuntries participated. His public activities in Croatia are well known.

Conference on victims of UDBA in Klagenfurt, Austria September 25, 2012
Croatian historians and the Association of the victims of UDBA invite you to a press conference on Tuesday September 25, 2012 which will be held at the Palais Salzamt hotel in Klagenfurt / Celovec, Austria. Prior to the press conference, participants will be received in the Cartinthia state assembly, where they as victims and witnesses for the Parliament's investigative commission will testify on UDBA crimes. For the first time, dossiers of Austrian citizens who were collaborators of the UDBA will be released.

Entertainment in Croatian restaurant Dobro in Tokyo accompanied with sarma and buzara
Hello! Morning (ハロー! モーニング。, harō mōningu?) was a weekly Japanese TV show featuring members of Morning Musume, and sometimes other Hello! Project members on TV Tokyo. In this episode they introduced Croatia as an opponent of Japan during the Football World Cup 2006 in Germany and showed some cultural things and made a quiz afterwards. Really funny, especially from Croatian point of view. ;-)

Gradovrh a new web portal for Croats in Tuzla is launched
Until its destruction, the Gradovrh monastery was a spiritual and cultural center for Croatian Catholics in the northeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina centered around Tuzla. Even though the monastery no longer exists, its name is still revered by Croats in the Tuzla area to this day. Not only does the journal published by Matica Hrvatska in Tuzla carry its name, but a new website aims to preserve Gradovrh's legacy in this digital age and report on the situation of Croats there.

Ana Marušić Croatia proclaimed Honorary Professor in the College of Medicine - University of Edinburgh
Dr. Ana Marušić from the University of Split, Croatia, has been made an Honorary Professor in the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine of the University of Edinburgh. She has been the editor in chief of the Croatian Medical Journal for 20 years, and is now editor in chief of the Journal of Global Health. Professor Marušic has been the President of the World Association of Medical Editors and Council of Science Editors. She is currently the Vice President of the European Association of Science Editors.

An Evening of Croatian Music in Washington D.C. Sunday September 23, 2012
Pianist Srdjan Caldarovic (left) and violinist Ivan Novinc will be playing at Steinway Piano Hall in McLean, Virgina on Sunday September 23, 2012 starting at 7:00 p.m. They will be performing an evening of Croatian music with works by Josipovic, Kunc, Bjelinski, Papandopulo, Klobucar, Kempf, Lhotka and Dora Pejacevic.

Drago Stambuk a samurai poet connecting Japan and Croatia
Dr. Drago Štambuk, Croatian ambassador to Japan until 2011, is an expert in medical sciences, and a haiku poet of international reputation.  His book From Nowhere has been published in Japan in 2011, prepared by Mr. Shokan Tadashi Kono, in three languages: original Croatian, Japanese and English. The book was published in time when the earthquake, followed by disastrous tsunami, shook Japan.

James Spudich American scientist of Croatian roots recipient of the Lasker Award for biochemistry
Dr. James Spudich, professor of medicine at Stanford University, USA, received the 2012 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award for his trailblazing investigations of the molecular motors that drive our skeletal muscle contractions and heartbeats, enable our cells to divide, and power patrolling immune cells through our tissues. The Lasker Prize is one of the most prestigious scientific prizes  in the filed of basic medical research.

Ante Glibota Croatian historian of art wrote a monograph about young Chinese artist Shi Liru
The Museum of Art and Urbanity of Shanghai (MAUS) announces the presentation of a comprehensive exhibition of works by the Chinese painter, photographer and sculptor Shi Liru and of a monograph dedicated to the artist published jointly by MAUS and Delight Edition, to be held September 1st 2012. Curator of the exhibition as well as author of the monograph is the art historian Ante Glibota, a titular member of the European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters.

Rudolf Klepac 1913-1994 professor at Mozarteum and Croatian bassoonist one of greatest in history
  Rudolf Klepač was born in 1913 in Majurje near the city of Varaždin in Croatia, professor of bassoon at the Music Academy in Croatia's capital Zagreb, professor at the famous Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria, distinguished interpretor of works by Mozart, Vivaldi and other giants, recipient of the Golden Ring of Salzburg from the Mayor of the city, honorary member of Croatian Society of Musicians...

12th AUTEX World Textile Conference hosted by the City of Zadar 13-15 June 2012
The AUTEX Conference provided an excellent opportunity to bring together European and world scientists and engineers from academy, national research institutes and companies to present and discuss the latest results in the general field of textile materials, technologies, fashion and marketing. In 2011, Faculty of Textile Technology of the University of Zagreb celebrated 50th anniversary of its existence. The city of Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world.

Croatia U18 Basketball team - Champions of Europe
The Croatian U18 Basketball team are the champions of Europe after winning the gold medal at the European Championship in Latvia and Lithuania. Thanks to an unbelievable 39 baskets from Dario Saric (left), Croatia beat the hosts Lithuania in the final 88:76.

Learn Croatian – in person or over Skype!
Many Croats speak English, German, or other languages well enough to make guests feel comfortable. But for those wanting a closer connection to the country - travelers, rather than tourists; professionals with business in the country; second- or third-generation overseas Croats with family ties; or new residents, for example - learning Croatian is the key to feeling at home. New students are invited to witness the benefits of our e-learning courses via Skype by testing the program with a free 90-minute lesson. For additional information, please visit .

Croatia won 3 golds among six medals at the London Olympics 2012 plus one unofficial gold
Croatia won record 6 medals at the olympics, among them 3 golds: Sandra Brkljačić in discus throwing, Giovanni Cernogoraz in trap, and Croatian waterpolo team without any defeat, Croatian quad scull won silver medal, Lucija Zaninović won bronze medal in tae-kwon-do, handball team also won bronze medal. An unofficial gold medal went to Antonija Mišura, see why. We also add a little refreshment with Blanka Vlašić and Janica Kostelić.

Miro Gavran's comedy to be premiered in Hyderabad in India August 19th 2012
The Croatian writer Miro Gavran's comedy, My Wife's Husband, will be premiered in the SIFAR Theatre's production in the Indian city of Hyderabad on August 19th 2012, 7:30 pm. The play has been translated into the Hindi language by Feroze Ahmed, and the leading roles will be played by Prakash Phadnis and Feroze Ahmed. The city of Hyderabad is cultural and political centre of the focal Indian federal state of Andhra Pradesh. Miro Gavran's works have been translated into 35 languages, his plays have had over 200 premieres, and his shows have been seen by more than two million theatre-goers.

Nenad Bach interviewed by Garrison Leykam who hosts Conversation Crossroad
On Monday August 6th, Nenad was interviewed by Garrison Leykam who hosts Conversation Crossroad. The program is the definitive Internet-based radio program for listeners who want the best in entertainment, information and intriguing ideas. On Friday August 17th, the band will be making its return to the legendary Towne Crier as guests of Black 47! The Band is honored to be opening for them. The show starts at 8:30 p.m. and the Towne Crier is located at 130 Route 22 Pawling, New York.

Julian Rachlin & Friends Festival founded in 2001 in Dubrovnik, Croatia
This year marks the 11th anniversary of the internationally renowned “Julian Rachlin & Friends” festival held annually in Dubrovnik, Croatia, a platform for creative and vibrant projects with today’s leading musicians and actors. Besides delighting his audiences with his musical performances, Julian is also receiving recognition as a young philanthropist for his charity work as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and his educational outreach.

Croatia's Giovanni Cernogoraz wins Olympic men's trap gold in London 2012
"This gold medal is fantastic," said Cernogoraz, who in his daily life helps out in his family's restaurant in Novigrad. "This is very good for me, for my family and for the country. I did not expect to win." This is the second gold medal for Croatia at the 2012 Olympics Games in London.

Japan Croatia Friendship House completed in Tokamachi in 2012 - congratulations!
Japan Croatia Friendship House is a result of very good relations that the Republic of Croatia has with Japan. The House has been completed in 2012, based on the project of two distinguished Croatian architects Vinko Penezić i Krešimir Rogina. Very important role in launching the project had Yoshifumi Sekiguchi, Mayor of the city of Tokamachi on the photo, former Croatian ambassador Dr. Drago Štambuk, present Croatian amabassador Ms Mira Martinec on the photo, and of course, Croatian national soccer team that lived and trained in the city throughout the 2002 World Cup.

Sandra Perkovic Croatian olympic queen in discus throwing 2012 in London
Rank in discus throwing at the 2012 Olympic Games in London: 1. Sandra Perković, Croatia,  69.11 m, winner of the Olympic gold medal, 2. Darya Pishchalnikova, Russia, silver medal, 3. Li Yanfeng, China, bronze medal. The 4th place was won by Stephanie Brown Trafton, USA. This is one of the greatest achievements in the history of Croatian sport.

Celebrating Croatia’s D-Day: Operation Storm August 5th 1995
The profound respect, delight and the sense of ultimate justice for freedom WWII D-Day generates in the lands of WWII Allies is nothing less, nothing more than what "Operation Storm 1995" generates for Croatia and Croatians. The Operation Storm prevented genocide over Muslim Slavs in the Bihać area in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the photo Dr. Franjo Tudjman, president of the Republic of Croatia, kissing the national flag in 1995 on the fortress of Knin, a former royal city of Croatian kings.

Jorge-Luis Subiabre Matiacha published a monograph about Croatians in Punta Arenas in Chile
Huellas y Rastros de Croatas en Punta Arenas (The Impressions and Traces of Croatians in Puntas Arenas) is a fascinating, trilingual, Spanish-English-Croatian book of photos by Jorge Subiabre Matiacha and Tatiana Alfaro Chavez, that Jorge recently published in Puntas Arenas. Matiacha has Croatian roots and works as a graphic designer, photographer and writer, while co-author Tatiana is a photographic technician.  Both have already participated successfully at photo exhibits. The book features many black & white photos of Croatians, most with roots from the Croatian island of Brač, with a selection from the poetry of Pepita Turina (1907-1986) in the foreword.

Dragutin Cifrek distinguished Croatian painter, calligrapher and miniaturist in Slovenia
Dragutin Cifrek, distingushed Croatian painter, calligrapher and miniaturist living in Slovenia, is a follower of Julije Klovic (Giulio Clovio, 1498-1578), a famous Renaissance miniaturist born in Croatia, nicknamed long ago as the "Michelangelo of miniature". His special affection are miniatures of birds. In 1990s he created a series of very nice drawings for Croatian postage stamps. Mr. Cifrek was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Zagreb.

Civic Innovation for a Better Future seminar in Zagreb September 14-15, 2012
The Civic Innovation Incubator (Croatia), with support of The Leadership Institute (USA) will hold a two day seminar, in Zagreb, titled "Civic Innovation for a Better Future". The objective of the seminar will be to discuss how to foster and empower a culture of creativity and innovation in the younger generation. New times create new problems. New technologies offer new opportunities. New solutions are required and for this creativity and innovation are required.

Livio Marijan & Ivica Dundovic of Zadar Croatia won gold medal at the European Folklore Festival in Bulgaria
Ivica Dundović and Livio Marijan are winners of a prestitigious European Folklore Festival organized from 10th to 20th July 2012 in Bargas in Bulgaria, under the auspices of UNESCO. Besides the gold medal they also won the black orpheus, a prize of the public, the recommendation for the World Folklore Festival, and are recipients of a special diploma "Revelation of the Festival". They were singing old, almost forgotton Croatian songs from Dalmatia, including traditional Glagolitic songs from the town of Kali on the island of Ugljan.

Passion Heritage of Croatians in The Danube Region conference held in Sombor 2012
Mrs Marija Šeremešić initiated organizing the international conference dealing with the Passion Heritage among Croatians in the Danube Region. It was held in the lovely town of Sombor, in cooperation with the local Croatian society called Urbani Šokci directed by Mrs Šeremešić, and by the Agency for Culture of Vojvodina Croatians from Subotica, directed by Mr Tomislav Žigmanov. The conference was superbly organized and very successful.

Dr. Josip Marcan born in Croatia is widely recognized as the foremost expert on tigers in the world
Dr. Josip Marcan discovered his uncanny ability with animals during his childhood in Croatia. Dr. Marcan eventually made his way to the United States in the late 1960's and began focusing more on the endangered Bengal tiger.  By the early 1980's he had developed a breeding program that was producing the finest, genetically sound Bengal tigers anywhere. Animals from his breeding program have made their homes in zoos and wildlife parks all over the world.

LADO prestigious Croatian national folklore ensemble visited Japan in 2006
LADO is one of the most famous folklore national ensembles in the world, founded in 1949. The following impression illustrates reactions of the public on the concerts of LADO in Japan in 2006: "... If I were born again, I would like to be born a Croat, so I could dance these beautiful dances with LADO" On the photo Mrs. Ivana Laušić, director of the LADO ensemble, and His excellency Mr. Tetsuhisa Shirakawa, Ambassador of Japan in Croatia.

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