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Nenad Bach Band and Marci Geller at Towne Crier Cafe September 30, 2011
The Nenad Bach Band will be returning to one of their favorite haunts, the Towne Crier on Friday September 30th.  The show starts at 8:30 p.m. and tickets are $17.50 in advance and $22.50 at the door. The Towne Crier is located on  130 Route 22, Pawling, New York. Opening the show and joining the band will be special guest Marci Geller, one of Nenad's favorite singers. Marci is something to marvel at.

Mediterranean Culinary Adventures on the Opatija Riviera in Croatia - Feasts for the Senses
In the fall of 2007, I took a well-deserved vacation in Europe. I visited Croatia on that trip and fell in love. I just had to go back. And so I did, and on a five-month journey of discovery, the idea to create a Website devoted to international gastronomy and travel destinations was born... You will be transported to a wonderful world of field trips, sumptuous wine tastings, hands-on cooking classes and adventurous truffle-hunting or wild asparagus picking. You'll learn, you'll experience, and you'll enjoy. It will be a rich, rewarding and enlightening get-away and you'll be glad you chose to spend your time with us. Written by Carmen Grenier from Canada.

The EU Accession Treaty for Croatia has been published
Polish prime minister Donald Tusk officially delivered Croatia's EU accession treaty text to the head of the Croatian government, prime minister Jadranka Kosor, at a ceremony in Zagreb on September 17 2011. The Croatian government has published the treaty and posted it online. Croatia plans to sign the treaty in December 2011 and it will need to be ratified by the EU members. Croatia would also need to hold a referendum on joining the EU.

Vladimir Shuvaev director of verbotonal institute in Vladivostok in Russia visited Croatia's capital Zagreb
Dr. Vladimir Šuvaev is a young expert for problems of deafness of children in the Russian Federation and director of the institute in Vladivostok. In his work he is exploiting the verbotonal method developed at the world's famous SUVAG center in Croatia's capital Zagreb. There are more than 600 SUVAG centers in more than 70 countries. In the Russian Federation only there are SUVAG centers in 29 cities. We publish an interview with dr. Šuvaev and prof. Lovrić conducted in Zagreb in the Russian language.

A tale of two presidents and two diasporas
Sunday, September 18th 2011 and Monday September 19, 2011 saw the presidents of Hungary Pal Schmitt and of Croatia Ivo Josipovic (left) meet with members of their communities in the United States in Cleveland and New York respectively. Their visits displayed a remarkable divergence with regards to relationships with their diaspora communities. Maybe Croatia can learn from Hungary in strengthening relations with Croatian communities scattered around the world?

Doodle Jump is a pop icon
Doodle Jump is one of the most popular iPhone apps. It recently surpassed 10 million downloads. This addictive game is the brainchild of Croatian immigrants Igor and Marko Pusenjak, who came up with the game one day when Igor was sketching a game on a notepad. Marko did the programming and the rest is now history. Doodle (left) has become a pop icon and has been seen on TV and as a fashion accessory for Lady Gaga! 

Suncica - Sunny, Way of the Cross of Croatian women and children in Serbian concentration camps 1991-1995
Sunčica - Sunny was only eight months old when she was taken prisoner with her mother in Vukovar 1991. Twenty years later, Sunny is a grown girl and knows what was done to her and her mother. Croatia is interwoven with the strength of countless Sunnies. Sunčica - Sunny is the title of a bilingual Croatian-English book written against the crime of silence and suppression still being commited against her and her mother today. The book was published by the Society of former detainees of Serbian concentration camps in 2011.

Croatian animation on Cambridge Film Festival 23-24 September 2011
On September 23-24 2011 the Cambridge Film Festival will be screening two programmes of Croatian animation. Aline Conti, the Short Film Programmer for the Cambridge Film Festival: "... the originality and quality of these animations struck me and I thought 'People in Cambridge need to see these animations! ...' I believe that Croatian animations played a revolutionary role in the history of animation especially in the 1950s when the Zagreb Animation School abandoned the Disney-like cartoon style, and introduced visual of avant-garde abstract painting, constructivism and cubism. ... ".

Brodosplit shipbuilding company in the city of Split, Croatia
Brodosplit shipyard is located in Split, the regional center of the eastern Adriatic coast and the second largest city in Croatia. At this point Brodosplit grows into the largest Croatian shipyard, today covering an area of 560 000 square meters. Brodosplit’s wider expansion within the demanding international market started in the second half of the past century. Brodosplit's production program is wide and varied. Basic and most important products of the company are, of course, ships: commercial, passenger, container, ships for the transport of liquid and bulk cargo, dredgers... and other special types of ships, mostly built for international clients.

Epidaurus Festival in Croatia for littlest residents of Dubrovnik region in Pridvorje 16 Sep 2011 at 8pm
The most precious things begin and end at home; all else is secondary. Ježurka Ježić, the popular character from Branko Ćopić's “Ježeva kućica” (The Hedgehog's Home), understood this.  So shall we, and our children; I'm not afraid for the children - they will understand if they have a chance. A beautiful interpretation of this timeless text takes the form of a musical in the enchanted surroundings of Konavle's Pridvorje on Friday, September 16th 2011 at 8pm. This lovely and important presentation is a gift from the Epidaurus Festival to the kindergarten in Konavle.

Middle European Mathematical Olympiad organized in Varazdin, Croatia 2011

The Middle European Mathematical Olympiad (MEMO) is the continuation of Austrian-Polish Mathematical Competition (APMC), held 29 times from 1978 to 2006. Now ten countries participate in the MEMO: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. The 5th Middle European Mathematical Olympiad was held in Varaždin, Croatia, from 1st to 7th September 2011. About a hundred participants came, including 60 contestants and 20 team leaders and their deputies. On the photo prof.dr. Ilko Brnetić, University of Zagreb, chairman of the Jury.

Famous Croatian American photographer Zoran Orlic's photo on the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine
Croatian American photographer Zoran Orlic, made the cover of the September 2011 German-language edition of Rolling Stone Magazine. Zoran is already known in music circles for his photographs of the Frames and Wilco. The photo chosen for the cover of Rolling Stone is of Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy. Zoran also provides the photographs for the accompanying article in the magazine about Wilco. 

The fastest electric car in the world comes from Croatia
When the sheet is lifted from the Rimac Automobili Concept One electric hypercar on September 13th at the Frankfurt Motor Show – Hall 4.0, Stand A43 at 3:00 pm, in case you plan on attending – we hope the Croatian company has some heated neck pads on hand. There may be a few cases of whiplash that need treating.

Japanese mathematicians Yuki Naito and Satoshi Tanaka visited Zagreb and Plitvice Lakes
 Yuki Naito and Satoshi Tanaka, professors of mathematics from Japan, visited the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, Croatia, by the end of July 2011. This is a result of their collaboration with professor Mervan Pašić from that faculty. They delivered two plenary lectures at an International Math Workshop organized in Zagreb. During their stay in Croatia they visited the Plitivce Lakes.

Badinter Committee decided on factual recognition of Croatia on 7 September 1991
Robert Badinter is French lawyer, university professor and politician. Badinter’s arbitration commission, established by the European Community, stated that Croatia and Slovenia acquired their sovereignty on 7 September 1991, and from that date Croatia and Slovenia are independent and sovereign states.

Russian recognition to Croatian Lepoglava lace and to Tihana Rendic in the city of Volgoda 2011
Tihana Rendić has won the first prize at the International Lace Festival organized in Volgoda in Russia in 2011, in the category of professional lacemarers. We also announce the  15th International Lace Festival in Lepoglava, Croatia, organized from 22 to 25 September 2011.

Nenad Hancic created a new high quality Croatian Glagolitic font for Windows
Nenad Hančić from Germany, Duesseldorff, created a new Croatian Glagolitic font for Windows. The lower case letters of the font “Glagolica Missal DPG” are oriented on the “Missal from 1483”, the first Croatian printed book (incunabulum), while the capital letters are oriented on those of “Transit of St. Jerome”, a book printed in Croatian Glagolitic characters in the town of Senj in 1508. We owe our deep gratitude to Nenad Hančić: his work will be immensly useful both for amateurs and professionals.

Concerts for Japan in Croatia 2011
Humanitarian concerts for Japan have been organized in Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Osijek, Varaždin, Đakovo, Opatija, Virovitica, Rab.

Valter Despalj distinguished Croatian cellist started ensemble project Cellomania in Zagreb in 1991
  Valter Dešpalj is professor at the Zagreb Academy of Music. he has also been a guest professor at the conservatories in The Hague, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Graz (University of Music), editor of cello music with major music publishers, and member of judging panels at the most prestigious international competitions including Tchaikovsky (Moscow), Bach (Leipzig), Lutoslawski (Warsaw) and ARD (Munich) competitions. It was 20 years ago that maestro Dešpalj started the project of Cellomania Croata.

Epidaurus Festival in Cavtat childhood dream of Croatian pianist and poet Ivana Marija Vidovic
My wish is that every sound produced at Epidaurus Festival would merge with Cavtat's magical hug, and that every word, every verse, whether sung or spoken, would, for centuries to come, continue to echo throughout its old streets, the very same ones that - within and of themselves - had been a stage for centuries already. Ivana Marija Vidović, Artistic director of the Epidaurus festival.

Festival Kvarner a new meeting point of artists and scholars in Opatija, Croatia
The idea of the artistic exchange on a European level is revived in our Festival in the Kvarner region in Croatia. The fact that many composers, such as Mahler, Puccini, Lehar, Kalman, etc., who, over the course of history, have stayed here and have been inspired by the picturesque landscape and the Mediterranean flair proves that this location is perfectly suitable for music: history provides us with the evidence that our idea has a good basis. On the photo Vjekoslav Martinko, Lovran, president of the Festival Kvarner. Director of the Festival is dr. Michael Fendre, Vienna.

Nenad Bach Band At The BeanRunner Cafe NY Friday August 19 2011 7:30-10:30 pm
Join us Friday, August 19, 2011 7:30 to 10:30 pm, At The BeanRunner Cafe 201 South Division Street, Peekskill, NY to listen to The Nenad Bach Band. We are an intimate and friendly live music cafe with a full menu, including beer and wine, available during all performances. Seating fills quickly, so give us a call - 914.737.1701 - to reserve your table. Seating starts at 7:30 pm. Showtime is at 8:00 pm. Nenad Bach has a dream, nurtured through wartime and expatriation, and informed by his quest for universal justice and deep longing for world peace. The result: All I Want Is Freedom, a potent shot of rock infused with heart and soul.

Kayaking in Croatia - Destination of the Year according to National Geographic
It's a common practice in the town of Vis  (on the island of Vis, Croatia) for fishermen to purposefully sink their boats to get the wood to swell, which prevents leaks. However, it is an uncommon practice to photograph this procedure. The locals were so baffled while I shot this that they gathered around to watch me. Then they recruited me to help them. Just ten minutes after snapping this image, I was sent to bring the boat to shore. This is an article of National Geographic about Croatia, photos by Peter McBride, text by Rachel Scheer.

University School of Croatian Language and Culture
The University School of Croatian Language and Culture offers an intensive course of the Croatian language. The School is offered to persons of Croatian background, e.g. heritage Croatian speakers, as well as to any student who want to learn (more) about the Croatian language and culture. In addition to the academic programme, students visit museums, galleries, theatre productions, see the sights of Zagreb, take a study trips, etc. The cultural programme is organised by the Croatian Heritage Foundation and it is relevant to lessons and classwork.

Ilija Veselica Croatian photographer biking on the island of Brac
Hi, I'm Ilija Veselica and I am honored that you are here to visit my photo galleries. I started off in photograpy just right before I got to the University FESB in Split in Croatia where I graduated Computer Science. We show you amazing beauty of Croatian island of Brač, its beaches and clean sea, and more.

Viktor Vidovic distinguished Croatian guitarist
Born in Karlovac, Croatia, Viktor Vidović had his first solo concert at the age of 12. At 14 he enrolled in the Geneva Conservatory, in the class of Brazilian guitarist Maria Livia Sao Marcos, under whose guidance he took the first place at CIEM, the International Competition of Musical Artists in Geneva, becoming the youngest winner in the history of the competition, taking the Villa Lobos Prize and the Patek Philippe Prize for distinguished musical interpretation. He livs in Croatia's capital Zagreb. Ana Vidović: "My brother Viktor is phenomenal guitarist."

Gordan Lederer Croatian cameraman and reporter killed during Serbian aggression on Croatia in 1991
A letter from Gordan Lederer's mother: I hereby announce publicly that my son GORDAN LEDERER was treacherrously murdered on 9th August 1991, by a mercenary gang of Chetniks while holding a camera in his hand, and that, thanks to the Chetnik collaborator, General Raseta, he was denied any chance of survival. Gordan Lederer's mother, Vlasta Lederer, Ph.D., consultant, spec. anaesthesiology and reanimatology. Published in Vjesnik, Zagreb 14th August 1991. With this article we mark 20 years since the tragic death of our friend Gordan on 10th August 1991. Seventeen Croatian newspaperman and cameraman have been assassinated during the Serbian 1991-1995 aggression on Croatia.

Dubrovnik Missal from 12th century kept in Oxford GB facsimiled in Dubrovnik Croatia 2011
The Dubrovnik Missal was written in the 12th century in Dubrovnik where it was used in the Cathedral for centuries. Today it is kept in the Bodleian Library in Oxford. It is a worldwide cultural heritage monument. Written in Beneventan script and notation, it contains 230 Gregorian chants which, in words of Dr. Miho Demović, 'represent a superior accomplishment in this art in Europe'. The chants found in the Missal are diverse. The exultet from Dubrovnik is considered to be the most refined melody in the Gregorian literature, unparalleled in any European manuscript found so far. Owing to the efforts of Dr. Demović, the Croatian music history can now be traced back to the 10th century.

Operation "Storm" 1995 prevented genocide in Bihać area of BiH and liberated occupied parts of Croatia
Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia (MORH - Ministarstvo obrane Republike Hrvatske) provided a short 5min video about the operation "Storm", and a photogallery. The operation started on 5th August 1995, which is celebrated as the Victory Day and as the Day of Croatian Defenders throughout of Croatia. On the photo Croatian president Tuđman and Croatian defense minister Gojko Šušak on the fortress above the town of Knin just a few days after the start of operation "Storm".

Visnja Anic's 1991 letters from Croatia to M. Thatcher, H-D. Genscher, H. Kohl, and A. Mock
The letters by Višnja Anić, professor of English and German, Zagreb, illustrate some of endeavours of Croatian intellectuals in the defense of Croatia from Serbian aggression that started in 1991. She was then employed at the Foreign Languages School in Zagreb. She is also a talented artist, who introduced the concept of "painting with the sea" with her husband.

Ana Vidovic distinguished Croatian guitarist interviewed for MEL BAY
Classical guitarist Ana Vidovic is considered one of the elite musicians of the world today. Since first taking the stage in 1988 Ana has given over one thousand public performances. Her international performance career includes recitals in Zagreb, New York, London, Paris, Vienna, Salzburg, Rome, Budapest, Warsaw, Tel Aviv, Oslo, Copenhagen, Toronto, Baltimore, San Francisco, Houston, Austin, Dallas, St. Louis, Tokyo, and beyond. Recorded at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville Tennessee, this is her Mel Bay Artist Interview with Erica Cantrell.

Croatian Viewpoint website of Jean & Ante Marinovic husband and wife team in Melbourne
Croatian Viewpoint’s mission is to bring the Croatian ‘journey to freedom’ to an English-speaking audience.‘Viewpoint’ presents an analysis of key Croatian issues from a human rights perspective, and the ‘Virtual Policnik Museum’ interprets the Croatian history of the Zadar hinterland from an ethnographic viewpoint. Croatian Viewpoint’s hosts are Ante Marinovic and Jean Lunt Marinovic, a husband & wife team, who voluntarily contribute to this independent project.  Jean is the principal author and she gets her support from her husband Ante and their family, and she gets her inspiration from the courage and optimism of Croatian people.

15th Anniversary of cooperation between Croatian Armed Forces and Minnesota National Guard
The 15th anniversary of successful cooperation between the Croatian Armed Forces (CAF) and Minnesota National Guard was commemorated this weekend by military exercise of 27 CAF members and the same number of members of the Minnesota National Guard, and by the meeting in Minnesota of Ministry of Defense State Secretary Pjer Šimunović, Croatia, with Minnesota National GGuard Commander Major General Richard C. Nash. The military exercise was led for the first time by the Croatian Army female officer Second Lieutenant Manuela Denzic.

Drago Struna and his view to natural beauties of Croatia, in particular of Istria
We inivte you to see some very nice sets of photos prepared by Drago Struna, devoted to various parts of Croatia, in particular to Istria. Some presentations are accompanied by authentic Croatian music. Mr. Drago Struna is high school professor of chemistry, amateur photographer, and nature lover.

Croatian merchants from Dubrovnik built the church of St Blaise-St Vlaho in Goa in India in the 16th century
 Nicholas Mirkovich in his study “Ragusa and the Portuguese Spice Trade”, Slavonic and Eastern European Review, London, March 1943, wrote the following: “During the absence of Venice the largest part of the oriental trade was taken over by Ragusa, which about 1530-1540 had a virtual monopoly of that trade. For a decade or two there existed a sharp competition between Ragusa and Portugal, which was carried on also in Portugal's own East Indian empire. The Ragusan (i.e. Dubrovnik) colony Sao Braz (Saint Vlaho) near Goa is one of the strangest and most interesting examples of the economic expansion of that little Republic in the period of the commercial revolution.” Article by Adam S. Eterovich Bracanin, on the left.

Ustavom Republike Hrvatske utvrđena je ustavna obveza Republike Hrvatske da štiti prava i interese svojih državljana koji žive ili borave u inozemstvu i promiče njihove veze s domovinom. Temeljito pročitajte dokument, proširite ga, pošaljite prijateljima koji imaju ideje i znaju ih napisati. Predugo smo čekali ovakav dokument da bi prošao samo kao jedna od točaka na Saborskim sjednicama. Dakle, radi se o dokumentu koji će se pretočiti u zakon, i tu smo u prilici sugerirati, savjetovati, tražiti i obrazlagati sve što nas tišti, što nam nedostaje, što mozemo poboljšati, pojednostaviti te ubrzati procese sjedinjenja dijaspore i matice domovine. Idejni začetnik dokumenta je Dr. Ivan Bagarić.

A Strong Voice for Croatian Canadians: The Legislative Legacy of Borys Wrzesnewskyj
Outside of this strong legislative record, Wrzesnewskyj delivered several statements on the floor of the House of Commons including: commemorating the anniversary of Boris Cikovic’s death, drawing attention to the need to lift visitor visas for Croatia, urging the recognition and commemoration of the internment of Croats in Canada from 1914 to 1921, and paying tribute to martyred Aloysius Cardinal Stepinac. Over the years, Wrzesnewskyj attended or addressed several Croatian Canadian gatherings in his capacity as Member of Parliament. These have included the annual business awards ceremonies of the Canadian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the summer gatherings of Croatian Fraternal Union Lodges, and the special mass celebrated by Josip Cardinal Bozanić in Toronto.

Carmen Verlichak Vrljičak: Hrvati u Argentini - Croatians in Argentina
Carmen Verlichak is distiguished Croatian writer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, born in Madrid, Spain, expert in the history of Croatians in South America. In 2011 her publishing house Krivodol Press seated in Buenos Aires, and named after a small Croatian village of Krivodol from which her predecessors arrive, issued an extremely interesting book Hrvati u Argentina (Croatians in Argentina), in Croatian langauge. It is closely related to her previous very successful edition bearing the same title, but in Castellano: Los croatas de la Argentina. The book is is full of exceptionally interesting life stories of Croatian families, accompanied by several dozens of photos. It is a pleasure to read this book.

Luka Sorkocevic 1734-1789 distinguished Croatian composer born 22 years before Mozart
Luka Sorkočević 1734-1789, one of the best European pre-Classical composers, was born in Croatian city of Dubrovnik. His two sisters were the first women-composers in Croatia.

Croatian lace proclaimed the most beautiful at international lace contest in Russia 2011
At the first International Lace festival in Vologda in Russia the Croatian lace from the town of Lepoglava was declared the most beautiful in competition with 10 countries and 36 Russian areas. On photo is Croatian lace from the island of Pag, a famous Paška čipka - Pag lace, a  part of typical national costume.

Branko Fucic 1920-1999, representative collection of conference papers published about his life and work
 Sixty three conference papers from the International Scholarly Seminar on the Life and Work of Academician Branko Fučić (1920-1999) have been published in 2011 in voluminous, representative monograph comprising 844 pp. Branko Fučić was distinguished expert in Croatian Glagolitic Script, in the history of Croatian church art, in particular for the area of Istria, dr. honoris causa in theology, and recipient of Herder's prize in Vienna. The monograph has been edited by dr. Tomislav Galović of the Faculty of Arts and Letters, University of Zagreb.

Branka Kandic-Splavski and her Croatian fairy tales as medicine - Bajka kao lijek
Branka Kandić-Splavski is a specialist in family medicine and in her soul, a fairy tales writer. In 2004 after her first book ANDREA'S SHELL had been published her personal and professional life took a new direction: one of her patients was dying of brain cancer. She was no longer able to move, or speak, she was laying motionless and communicated only with her eyes. In the process of catching the public ear and eye, informing and educating the society about the patients' rights and neccessity for dignified care in the lives of severely ill people the fairy tale idea once again served as a bridge.

Dr. Hrvoje Kacic: The Hague Tribunal omits establishment of the truth
Dr. Hrvoje Kačić, distinguished Croatian expert in maritime law, gave two interviews. In the first one he describes the importance of the decision of the Badinter Comission on 7 September 1991 about factual recognition of Croatia. The second interview concludes that the Hague Tribunal does not meet the goals for which it was established.

Miro Gavran's play "All About Women" watched by theatre lovers in India

‘All About Women' was a wonderful journey in to the lives of women. The play has been written by Croatian author and playwright Miro Gavran. It starred Mumbai-based theatre artists Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, Prerna Chawla, Nimrat Kaur, Tahira Nath, Malaika Shenoy and Shivani Tanksale. It was made up of five interwoven stories of the dreams, aspirations and the unexpressed desires of women. A few minutes into the play, the stage, the lights and the audience all melted away. Only the actors on stage remained. They were like people who lived next door!... Written by Akila Kannadasan for The Hindu.

International conference in Carmelite convent of St. Elijah in Busko Blato in Bosnia and Herzegovina
F. Zvonko Martić, Carmelite in B&H The Carmelite convent of St. Eliah in Buško Blato in B&H and the Society Passion Heritage from Croatia's capital Zagreb organized a very succesful international conference dedicated to passion heritage of Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The accompaning program included two concerts of sacral music of Croatians in B&H, with participation of original groups in fantastic national costumes from various parts of the country. The principal organizer of the conference was F. Zvonko Martić, on the photo.

Association of small and family hotels in Croatia
Griffons fly in Croatia above the island of Cres The Association of Small and Family Hotels gathers more than 150 members whose concept is based on high quality service and nurturing authenticity and indigenous local values. Hotels are spread all over Croatia and are distinguished by their continuous search for new features to enrich the stay of their guests. Whether you are searching for an active vacation, traveling with family, love to enjoy local cuisine or just want to rest we believe you will find a hotel that will fulfill all of your expectations. Welcome!

The Croatian Academy of America Issued New Volume of the Journal of Croatian Studies
The Croatian Academy of America issued volume 44 of the Journal of Croatian Studies, its annual interdisciplinary review. Contributed articles by Darko Žubrinić: William Feller (1906-1970) - an outstanding Croatian-American mathematician, Vinko Grubišić: The three alphabets used in the printing of Croatian Reformation books in Germany, John Felix Clissa: Migration history of the Italo-Croatians of Molise to Western Australia, Jure Krišto: Brother's keeper The surveillance of American Croats by FBI during World War II, Stan Granic: Canadian Ethnic Studies (1969-2003) and Polyphony (1977-2000) as sources for the Croatian Ethnological Community

Dr. Mladen Vranic awarded by honorary degree from the University of Toronto
The University of Toronto recognized extraordinary achievement in community, national, and international service and  honoured professor Mladen Vranić, whose accomplishments are of such excellence that they provide, through example, inspiration and leadership to the graduates of the University. It was offered to him in recognition of his lifetime of extraordinary contributions to diabetes research and scientific mentorship, as well as his advocacy for the importance of research in advancing public health.

KAFKA'S FRIEND and FORGOTTEN SON by Miro Gavran go digital on Amazon
The most frequently translated contemporary Croatian writer, Miro Gavran, has published his novels Kafka's Friend and Forgotten Son in their English translation by Nina H. Kay-Antoljak as e-books on AMAZON, making them accessible with the Kindle electronic reader. Miro Gavran's works have been translated into 35 languages, and his books have come out in 150 different editions at home and abroad. His dramas and comedies have had more than 200 theatre first nights around the world and have been seen by more than two million theatre-goers.

Ivan Mestrovic's "Christ on the Cross" sold at Sotheby's in London
Dne 17. svibnja 2011. na dražbi "Europsko kiparstvo 19. i 20. stoljeća” (Sale: L11230, 19th and 20th Century European Sculpture) u kući Sotheby’s u Londonu sa velikim je  uspjehom prodano još jedno djelo Ivana Meštrovića (1883. – 1962.). Mali drveni reljef “Krist na križu” (86  X  31.5 cm) postigao je jako visoku cijenu (54,000 EU; 77,000 USD). Reljef je izrađen vjerojatno 1912. od slavonskog hrasta.

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