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Euro 2008: Croatia 2 - Macedonia 1
Darijo Srna, right, scored from a superb free kick and then set up Eduardo da Silva who scored the winning goal in Croatia's match against Macedonia.

Kennedy Center Arts Management Fellowships - Deadline April 1st

Fellows receive an annual stipend of $20,000. Course tuition, materials, and health insurance are provided at no cost to the Fellow. Plus round-trip transportation from country of origin.

Zoran Orlic Announcing the US Book Launch for "The Frames: "Behind The Glass"

George Washington University: Slavic Cultural Festival March 31, 2007

Uniiversity of Connecticut. Croatia: The Yugoslav Past and the European Future

Josip Novakovich will be participating in a memoir symposium at Trinity College

Domagoj Ivanovic, violinist - violin teacher

Mr. Ivanovic appeared as a soloist with the Zagreb Philharmonic orchestra and with the Miami Symphony orchestra. Described as a player with "clear technique and great sensitivity" by El Nuevo Herald, he has performed in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, France, Spain, Hungary, Canada, and the United States.

A rich program of Pasionska baština for 2007
Udruga Pasionska baština, Zagreb, nudi nam za godinu 2007 iznimno bogat glazbeni i književni program, od 24. ožujka - 4. travnja 2007. Pozivljemo Vas da upoznate književno bogatstvo hrvatske pisane i predajne riječi, liturgijsko bogatstvo mediteranskog bazena, trajno umivanog, osobito na Hrvatskom Jugu, hrvatskim jezikom u službi Božjoj (glagoljicom), te na slojevitost kulturnog i liturgijskog blaga srednjoeuropskog prostora Hrvatskog Sjevera...

Canon National Parks Science Scholarship will award eight US$80,000 scholarships

Prof. Dr. Nikola Buble

He is an author of ninety (90) professional and scholarly papers and twenty six (26) recording editions. In his scholarly papers he 'plunges into interpersonal relations, social environment and cultural circumstances, and in that way he sets the whole music culture into an enlarged social context' and by doing so he expresses' a differentiated need for ethnomusicology research of the phenomenon of music'.

Help me collect another 100.000 signatures for the Congressional hearings in 48 hours

Studia Croatica moved to

CROWN Croatian World Network Newsletter, March 14th, 2007
Less editorials. One reason is time and the other reason is that I do not want to do it in a superficial way. One subject that I want to talk about is genocide..

Mijo Jurić: Osamnaesto Proljeće

Na svim stranama osjećalo se zajedništvo i odlučnost u borbi za samostalnost. Sloga i solidarnost postajale su dio nas. Pokrenuta je akcija prikupljanja novca za gradnju autoceste Zagreb - Split, koju smo već bili nazvali Autocesta kralja Tomislava. Ljudi su davali od srca, neki i preko granica svojih mogućnosti. Govorilo se već i o članstvu Hrvatske u UN-u, o samostalnom nastupanju hrvatskih športaša itd...1971.

Tjedan Mozga: Rijeka – Rab – Opatija – Kraljevica – Krk - Delnice: 12-18. ožujka 2007

Prof.Dr. Ante Simonić: Umjesto zaključka

Čovjek industrijaliziranog društva postaje na žalost sve pohlepniji potrošač. Stvari koje zgrče najčešće ne služe usavršavanju ljudi već postajemo robovi tih stvari, bilo da ih proizvodimo ili kupujemo.


Nenad Bach's music helps new film "Random Lunacy" score another award

Marta Mestrovic Deyrup: Digital Scholarship, Access for a Connected World

Keynote Address: Croatian Academy of America Annual Meeting, February 24, 2007. When I was asked to speak to you about the topic of digital scholarship, I thought at once about the activities of the Croatian Academy of America in particular in regards to its publication, the Journal of Croatian Studies. The journal, which began publication in 1960.

NFCA Press Release: The NATO Freedom Consolidation Act of 2007

Ljudi previše naglaska stavljaju na 'pokoru', a manje na duh korizme

Genocide's most wanted: Countries, and people, shouldn't be allowed to get away with genocide

GRB - the embodiment of the psyche of a whole nation and a potent ancestral record

Red & white were symbols of life & death.  It was believed that the sahovnica was sourced from such traditions & that this made it a powerful symbol, not merely because of the red & white, but the way it was patterned reflecting life-death-life-death... and symbolising the movement from one generation to the next & the passing down of traditions

New York City: Sylvan Winds World Premiere at TENRI on March 29, 2007

Detroit: Croatian Cultural & Tourism Day, Sunday March 18, 2007

Croatian Language Tutor Needed: Lynchburg, VA

Looking for authors to write an English-language books about the Culture and Customs of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Seton Hall University Libraries: the acquisition, access and preservation of digital information

Seton Hall University Libraries and the International Library Information and Analytical Center (ILIAC) of Russia  are cosponsoring a  symposium Planning for Growth: The Impact of Digital Information on Libraries in Russia, Europe and the United States on Thursday, March 15th, 2007. Sanjica Faletar Tanackovic of the J.J. Strossmayer University in Osijek will be speaking on "Cultural Heritage Institutions in the Digital Age: Current Models of Collaboration in Croatia."

Joseph Haydn - Austrian and Croatian composer
Jospeh Haydn (1738-1803) used numerous themes from Croatian musical folklore in his enormous opus. He named one of his songs Volkslied, before it became the anthem ("Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser" - God Save the Emperor Franz). So, whenever you hear the German national anthem, remember its Croatian roots. An outstanding English scholar Sir William Hadow published a monograph in London in 1897, dealing with a Croatian composer - Joseph Haydn.

Marija Grgurevic, a Croatian model on the cover of Time Magazin

Ivanisevic, Ljubicic to Play for Children
Croatian tennis players Goran Ivanisevic and Ivan Ljubicic were set on Friday to play each other in an invitational match in Sarajevo dedicated to children of the city.  

Hidden Croatia Releases Honeymoon Brochure

Hidden Croatia is pleased to announce the launch of their honeymoon brochure. Hidden Croatia have hand picked a selection of unique hotels

Croatian Soccer Heads into Cyberspace with new websites
Competition in Croatian football has spread to a new areas, with clubs showing an increased interest in improving their presence on the internet.

Poland's property developer will invest €42 million in Zagreb
Globe Trade Centre SA, Poland's largest property developer by market value, will invest 42 million euros ($55 million) in office and commercial buildings in Zagreb. 

Transforming Culture from Empire to Earth community - Dubrovnik June 3-9, 2007

Croatian Tuna for Japan

Croatian and Japanese fishermen collect tuna fish in the waters near the Adriatic coastal town of Zadar, Croatia. Japan is the world's biggest tuna consumer, eating one quarter of the global catch and fuelling a growing global industry, including Croatia.


Other Friends Versus Croatian Friends

"BORDER POST" by Rajko Grlic in New York tonight

It is our great pleasure to announce that a very special guest Croatian director Rajko Grlic will present his film *Border Post* on Thursday, March 1st at 7:00 pm at the Two Boots Pioneer Theatre in Manhattan, New York. A Q&A with the director will take place after the screening.



Carmen Verlichak: Los Croatas de la Argentina
Carmen Verlichak is a well known Argentinean writer with Croatian roots. She is the author of  important book Los Croatas de la Argentina. Recently an exibition was opened in Zagreb with a nice collection of photos devoted to Croatians in Argentina. Her brother Joza Vrljicak is one of pioneers of Internet promotion of Croatian culture worldwide via Studia Croatica journal,  Buenos Aires.  

RANDOM LUNACY: new film by Vic Zimet and Stephanie Silber premieres on March 9th

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone says: "Movies like to pretend they're different, but RANDOM LUNACY really, truly is.  Gifted filmmakers Zimet and Silber throw us into a life that intoxicates, infuriates and leaves us panting for each unforgettable adventure  Prepare to be wowed." @ WESTCHESTER FILM FESTIVAL Friday, March 9th at 9:40 PM White Plains City Center, New York. To reserve tickets call 914 747 6000

Dubravka Oraić Tolić - Croatian Literature Wins Top Translation Prize

Dubravka Oraić Tolić goes beyond playing with language and textual contexts. Although reality and notions of home, country, people, nation, and life permeate her poetry, the thematic weight does not rest on the semantic deconstruction of concrete geographical-historical localities...


Free energy technology will be made widely available


Steorn has today announced that its free energy technology will be made widely available to the development community immediately after the independent scientific validation process that is currently underway.

Global PACT Training in Zagreb June 24th - July 21st
Do you have the desire to make the world a better place, but feel that so many issues seem too overwhelming to approach? Where do you even begin if you want to make a meaningful change?

Tesla Motors Selects Site For Electric Sedan Factory
Tesla Motors, the San Carlos, Calif., company that is marketing a $92,000 battery-powered roadster to boost the visibility of electric vehicles, said it had selected a site in Albuquerque for a factory to build a $50,000 electric passenger sedan.  

Croatian Instructor Knows How it Feels to be a Citizen
 When John Basor isn't teaching citizenship classes, he's teaching English and Spanish at Watsonville High School. He knows what it's like to be an immigrant because he first arrived in Watsonville from Croatia in 1963 with his mother and his father and his three sisters when he was 14.

Vjera Odak-Jembrih Receives Teaching Merit Award

Ms Vjera Odak, a teacher at the Elly Basic school of music, was chosen among 117 candidates from all around the world to receive the most significant award for classical accordion teachers - the CIA Merit Award.


How The UN Violated Human Rights In Bosnia And Herzegovina

How the UN violated human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and why nothing has been done to correct it. A series of reports compiled by CROWN's Brian Gallagher.


Croatia to Compete in 2007 Bacardi Cup
  The Bacardi Cup Star Class Regatta expands its reach drawing Croatia for the first time in its 80 - year history. Registrants include Olympic Medalists from 19 countries. 

New York City: Screening of Zrinko Ogresta Film "Washed Out" February 22, at 7:00 p.m
Internationally awarded film, by a famous Croatian filmmaker Zrinko Ogresta, playing in New York. Jagoda is young woman who lives in poor section of Zagreb. Mother is dying, father cares only about fishing and uncle is a war refugee.  

Prof.Dr. Ante Simonić: Uvjet da bi se bilo intelektualcem nije samo biti stručnjakom

...intelektualci čine duhovnu elitu koja značajno utječe na svekoliko ozračje određenog doba i prostora. Ali, uvjet da bi se bilo intelektualcem nije samo biti stručnjakom.

Online Route-planner For Cycling Trips To Croatia
  Holidaymakers thinking of visiting Croatia can now get information online about cycling tours in Istria. Istria's tourist office in Porec has a multilingual service online, where a list of cycling routes can be found.

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