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A Dream - Why, far away from home?

Why, far away from home? For the very first time I slept and dreamed peacefully about life, As a tree dreams in the winter, And as a fruit tree dreams its early spring dream, and blooms and blossoms. It's a dream that a fruit dreams in the summer and fall, and it ripens. A dream, a very last dream.

Ivica Račan 1944 - 2007

Croatia's former prime minister Ivica Racan has died. He was 63. He passed away in hospital on Sunday morning after kidney cancer discovered in February spread to his brain. As head of the Croatian Communist Party in 1990, Racan allowed the country's first free elections.

40th Anniversary of the Declaration on the Name of the Croatian Literary Language


The principle of the national sovereignty and full equality include also the right of each of our nations [in ex-Yugoslavia] to preserve all the attributes of its national existence and to develop maximally not only its economical, but also its cultural activities. Under these attributes, the most important role has the national name of the language, which the Croatian people use, because it is the inalienable right of each nation to name its language by its own name... (Quote from the 1967 Declaration)

Shimon Peres visits Croatia: Croatia And Israel Will Enter A New Age
The vice president of the Israeli government, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Shimon Peres (pictured, right), ended his two day visit to Croatia, on Friday, with a visit to Split and a lecture.  

Croatia Ratifies Kyoto Protocol
 On Friday April 27th, Croatia's parliament ratified the Kyoto Protocol, which commits nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to try to slow global warming.

New power generation technologies to be built in Croatia
Siemens and the Israeli-US firm Ormat presented a joint proposal for building a geothermal power plant in Bjelovar, Croatia 

FC Sydney inks Croatia-born Culina as coach
 Croatia-born Branko Culina (left) has signed a two-year contract to coach Sydney FC in Australia's A-League soccer competition, the team's third coach in less than a year.

NATO Bill Signed into Law - NFCA press release - Croatia in 2008

NFCA congratulates the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives on passage of the most recent bill, S. 494, in support of full membership - at the earliest opportunity - for the Republic of Croatia. This piece of legislation continues the Congressional and Executive Branch support for the next expansion of NATO in 2008.

Legendary Stanley Clarke in Zagreb on Monday April 23, 2007

His artistry has spanned classical, jazz, R&B and pop idioms.  He has already succeeded in a multitude of diverse careers, any one of which would be satisfactory to anyone else.  Yet he still pushes on, as invigorated and as passionate about music as that teenage prodigy from Philadelphia with a dream.


New York: Homage to Tin Ujević, the Bard of Croatia @ The Bowery Poetry Club
 John Kruth and Marilyn Cvitanic are producing a show called Tin Supreme: Homage to Tin Ujevic at the Bowery Poetry Club (308 Bowery in Manhattan) on Saturday April 21, 2007 at 6 PM.

New York: Ana Vidović in Classical Guitar Society's Spring Concert Series

Croatian guitarist Ana Vidovic is an extraordinary talent with formidable gifts taking her place amongst the elite musicians of the world today. The Washington Post says: Ana's playing was virtually immaculate. April 20th


San Francisco: Mandolin Festival, April 22, 2007

Return of old familiars to Croatia Open

Over 1,000 rowers got their 2,000m racing season started in Zagreb with the Croatia Open. In its 24th year, the race has grown to Croatia's biggest rowing regatta and over the weekend athletes from Slovenia, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Slovakia and Croatia competed.


Croatia's Marin Cilic wins Casablanca Open April 15th, 2007

Croatian tennis player Marin Cilic defeated Italian Simone Bolelli in the final to win the Casablanca Open tournament on Sunday April 15th 2007

100 Years of Tamburitza Music in Carinthia
Tamburitza music greatly influenced Slovenians to start organizing cultural events in Carinthia. It is said tambura instruments have charm and a strong appeal.

Karlovic blasts way to first career ATP title
Croatia's Ivo Karlovic (right) powered his way to his first career ATP title on Sunday, using his big serve to capture the U.S. Clay Court Championship with a 6-4 6-1 victory over Mariano Zabaleta. 

Colonel Mark Cook and the Lipik Orphanage
Colonel Mark Cook, outstanding British humanist, in a crucial way contributed to rebuilding of the Lipik Orphanage that was totally destroyed by Greater Serbian forces in 1991. This project included many people throughout the world, and resulted in a beutifully renovated building in 1993.

Croatian-born Radovan Vlatkovic, virtuoso hornist, makes it sound easy

 Croatian-born Radovan Vlatkovic renders divine sounds from the notoriously difficult French horn.


Brigham Young University is seeking contributions of digital Croatian historical documents

EuroDocs is a portal to European primary historical documents. Please consider this a call and an invitation to join the EuroDocs family to help build primary historical documentation online for the European country or countries of your choice. You can request a password, after which you are invited to contribute as few or as many links to historical documents online as you like.

Sretan Uskrs - Happy Easter - Veliki Tjedan - Procesija na Hvaru

Linguistically It all started with the word cult (=service to God) and culture (=creation, preserving manhood's spiritual and material creation). Commonly In ancient civilizations - both were created with service to God and around the actual service, although as history progressed circumstances continued in a more emphasized way, occasionally in a closer interaction, then separating, eventually distancing from one another. In pascal singing in Vrbanj on the island of Hvar - throughout the whole island and along our coastline - a specific service to God and spiritual culture has developed since the Middle Ages.


Croatia wins water polo gold in Melbourne 2007

Croatia made their first water polo medal in FINA world championship history a golden one, pulling off an upset overtime defeat of Hungary on a dramatic final day of the tournament in Melbourne today. Not an April Fools' Day joke.

CROWN Croatian World Network Newsletter, March 30th, 2007

Finally we are giving goals in the last minutes rather then receiving them. This is a quantum leap for Croatian psyche. Croatia in the finals of the Waterpolo World Championships in Melbourne. My music in two movies playing in New York. The medal designer creates this system gradually as a symbolic sublimation of history. Damir Matausic.


Croatia dunks Serbia 10-7 in world water polo rowdy semi-final in Melbourne 2007

Miho Boskovic scored three goals Teo Dogas had two as Croatia dominated the Serbs, leading by as much as 8-3 heading into the final quarter. "We don't have a weak position in our team - we have strong defenders, strong shooters, strong center forwards, strong goalkeepers," said Croatia coach Radko Rudic.

Memory Institutions in the Digital Age: Current Models of Collaboration in Croatia

A  symposium Planning for Growth: The Impact of Digital Information on Libraries organized by Marta Mestrovic Deyrup delivered some interesting presentations. One of them was by Sanjica Faletar Tanackovic from Croatia @ Seton Hall University

Damir Matausic, sculptor and medal designer


The medal designer creates this system gradually as a symbolic sublimation of history. The central circle of values - the national culture - has been analitically articulated by Matausic. I would say: An incredible artist.


In Debt we Trust is the latest film from Danny Schechter, playing in New York April 4-5

While many Americans may be "maxing out" on credit cards, there is a deeper story: all economic power around the world is shifting into fewer hands. This will lead to an unavoidable consumer debt meltdown. This predicts Schechter, The Emmy-winning former ABC News and CNN producer, will have frightening consequences for us all.

Award Winning Film Random Lunacy playing in New York on April 1st 2007

Videos From The Road Less Traveled, is a close-up look at a family's odyssey of survival, adventure, and desire.  The hour long documentary unspools on Sunday, April 1, 2007, at the New York Underground Film Festival, New York, N.Y., at 8:45 PM. What is genuine value in a culture jaded by its own affluence?

Croatia Beats Russia 13-3
  The Croatian water polo team beat Russia 13-3 and achieved their primary aim, entry into the semi finals of the world championship.

U.S. could take a lesson from Irish and Croatians
So many prospective good Americans from various countries, who want to follow the rules, have been discouraged by our bizarre immigration policy: reject the honest people, and allow the rule-breakers to sneak in.

Europe 2007: Zagreb the Continent's new star
 Now, in person, the capital of an at-last independent Croatia shows off its colors and vibrancy. Maybe it always was thus, but it never came to mind as one of the must-see cities on the Continent.

Unity through Knowledge Fund: first Calls for Proposals open

Unity through Knowledge Fund has recently launched its first program and announced the Calls for Proposals for financing joint research projects of Croatian expatriate scientists and experts with their Croatian colleagues. Read more...


Croatia Edges Australia in Thriller
Miho Boskovic scored four times in a power-packed performance to give Croatia the victory against Australia. Figlioli inspired a third-quarter comeback, scoring four consecutive goals, before Croatia showed its class at Melbourne Aquatic Centre.

Detroit Tamburitza Orchestra Concert, Saturday April 21, 2007

Euro 2008: Croatia 2 - Macedonia 1
Darijo Srna, right, scored from a superb free kick and then set up Eduardo da Silva who scored the winning goal in Croatia's match against Macedonia.

Kennedy Center Arts Management Fellowships - Deadline April 1st

Fellows receive an annual stipend of $20,000. Course tuition, materials, and health insurance are provided at no cost to the Fellow. Plus round-trip transportation from country of origin.

Zoran Orlic Announcing the US Book Launch for "The Frames: "Behind The Glass"

George Washington University: Slavic Cultural Festival March 31, 2007

Uniiversity of Connecticut. Croatia: The Yugoslav Past and the European Future

Josip Novakovich will be participating in a memoir symposium at Trinity College

Domagoj Ivanovic, violinist - violin teacher

Mr. Ivanovic appeared as a soloist with the Zagreb Philharmonic orchestra and with the Miami Symphony orchestra. Described as a player with "clear technique and great sensitivity" by El Nuevo Herald, he has performed in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, France, Spain, Hungary, Canada, and the United States.

A rich program of Pasionska baština for 2007
Udruga Pasionska baština, Zagreb, nudi nam za godinu 2007 iznimno bogat glazbeni i književni program, od 24. ožujka - 4. travnja 2007. Pozivljemo Vas da upoznate književno bogatstvo hrvatske pisane i predajne riječi, liturgijsko bogatstvo mediteranskog bazena, trajno umivanog, osobito na Hrvatskom Jugu, hrvatskim jezikom u službi Božjoj (glagoljicom), te na slojevitost kulturnog i liturgijskog blaga srednjoeuropskog prostora Hrvatskog Sjevera...

Canon National Parks Science Scholarship will award eight US$80,000 scholarships

Prof. Dr. Nikola Buble

He is an author of ninety (90) professional and scholarly papers and twenty six (26) recording editions. In his scholarly papers he 'plunges into interpersonal relations, social environment and cultural circumstances, and in that way he sets the whole music culture into an enlarged social context' and by doing so he expresses' a differentiated need for ethnomusicology research of the phenomenon of music'.

Help me collect another 100.000 signatures for the Congressional hearings in 48 hours

Studia Croatica moved to

CROWN Croatian World Network Newsletter, March 14th, 2007
Less editorials. One reason is time and the other reason is that I do not want to do it in a superficial way. One subject that I want to talk about is genocide..

Mijo Jurić: Osamnaesto Proljeće

Na svim stranama osjećalo se zajedništvo i odlučnost u borbi za samostalnost. Sloga i solidarnost postajale su dio nas. Pokrenuta je akcija prikupljanja novca za gradnju autoceste Zagreb - Split, koju smo već bili nazvali Autocesta kralja Tomislava. Ljudi su davali od srca, neki i preko granica svojih mogućnosti. Govorilo se već i o članstvu Hrvatske u UN-u, o samostalnom nastupanju hrvatskih športaša itd...1971.

Tjedan Mozga: Rijeka – Rab – Opatija – Kraljevica – Krk - Delnice: 12-18. ožujka 2007

Prof.Dr. Ante Simonić: Umjesto zaključka

Čovjek industrijaliziranog društva postaje na žalost sve pohlepniji potrošač. Stvari koje zgrče najčešće ne služe usavršavanju ljudi već postajemo robovi tih stvari, bilo da ih proizvodimo ili kupujemo.


Nenad Bach's music helps new film "Random Lunacy" score another award

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