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Cravat man Nicholas B. Daddazio
Nicholas B. Daddazio studies the necktie as an icon and symbol of Western culture, rather than a fashion statement. He is also the first artist in the four hundred year history of the cravat/necktie to make figurative and representational bronze sculptures of the necktie/cravat. The giant neckties can be displayed on walls, in corners, on doors, along a staircase, hung from the ceiling, or flung over a bed, piano, or couch. As everybody knows, the cravat, as a global fashion element, has Croatian roots from the 16th century, and even the name of the cravat is derived from the name of Croatia.

Ivan Padovec distinguished Croatian classical guitarist from the 19th century
Ivan Padovec 1800-1873 (known also as Johann Padowetz or Jean Padowetz), was distinguished Croatian guitar player and composer. His original compositions reveal virtuosity of a great master. He also composed pieces for guitar accompanied with other string instruments. During his lifetime he had numerous concerts concerts not only in Croatia, but throughout Europe: in Vienna, Graz, Prague, Brno, Budapest, Frankfurt, Hannover, Hamburg, London, etc. He constructed a ten string guitar with two necks, which is kept in the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb. In 2006 the Mel Bey publishing company in the USA has issued his collected works. Padovec was born in the city of Varaždin, known for its Baroque architecture and a rich music tradition.

The Story of Ilija Letica by distinguished Croatian filmmaker Jakov Sedlar
We present the readers of the CROWN a fascinating documentary by Croatian filmmaker Jakov Sedlar about the life and work of Ilija Letica in the USA, about his very successful LETICA CORPORATION in the USA, with a special emphasis on his ties with Croatia and on his life philosophy. LETICA is a multi-faceted packaging company with diverse talent and technologies to support business on a number of fronts. The company works in multiple technologies such as thermoform, injection mold, paper-forming and sheet extrusion as well as with multiple mediums including paper, rigid and thinwall plastic, reclaimed post-consumer fiber, and other environmentally-friendly materials.

Janica Kostelic the greatest female skier in history advertising Yakutian diamonds in 2015
Janica Kostelić of Croatia is the greatest female skier in history: she is the first alpine skier, male or female, to win four medals at one Olympics and the first female alpine skier to win six Olympic medals. Janica Kostelic was recently advertizing Yakutian diamonds in Croatia's capital Zagreb. Her brother Ivica Kostelic was also internationally known skier, under the guidance of their father and trainer Ante Kostelic. The life of the family of Kostelic is unique in the history of skiing sport (and may be in the history of sport in general).

Andrej Plenkovic Croatian diplomat and a Member of the European Parliament speaking about Ukraine
Andrej Plenković, Croatian diplomat and a Member of the European Parliament, was the Chairman 2nd meeting of the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committe held in Kyiv on 4-5 November 2015. "We had two days of very intensive and productive discussions with our friends in the Verkhovna Rada, and very fruitful meetings with President Poroshenko, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk and Speaker Groysman. ... The European Parliament stands ready to assist Ukraine's efforts on its European path, against the backdrop of the complex economic, financial and social situation, and of the temporary occupation of parts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia.", said Mr. Plenković.

Cheah Chan Duo open Nov 13 2015 DiMenna concert with music by Croatian composer Dora Pejacevic
The Cheah Chan Duo are thrilled to be opening Some Enchanted Evening, the first concert of their seventh season—and their first appearance at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music (450 West 37th Street)—on Friday the 13th of November at 7:30pm (tickets are $20 at the door) with an art song by Dora Pejačević (1885-1923), one of the most significant Croatian composers of the early 20th century and one of the most important woman composers from that time as well. Author of over a hundred works including a symphony, the first piano concerto penned by a Croatian composer, several formidable large-scale chamber music compositions, and some 33 art songs, Pejačević began composing at the age of 12.

Zdravko Basaric representing Croatia at the Israeli pavillion at the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair
It was great honor for Mr. Zdravko Basarić and and for his country the Republic of Croatia tobe presented and promoted in the pavilion of the State of Israeli, during the Frankfurt book fair 2015. Thanks to his publisher of Hebrew edition Mr Pierre Lavi, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel and the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Croatia, "The Countdown Trilogy" has become successful Croatian-Israeli cultural project which is presented to the global publishers in the world and to the Hollywood film industry.

Ilko Corkovic, a Croatian refugee from Bosnia and Herzgovina becomes Mayor in Sweden in 2015
Mr. Ilko Ćorković (48 years of age in 2015) left the city of Banja Luka in 1993 as one among numerous Croatian refugees during the Serbian aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina. Accompanied with his wife and a young daughter, one and a half years old at the time, he arrived to the island of Oland in Sweden. With innate optimism, strong will and hard work, he was subsequently able to enroll at the Faculty of Economy, which he successfuly completed in 2000. In 2015 he was elected Mayor of the town of Borgholm on the island of Oland.

Miro Gavran's play "All About Women" premiered in Moscow on 27th Sep 2015
Croatian writer Miro Gavran will have premiere of his play "All About Women" on 27th October 2015 in famous Russian theater "Et Cetera" in Moscow. Director of Gavran's play is young and talented Viktorija Pecernikova. The play was translated from Croatian into Russian by Sergej Girin. Actors are Angela Belian Skaya, Natalija Zhitkova, Olga Belova, Elizabeta Ryzhikh, Katarina Buylova and Anastasia Kormilitsyana. Gavran's play "All About Women" had 41 premieres in Europe, North and South America and India so far. Miro Gavran's plays were translated into 38 languages, there have been 300 world premieres and more then 3 million people around the world saw them.

Marin Cilic is the winner of the 2015 Moscow Tennis Tournament
Marin Cilic has defeated Spain’s Roberto Bautista Agut in the Moscow final for a second consecutive year, 6-4, 6-4. The victory marks Cilic’s 14th career title and first of 2015.  “This tournament is becoming more and more special for me. To win it again really gives me huge satisfaction and big pleasure,” Ćilić told the Moscow crowd after the final.“This tournament is becoming more and more special for me. To win it again really gives me huge satisfaction and big pleasure,” Cilic told the Moscow crowd after the final.

Stephen Kovacevich distinguished classical pianist of Croatian origin in London
Stephen Kovacevich was born in San Pedro, Los Angeles, USA, to a Croatian father and an American mother. As a soloist and conductor, he has frequently performed and recorded works by, amongst others, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms and Bartók.  He has directed the London Mozart Players, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and Vancouver Symphony Orchestra in this way. Stephen Kovacevich is one of the most revered musicians of his generation. He has won unsurpassed admiration for his interpretation of Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart and Schubert. He has given master classes and recitals at Dartington International Summer School for many years. Had two concert appearances in Croatia's capital Zagreb, in 2012 and 2015 (on the occasion of his 75th birthday).

First Conference Organised by Croatian Returnees for Croatian Returnees October 26-30, 2015
Over 50 participants from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Ecuador, Finland, France, Canada, Hungary, Macedonia, Germany, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, USA, Switzerland and Venezuela will take part in the first ever conference organized by Croatian returnees for Croatian returnees. The conference, which will be held from 26-30 October in Zagreb, is supported by domestic companies, agencies and institutions.

Miro Gavran's novel "Kafka's friend" second edition published in Dutch 2015
The second edition of Miro Gavran's novel "Kafka's friend" was just published in Dutch. Translation was done by Sanja Kregar while publisher is "KLIN" from Amsterdam. Dimitrije Popovic's painting from series called "Kafka" was used as book cover. The novel was published in Croatian by Mozaik Books in 2011 and after that it was published in Czech, English, Slovak, Dutch and Esperanto in parts. Miro Gavran's work has been translated into 38 languages and his novels had more then 200 different editions in Croatia and abroad.

Zlata Blazina Tomic & Vesna Blazina and their monograph Expelling the Plague from the city of Dubrovnik
  Zlata Blažina Tomić on the photo is a medical historian who worked at McGill University’s Osler Library, Canada. Vesna Blažina is a translator and librarian who worked at the Université de Montréal, Canada. "Studying an extraordinarily rich set of documents in Dubrovnik, the authors Zlata Blažina Tomić and Vesna Blažina bring scholarly attention to an early public health office dedicated to surveillance and containment of plague epidemics. Social and medical historians will find this work very valuable.” Wrote Ann G. Carmichael of the Indiana University, USA.

Nenad Bach Newsletter October 2015
Nenad Bach: Several months passed like a wink and here we go into another Fall or should I say Autumn of 2015. There is no perfect moment to start a family, build a home, produce an album or finish the Newsletter... I am trying to finish this Newsletter for the last few weeks and finally today is the day. I will try to remember at least 5% including a performance with the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra and visit to the Emergency Room in Croatia. I am searching for boredom but can't find it. Here are few Events I would like to share with you.

A Castle for Croatia in Australia's capital Canberra
The Lifestyle Magazine CAPITAL for in and around Canberra, in the 14th issue of January - February  2005, published a luxorous article  A castle for Croatia, written by Ainsleigh Sheridan and with excellent photos of Elizabeth Hawkes. The story of the Croatian embassy is as epic as Croatia's history. It was built entirely through the efforts of Croatians living in Australia. Furthermore, local architect Antony Mikulic won a selective competition to design the embassy, which the Royal Institute of Architects awarded with a commendation in 2001. The article is based on the interview with His Excellencey Dr Mladen Ibler (on the photo), the then ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Australia.

Zdravko Basaric: Krize ne bi bilo da je 50% Vlade ili Sabora iz dijaspore
Zdravko Basarić: U ovom trenutku dovršava se prijevod trilogije Odbrojavanje na hebrejski jezik, snima se i trailer u Izraelu koji će se prikazivati na najvećim sajmovima knjiga, ali i u Hollywoodu, jer je jedan od ciljeva, osim prijevoda na druge strane jezike, i ekranizacija ove trilogije. Reakcije iz svijeta vrlo su pozitivne jer je ova trilogija zapravo i pobuna protiv svake agresije. Izraelci su izvrsno prihvatili ove knjige, vjerujem da bi se i Palestincima svidjele jer pozivaju na dijalog i mirno rješenje sukoba.

Miro Gavran's play "All About Women" had 100th performance in Bratislava Slovakia in 2015
Theater Divadlo v Podpalubi from Bratislava, Slovakia had 100th performance of Miro Gavran's play "All About Women" with author attending on September 30th, 2015. Translation into Slovak was done by Jan Jankovic while director is Minim F. Otzow. Main roles are performed by Andrea Profantova, Andrea Karnasova and Bibiana Ondrejkova. Miro Gavran is a Croatian playwright and novelist, whose works have been translated into thirty-five languages. His plays have had more than two hundred first nights worldwide and have been seen by more than two million theatregoers.

Marko Bilic wins 2015 Cigar Trophy Ambassador Award
Marko Bilic (left) won the 2015 Cigar Trophy Ambassador Award. It is awarded by Cigar Journal magazine and celebrates outstanding performances of cigar manufacturers and individuals in the cigar industry. It was first awarded in 1998 and winners were chosen in online voting. Marko is the founder of the Cigar Smoking World Championship, which is held annually at Club Mareva in Split, Croatia.

Author Helena Pericic interviewed by Marta Mestrovic Deyrup
Helena Pericic, who is a full professor at the University of Zadar, has been writing poetry, plays, and prose since her school days. As a student she worked for Zagreb Youth Radio 101. She she founded the Student Literary Club of Zadar University and recently published Domnana and the White Sheep (Stories on Contrition/Prostration).

Bring the story of Mia Slavenska home to Croatia and to a worldwide audience
Mia, a dancer’s journey is the story of Mia Čorak Slavenska, Croatia's greatest ballerina and a pioneer in American dance. The film is voiced by EmmyŽ award-winning actress Blythe Danner and features a daughter’s promise to tell her mother’s story, which becomes a fascinating and moving reflection on historical memory, national identity, and the power of dance. Now, In order to make sure that Mia's story doesn't fade away with the last PBS broadcast, we are asking you to help us to raise the funds necessary to take the next step in distribution. Poorhouse International, a prestigious arts films distributor, wants to distribute the film internationally through T.V. broadcast and DVD/Blu-ray and Video on Demand.

Yoko Nishii Japanese pianist issued 2CD in Tokyo with music of Croatian female composer Dora Pejacevic
Yoko Nishii, Japanese pianist, entered Music Academy "Ino Mirković" situated in Lovran, Croatia with full scholarship for 2 years. Thanks to her great talent and dedicated work, she completed the academic program in only 2 years of studies (normally it lasts 4 years) and graduated with excellent grades under prof. Evgeny Zarafiants in September 2000.  In 2012 she has produced and given the concert of the complete piano works by the first Croatian female composer "Dora Pejačević" as a project "the Cultural Transmission from Ise to the World" in Ise, Japan. In February 2015 she has released 2CD "Dora Pejacevic: Complete Piano Works" (a set of 2 CDs) from Japanese CD label "Herb Classics". Yoko Nishii speaks Croatian language.

Join the Project to Present All of Croatia in One Timelapse Video
Calling all photographers, videographers, visual amateurs and professionals and anybody interested in timelapse photography… Croatian Tomislav Buza has launched the project “Timelapse-Ajmoo Hrvatsku” (Timelapse – Let’s go Croatia”, with the goal gathering Croatia timelapse videos and compiling them into one final video which will present the whole of Croatia. Buza will turn to crowdsourcing to raise funds to travel throughout Croatia filming scenes which he will merge into one final timelapse video. Buza is interested in gathering as much footage as he can in the next couple of the months from anyone interested.

Book Presentation: Wideband Amplifiers by Peter Staric and Erik Margan
Modern electronics is developing at a staggering pace, with digital electronics leading the exponential expansion in all areas of our life. So it should be reasonable to expect that an 80 year old concept of analog electronic signal amplification, after being through various technological phases, from vacuum thermionic tubes to highly advanced compound semiconductor devices, would these days be considered well known and understood, old fashioned, trivial, almost obsolete. Well, not quite.

Frano Zivkovic Croatian guitar prodigy invited at the age of 8 by Tommy Emmanuel to play with him
Frano Živković, born in 2005 in the city of Rijeka, Croatia, is an authentic guitar prodigy. He is playing very nontrivial pieces from classical music, but he also adores modern modern fingerstyle guitar play, and his special inspirationa is Tommy Emmanuel, the greatest contemporary fingerstyle player of the world. Tommy already had several concerts in Croatia. During his appearance in the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb in 2013, Tommy Emmanuel invited Frano, then at the age of 8, to be his special guest  in the program, where they played together some well known pieces composed by Tommy. He also played with Lars de Rijck, a well known guitarist from the Netherlands.

Ivana Marija Vidovic and the 9th Epidaurus Festival in Cavtat in Croatia 9-19 September 2015
U srijedu 9.9. otvorit će svoja vrata po deveti put, 9. Epidaurus festival. Uz zvuke sa Sicilije, zanimljivih prizvuka tradicionalnih instrumenata s otoka, a uz novitete koje su unijeli u siciljanski melos, s glavnim tumačima Mario Gulisano (glas, te instrumenti bodhrŕn, cajon, dumbek, tamburin, židovska harfa), Marco Carnemolla – fretless bas gitara i vokal, te Valerio Cairone – mala harmonika, gajda, vokal s koncertom Živahni Mediteran festival će započeti.  Glazbenicima će se pridružiti i autentičan ples uz tradicionalne plesače Antonija Litrica & Stefaniju Tanteri. Ravnateljica festivala je Ivana Marija Vidović, istaknuta hrvatska pijanistica i pjesnikinja.

Marko Bosnjak brings the whole region to tears
11 year old Marko Bošnjak (left), an ethnic Croat from the region of Rama in Bosnia and Herzegovina, brought the whole region to tears with his phenomenal rendition of Jennifer Hudson's "One Night Only". The jury, the entire studio audience, the other contestants, the hostess and Marko himself,  were brought to tears. Marko is a contestant on Pinkove Zvijezdice which had 6,000 children audition from Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Only 20 made it to the actual show.

August Senoa’s historical novel The Goldsmith’s Treasure available in English since 2015
The first Croatian historical novel, written in 1871 August Šenoa (1838-1881), is the tale of a forbidden love between the daughter of a goldsmith and a nobleman's son set against the backdrop of the streets and squares of 16th century Zagreb. The town lies before you. In the words of Šenoa himself: “below the mountain, a jewel most precious to us glimmers in the sun, strong like a mighty hero - the town of Zagreb.” The book, published by Spiritoso, Zagreb, has 388 pp, and has been translated from Croatian by Neven Divjakinja. Except into English, the book has already been translated into German, Czech, Polish, French, Slovak, Russian and some other languages.

France in Croatia's capital Zagreb
The French Institute in Zagreb is among the oldest such institutions in the world, founded almost a century ago, more precisely, already in 1922. We present a short video published in 2013, accompanied with nice scenes from Croatia's capital, featuring the following guests: Luc Levy, director of the French Institute in Zagreb, Michelle Boccoz on the photo, ambassador of France in Croatia, Clelia Chevrier, counsellor of the Ambassador, David Gabelica, president of the French-Croatian Club, Guillaume Bardot, priprietor of the Bistro Bardot in Zagreb, and Damien Derrenberger, director of the French School in Zagreb and some other.

Blanka Vlasic Wins Silver at the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Beijing
Congratulations to Blanka Vlasic for winning silver at the 2015 IAAF World Championships held in Beijing where she made her triumphant return after battling injuries. This is her second medal that she won in Beijing, the first being the silver medal she won at the 2008 Olympic Games.

Ante Glibota i neke njegove muzeološke poruke i želje upućene najlipšem gradu na svitu Splitu
G. Ante Glibota, dopredsjednik Europske Akademije Znanosti i Umjetnosti, koji živi u Parizu, povjesničar umjetnosti i arhitekture visoke međunarodne reputacije, nekada i sam građanin grada Splita, nakon kraćeg boravka u najlipšem gradu na svitu tijekom srpnja 2015., daje vrlo kompetentnu ocjenu sadašnjeg stanja u muzeološkoj kulturi grada, kao i sugestije za rješavanje primjećenih problema, analizirajući Muzej hrvatskih arheoloških spomenika MHAS u Splitu, kao i  Meštrovićevu galeriju. Upozorava da Hrvatska mora inzistirati da znamenita Meštrovićeva mramorna skulptura Povijest Hrvata, koja već osam desetljeća stoji otuđena u Beogradu (gdje je došla posudbom), bude iz Srbije vraćena u grad Split, a prema želji velikog hrvatskog umjetnika iskazanoj u više navrata.

FIBA U19 World Championship 2015: great Croatian basketball success winning silver medal
The United States received Croatia as its toughest challenge in the FIBA U-19 World Championship in the gold medal game. The Croatians put together an impressive effort to keep the score close throughout the game without star forward Dragan Bender (who sat out due to a shoe company dispute) and injured center Ante Zizic. Silver medal of Croatian young basketball team (under 19 years of age) at the FIBA U-19 World Championship is a huge success. Croatian Nik Slavica power block against USA Tatum in the finals has been proclaimed the BEST BLOCK of the Championship.

Marijan Busic: The Cravat Day to be marked on October 18th each year throughout the world
  Academia Cravatica, a non-profit institution dedicated to the phenomen and culture of Croatian necktie, the cravat, aims to promote the cravat as a part of Croatian, European and also world heritage. This year, Academia Cravatica decided to pay special attention to international celebration of the Cravat Day, and is now in the process of inviting numerous Croats and their ancestors living abroad to join together on October 18th, put on their Croatian cravat with pride and, joining with others, remember the values it represents. The founder and director of Academia Cravatica is Mr. Marijan Bušić, successful and very creative Croatian entrepreneur in the city of Zagreb.

Mate Rimac and his fastests electric car in the world in Wall Street International by Zdravko Basaric
Zdravko Basarić wrote a nice article for the Wall Street Journal about Mate Rimac on the photo, his car factory near Zagreb, and about his team of young experts (average age of employees is less than 30 years), who make top quality bicycles, boats and super sport cars. Concept One car has a brutal power of 1088 HP and the torque 1600 Nm, from 0 – 6500 rpm (this applies only for cars with electric engine!), acceleration 0-100 km/h (62mph) in only 2,8 seconds! This is a real 4WD car because every wheel has own electro engine and computer control with high precise sensors which manage this vehicle by precisely defined power.

Filip Hrgovic Croatian super heavyweight boxing champion of Europe in 2015
Filip Hrgović of Croatia is a new super heavyweight boxing champion of Europe in 2015, during the European Amateur Championships organized in Bulgaria. He was born in 1992, and his height is 1.98 m (6 ft 6 in). He was also the world junior champion in 2010. Filip's colleague Hrvoje Sep has won bronze medal in 2015 in the semi heavyweight category, which is also a big success for Croatia.

Nikola Piasevoli photo rapsody of olives and stones near the town of Sali on the island of Dugi otok Croatia
Mr Nikola Piasevoli, amater photographer from Zagreb, was born in the town of Sali on the island of Dugi otok (Long Island), near the city of Zadar. We provide his beautiful photos of olives arround Sali. The olives are surrounded with hundreds of kilometers of stone-walls created by anonymous peasants during many centuries, in order to secure their living. The area is surrounded with amazing Nature Park Telašćica and the National Park of Kornati.

Hrvoje Prpic Trillenium creating beautiful online shops in VR, 3D and mobile
Trillenium is developing a proprietary platform. It's a key enabler of the next phase of online fashion retailing. They have experience of doing this before: their founder, Hrvoje Prpic, is one of Europe's most successful retail entrepreneurs. His previous exit was one of the biggest domestic IPOs in Croatia and the Central Europe region. Trillenium intends to bring virtual reality, 3D, gaming and mobile technologies together with an interactive and social shopping adventure.

Mia Negovetic interpreting Croatian National Anthem on the occasion of the Victory Day on 5th August 2015
Mia Negovetić is only 12 years old girl from the city of Rijeka, Croatia, who had the honor to interpret Lijepa Naša (Our Beautiful), the most beautiful national anthem, accompanied with Klapa Sv Juraj of the Croatian Military Marine, during the celebration of the 20 years of Humanitarian and Liberation Operation Storm in 1995. Mia is from the family of musicians, her favorite subject in school is mathematics, and she would like to become a cook and have a family.

St Paul the Apostle spent three months on Croatian island of Mljet
Saint Paul the Apostle had shipwreck on Croatian island of Mljet, and not on Malta. This is the subject of the monumental book written in elite Latin language by Ignjat Đurđević, published in Venice in 1730. Ignjat Đurđevic was Croatian Baroque writer from the city of Dubrovnik. The island of Mljet is not far from the city of Dubrovnik. In The Geography of distinguished Armenian scholar Ananias of Shirak, written between 592-636 AD, it is stated that Saint Paul stayed in Dalmatia following a shipwreck that happened on the Adriatic island of Melita (Mljet). We owe our deep gratitude to Dr. Miho Demović (on the photo), distinguished Croatian musicologist and historian of culture, to have unveiled many unknown facts concerning the shipwreck of St Paul the Apostle on the island of Mljet on the Adriatic sea.

Ana Rucner Croatian cellist and Klapa Sinj celebrating the tradition of Sinjska alka
On 5th August Croatia is celebrating Liberation Day, remembering not only the Storm Liberation Operation from 1995, but also endevours of generations of Croatian people during many centuries. Here we provide a beautiful video from the town of Sinj, featuring Sinjska Alka and Croatian cellist Ana Rucner, with typical songs from the Sinj area interpreted by Klapa Sinj, as well as the famous air U Boj, sang in Croatia's capital Zagreb by the Kwansei-Gakuin Choir from the city of Kobe, Japan. Finally, we end with a testimony of Dr. Slobodna Lang, distinguished Croatian humanitarian activist, professor at the University of Zagreb.

Brenda Brkusic wins 3rd and 4th Los Angeles Area Emmy
Brenda Brkusic (left) and her production teams won two Los Angeles Emmys for the film "Mia, a dancer's journey" in the Arts and Culture/History category and "Variety Studio: Actors on Actors" in the Best Entertainment Program category. The winners were announced at the 67th Los Angeles Area Emmy(R) Awards presentation on Saturday, July 25, 2015 at The Skirball Cultural Center Guerin Pavilion in Herscher Hall.

Josipa Majic from Croatia's capital Zagreb is founder & CEO of Teddy the Guardian global enterprise
Josipa Majic is the founder and CEO of Teddy the Guardian, Zagreb, Croatia, the first smart teddy bear on the market. During play, the teddy bear seamlessly captures the child's heart rate, saturation of blood with oxygen and body temperature, and wirelessly sends the data on a mobile app. This creates a truly child friendly experience for hospitals and home care. With specialization in medical technology, Majic's work places a special emphasis on a more human approach to patients and users. She has previous experience in delivering medical applications and wearable technology solutions. On the photo Josipa Majic and Ana Burica, Zagreb, authors of the idea of Teddy the Guardian.

Vladimir Bubrin & Vinko Grubisic: The Glory and Fame, Croatian Renaissance Reader, NY 2015
Vladimir Bubrin & Vinko Grubisic (on the photo) have prepared an important and extensive book dealing with Croatian Reanaissance literature.  It has been published in 2015 by Croatian Academy of America, NY, USA. The book has 589 pages and provides the original Croatian texts from the Renaissance period (14-17th century), their translation into contemprary Croatian langague, as well as into English. Large portions of the book have already been published in the Journal of Croatian Studies, issued by the same Academy. Now, by publishing the book this valuable material has been made available for broad public - for students, experts, as well as to all those interested in Croatian literature. Professors Grubišić and Bubrin live in Canada, employed at the University of Waterloo and the Univeristy of Toronoto, respectively.

Sudar Percussion & Matej Mestrovic winners of the 14th IMA award in long form video category
The winning video Castle Crash from Croatia has won two awards at the 14th Independent Music Awards (IMA): in the Long Form Video Cateogry, as well as in the Promo Poster Design Category. Sudar Percussion and distingusihed Croatian contemporary pianist and composer Matej Meštrović (on the photo) have created very original and nice music. Now in its 15th year, The Independent Music Awards receives submissions from artists previously on major labels as well as self-released and indie label talent from more than 94 countries on six continents.

Adrian Beker winning gold at the International Math Olympiad 2015 and Croatia becoming a big surprise
The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the World Championship Mathematics Competition for High School students and is held annually in a different country. The first IMO was held in 1959 in Romania, with 7 countries participating. Nowadays, there are over 100 countries participating from 5 continents. In 2015, the 56th IMO was held in Thailand. Croatia has won a gold medal - Adrian Beker on the photo, three silver medals - Petar Orlić, Kristijan Štefanec and Daniel Paleka, one bronze - Ivan Lazarić, and Lukas Novak participated. This is a big success of Croatian team, and the overall ranking among 104 countries is surprisingly high 15th place. If we take into account countries of the EU only, Croatia is on the third place!

Konstantina Bozak has created Mendeleev's periodic table by means of Croatian Glagolitic Script
Konstantina Božak, MSc, is professor of Biology and Chemistry at the  School of Midwifery in Croatia's capital Zagreb. At the same time, she is a big fan of Croatian Glagolitic Scrpit. So, she decided to represent Mendeleev's periodic table in a completely new way, which has not yet been seen in the history of Chemistry. We are sure that Mendeleev would like his periodic table shown in the new way. She has exploited a nice Croatian Glagolitic font created by Nenad Hančić from Germany.

Ferdinand Budicki the first driver in Zagreb to have passed a driving test in 1910
At the beginning of the 20th century, the royal government stipulated that every car in the city of Zagreb must have a license plate and that each driver must pass a driving exam. There was a problem, however, for not even a single official knew how to drive. It was agreed that Ferdinand Budicki, the owner of the first car in Zagreb, would teach four civil servants how to drive. The examination committee began its work late July 1910, and the first to have been summoned to take the exam was Ferdinand Budicki.

Ivan Rakitic Croatian soccer diamond born in Switzerland
Ivan Rakitić, Croatian soccer player born in Switzerland, is a versatile and physical midfielder who can stake a claim on nearly every inch of the midfield. He’s an offensive-minded player, but he is also an avid defender when his team requires it. He has good game vision and his passing capability is excellent. Throughout his career he’s stood out as great assister. He also possesses a powerful shot. Despite featuring for the Swiss national youth teams, Rakitić elected to play for Croatia. Since his debut at the age of 19, on September 8 of 2007, he’s become a nearly permanent feature for Croatia.Ivan speaks five langauges: Croatian, German, Castillan, English and French.

Paul Musin promoter of Cricket in Croatia and creator of the portal Croatia Week

Originally from New Zealand, Paul Musin (left) moved to Croatia, and is a member of the Croatian Cricket Federation, where his primary role is to administer and develop the game of cricket in Croatia, right from coaching kids in schools, up to everything to do with the Croatian national side. If that weren't enough to keep him busy, he decided to create the now popular website Croatia Week.

16th Dance & Non-Verbal Theatre Festival in Svetvinčenat July 24-27 2015
Svetvinčenat is getting ready to dance for the 16th time in a row! The 16th Dance & Non-Verbal Theatre Festival is just around the corner. Svetvinčenat will be dancing again from 24 to 27 July, and we promise you as much excitement as in all these years before! Over the four festival days, we'll present to you artists and shows from several European countries and an exciting additional programme with workshops for professional dancers and talks with the visiting artists. You will also get to know Aerowaves, a European dance network, whose aim is to promote new talented choreographers from across the continent.

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