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Dr. Drago Štambuk on an official visit to Kobe, Japan
Dr. Drago Štambuk, Croatian Ambassador to Japan, was warmly welcomed at the Kwansei Gakuin University during his official visit to Kobe. One of the best Japanese choirs sang in his honour U Boj, u boj in Croatian language. This Croatian tune is well known throughout Japan, sung in this country since 1919!

Niko Dzapo will be racing for Team USA in China May 29 - June 1, 2008
Great success by young Niko Dzapo (left). Niko will be racing as part of the Team USA at the UCI BMX World Championship in Taiyaun China which will be held on May 29 - June 1, 2008. This has been a dream come true for Niko to represent the USA. Niko's motto is "keep trying, you have nothing to lose".

Study the Croatian language in Croatia this summer
Zagreb University (left) is host to one of two programs to study the Croatian language this summer. Sponsored by the Croatian Heritage Foundation, these summer courses allow people born outside of Croatia to learn Croatian language and culture in two intensive courses.

Leo Majich in memoriam 1925 - 2008
Leo Anthony Majich, age 82, was born July 17, 1925 in Los Angeles and died April 10, 2008 in Pasadena after a brief illness. He was a founding member of the Croatian American Association as well as the National Federation of Croatian Americans, serving several terms as its Western Region vice-president.

Melita Spahic Dance in London
Melita Spahic Dance is a meeting point for dance, theatre and video artists, composers and musicians to share their passion for the collaborative performance by developing their ideas and skills through various dance related projects.

Croatia-based WHW named curator for 11th International Istanbul Biennial

The 11th International Istanbul Biennial, organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts and sponsored by Koc Holding is set for 12 September-8 November 2009, under the curatorship of Zagreb-based What, How & for Whom / WHW.

Charles Billich prepares for The Olympic Games in China 2008
Charles Billich, outstanding Croatian painter living in Australia, created the Bing Mah Yong cycle of paintings for the needs of the 2008 Beijing Olympiade. So well received has this work been that his paintings are represented on a collection of 16 postage stamps currently in circulation in China.

Sanja Jovanović wins gold by breaking her own world record in 50m backstroke
Sanja Jovanović broke her own world record on 50m backstroke swimming at the World Swimming Championships Manchester 2008, UK. Her new world record time is 26.37. With Duje Draganja's world record the other day this is one of the greatest achievements in the history of Croatian sport. They won two gold and two bronze medals, first time ever.

Duje Draganja, the fastest swimming man on the planet Earth

Croatian Superman, Duje Draganja, the fastest swimming man on the planet conquers world record on 50 meters free style in Manchester, England on April 11th 2008. The Croatian swimmer, wearing Speedo's LZR Racer suit, finished in 20.81 seconds.

Croatia – Land of World Swimming Record Holders

Two world swimming records are an achievement not even larger and stronger countries, than our “little” Croatia, can afford. But at this moment Croatians are celebrating and bragging with such achievements, thanks to Duje Draganja and Sanja Jovanovic, young swimmers who brought the world’s swimming to its knees.

Velimir Trnski painting the 1671 love story of Petar and Katarina Zrinski
Velimir Trnski, Croatian painter, transformed the most famous Croatian love letter - Moje drago zercze, My Dear Soul, into a series of remarkable frames in which the sensual figure of the young wife is consistently kept in the foreground. One of the most deeply moving Croatian historic dramas has been presented in a most contemporary, provocative and attractive way.

Festival favorite Random Lunacy is on the road again! April 14 - June 5, 2008
Home Team Productions is proud to announce five upcoming screenings of "Random Lunacy: videos from the road less traveled." Rolling Stone's Peter Travers says of this documentary, "Prepare to be wowed!"  The film follows the radically itinerant Poppa Neutrino and his family of street performers over the course of twenty adventurous years of living homeless by choice. The Music Genome Project plays Nenad Bach music from March 28th
We set out to capture the essence of music at the most fundamental level. We ended up assembling literally hundreds of musical attributes or "genes" into a very large Music Genome. Everything from melody, harmony and rhythm, to instrumentation, orchestration, arrangement, lyrics, and of course the rich world of singing and vocal harmony. It's not about "looks" or "genre".

Damir Spanic - Artist of the Week - Photographer for Life
  It was the turning point of trying to capture the essence of the person, after arrival of an idea that all people are beautiful for no reason related to their outside appearance but more to inner qualities. Now I am a stock and lifestyle photographer with the strongest point in portraits and emotive portraits. I license my images through a Canadian agency, subsidiary of Getty.

Croatia Has a NATO Invitation - A Historical Day for Croatia April 2nd 2008

The fact that an invitation was sent is also a result of a process that began with Croatia’s  hard road to independence via the Croatian War of Independence in which 15,000 people gave their lives. Besides NATO, it is expected that Croatia receives an invitation for the EU soon.

Croatia Film Festival in South Africa from 18 to 28 April 2008
Armin (left) is one of seven internationally acclaimed films from Croatia that  are headed for Pretoria (Cinema Nouveau Brooklyn Mall) from 18 to 20 April and Johannesburg (Cinema Nouveau Rosebank Mall) from 25 to 28 April 2008.

Boris Dvornik - in memoriam to outstanding Croatian actor (1939-2008)
Boris Dvornik was an amusing man, and he was very emotional; a man who was able to feel the sufferings and destinies of others. That was visible even while he was acting. That's the charisma that glows around him - a mix of warmth and authority.

Josip Ganza: Croatian klapa singing break-out to Europe
Dalmatian klapa singing is a part of Croatian identity and being such is dear to us all. Our klapas know nothing about Italian people's choirs, and Italians even less about our klapas. That was unallowable hole and Josip Ganza was intrigued by and felt the urge to fill in.

Composer Margareta Jeric to perform at the University of Montreal on April 5, 2008
Maragreta Jeric (left) will be performing her work "Upload" on April 5th at 7:30 p.m. under the conduct of Jean-François Rivest. The concert is part of a series dedicated to Claude Vivier and will take place at Claude-Champagne Hall on 200 Vincent-d’Indy. 

Swimming success of Croatia at European championship in 2008
Gordan Kožulj, Vanja Rogulj, Mario Todorović and Duje Draganja won silver medals in men's 100m medley relay at the European Swimming Championships in the Netherlands. Sanja Jovanović won bronze medal in women's 50m backstroke, and Duje Draganje silver medal in 50m freestyle.

Croatians in America - photo collection by Vladimir Novak, part 2
Mr. Vladimir Novak is well known for his rich collection of photos related to life and work of Croatians in America, collected over several decades in the USA. We continue with the second part of a series of articles. Much of this material is presented for the first time, exclusively for the readers of CROWN.

Sretan Uskrs! Happy Easter! Felices Pascuas!
Wishing you a Happy Easter, we present you beautiful Croatian and Ukrainian hand-painted eggs by Annette Czupylo, a Ukrainian living in the USA. Photographs were taken by Vladimir Novak, Zagreb. Easter eggs are called pisanice in Croatian, and pysanky in Ukrainian.

Mateo Juric, Croatian Real Estate Specialist in Las Vegas
Mateo Juric (left) and his team have sold over $320,000,000 in residential properties just in recent years and are currently the leading real estate team in Prudential Americana Group in Las Vegas. their specialty and focus is particularly with bank/foreclosure properties, REOs and builders' close-outs. This could be the best time to consider Las Vegas hottest properties!

Joe Magarac, a legendary Croatian steel worker in the USA
Joe Magarac is a well known name in the USA. His name, aparently nonamerican, has without any doubt Croatian roots. Its meaninig is simply - donkey. The name of "magarac" is also a synonim of hard work, endurance and obstinacy in Croatian.

Vladimir Devidé and Haiku poetry in Croatia
Professor Vladimir Devidé, Croatian mathematician, is better known as outstanding Japanologist and tireless promoter of haiku poetry. Croatia is one of the most successful nations in haiku in the world, counting the number of prizes won at various international competitions.

After 23 years the Parachute World Cup Series returns to Croatia
The World Parachute Cup Series returns to Croatia in 2008 after a 23 year absence. It is being organized by the "Krila Kvarnera" Parachuting Club from Rijeka and will be held in  the town of Mali Lošinj on June 7, 2008.

Arithmetika Horvatszka from 1758, the oldest Croatian arithmetic
Arithmetika Horvatszka, that is the Croatian Arithmetic, was published in Zagreb in 1758. We celebrate 250 years since the publication of this oldest known Croatian book on arithmetic. It was important also for the development of Croatian scientific terminology.

Blanka Vlašić becomes indoor high jump world champion
Croatia's Blanka Vlašić (left) has continued her streak of victories and has become the world champion in indoor high jump in Valencia. She has added the indoor gold medal to her outdoor gold medal.

Reinhard Grabher, Austrian journalist to direct documentary about Goli Otok

Reinhard Grabher (left), a journalist from Salzburg, Austria will direct a documentary about Goli Otok. The documentary will include interviews with former inmates, including an interview with Josip Zoretić, author of Goli Otok "Hell in the Adriatic." Subtitles will be in Croatian, English, and German.

Mother Teresa and Croatians
The Croatian Jesuits had a great role in spiritual development of Mother Teresa in her youth. Her spiritual father was Fr. Franjo Jambreković. The first monument in the world honouring this famous Albanian woman was carved in Croatia, in Supetar on the island of Brac (2002), by Petar Jakšić. It was unveiled by Martin Sheen.

How to build low impact house now in Croatian by Simon Dale
Simon Dale built a low impact woodland home in Wales. The house was built with a maximum regard for the environment, with few tools, help and cash. He has translated the entire procedure into Croatian and is available in .pdf format for those wanting to build their own low impact homes in Croatia or elsewhere.

CROWN Croatian World Network Newsletter, March 5th, 2008

As you can see it for yourself it is an amazing variety of talent and achievements. Just look at these faces and photos and if you are not impressed, you have already died but you don't realize it yet. Croatia and Croatians are making progress on many levels. We are regrouping after a huge setback that happened in the war. We took that negative energy and spin it into positive and creative one.

Dr. Ante Padjen, founder of the "I Medici di McGill"
The non-profit I Medici got off the ground as Dr. Ante Padjen's string quartet 30 years ago. "My sanity valve," says Padjen (left), who officially formed the orchestra in 1989.  Today, physicians, medical students and researchers make up half of I Medici di McGill's musicians.

CROWN Forum launches today, March 2, 2008
The CROWN Forum launches today,  on March 2, 2008 and will introduce a greater degree of interactivity between CROWN, its members and people interested in Croatia and its culture. To access the forum point your browser to and register.

U.S. Senate Resolution Regarding NATO Member Invitations
The National Federation of Croatian Americans (NFCA) commends U.S. Senators Richard Lugar of Indiana and George Voinovich of Ohio for their leadership in introducing S. Res. 459 calling for NATO membership for the Republic of Albania, the Republic of Croatia, and the Republic of Macedonia.

Croatia to play Scotland in friendly, March 26, 2008 in Glasgow
Slaven Bilic (left) will lead the Croatian National Team in a friendly match against Scotland on march 26, 2008. The Scots feel that a match against a team ranked 10th in the world will provide the kind of test Scotland needs if they are to build on their impressive, if ultimately unsuccessful, Euro 2008 qualification bid.

Ivan Dragicevic Brings Our Lady of Medjugorje to Australia
 For the fifth time, Ivan Dragicevic (left) came back to Australia in his mission to share the love and messages he has been receiving from Our Lady. The First of his talks in Australia was in Melbourne, Victoria followed by six other places in the states of New South Wales and Queensland. The last of these talks was held on 26 February at The Sacred Heart in Pymble. Violi Calvert (left) reports.

Premiere of "Black 47 at Connolly's" at Westchester Film Festival March 8, 2008
Larry Kirwan (left) and the band Black 47 are the subjects of a new film by filmmakers Stephanie Silber and Vic Zimet. The film weaves together a history of the band's beginnings, and by extension, a rich underlay of Irish-American history and the Diaspora. The film will be screened at the Westchester Film Festival on Mach 8, 2008 starting at 2:35 p.m.

Mario Ančić and Ivan Ljubičić advance to quarterfinals at Zagreb Indoors
Top-seeded Ivan Ljubičić served 18 aces in beating fellow Croat Lovro Zovko 6-4, 7-6 (3) to make the quarterfinals of the Zagreb Indoors on Wednesday. The other remaining Croat, unseeded Mario Ančić (left), reached his first quarterfinal in Zagreb when he defeated German Denis Gremelmayr 6-3, 6-2.

Ksenija Prohaska performs as Marlene Dietrich in Pittsburgh March 15-16, 2008
Celebrated Croatian actress Ksenija Prohaska brings Marlene Dietrich, a one-woman show originally written for her, to the Cabaret at Theater Square in Pittsburgh, March 15-16, 2008. Audiences all over have been overwhelmed by the brilliance of Ksenija's interpretation of Marlene Dietrich, to which numerous national and international awards can testify.

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova in Once for your consideration at the Oscars

Academy Award Nominee Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova for Best Song "Falling Slowly". Once is a 2007 Irish musical film written and directed by John Carney. Set in Dublin, this naturalistic drama stars musicians Glen Hansard (of popular Irish rock band The Frames) and Markéta Irglová as fictional struggling musicians. Update:They won Oscars

Sylvan Winds in concert March 13, 2008
The Sylvan Winds are starting the season with a free concert to be held at the Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo, 24 West 12th Street on Thursday, March 13, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. The group has been hailed by the New York Times for "its venturesome programming and stylishness of performance."

A wedding in Croatia
  Have you ever wanted to have a destination wedding? Have you ever thought to pick somewhere memorable to celebrate that special day? Does Croatia come to mind? If not BWT Weddings in Croatia will help you plan your wedding in Croatia.

The Croatian Centre for Global Health has launched
The Croatian Centre for Global Health has recently been founded at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Split, Croatia. Its co-founders, Professor Ana Marusic and Professor Igor Rudan, are both hoping that the Centre will help to re-integrate Croatian biomedical science into global trends.

Falkuša regatta in 1593, the earliest known regatta in Europe
The 1593 regatta consisted of seventy four wooden fishing boats called falkuša, from the harbour of the town of Komiža on the island of Vis to the islet of Palagruža. It was the oldest known boat race in Europe. Falkuša is autochthonous Croatian boat of 9m of length, with the mast of equal size, in use from 11th or 12th century.

Random Lunacy tonight in Salem Oregon, with great review in Salem News

The documentary, "Random Lunacy: videos from the road less traveled", directed and produced by Victor Zimet and Stephanie Silber is more about survival outside conventional society than a story about a man. It's a completely unique portrayal of human inventiveness, persistence, and the longevity and strength of family. Music by Nenad Bach among other talented musicians.

Kosovo Declares Independence on February 17, 2008
Kosovo's parliament declared the disputed territory a nation on Sunday, February 17, 2008, mounting a historic bid to become an "independent and democratic state" backed by the U.S. and European allies.

Super Mario Ančić Comeback in 2008 with the Finals in Marseille, France

Super Mario as they call Mario Ančić is announcing a comeback in 2008 with a great game against Baghdatis in Marseille, France. Finals are tomorrow. After being ill for more than a year, Mario is showing his talent again for his fans worldwide.

High Jump World Champion Blanka Vlašić's 20th consecutive victory
Croatia's world champion Blanka Vlašić earned her 20th consecutive victory on Wednesday at the Women's High Jump Meeting in her hometown of Split. The 24-year-old jumped 2.01 metres, setting a meet record at a venue just a few hundred metres from her Dalmatian coast home.

Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Apologizes to Aboriginals
Australian Parliament progresses Reconciliation between Australia's Indigenous and non-Indigenous people by tendering a formal apology for the hurt caused by past government policies. Left Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. A historical moment for Australia and the whole world. WE LEARN FROM OTHERS ! Quantum leap in human consciousness.

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