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Celebration at the Dubrovnik Maritime College
By Capt. Ivan I. Coric | Published  08/24/2007 | Community , Croatian Life Stories , Events | Unrated
Hrvatski pomorski meštri slave u Dubrovniku

The class of Prof. Josip Surić in 1954, Dubrovnik

Maritime College of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Class of 1957

50th Year Anniversary Celebration

Dubrovnik, August 24, 2007

The year was 1957, and 22 young students graduated from the Dubrovnik Maritime College. As young cadets, they sailed away to the four corners of the world full of hope and eager to learn and develop their new found maritime skills. They passed many exams, and ultimately become Master Mariners.

Time flies very quickly and 2007 marks the 50th anniversary of the year that they earned their diplomas. On

Friday, September 14, 2007

in Dubrovnik, Croatia, a special celebration is in the works to mark this event: The day will start with a visit to the Maritime University, tribute will be paid to departed colleagues, teachers, as well as Head Master Prof. Josip Suric. They will celebrate a mass at the Church of Saint Blaise the Patron of Dubrovnik followed by a luncheon.

Contact:  Capt. Ivan I. Coric

Ship and Cargo Surveyors, Loss Prevention
129 Meridian Blvd.
Kirkland (Montreal), QC, Canada H9H 3Y5
Tel. 514-695-1503, Fax: 514-697-9642
Cell: (514) 347-2480

Davne godine 1957. Dubrovačku Pomorsku Školu je završila grupa studenata, njih 22, i otišlo u plovidbu na daleke pučine ... diljem svijeta, kao mladi kadeti, puni volje i željni znanja i pomoračke prakse.... .Završili su mnoge ispite, diplomirali su Višu Pomorsku školu, a zatim nastavili plovidbu kao vrsni "meštri od mora i brodova" - Kapetani Duge Plovidbe. Vrijeme zaista brzo leti i ove godine je ni manje ni više nego punih pedeset godina od dana kad su partili!  Sprema se velika "Fešta od 50 godina" u Dubrovniku

u petak 14. rujna 2007.

Sjetit će se toga dana na svoje profesore i umrle kolege, posjetit će Pomorski Fakultet, polozit cvijeće na grob svog razrednika, uvaženog Prof. Josipa Surića, biti na Sv. misi u Crkvi Sv. Vlaha za umrle i prisustvovati  zajedničkom objedu.
Capt. Ivan I. Ćorić
Ship and Cargo Surveyors, Loss Prevention
129 Meridian Blvd.
Kirkland (Montreal), QC, Canada H9H 3Y5
Tel. 514-695-1503, Fax: 514-697-9642
Cell: (514) 347-2480

Capt. Ivan I. Coric

Born in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 1938. Educated in Dubrovnik and Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Resident of Montreal since 1972.

After a sailing career as a Master Mariner, worked with major Canadian shipping agencies operating ocean-going vessels around the world, with extensive experience in ship agency management, chartering, and general ship operations. Extensively traveled in Canada, USA, Caribbean and other parts of the world.

Founder of Argosy Maritime Inc. in 1985, a federally incorporated Canadian Company involved in consulting and surveying work. Member of numerous associations, including:

C.M.L.A (Canadian Maritime Law Association).
A.M.A.C (Association of Marine Arbitrators of Canada).
H.U.P.P (Croatian Maritime Law Association).

Source: Argosy Maritime Inc.


Benedikt Kotruljevic (Benedictus de Cotrullis from Dubrovnik) is the author of "De Navigatione", 1464. It is the first known manual on navigation in the history of Europe. Note that it appeared almost 30 years before the discovery of America.


Benedictus de Cotrullis: De Navigatione, 1464;
photo from Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

The original manuscript is kept at the University of Yale, USA, in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

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prof.dr. Darko Žubrinić
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