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Zoran Orlić - Brilliant book - The Frames behind the glass - True Rock and Roll
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  08/14/2007 | People , Culture And Arts , Awards | Unrated
A new star in photography Zoran Orlić
Zoran Orlić

Zoran Orlic
is a Croatian-born fine arts photographer with a flair for revealing the many moods of rock photography. Orlic's passion for the camera and music has led him to capture rock bands on film for the last seventeen years. Most recently noted for his work with Wilco, Orlic's snapshots have appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, websites and music packaging.

Reflections from behind the glass:

This book almost ended in December 2004
when I met the lads in New York City for what was to be a final photo shoot. I realised after
seeing those images that this book needed to end in Chicago, The Frames' second home. So I
returned to Chicago and waited until they came to me.

In March 2005 Glen played a few solo dates before joining the rest of the band for a short
festival stint across the United States. For the first time in what seemed like ages, Glen
performed to a small, rapt audience at Martyrs. Every note rang out in a flurry of passion,
piercing the eerie silence of the pub where even the typical clanking of bottles at the bar had
succumbed to the music. Struck by a strange sense of deja-vu, I reminisced about the years past
and felt a twinge of nostalgia as Glen hauntingly serenaded us with 'Rise', which was recorded
in 2000 on a dark Thanksgiving night with Albini.

The entire band returned again in November 2005 to play at Park West with Josh Ritter
opening, creating a new memory in the rich history of their performances. Former Frames'
drummer Dave Hingerty, my US tour co-pilot, now stood on stage with Josh's band, and all of
a sudden these worlds came full circle in a sentimental experience.

I staked my position near the front of the stage to collect some images. Behind me, an uninitiated
fan politely inquired if I was going to stand there the whole night. Trembling from the idea of
seeing live this band that he stumbled upon in his favourite online magazine, he anxiously
waited for The Frames to fulful his high expectations. I chuckled to myself remembering those
innocent days, having graduated from the same school of heady fanaticism. But I held off and
maintained my veteran credentials while I gently warned him that he was about to get his
fucking mind blown away.

The lads didn't disappoint. Glen's emotional voice sailed through the vast, dimly-lit hall like a
lone ship in the darkness of the ocean. A natural storyteller who is alternately quiet and funny,
he referenced both a raving lunatic and the Bible in his discourse with the audience.
Admittedly selfish, I mourned the days when it felt like I had The Frames all to myself. Things
are different now. Manoeuvrings around the stage trying to capture multiple angles of Glen and
the lads in rock star poses is close to impossible. Gone are the days when a few loners would
stalk the front row with apprehension while the rest hung back in the spotlight's shadows.
Today, fans clamour for the best spot and my camera and I are forced to compete with them.
These emotions are hard to explain without sounding unsupportive of their success. Maybe
this sense of loss is similar to what a parent feels when watching a child grow up and leave
home to explore the world. It's a bittersweet combination of pride and anxiety.

Today, it all makes sense to me. I became aware of a powerful musical force and attempted to
share this discovery with others by lining up gigs and documenting the artistic process
unfolding. It's a sweet feeling when I can capture a fleeting moment of passion through the lens
while watching new faces surrender to something unexpected colliding with their innermost

As a chapter ends for The Frames and myself, a new one also begins. Throughout the years,
friendships have been forged, romances kindled, wisdom gained, foolishness and folly
expelled, all through the spectrum of my uncommon relationship with The Frames. Their
music has provided the soundtrack for a good portion of my life as it has for many fans. I'm
honoured and privileged to have been a small part of their evolving career. As more fans
emerge and larger venues vie for the band, I'm anxious and waiting to view The Frames behind
the glass.


The best support artist can get from you is when you buy his / her art. I bought few books to be able to give as a present. Zoran Orlić is an amazing artist. Passion for music reflects every frame he makes. As always you need a constellation of stars to make your own visible.  A new film called "Once" is out with the Glen Hansard (front man of The Frames) in a main role. Film is brilliant as well. One of the best films I have ever seen. Zoran is part of these brilliant constellation. Go to
and order his book.

Nenad Bach

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