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Horses in Croatian Art
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic
Published on 08/30/2007
 Ivan Meštrović: Chicago Indians, New York; Antun Augustinčić: Horsewoman (or Monument of Peace, in front of the UN building) - probably the best known equestrian statue in the world; Charles Billich - Official Artist of the 2008 Beijing Olympiad, etc.

Horses and Croatia

Chicago Indians by Ivan Meštrović

Chicago Indians

Chicago Indian

Chicago Indian

Meštrović's equestrian statue of King Carol I of Romania in Bucharest was removed by the communist regime.

author of probably the best known equestrian monument in the world

Peace (United Nations), many thanks to Visnja Miocic and Vedran Nazor, New York

One of the symbols of the United Nations that everybody knows is the Horsewoman (the Monument of Peace), a sculpture created by Antun Augustinčić (1900-1979). It was given as a gift to the UN and it is situated in front of the main building in New York. The basement of the monument is made of the marble from the Croatian island of Brač.

Peace (United Nations)

The Monument of Peace has 10 m high stand and 5.5 m high equestrian sculpture. Another beautiful equestrian statue that Augustinčić created represents a Polish marshal, Jozef Pilsudski.

Jozef Pilsudski, a Polish marshal

The monument was commissioned before WWII, and was supposed to be delivered in 1939. It was delivered only in mid 1990s, and is now in Katowice (many thanks to dr. Maciej Paluszynski, Wroclaw, for this information).

Charles Billich

Official Artist of the forthcoming Bejing Olympiad

In 2004 Charles Billich was elected the Official Artist of the 2008 Beijing Olympiad.
See his collection of horses.

The first and the third paintings represent a famous horse Makybe Diva and Glenn Boss with a Croatian cap. The owner of the horse is Mr Tony Santic (tuna farmer), Australian Croat born on the beautiful Croatian island of Lastovo.

Charles Billich

Bing Mah Yong Show

Monument of Ban Josip Jelačić on the main square of Croatia's capital Zagreb
(source of both photos:, ie from Russia)

Lucija in the village of Potkonje near Knin, at Hrvoje Požar stud.
Photo by her mother Julija Vojković (on this web with kind permission)

The aim of this web page is also to invite you to sign a Petition for  unconditional return of Croatian lipizzan horses from Serbia:

The Lipizzan stable in the town of Lipik, from which the horses have been stolen during the Serbian agression on Croatia in 1991, is renewed and is awaiting for the horses. The following photos show the Lipik stable soon after the 1991 aggression,

and the reconstructed, but still empty building:

This is probably the last moment to save Croatian lipizzans, since they are left starving by the Serbian state. Here is a recent photo (source

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