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Vjekoslav Sutej 1951-2009 distinguished Croatian conductor
Vjekoslav Šutej was born in Rijeka, Croatia. He has conducted concerts with famous opera stars: José Carreras, Montserrat Caballé, Diana Ross, Placido Domingo, Roman Vargas, Mario Guleghin, etc. He also directed the first four concerts Christmas in Vienna with Placido Domingo and José Carreras. So far, more than a million copies of compact disks from these concerts have been sold. He founded the Royal Symphonic Orchestra in Sevilla, Spain.

Sanja Jovanovic Croatian swimmer with a new world record in 2009
 Sanja Jovanović won her new gold medal at the European Swimming Championship held in Istanbul, Turkey, December 12th 2009. And not only this, she broke the world record on 50 m backstroke,  with 25.70 s. This is her fourth world record in swimming at international competitions. Duje Draganja won silver medal 100 m mixed style.

400 years of Croatians in Austria's capital Vienna
Krowotendörfel, ie Croatian Village, was the name of a small village near Vienna which dissappeared in 1683 during the second Turkish seige of the city. In 1529 Croatian troups defended Vienna under their own national flag, see on the photo, during the first Turkish siege. An important exhibition 400 Years of Croatians in Vienna (400 Jahre Kroaten in Wien) is held  until the end of January 2010 in Amthaus Wieden, Favoritenstrasse 18, Vienna.

Miro Gavran's premieres in the Czech Republic, Japan and Romania
Croatian writer Miro Gavran will have three foreign premieres in just five days in three different countries. My Wife's Husband on December 13 at the Slezska Divadlo Opava in Czech Republic, How To Kill the President  on December 16 at the IWATO Theatre in Japan, and All About Women  at the CLASIC IOAN SLAVICI Theatre in Arad in Romania on December 18.

Professors Z. Drmac and K. Veselic received prestigeous SIAM math prize
Two distinguished Croatian mathematicians, professors Zlatko Drmač, University of Zagreb, Croatia, and Krešimir Veselić on the  photo, professor emeritus of the University of Hagen, Germany, received a prestigeous 2009 Linear Algebra Prize from the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics - SIAM, for the best scientific work published in the preceding three years in the field of Linear Algebra.

Romano Sole is among the best Croatian musicians in Germany
Romano Sole, born in Split, he studied music and at a young performed with many big names on the Split music scene. His song "Niz Vrijeme" was voted number 7 of the Split Radio top ten list for 1995. Fate would send him to Germany where he continued his musical endeavors and would succeed both as an artist and producer. He was named the best Croatian diaspora musician by Matica Hrvatska in 2008.

Ivan Mestrovic's Pieta sold at Sotheby's in London
Ivan Meštrović's Pieta was sold at Sotheby's in London for 8,750 GBP. It was the only drawing among 100 works of art offered within the section  of "19th & 20th Century European Sculpture". Unusually, the drawing represents the head of Christ to be above the Virgin, appearing to shelter her.

Branko Katalinic Croatian scientist directing DAAAM in Vienna for 20 years
Branko Katalinić, professor of robotics at the Technical University in Vienna, Austria, has founded a prestigeous international association DAAAM in 1990. In 2009 the 20th annual conference of DAAAM has been organized in Vienna. Among the past conferences, four of them have been organized in Croatia: in Dubrovnik, twice in Opatija and in Zadar. The DAAAM comprises more than fifty member states and hundreds of international organizations.

Japanese Ambassador in Croatia, H.E. Yoshio Tamura uses CroTram to go to work
We as a new nation, but an old civilization, should look into other cultures as an inspiration in behavior. Japan, the third largest economy in the world, certainly gives us that opportunity. Are we capable of recognizing these values? That will remain to be seen. Your Excellency Yoshio Tamura, WELCOME to Croatia! We are honored to have you in our country.

Croatians in the Banja Luka bishopric in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dr. Franjo Komarica, bishop of Banja Luka on the left, warmly accepted a group of visitors from Zagreb. He described the life of Croatians from that part of BiH, now scattered throughout the world, as very difficult. Those rare who returned have problems from existential to unsecured basic human rights, as witnessed by the bishop.

Matko Marusic as a student of medicine in Zagreb 40 years ago
The home town of professor Matko Marušić is Split, on the Adriatic coast, some 200 miles south of Zagreb; that is where his parents lived, and what he calls "home". Interestingly, more than 40 years later, in 2008, he returned to live and work in Split, where he today serves as the Dean of the University of Split School of Medicine. We provide an excerpt from his 630-page anthology of 31 humorous stories about medicine.

Damir Halilic Hal Croatian fingerpicking guitar virtuoso
At the moment you think everything that can be said with an acoustic guitar has already been said, there will be a voice from somewhere in the world, and may it be Croatia, that suddenly tells you new stories... Hal (on the photo) plays in the best American fingerstyle tradition, but there always is this little something, this little extra, that makes his playing unique. Hey people, listen to him, this guy is great! Thomas Kleemaier.

UNESCO included seven cultural elements of Croatia a world cultural treasure
In 2009 UNESCO included seven elements of Croatia a world cultural treasure: Annual carnival bell ringers' pageant from the Kastav area, The festivity of Saint Blaise (the patron of Dubrovnik), Lacemaking in Croatia (aloe lace on the left), Procession Za Križen, Spring procession of Ljelje/Kraljice (queens) from Gorjani, Traditional manufacturing of children's wooden toys in Hrvatsko Zagorje, Two-part singing and playing in the Istrian scale.

Votive chapel of gifts at Mary's Trsat sanctuary near Rijeka
The votive chapel at Trstat sanctuary near the city of Rijeka has been constructed by Peter Kružić, a legendary Croatian defender from the16th century. It is dedicated to the protector of seamen, Saint Nicholas. The sanctuary has been visited by late Pope John II during his Apostolic visit to Rijeka in 2003, on the photo with Ivan Devčić, the Rijeka archbishop.

Konvoj Libertas plovi prema hrvatsko-slovenskoj granici 7. studenog 2009.
Znameniti Konvoj Libertas plovi prema hrvatsko-slovenskoj granici 7. studenog 2009. Priključite se! Kontakt: Zvonimir Šeparović, na e-mail  adresu (u zaglavlje staviti Konvoj Libertas). Ugroženi su hrvatski nacionalni interesi. A famous convoy Libertas sails to the Croatian-Slovenian border on November 7th, 2009. Join! Croatian national interests are in danger.

Davorin Rudolf's appeal to Croatian Parliament to reject humiliating dictates
Academician Davorin Rudolf's open letter to Croatian Parliament on the new Croatian-Slovenian arbitration agreement dealing with the common state border:  ... We invite and appeal to the representatives of Croatian Parliament to ... unanimously reject the dictates and blackmails that humiliate us ... 

5th Festival of Croatian Music in Vienna Austria 5 Nov - 1 Dec 2009
  The 5th Festival of Croatian Music in Vienna, Austria, will take place from 5th Nov to 1st Dec 2009. Among many interesting musical events we are pleased to announce the concert by Zagreb Philharmony conducted by maestro Ivan Repušić on the left, with Martina Filjak on piano, to be held on 8th Nov 2009 in the famous Musikverein Grosser Saal, 19.30.

Nenad Hancic-Matejic from Germany created a new Croatian Glagolitic font
Nenad Hančić-Matejić from Düsseldorf, Germany, created a new Croatian Glagolitic quickscript font called  "Croatica" available via his web site, and described in Croatian, German and English languages. It is a result of four year's hard work. It will be useful both for amateurs and professionals.

Vukovar was the target of more than 1,500,000 grenades in 1991
In 1991 the city of Vukovar in Croatia, on the Danube river, was the target of more than 1,500,000 grenades of all kinds of sizes in just a few months, and more than 13,500 houses were devastated. A favorite target during the Serbian aggression was 50m high water tower, on the left. The city is the birthplace of professor Lavoslav Leopold Ružička, distinguished expert in chemistry, one among three Croatian Nobel Prize winners.

Giovanna Drpic covers the news in New York City

Giovanna Drpic has been a general assignment reporter with My 9 News since April 2005. Drpic joined My9 from WKMG in Orlando, Florida. New York's diversity was a big draw for Drpic, especially since she's Bolivian, Peruvian, German and Croatian. And about her last name - no, it's not a typo. And, yes, people have told her, on more than one occasion, to please buy a vowel!

Miro Gavran's book published in Chinese language
  Miro Gavran's novel How We Broke Our Legs is published in Beijing, PR of China by World Affairs Press. The translation into Chinese has been done by Kewein Yan. The prefaces to the novel have been written by Chen Haosu and Ante Simonić. To date, this novel has come out in five editions in Croatian.

Croatia's gold medal winning wines
Croatia's discovery continues, with wine experts now realising what locals, and those in the know, have  been aware of for many years. The recent Decanter World Wine Awards gave eight gold medals to Croatian wines, whilst Argentina could only muster, seven and Chile four.

Croatian beaches and the art of Picigin
As much an art form as a sport, it's something like volleyball on water, but with a much smaller ball, and, at its best, in the style of a football player taking a spectacular professional dive. Though there's much rivalry between areas, Split's Bačvice beach is considered to be the true home of the game which is ideally played with five players and a "bald" tennis ball.

Croatia - Aspects of Art, Architecture and Cultural Heritage
The book "Croatia: Aspects of Art, Architecture and Cultural Heritage" includes  contributions by leading British, American and Croatian writers and scholars. John Julius Norwich says in the book's introduction: "To the traveller arriving in Croatia from across the Adriatic, the land seems indeed to have been blessed by providence.  Nowhere in the whole Mediterranean will you find an interplay of land and sea more breathtakingly lovely than along the Dalmatian Coast."

LADO Croatia’s Acclaimed Folk Dance Ensemble to Perform in North America
LADO's fall tour of the U.S. and Canada is the climax of the 60th anniversary celebration of the founding of the ensemble. Eleven performances are scheduled in eight cities, full-production concerts and choral concerts combined. The mission of LADO goes well beyond performing dances that have been central to Croatian culture for generations.

Regatta to the beach
From his very beginnings, man has been competing with Nature, trying to become faster and stronger in conquering space and time, constantly stretching boundaries of his capabilities, putting before himself tougher and more difficult tasks, achieving better results and new records. There is one regatta in which all of these reasons and motives fall short. To be more exact, they fall into the sea.

Miletich Fighting Systems, Home of Champions, Past Present and Future
Often known as "The Croatian Sensation" Pat Miletich at the age of 26 began to train for the MMA. He had already trained in a variety of martial arts including karate, kickboxing, and boxing. He was very much inspired by the boxing aspirations of his uncle, Johnny "Miler" Miletich who was present at the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles as part of the boxing squad.

Stjepan Veckovic founder of Croatian Bagpipe Orchestra
 Stjepan Večković on the photo is a founder of the Croatian Bagpipe Orchestra. Bagpipes are usually  associated to Ireland and Scotland, but Croatian bagpipe tradition is much older. Recently an International Bagpipe Festival has been organized in the village of Mihovljan near Zagreb. According to Mr. Večković, there is no country in the world that could compete Croatia in the variety of traditional national musical instruments.

Srdjan Bulat impresses judges with music and technical ability
 The winner of the 6th annual Ferdo Livadic international competition for young musical artists in Samobor was Srdjan Bulat from Split (left). He impressed the judges with his selections and technical ability.

Marie Spaemann a student of maestro Valter Despalj wins the first prize
Marie Spaemann on the left is a young German violoncellist studing at the Zagreb Academy of Music in the class of maestro Valter Dešpalj, distinguished Croatian musician and educator. She has recently won the first prize at the prestigeous 16th "Johannes Brahms" international competition for young musicians organized in Poertschach in Austria.

Zvonimir Janko and Yakov Berkovich authors of important math monograph
Israeli mathematician Yakov Berkovitch and Croatian mathematician Zvonimir Janko have published a voluminous joint monograph "Groups of Prime Power Order", part II, comprising 520 pp. Professor Janko is known for the discovery of his famous sporadic groups J1, J2, J3, and J4. The discovery of J1 in 1964 has launched the quest for other sporadic groups. He is one of originators of the theory of p-groups.

Zeljko Brkanovic distinguished Croatian composer
Renwned German composer Erhard Karkoschka commented on the music written by Željko Brkanović on the left: "I have already encountered and learnd to appreciate his music at the concerts of the Zagreb Biennale... What I noticed in particular is a differentiated use of instruments, which makes his orchestral works very interesting due to sudden shifts. In the same manner the formal structure and logically controlled lines always make a convincing impression."

Public square or Pjaca, Plokata, somewhere even Poljana, is the central part of the city, a place dedicated to the most significant city and municipal public events and activities, a place where everything that belongs to a city comes together. A square is actually a kind of a market for our natures.

White Croats in Ukraine and their archaeological site Stiljsko near the city of Lviv

Dr. Orest Korčinski, Ukrainian archaeologist on the left, investigates the site of Stiljsko on Carpathian mountains near Lviv in Ukraine, an important site of the White Croats from 8th to 10th centuries. We provide an article by Rev. Oleh Hirnyk, dealing with a little known early history of the Croats. The whole site, with surrounding settlements, had around 40,000 inhabitants in 9th century, more than Kiev at that time!

Marin Cilic upsets number 2 seed at U.S. Open
Andy Murray of Britain has been upset at the U.S. Open, losing in straight sets to Marin Cilic of Croatia. The 16th-seeded Cilic beat the No. 2 Murray 7-5, 6-2, 6-2 Tuesday to reach his first Grand Slam quarterfinal.

NFCA Delegation Meets U.S. Ambassador to Croatia James Foley
A National Federation of Croatian Americans (NFCA) delegation of Steve Rukavina, Zvonko Labas, Joe Foley, and NFCA Fellow Jelena Rudela met with the newly approved U.S. Ambassador to Croatia, James Foley, at the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday September 1st. Cathy Westley, the State Department’s Croatian Desk Officer, also met with the NFCA delegation.

Croatian guitarist competes at Francisco Tarrega competition in Spain
Srdjan Bulat, (left) a 5th year guitar student at the Musical Academy in Zagreb performed at the 43rd annual Francisco Tarrega international competition that was held from August 28th – September 4th 2009 in the Spanish city of Benicassim. This year's competition marked the 100th anniversary of the death of Francisco Tarrega, a renowned Spanish composer and guitar instructor.

Ivanka Bubalo from Bosnian Posavina and her white shirt
Ivanka Bubalo, Croatian newspaper-woman, shared the martyrdom of exiled Croats from Bosanska Posavina, reporting about their difficulties in her numerous articles and radio reports. She is a strong representative of what we believe could be called the Croatian spirituality. A monograph "Bijela košuljica Ivanke Bubalo" has been issued by the Plehan Society and Glas koncila in Zagreb.

Julian Rachlin and Friends festival in Dubrovnik
Pianist Yefim Bronfman, violinist Lawrence Power, clarinettist Martin Frost, cellist Torleif Thedéen, double-bassist Stacey Watton, harpsichord player Jan Jansen, along with almost "traditional" participants - cellist Mischa Maisky, pianist Itamar Golan, violinist Janine Jansen and many others - are only several world-renowned names coming to Dubrovnik this year upon the invitation by Maestro Julian Rachlin to perform at the Festival from 31 August to 12 September.

Nenad Bach plays for global peace in Kansas City
 Internationally renowned Croatian musician Nenad Bach (left) performed at the first ever Concert for Global Peace on Saturday August 29, 2009 in Kansas City, Missouri. The concert was organized by the International Visitors Council of Kansas City in collaboration with Dr. William Everett, Associate Professor of Musicology at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance.

Differential Equations and Applications a new Math journal in Croatia
Differential Equations and Applications is a new professional mathematical journal in Croatia launched in 2009 upon the initiative of Professor Neven Elezović on the photo, University of Zagreb. One of its three editors in chief is Professor Mervan Pašić from the same University.

Interview: Gordana Brzović
Somebody once said – a good product is a good product, whatever we might say about it. One such product is the show “Transfer” dedicated to culture, a different kind of culture, slightly off-center from the ordinary and spiced up with the right dose of critical consideration. We talked with Gordana Brzović, director and an editor.

Blanka Vlasic jumped 208 cm in Zagreb - the second height in history
Blanka Vlašić is just one cm below the current world record. She reached the height of 208 cm at the Hanžeković Memorial Athelitic Competition organized in Croatia's capital Zagreb.

Sime Fantela and Igor Marenic Croatian sailors Men's 470 World Champions
Šime Fantela and Igor Marenić are the new Men's 470 World Champions at the international sailing competition organized in Copenhagen in Denmark. They are both former junior world champions in sailing, members of the Sailing club of St. Krševan from the city of Zadar, Croatia.

In Memoriam: Virgilije Nevjestić 1935 - 2009
Virgilije Nevjestić was a poet and an artist of rich, surreal and poetic expressions.  He was born in the village of Kolo near Tomislavgrad (BiH) in 1935 and moved to Paris in 1968, where he built a respectible artistic career. He died on August 24th 2009, after a long and difficult illness at La Tourelle hospital in the Parisian suburb of L'Hay-les-Roses, where he had been since September of last year.

Ana Vidovic distinguished Croatian guitarist
Ana Vidović was born in Croatia in the town of Karlovac. At the age of 13 she became the youngest student to attend the National Musical Academy in Zagreb.  Her international performance career includes recitals in London, Paris, Vienna, Salzburg, Rome, Budapest, Warsaw, Tel Aviv, Oslo, Copenhagen, Toronto, Baltimore, San Francisco, Houston, Austin, Dallas and St. Louis. She has a recital in Cavtat Croatia within Epiduarus Festival September 2, 2009 - 8:00 PM.

Blanka Vlasic defends her world title in Berlin 2009
High-jump queen Blanka Vlasic, one of the best athlete in the world,  retained her world crown on Thursday when she saw off arch-rival and local favourite Ariane Friedrich to win gold at the World Athletics Championships. Vlasic was the only athlete to clear 2.04m in the electric atmosphere of Berlin's Olympic stadium.

Villa Ruzic in Rijeka and Croatian Tales of Long Ago by Ivana Brlic Mazuranic
Villa Ružić, situated in the city of Rijeka, is a top monument of Croatian culture. Among other things it comprises numerous editions of the famous Croatian Tales of Long Ago published by Ivana Brlić Mažuranić in 1916. The book intended for children was translated into some fourty languages, including Chinese. The Villa Ružić is superbly directed by Mr. Theodor de Canziani Jakšić on the left.

Vladimir Beck survives in a post-catastrophic world
 What would you do in the wake of a global catastrophe? How would you find food? Water? Shelter? The Colony is a controlled experiment to see exactly what it would take to survive and rebuild under these circumstances. Vladimir Beck (left) is one of 10 volunteers that are isolated in an urban environment outside Los Angeles and tasked with creating a livable society.

Loreta Kovacic to play at the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston Sept 3, 2009
Croatian pianist Loreta Kovacic and her group the Texas Slavs will be performing at the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston on September 3, 2009 starting at 7:00 p.m. The show is called Immigrants Out There, and will feature songs composed by her.

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