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CROWN Croatian World Network Newsletter, August 26th, 2007
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  08/26/2007 | Editorials | Unrated


C R O A T I A . O R G

CROWN Croatian World Network

                                                                                                                                                                              photo by Risha

Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

Dear All,

     A long time has passed in between two editorials. Simply, not enough time. I am not off the grid yet, but trying hard to focus on my new album Everything Is Forever.  If I do not answer all your emails please do understand that. Starting from the top a new article from prof. Zubrinic about Kursalon in Lipik. Lipik is a place to visit, when you go to Croatia. A lot of interesting history and pleasant people, horses and empty stables waiting for stolen Croatian horses. Astronauts and Cosmonauts at the same Split, Croatia. Our astrophysicists are amazing. Just see the list on the bottom of the page. This International Forum is about Human presence in Space. Read about the celebration at the Maritime College in Dubrovnik, submitted by captain Ivan Coric. A famous website "A small world" posted an article by Marina Sola about Croatia. Croatia did well in Sarajevo, result wise. We are talking about soccer. Matica Iseljenika, The Croatian Heritage Foundation calls all publishers, book stores and individuals to participate in an Exhibition of publishing activities on Croatian emigration. Deadline September 10th 2007. This is a great opportunity for those who understand what Interliber is. Croatian soccer team sixth in the world. Bilic and the boys are doing very well. Our quality is in total disproportion with our quantity. If we talk about the numbers, we should be below 100th.  The European Federation of Christian Teachers (SIESC) organized its 53rd Annual Meeting in July 2007 in Croatia, see the report and few photos by prof. Darko Zubrinic. Free Admission to U.S. Open Tennis Qualifying Matches, as always reported by Katarina Tepesh. Soon we will have a review of her newly published book. Go to amazon, and search under her name. 

     You already know it, but to remind you again, the stolen Croatian horses are still not returned. Petition for unconditional return of Croatian Lipizzaners from Serbia is for you to sign on CROWN. Read about the phenomenal anti virus concept by Ivan Krsti
ć. Instead of blocking specific viruses, Krstić's system sequesters every program on the computer in a separate virtual operating system, preventing any program from damaging the computer, stealing files, or spying on the user. "This defeats the entire purpose of writing a virus," says Krstić, from Harvard. Award Wining Film Random Lunacy available now on DVD. Plus a successful screening at the Chicago Film Festival. See this amazing story for yourself in the comfort of your home.  Check Zoran Orlic and his view of Oliver. Oliver Dragojevic, we are talking about. A Croatian pop star. 10th International Horse Race in Ravni Kotari, near Zadar. Our Handball Junior team finished fourth in the World Championship that was held in Macedonia. We got quick updates on Croatian World Calendar thanks to Violi Calvert. Our Juniors are doing very well and the World Championship that will be in Zagreb Croatia will bring more excitement to this already known sport.  A story largely ignored by all major international media about The biggest known post-WWII execution site in Europe, you can find on CROWN. Tezno Forest, Slovenia, holds remains of more than 15,000 post-WWII victims. A river of the faithful visits Our Lady of Sinj from all directions. 100,000 of them. The 19th International Olympiad in Informatics was held in the Croatian capital Zagreb gathering nearly 300 best students from 90 countries. More about our students success soon on CROWN.

      In memoriam for our comedienne legend Nela Erzisnik. She was an extraordinary talent. Zoran Orlic is a Croatian-born fine arts photographer with a flair for revealing the many moods of rock photography. Buy his new book The Frames behind the glass. If you are following the news, then you will know that the main role in the film Once is by Glen Hansard, the front man of The Frames. Read a letter from Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey and the plea from BiH community not to close embassy in Buenos Aires. As we are speaking, the 3rd Festival of Baroque Music is held in Rovinj, Croatia. 2 Silver medals for Croatia at the World University Games in Bankok, Thailand. Martin Sinkovic wins bronze at the World Rowing Junior Championships in Beijing, China. Ines Wurth is not pausing. She produced "An Age of Angels" at Edinburgh Festival. See all dates on CROWN and the Calendar. Croatian World Calendar is getting more and more noticed. Gina Picinic from New Jersey, wins a music festival in Croatia. According to the latest statistics published by the Croatian government, organic agriculture is on the move in the country. There are 369 organic companies up from 130 in 2003. 10th International Boat Race in the southern Croatian town of Metković on the Neretva River was held on Saturday, Aug 11, 2007. More than 600 sportsmen in 35 teams competed.  The awakening of a new Lipik. This summer this small town  is coming back to life. Prior to the Homeland war, Lipik was side to side with the most prestigious European health resorts Baden Baden and Karlovy Vary. In September 1991 everything was burned down and destroyed. Graficki Zavod Hrvatske, Croatia, enters web offset arena with Goss M-600 press, book production dating back to 1874. Josip Hanjš won the title of world champion in stenography (in category shorthand / capturing, mothertongue; seniors), among 44 competitors from nine countries, during the 46th Intersteno Congress held in Prague. MEDILS Mediterranean Institute for Life Science pollute success in only 4 months.

      Read about Croatian scientist Marko Puljić, Ph.D. Philosophy with the touch of Artificial Intelligence. Read about his interesting projects for NASA. Yes it is the same name as our Marko Puljic a technical director for CROWN. In memoriam for Rudolf Arapovic. We learn from others, see the amazing video and the roles. Will our Croatian buffalos wake up eventually? Diaspora Disenfranchised? The Ethnic Cleansing of the "Diaspora Entity"? Diaspora is called upon to invest or just spend and send money for BiH, the Government of BiH and the Office of the High Representative have exhibited no priority in addressing the needs and rights of the Diaspora community. By Prof. Ramic, Ing. Vrljicak & Ambassador Sacirbey. Our Tennis boys are doing very well on all fronts. Ancic is back, Karlovic almost in the finals few days ago, all of them in New York. Root for them if you are in New York for the US Open. Blanka Vlasic Jumped Second Highest in the History of the World. Yes, you read it right. She is now in Japan at the 11th World Championships in Athletics Osaka 2007. We hope for the best and are thankful for all the great results she gave us this season.

     Volunteers sought for Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra's USA Tour November 1-12, 2007. Honey bees buzz over Croatian meadows in an experimental hunt for explosives in an effort to clear away potentially deadly land mines. No field is ever 100% cleared, and that is why any method by which we could additionally increase security is priceless. The victor of the the 292nd Sinjska Alka was Tino Radanović. President of Croatia awarded him a sabre and a gold ring. Croatian Victory for Croatian History August 5th 1995 - 2007. I remember the feeling we had when after five years of terror, we finally got our act together despite the world's predictions. Freedom is priceless. Croatia celebrated Victory Day and homeland thanksgiving, and marked the 12th anniversary of the military-order operation "Oluja" (Storm), in which, after five years of Serbian occupation, the city of Knin was freed, as well as most of the occupied Croatian territory. Great Success and almost Gold for Croatian Men's Youth Hanballers in Bahrain 2007  Karla Fabrio, from Zagreb, Croatia established a new world record in Jump Blue and became a world Champion in 2007. A woman gets pulled over for speeding...see humor and wisdom. Stolen Croatian Lipizzaner horses starving in Serbia.

      Why is Croatian government slow on demand for our horses to come home?  Forensic approach to investigation of human right violations by prof.dr. Matko Marusic. The Global Medical Relief Fund has now helped over 70 children, from Bosnia & Herzegovina, to El Salvador, one child at a time, where this type of care and rehabilitation was not necessarily available in their own home countries. The children come for treatment and refitting for their prosthetics. During this treatment, these children stay at Mount Manresa Jesuit Retreat. If you wish to vote for Elissa Montanti, Founder and director of GMRF for the award, click here and look under Global Nominees (Fifth form the left). Summer School of Science (S3/S3++) is a science workshop held at Visnjan Observatory for high school students interested in natural sciences. Check ot for the next year. Read about Inventory of Heritage Organizations in Europe (IHOE) - Croatia. Who wants to close the Embassy of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Buenos Aires? by Joza Vrljicak. Croatian National Tourist office Newsletter - August 2007. Kosovo needs a conclusion, not a new beginning by Joe Foley. Croatia remains at the top of the "wish" list for many British holiday-makers and now there's even more choice for those who want the "home away from home" experience. Four Croatian Railways' subsidiaries for sale. Mottaki stresses expansion of Iran - Croatia ties. Blanka Vlasic tops 2.06 in Thessaloniki for a new Croatian Record. That was before she jumped 2.07 for another record. Hidden Croatia, the leading specialist tour operator, brings you the most outstanding beaches and diving spots along this rugged and breathtaking coast. 3 Croatians presently presidents of 3 countries. Fantela and Marenic World Champions. Diplomatic Vacuum perfect opportunity for Croatian talent. In today's political situation where Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Libya... etc are the countries to pay attention to and the West simply has no invitation to the party, a smaller country like Croatia has a perfect diplomatic position to be either moderator, liaison or even more, a participant in the creation of a better world.

Read my new column at soon. Every third Monday. In Croatian and in English.

     Croatian accordion players at 60th Coupe Mondiale, Washington DC. Merit Award to Vjera Odak-Jembrih. Hvar on the top of the wish list to Jet setters. Croatia demands 10 billion dollars from Serbia, just for military assets of YU. Marin Soljacic, A New Nikola Tesla in Zagreb.  See the video of A Thousand Leaps of Faith in Zadar, Croatia - World Record. Soon in Zadar,  starting August 29th International Institute of Philosophy 2007 annual meeting. Organized by Dr. Daniel Kolak a famous Croatian American philosopher. Ana Marušić, MD, PhD became a President of Council of Science Editors. Croatian Medical Journals Received International Recognition. Two Croatian medical journals, "Croatian Medical Journal" and "Lijecnicke novine", received important international recognition, which was not given much attention in Croatian media. Submitted by prof. dr. Matko Marusic. The perfect wine legacy - It all started when Peter Vegar's great grandfather left Croatia. New Zealand and our Croatian connections. Hungary, Croatia sign power line deal. The Hungarian system director of electrical-grid operator Mavir, Gábor Tari, and his counterpart at Hrvatska Elektroprivreda, Dubravko Sabolic, signed a contract in Osijek, Croatia, to build a 400 kV power line between Pécs, Hungary, and Ernestinovo, Croatia.

     Great success of the ATP 18th edition of Studena Croatia Open Umag 2007. Congratulations to Slavko Rasberger, founder of this Croatian Institution. Answer to British MP article - British MP's total ignorance. Article by Hilda Foley. Kat Coric organized a charity event in Montreal. Birthday Party Raised $20,000 in donations for Montreal HIV Kids & Families. Kat, presently in Dubrovnik - painting, she is doing the same in Zagreb in November.  Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration  Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic (left) received the delegates of the U.S. Congress led by Congresswoman Melissa Bean. Onaj koji ne vidi da su nam prodane banke by Niko Soljak.  Endearing photos of children playing with a dolphin in the sea off the Adriatic coast of Croatia. Croatian 400m runner Danijela Grgic is making a habit of hitting top form when it matters most - a quality which will put her in good-stead for the future. Danijela Grgic wins Gold at the European Athletics Junior Championships 2007. BiH, Croatia and Iran according to Ambassador Sacirbey, plus Petition for the Embassy of BiH in Buenos Aires to remain open. Viktor Vidovic comes from a well-known musical family, whose influence on his achievements was very big. At 12, he had his first solo concert. At 13, he took very convincing first places at competitions.

     We are pleased to announce the conference Mathematical Inequalities and Applications 2008 in Trogir and Split. This conference is organized in honour of Professor Josip Pečarić on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Europapress Holding has plans to launch "the New Medium" a revolutionary news project that will integrate a daily newspaper, a web portal, television shows, and mobile communications. Arena Zagreb, the future symbol of the city, will be a multi-function hall for sports, but also for cultural, entertainment and business events, and it will be able to hold up to 25,000 people.  The 12 year anniversary of the genocide of Srebrenica July 11th 1995 - 2007. Congressman Chris Smith has been consistent in his efforts on behalf of justice and a genuine peace and multi ethnic society in Bosnia & Herzegovina. An article by Muhamed Sacirbey. Jednog je dana seljakov magarac pao u bunar ...Ethno hairstyles of Croatia.  Croatia is a country that Czech people love. The Croatian seashore helps Czechs restore their physical and mental condition, and Czech money helps Croatians to restore their post-war economy. Flyglobespan offers new route to Pula. Women in Homeland War - The Power of Love: to do Good. This is an extremely important collection of authentic testimonies of efforts of Croatian women to save children, the wounded, as well as their own human dignity during the Homeland War in Croatia, 1991-1995. Croatia founded a national body for ethics in science.

     Voices from the Heart coming to Croatia July 5 - 12th, 2007. They came back to the USA. with a great success. THANK YOU. More about it soon. Next articles are not in Featured any more, because we have 100 of them on the page and then they are sorted into a data base through categories.  In memoriam Josip Turkalj 1924-2007, Croatian sculptor.  Hawaiian Fishponds in the Adriatic?  Antun Vrdoljak re-elected to the International Olympic Committee. Croatia and Kazakhstan to boost ties  Mo Sacirbey: A Convenient Genocide, in a fishbowl (Human Rights Category). Croatia's Konzum grows domestically (Business). Dr. Ruggero Cattaneo and his work on Croatian literature (Culture And Arts, Friends), Help harness renewable energy from waves and tides (Environment, Science), Thank you for inviting me to your national day celebrations tonight here in the Croatian heartland of West Auckland....There has, of course, been a strong, successful Croatian presence in New Zealand for well over a century. David Cunliffe - speech for Croatian National Day. An amazing letter. Must read. Send an email of appreciation. (Community, Friends In Action, History ) Michael Kaufman: Power, Values, and Reform Through the EU Accession Process (Education, Opinions, People, Politics). Soon more news about Boris Ljubicic and his global success.

Svako dobro, Mabuhay.


p.s. There are cca 1000 letters that need to be published, but there is no time for few volunteers to accomplish all of this. With your support only, after we could employ one person to do it a full time job, then we will be able to fulfill the need that you are asking for. Thank you Marko Puljic and Darko Zubrinic for your devoted and quality work on CROWN. Thank you Emil Jakovcevic for a constant help with the design.

Segment of the proposed flag in 1990, by Boris Ljubicic

Formated for CROWN by Nenad Bach
Distributed by This message is intended for Croatian Associations / Institutions and their Friends in Croatia and in the World. The opinions / articles expressed on this list do not reflect personal opinions of the moderator. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, please delete or destroy all copies of this communication and please, let us know! Or simply...enjoy and spread the word and good vibrations.

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