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Croatia To Celebrate Victory Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Croatia celebrates Victory Day and homeland thanksgiving, and marks the 12th anniversary of the military-order operation "Oluja" (Storm), in which, after five years of Serbian occupation, the city of Knin was freed, as well as most of the occupied Croatian territory.

Karlovic plays Roddick today for the finals at 2 PM EST (USA)

Croatia advances to the finals of “Trofeo Diego Gianatti” by defeating Serbia

Croatia defeated Serbia 84-76 and will face hosts Italy in todays finals.


Great Success and almost Gold for Croatian Men's Youth Hanballers in Bahrain 2007
 The crowd at the nearly complete Manama hall felt all ecstatic about the great performances of both youth teams. Danish Casper Ulrich Mortensen with 9 goals to his credit became the match winner. Manuel Strlek and Hrvoje Tojcic scoring 7 goals each made the Croatian side shining.

Croatian Karla Fabrio a World Champion with world record in Jump Blue 2007

Karla Fabrio, from Zagreb, Croatia establised a new world record in Jump Blue. Karla Fabrio, natjecateljica iz RK "Geronimo" iz Zagreba na natjecanju je postavila novi službeni svjetski rekord u disciplini Jump Blue s rezultatom od 130,10 metara.

A woman gets pulled over for speeding...

Stolen Croatian Lipizzaner horses starving in Serbia

In October 1991, the largest Lipizzaner horse-farm in Croatia, situated near the town of Lipik, was bombed with napalm bombs. Out of 117 horses 27 of them were killed, and more than 80 taken away to Serbia, where they are also today. Believe it or not, the Serbs are trying to SELL stolen Croatian Lipizzaners to Croatia! From reliable sources we know that some of them have been already sold in Italy.

Forensic approach to investigation of human right violations
Excavation of site in Dalmatian hinterland, near the village of Zagvozd. All remains were men, mainly middle-aged, with gunshot wounds to the head. All of the positively identified remains belonged to the Franciscan friars allegedly killed in Herzegovina and buried at the analyzed site. One Child at a Time

The Global Medical Relief Fund has now helped over 70 children, from Bosnia & Herzegovina, to El Salvador, one child at a time, where this type of care and rehabilitation was not necessarily available in their own home countries. The children come for treatment and refitting for their prosthetics. During this treatment, these children stay at Mount Manresa Jesuit Retreat.

The Visnjan Summer School of Science
Summer School of Science (S3/S3++) is a science workshop held at Visnjan Observatory for high school students interested in natural sciences. 

Inventory of Heritage Organisations in Europe (IHOE) - Croatia
IHOE projekt daje pregled europskih nevladinih organizacija (NGO sektor) koje se bave baštinom u najširem smislu. Organizacije s područja baštine pozivaju se da se registriraju na portal osmišljen kao on line baza podataka koja će se objaviti u studenom 2007.  

Who wants to close the Embassy of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Buenos Aires ?

About the Bosnia-Herzegovina Embassy in Buenos Aires. A news item published in the Banja Luka Nezavisne Novine states that the Bosnia-Herzegovina embassies in Argentina and South Africa, as well as the general consulate in Bonn are going to be closed... a note by Joza Vrljicak.

Croatian National Tourist office Newsletter - August 2007

Kosovo needs a conclusion, not a new beginning

Croatia in World Handball Semifinals
 The semi-final line-up for the second World Youth Handball Championship was completed last night, with European powerhouses Croatia, Denmark and Sweden advancing.

Interhome expands Croatia offering
 Croatia remains at the top of the "wish" list for many British holiday-makers and now there's even more choice for those who want the "home away from home" experience.

Four Croatian Railways' subsidiaries for sale

Mottaki stresses expansion of Iran - Croatia ties
Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said here Monday that expansion of all -out ties with Croatia enjoys priority in Iran's foreign diplomacy.  

Blanka Vlasic tops 2.06 in Thessaloniki for a new Croatian Record
  Clearly the best athlete of the "Olympic Meeting 2007" held in Thessaloniki, Greece, was Croatia's Blanka Vlasic.

Beaches to dive for with Hidden Croatia
Hidden Croatia, the leading specialist tour operator, brings you the most outstanding beaches and diving spots along this rugged and breathtaking coast.

3 Croatians presently presidents of 3 countries.

Fantela and Marenic World Champions
 Croatian sailors Sime Fantela and Igor Marenic from Zadar have earned the title of world champions in the under 21 World Junior Championships.

Diplomatic Vacuum perfect opportunity for Croatian talent

In today's political situation where Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Libya... etc are the countries to pay attention to and the West simply has no invitation for the party, a smaller country like Croatia has a perfect diplomatic position to be either moderator, liaison or even more, a participant in the creation of a better world.

Atlantic Group buys Viciski Commerce

Croatian accordion players at 60th Coupe Mondiale, Washington DC
Hrvatski  harmonikaši sudjelovat će na 60. Coupe Mondiale 13.-19. augusta 2007. u Alexandriiji, Washington DC. Za vrijeme održavanja mondijala prof. Vjeri Odak-Jembrih bit će uručeno priznanje MERIT AWARD, koje joj dodjeljuje Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes.

Summer 2007: Hvar, Croatia

 In our new resort report series we look at Hvar, Croatia and get the lowdown on the best places to eat and stay.

Croatia demands 10 billion dollars from Serbia, just for military assets of YU

Marin Soljacic, A New Nikola Tesla in Zagreb
  The scientist was visibly moved by interest of Croatian media in his work and prime minister praised his team and invention.

A Thousand Leaps of Faith in Zadar, Croatia - World Record

Ana Marušić, MD, PhD President of Council of Science Editors

Croatian Medical Journals Receive International Recognition

Two Croatian medical journals, "Croatian Medical Journal" and "Lijecnicke novine", received important international recognition, which was not given much attention in Croatian media.

Blanka Vlasic wins again in Monte Carlo. 10 victories in 2007
 Croatia's best athlete, Blanka Vlašić won her 10th victory of the season! At the Super Grand Prix meet "Herculis 2007" in Monte Carlo, she cleared 2.03 meters for victory.

The perfect wine legacy - It all started when Peter Vegar's great grandfather left Croatia
  It all started when Peter Vegar's great grandfather left Croatia with a grape cutting to escape the poverty and to fulfil his dream of living the perfect life in a vineyard.

Hungary, Croatia sign power line deal

ATP 18th edition of Croatian Institution Studena Croatia Open Umag 2007

As we enter the 18th edition of the tournament...we proved the world that Umag's tournament is not only about tennis. A new look of the main square, an entertainment program just like those in the main world capitals. A Croatian Institution Studena Croatia Open Umag. Croatia Open Director, Slavko Rasberger (photo).


Answer to British MP article - British MP's total ignorance.

The largest resistance to German and Italian occupiers was carried out by Croatians, forming  partisan brigades already in June 1941, that eventually with Bosnians numbered 34 Hilda Foley

Birthday Party Raises $20,000 in donations for Montreal HIV Kids & Families
  The Sports Performance Centre a donation of $20,000 to Les Enfants de Béthanie charitable organisation in Montreal.

Croatian Foreign Minister Meets U.S. Congress Delegates
 Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration  Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic (left) received the delegates of the U.S. Congress led by Congresswoman Melissa Bean on Monday.

Onaj koji ne vidi da su nam prodane banke

Children play with a dolphin in the sea off the Adriatic coast of Croatia

Children play with a dolphin in the sea off the Adriatic coastal town of Krilo Jesenice, Croatia. The baby dolphin was separated from his mother but later rescued when the school of dolphins returned to collect it


Danijela Grgic wins Gold at the European Athletics Junior Championships 2007

Croatian 400m runner Danijela Grgic is making a habit of hitting top form when it matters most  a quality which will put her in good-stead for the future. Danijela wins gold again.

Croatia's Blanka Vlasic cleared 2.05 metres to take victory in Madrid 2007

Croatia's Blanka Vlasic beat her own leading mark of the year when she cleared 2.05 metres to take victory in the women's high jump at the IAAF Grand Prix in Madrid on Saturday July 21, 2007

BiH, Croatia and Iran according to Ambassador Sacirbey

Petition for the Embassy of BiH in Buenos Aires to remain open

Molimo da se ne zatvori Ambasada BiH u Buenos Airesu. We petition for the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Buenos Aires to remain open. Pedimos que no se cierre la Embajada de Bosnia y Herzegovina en Buenos Aires.

Guitar virtuoso Viktor Vidovic
Viktor Vidovic comes from a well-known musical family, whose influence on his achievements was very big. At 12, he had his first solo concert. At 13, he took very convincing first places at competitions. 

International conference in honour of Academician Josip Pečarić

We are pleased to announce the conference Mathematical Inequalities and Applications 2008 in Trogir and Split. This conference is organized in honour of Professor Josip Pečarić on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

Croatia: Citizen journalists to play a big role in cross-platform

Europapress Holding has plans to launch "the New Medium" a revolutionary news project that will integrate a daily newspaper, a web portal, television shows, and mobile communications.


Zagreb Mayor: Arena Construction Begins On July 20
Arena Zagreb, the future symbol of the city, will be a multi-function hall for sports, but also for cultural, entertainment and business events, and it will be able to hold up to 25,000 people. 

Congressman Chris Smith, history of sincere support for victims & BiH
 Congressman Chris Smith (left) has been consistent in his efforts on behalf of justice and a genuine peace and multi ethnic society in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Jednog je dana seljakov magarac pao u bunar

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