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Opportunity for Croatian Talent - RechargeIT Request for Investment
  Earlier this summer, launched its RechargeIT Initiative to accelerate the adoption of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and vehicle-to-grid technology through technical demonstrations, grant-making, advocacy and investments.  

Making an electrifying difference to climate change is a social network website that brings together people interested in making a difference. It provides the means for more direct public involvement in helping identify priorities and in finding the solutions  for increasing electrical energy efficiency.

145 godina od dolaska prve željeznice u Zagreb

Ovogodišnju proslavu Dana HŽ-a povezali smo sa 145. obljetnicom dolaska prvoga vlaka u Zagreb, nakon što je u promet bila predana pruga Zidani Most - Zagreb - Sisak, inače prva pruga sagrađena na području ondašnje Kraljevine Hrvatske i Slavonije.

CROATIAN FOOD FESTIVAL A Diversity of Flavours from Croatia at the UN

Croatia has it alL.. Come and enjoy a diversity of flavours from Croatia - a unique fusion of Mediterranean and Central-European cuisine. Taste award-winning olive oil, great seafood, tender meat dishes, unique Štrukli and Paštlcada, rich Croatian chocolate and much, much more.

KLD Resetari is looking for writers from the Croatian Diaspora
  KLD Resetari is holding a contest for Croatian poets living abroad.  Authors who are interested can submit up to 3 poems. Winners will have their work published in the group's literary journal.

Henry Suzzallo, president of the University of Washington from 1915 to 1926
Henry Suzzallo (1875-1933) was president of the University of Washington from 1915 to 1926. The central library of the University of Washington is called Suzzallo Library. His parents Petar and Ana Suzzallo, Croatians originating from Dalmatia, arrived to San Francisco in 1852.

Vukovar is THE Croatian sacred ground and somebody just pissed on it.

The absurdly light or no prison terms handed out to the three most responsible for the Vukovar massacres and torture are not consistent with the crimes. It was not a lack of evidence but a devaluation of the crimes, or more accurately, the lives of the victims and all of us. 

A Diplomatic "Hunting Party" - part 2 and 3

On the plane, Holbrook from the outset began to pressure that we abandon or trade Gorazde. It struck me as rather strange at that time why Holbrooke had placed the emphasis of this conversation on "us" giving up Gorazde, the first hour of a 90 minute conversation.


"Movies like to pretend they're different, but RANDOM LUNACY really, truly is. Gifted filmmakers Zimet and Silber throw us into a life that intoxicates, infuriates and leaves us panting for each unforgettable adventure. Prepare to be wowed" - Peter Travers of Rolling Stone

Kazulin family continues tradition of boat making

The Kazulin family's tradition of designing and building fine watercraft began seven generations ago on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia. Since then, generations of the family produced commercial and pleasure boats in Europe and North America.

Ivana Kunc’s brand new CD “Music of Božidar Kunc" in stores now

We are pleased to announce the release of Ivana Kunc's brand new CD "Music of Božidar Kunc". Ms. Kunc is the daughter of Croatian composer Boidar Kunc and the niece of soprano Zinka Milanov. This recording contains songs with both Croatian and English text. On Croatian Radio tomorrow.

Croatia Advances at World Cup of Pool
Ivica Putnik lines up his shot at the World cup of Pool.  Croatia stunned the 16th seed Russia with an upset victory.

Vida Jurcic runs an award winning design firm Hangar 18
  Vida Jurcic is a principal of Hangar 18, a fast-growing, award-winning design firm specializing in corporate and retail communications that she co-founded in 1996. 

Search for CROATAN 'Lost Colony' continues centuries after group disappeared
Croatian or/and  Croatan lost colony?

Culture of the Croats in Argentina on CD-ROM
A very nice CD-ROM entitled Cultura de los Croatas de Argentina, containing numerous video clips, music, photos and texts, has been created by Studia Croatica, Argentina. We warmly recommend you to enjoy in authentic Croatian music.

U2 in Sarajevo, 10 Years After September 23, 1997

Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam were still in the dressing room underneath the rapidly filling Kosevo stadium stands. Paul McGuiness and I were standing behind the stage.

The Baška Glagolitic Path on the island of Krk
  The Baška Glagolitic Path - THE CROATIAN PRIMER OF THE HISTORICAL LANDSCAPE, is a vast project, the purpose of which is to erect a monument of permanent value in the Baška valley. It will consist of 34 stone statues displaying the individual letters of the Glagolitic alphabet.

11th International Lace Festival, Lepoglava 2007, Croatia
From the program: Lace Tent Project, author Akiko Sato (Japan), Children Workshops, Items from private and museum collections from France, Hungary, Slovenia, Germany and Croatia, Lace workshops and Lace sale, Varaždin Baroque evenings concert: Mario Penzar, organs, ...

Ištvančić's film at the Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival
 Branko Ištvančić's film Duh u močvari (Ghost in the Swamp) is invited to be shown at the Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival, October 10th, 2007, at 7pm, at the Martin Luther King Jr. Auditorium within the Santa Monica Library.

9,000 NATO Commandos In Adriatic Operation
  From 1 to 12 October 2007 Croatia will be the scene of Noble Midas 07, the largest and most important international military manoeuvre to be held in Croatia since its independence.

Nick Bicanic, Director, Producer & Creator - A new filmmaking star on a horizon

Nick Bicanic comes to the film and television industry from 8 years of experience in the world of new media. Nick abandoned PhD studies in Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. Shadow Company is his new film. Nick will testify on Friday Sept 21 on a Capitol Hill. Watch CSPAN

Ante Simonic at the Universal Peace Federation 2007 in New York

Providing Vision and Leadership at a Time of Global Crisis.  Feature presentations by a number of current and former heads of state, many of whom will be in New York for the United Nations' "Climate Change" conference

New book: Escape From Despair - A Croatian Family's Survival
 Katarina Tepesh (left) has published a memoir titled "Escape From Despair - A Croatian Family's Survival" learn more about the author, the book and where you can get it.

Josip Turkalj 1924-2007, a renowned Croatian American artist, died
  On July 3, 2007, a renowned Croatian American artist, Josip Turkalj, died at his home in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Besides being an exceptional husband and father to six sons, he was a brilliant sculptor, educator, wonderful man, and a friend to many of us.

1st U.S.-Croatian conference on the ICT, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry
 The Conference in Split, Croatia, October 1-4, 2007, will feature renowned experts from the U.S. and Croatia who will focus on determining opportunities and strategies that will lead to increased collaboration in several key areas that might directly influence educational and scientific exchange, investment and trade between the U.S. and Croatia in the ICT, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry sectors.

Ovo nije kraj - In Memoriam for Croatian Firemen

A Diplomatic "Hunting Party" - facts never published before by Ms. Hartmann - part 1

Muhamed Sacirbey, Florence Hartmann and Sylvie Matton speak out. Ms. Hartmann makes damning revelations about the betrayal of justice in her new book "Peace & Punishment.". Were the Big Powers in complicity to ethnic cleansing? Twist of fiction and reality. Film "The Hunting Party" with Richard Gere talks about the same subject in the same fiction. The book "Peace and Punishment" talks about the same subject in the same reality with documents. And they came out at the same time. Coincidence, hard reality or historical materialism ? Hartmann, Matton and Sacirbey speak of the evidence and the consequences  for BiH, Croatia, the region and the victims. CROWN reports, you decide.

Dr. Ante Čuvalo: Historical Dictionary of Bosnia and Herzegovina

At the end of August 2007, Scarecrow Press published the second and enlarged edition of Historical Dictionary of Bosnia and Herzegovina, written by dr. Ante Čuvalo, a recognized authority on the past and present of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Efforts to build the Church of Croatian Martyrs in Udbina

In September 9th, 2007 an invitation has been sent by Croatian Bishops from Udbina to continue with efforts to build the Church of Croatian Martyrs. The manifestation has been accompanied with a rich spiritual and cultural program.

PYRAMID on top of the Pyramid - Monumental success of Croatian TV
  The Pyramid is a unique combination of talk show and game show. Europroducciones has already optioned the format for Spain, Italy and Portugal, as has Gestion Avanti Cine Video for French speaking Canada. (photo) Dubravko Merlic and Zeljka Ogresta

EURO 2008 Soccer Croatia wins Andorra 6-0, Estonia 2-0 to stay on top

Croatian President: Croatia needs highly moral people that will solve problems

People who will keep saying everything is alright must not be in key positions, so that existing problems cannot be solved. Croatia needs people who will solve problems and enable faster development. Experts and highly moral people need to run the country.

Croatia is a standout - by Jon Durbin

We actually traveled through five countries, beginning and ending our trip in Venice. In addition to Italy, the other four countries, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Montenegro are all part of the former Yugoslavia. While we have wonderful memories from the whole trip, Croatia is a standout.

Resurrection of the Town of Lipik
 A short information about the town of Lipik today: its Children's Home, Library, Italian minority, firemen, villas, Studenac mineral water, etc.

Prvo službeno mikročipiranje konja u Hrvatskoj
 Označavanja mikročipom je "prijateljska" metoda koja doprinosi dobrobiti životinja, a ujedno omogućava i identifikaciju životinje, cjeloživotno praćenje životinje kako u uzgojno - selekcijskom radu tako i u praćenju zdravstvenog stanja konja.

If the global warming continues ... Croatia Will Become Barren Desert
If global warming continues, Croatians will die of hunger and thirst by the end of the century.  

Betrayal of Justice - Will New Revelations from Within The ICTY Bring Consequences

Will the Region receive a new opportunity at unfiltered justice? Will Officials from the Leading Powers be held to Account for their Complicity with Milosevic and Betrayal of our Western Values? Are we that boring or just inept at protecting our rights and interests? discussion with Ambassador Mo Sacirbey

Ivan Ljubicic, Ace Leader

Some can sing opera, Luciano Pavarotti was an opera 1935 - 2007

No one could inhabit those acrobatic melodies and words like him. He lived the songs, his opera was a great mash of joy and sadness; surreal and earthy at the same time; a great volcano of a man who sang fire but spilled over with a love of life in all its complexity, a great and generous friend

NAMO JE ...Posvećeno dragin vatrogascima, poginulin prilikon gašenja požara
Namo je svon cviću nestalo boja, namo je i dite postalo ratnik, namo je umrla i radost moja!

A new star was born - Blanka Vlasic - intelligent and sexy
Blanka Dances with Relaxing and Positive Energy for Gold. Collection of videos.  

Croatian Film Festival in New York Sept 13 -16 organized by Doors Art Foundation

The Doors Art Foundation organized Croatian Film Festival NYC, a multimedia event. September 13 - 16th, 2007 at the Museum of the Moving Image and the Tribeca Cinemas. The festival  will present 21 Croatian films and will also include a panel discussion on Croatian film.


Croatia's Blanka Vlasic wins GOLD at the World Athletics Championships in Osaka

Blanka Vlasic, Croatian high jumper, confirmed her status as the premier athlete in the women's event with an easy victory at the IAAF World Championships in Osaka, Japan. Croatia's Blanka Vlasic has won 12 out of the 13 outdoor competitions she has entered this year 2007.

Day of Mourning in Croatia
In the aftermath of the deaths of firemen on Kornati, the Croatian government declared Monday, September 3, Day of Mourning.  

Istarski gunjci, musicological book by Vladimir Pernić
 Vladimir Pernić wrote a very interesting book about a unique music phenomenon in Istria, Croatia - the tradition of GUNJCI. Istria is a paradise in many respects: music, architecture, nature, history, Glagolitic script, cuisine, olives, etc.

Patriarch of the Nobilo wine family, dies at 94

Mr Nick Nobilo (left), who established the House of Nobilo wine label, died late on Wednesday night at a private hospital in Henderson, Auckland, with his family at his bedside.

Americans Flock to Croatia


Croatia Hall celebrating 75th anniversary
 Frank Sebalj (left) is ready for the hall's 75th celebration this coming weekend. The society also hopes to increase its membership to keep the tradition and culture of Croatians alive in Schumacher

Space Travelers Gather in Croatia for Historic Summit

Uskoro povratak ukradenih lipicanaca Ergele Lipik, by Mato Čačić, M.Sc.
 Put ukradenih lipicanaca bio je težak. ... Prema našim procjenama sada je na prostoru Srbije oko 300 lipicanaca porijeklom iz Lipika.

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