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Renata Pokupić makes her LA Opera debut as Cherubino in Le Nozze di Figaro
Renata Pokupić (left) makes her LA Opera debut as Cherubino in Le Nozze di Figaro (September 2010). The Croatian mezzo-soprano is known internationally through her acclaimed performances of baroque, classical and other coloratura-mezzo repertoire as well as solo songs.

Pete Radovich has 18 Emmys
"Friends" won 11, "Sienfeld" won 10, "South Park" won 3 but Croatian-American Pete Radovich (left) has 18 Emmys! This award winning producer is the Creative Director on CBS sports and has produced sports events ranging from the NBA to the Olympics.

Izumi Yamaguchi Japan singing Cetiri Staduna in Croatian
  Izumi Yamaguchi, Japanese pop and jazz singer, surprized us all with her beautiful interpretation of a popular Croatian song Četiri stađuna (Four Seasons), which she sings in Croatian language. The song is orginally performed by Meri Cetinić, composed by Zdenko Runjić, and the lyrics written by Tomislav Zuppa.

Filip Cvitic created Epistula Croatica font for Croatian Glagolitic Script
Epistula Croatica is the project initiated by Filip Cvitić, aiming to spread information about the Croatian Glagolitic Script. The script, which is an important part of Croatian cultural heritage, is being researched in terms of design. The logo of the CROWN, that you can see at the top of this web page, has been created using this typeface, according to the initial idea of Nenad Bach.

Tomislav Raukar laureate of the Anton Gindely Prize in Vienna Austria 2009
Tomislav Raukar, distinguished professor of Croatian Middle Age History at the University of Zagreb and a member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, is a laureate of the prestigious Anton Gindly Prize in Vienna, Austria, for 2009, conferred to him by the Institute for Danube Area and Middle Europe in Vienna. It is a state prize in Austria established about 30 years ago.

Zvonimir Atletic photographs inspired by Mother Teresa
On the occasion of 100 years since the birth of Mother Teresa, Croatian photographer Zvonimir Atletić has an exhibition of photographs inspired by her missionary work. The exibition will take place in The Memorial House of Mother Teresa in Skopje, capital of Macedonia, August 26, 2010, at 8.00 pm.  Photo of Mother Teresa on the left by Zvonimir Atletić, Zagreb, Croatia.

Ivano Balic voted the best handball player in history
According to votes of 11,000 readers of web pages of International Handball Federation IHF, Ivano Balić is the best handball player in history. Ivano Balić is a standard member of Croatian handball representation, winner of gold medals at the World Championship in Portugal in 2003, at the Summer Olympic Games in Greece in 2004, and many other competitions. He was born in the city of Split in 1979, and is still an active player.

Dr. Borislav Arapovic elected member of the Russian Academy of Sciences 2010
Dr. Borislav Arapović, Croatian philologist, founder of the Institute for Bible Translation in Stockholm, was elected the foreign member of the famous Russian Academy of Sciences, in 1999 for his work on organizing the translation of the Bible into about 80 non-Slavic languages of the former SU. About eight million copies of the Bible have been issued till now. Founding the Institute for Bible Translation in Moscow in 1997 has been blessed by late Patriarch Alexij II.

Nenad Bach Band new CD "All I Want Is Freedom" 2010
Nenad Bach has a dream. A dream nurtured through wartime and expatriation, a dream informed by his quest for universal justice and deep longing for world peace. The result: All I Want Is Freedom, a passionate cri de coeur and the latest CD in the artist’s prolific body of work. Playing live on Sunday, August 22 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm Nenad Bach Band Live at Lucy's 446  Bedford Rd., Pleasantville, NY USA. New CD available on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon.

Marija Miletic Dail and her animated film PIXELTOWN
Marija Miletić Dail created a very interesting animated film PIXELTOWN. It is based on her book Pixletown - The World Found, issued by PublishAmerica in 2005. Pixletown is where a whole world existed, and even thrived, undiscovered for eons, until this last century, when the vehicle had been invented to bring it to our attention. That vehicle was the computer. Marija was born in Zagreb, Croatia, where her animation carreer had started.

George Jure Prpic 1920-2009 Croatian-American historian
Dr. Jure Prpić, Professor Emeritus of History, John Carroll University,  Cleveland USA, authored numerous books, booklets and articles. He wrote many articles in various Croatian immigrant publications., and deserves a special place in the history of the Association for Croatian Studies. Besides being one of its founders (1977), for quite a long time he was its main pillar and promoter. He was truly a gentle soul, a genuinely good person.

Hrvatski Običaj of Kansas City to release first CD
The commitment, ded­ication, desire, sheer joy and passion each of us holds in our hearts is what connects us forever in this journey. As this CD was a labor of love we hope that you enjoy it, continue to support our endeavors and may you carry the spirit of Croatia all around the world with you as you listen to our music!

Brenda Brkusic and Jack Baric won Los Angeles Area Emmy® Award
Bloody Thursday, a revealing documentary about the struggle of the West coast dockworkers during the Great Depression, produced by Brenda Brkušić on the photo and Jack Barić, has won a Los Angeles Area Emmy Award. The onehour film that debuted on KOCE public television was one of three nominees in the category of Arts, Culture and History.

Croatian Cooking & Brenda Brkusic on KOCE-TV
Brenda Brkušić shows us how to make delicious, healthy, traditional dinner from the Coastal region of Croatia, like Brudet, Blitva and Polenta. Croatia is known for its pristine island beaches, crystal clear waters and picturesque architecture, but we learn in this episode of Cooking for Health and Pleasure that it is also known for great food!

Sandra Perkovic won gold for Croatia in discus throw in Barcelona 2010
A new star has appeared on Croatia’s athletics horizon  - discus thrower Sandra Perkovic - only 19 years old and yet ready to climb the podium at this year’s most important event, the European Athletics Championships Barcelona 2010. She created history in becoming not only the youngest ever winner of discus throw gold medal, but also the first ever Croatian to win European Championship gold.

Ashley Colburn and WOW Croatia won an 2010 Emmy Award

American television journalist and producer Ashley Colburn has won a prestigious Emmy Award for her documentary "WOW Croatia," which was filmed in October last year in our country, supported by Croatian National Tourist Board. From the historical walls of Dubrovnik to the markets and ties of Zagreb - get ready for a first class exploration of this amazing country.

Sir Iain Chalmers medical scientist interviewed at the University of Split Croatia
In 2010 Sir Iain Chalmers, distinguished medical expert from UK, was a guest of the School of Medicine of the University of Split, Croatia. On this occasion he gave an interesting interview dealing with his contacts with Croatian scientists, Croatian Medical Journal, and his rich medical experience. He practised as a clinician for seven years in the UK and the Gaza Strip, and then became a full time health services researcher.

Preservation of music tradition in Moslavina Croatia
Lana on the left and her mother Slavica Moslavac, prof., are distinguished popularizers of  Croatian music and ethnographic tradition of the region of Moslavina west of Zagreb. Collecting and publishing materials on the music heritage of Moslavina and Croatian Posavina is not sheer romantic revival of the folklore past. It is a point of positive attitude towards the own folklore heritage.

Chichi may be the oldest dog in the world and vacationing in Croatia
 On Morton Street in the West Village lives a small poodle nearly the same color as the pavement upon which he takes his seven-times daily constitutional. He may very well be the oldest dog on the planet. But he may not live long enough to wear his crown. According to a long string of people who have owned the little canine, he is at least 22 years old, possibly 24. Chichi in Zadar, Croatia (photo).

481 foreign volunteers from 35 countries defended Croatia in 1991-1995
Sons of Croatia! 72 were killed in action (15 from England, 14 from Germany, 8 from France,...), and 88 wounded in action. Present in every front-line brigade, volunteers could be found on all of Croatia's five fronts. They were an enormous boost to civilian morale and their presence in battered front-line towns brought resolve to exhausted defenders. Jean-Michel Nicollier from France on the photo is one of the victims, assasinated in Ovčara near Vukovar.

Unforgettable Croatian songs of 1990s
Late Tomislav Ivčić on the photo composed his unforgettable Stop the War in Croatia. We include excellent appearances at the Eurovision Song Contents of the Put (Path) with Don't ever cry, the duo of Lidija Dunjko and Danijela Martinović with Nostalgija, and Maja Blagdan with Vječna ljubav (Eternal Love). We include Tereza Kesovija with Srebrena Bosna (Silver Bosnia), and last, but not least, Nenad Bach with Can We Go Higher?.

Fifty three Croatian wines awarded at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2010
Fifty three Croatian wines have won awards at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2010, one of the most prestigious and acclaimed competitions in the industry. In 2009 Croatia has been hailed as a major force in the wine world after the country won more gold medals than established rivals including the US, New Zealand and Portugal at a leading tasting competition.

The Korea Times: Croatia – ‘Miss World’ of the Mediterranean
Mr. Lee Chang-sup, The Korea Times correspondent, wrote a very nice article about Croatia. Writing about Plitvice Lakes, Mr. Lee expressed his opinion that Croatians may feel their pride hurt when this national park is compared with the Niagara Falls in the U.S. and the Iguazu Falls near the border of Brazil and Argentina, at least in natural beauty.

CroExpress newspaper for Croatians in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
In 2009 a team of Croatian and German journalists jointly produced a concept for the CroExpress, the new newspaper for Croatians in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, directed by Marina Stojak on the photo. This monthly describes the life of Croatians living in Europe and on the other side of the Atlantic to promote Croatian language, old-Croatian tradition and culture. It is a free newspaper.

Drago Stambuk Croatian ambassador in Japan writes about a beautiful friendship
This year a wonderful example of “friendship building” has been set in motion between our two countries, Japan and Croatia. Accumulated efforts of Japanese and Croatian people have resulted in the project of “Japan - Croatia Friendship House” in Tokamachi, Niigata. Written by Dr. Drago Štambuk, ambassador of Croatia in Japan.

Emil Milihram Croatian canoeist wins the World Cup 2010 in Austria
Croatian canoeist Emil Milihram is the overall winner of the Wildwater World Cup for 2010 after he won a classic race in Lofer, Austria. In the overall standings, Milihram is at the first place. He is followed by Yann Claudepierre of France and Norman Weber of Germany. Emil is already for three consecutive years the World Champion in canoeing!

Srdjan Bulat wins in Almeria
Srdjan Bulat (left) a fifth year student at the Musical Academy in Split, under the tutelage of Professor Darko Petrinjak was the winner at the 11th annual Julian Arcas guitar competition, which was held from June 23-26 , 2010 in the Spanish town of Almeria.

Nicholas B. Daddazio's Cravat Sculpture as icon and symbol of Western Culture
Cravat Sculpture as icon and symbol of Western Culture is an unending subject of interest for Nicholas B. Daddazio to explore. In 1991, his search for a new and surprisingly unusual, offbeat, out of the ordinary, and unexpected subject for his art led him to the ubiquitous cravat. The cravat originated in Croatia during the 1600's. Even the name of cravat is derived from Croatian name.

Croatian town Lipik needs help to rebuild Kursalon
The Kursalon, the neo-Renaissance style cafe in the town Lipik, Croatia, was constructed in 1893, with concert and a dance halls, a movie theater, restaurants, a piano bar, casino etc. It was the central point of the social and cultural life of the town until 1991, when it was destroyed  and burned during the Serbian aggression on Croatia. This is an appeal to rebuild one of the trademarks of the town of Lipik. On the photo Nenad Bach and Ivan Pušćenik in Lipik.

Studia Croatica founded in Buenos Aires Argentina celebrates 50 years
Studia Croatica is an important Croatian quaterly in Spanish founded in 1960 in Buenos Aires. It has published thosands of pages devoted to various historical, cultural and political issues dealing with Croatia and Croatians. The past directors were Ivo Bogdan, Franjo Nevistić, Radovan Latković, and Joza Vrljičak (photo), who established its internet versional at, capital achievement in preserving the history of Croatians.

Dvigrad International Festival of Early Music in Croatia 2010
Indefatigable professor Alojzije Prosoli, founder of Sacred Music association in Zagreb, Croatia, organized the new Dvigrad International Festival of Early Music, 26 June - 18 July. Dvigrad is a mediaeval town in the heart of Istrian peninsula in Croatia, which has been abandoned already in the 17th century due to plague. The partner country of the 2010 Dvigrad Festival is France.

John Kraljic and his Croatian historical studies
John Kraljić was born in New York City of Croatian parents from the area of Rijeka. John is a member and an officer of the Croatian Academy of America and member the Croatian Studies Association, as well as a contributing editor of the Review of Croatian History, published by the Croatian Institute of History (Hrvatski povijesni institut). Mr. Kraljić is the President of the National Federation of Croatian Americans.

Karin Kuljanic voice from Heaven and soul from Croatian island of Cres

Karin Kuljanić made her debut at the Melodies of Istria and Kvarner  festival in 1994, Croatia, with the beautiful song “Zami me sobun sakamo” (Take me with you anyhwere).   As I watched the video cassette of that festival I was thinking: This voice is something else! I hope it's here to stay. Luckily for MIK fans, it has. Employed at  the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University Hospital Rijeka, she is also known for her charitable work.

Croatian Warm Sea project - Projekt Hrvatsko Toplo More
The unused and neglected thermal and therapeutic springs in NW Croatia call for urgent action, in the area full of  castles, granges and villas. We want to renovate existing structures and put the unused springs to use, to invest in tourist-health centres. We invite Croats who are interested in taking part in this project to get in touch with us as soon as they can.

Mladena Gavran Croatian theatre actress awarded The Vladimir Nazor Prize 2010
For the twelve roles (!) she played in the monodrama THE CRAZIEST SHOW IN THE WORLD, the Croatian actress Mladena Gavran has been named the winner of the VLADIMIR NAZOR Prize for 2010. The author of the monodrama is her husband Miro Gavran.

Ivan Mestrovic's marble portrait of a child sold at Sotheby's in London 2010
This portrait of Slavan Vidović, son of Croatian painter Ivan Vidović is the first major marble by distinguished Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović to appear at auction at Sotheby's in 2010. The portrait was modelled during Meštrović's stay in Split in 1906.

Sensational Croatian electric car launched at the Geneva Motor Show 2010
Dok-Ing is the Croatian producer of high-tech robots, primarily for the US military. It has recently launched an attractive electric mini-car with vertical-opening doors. It can achieve 130km/h, acceleration of 0-100km/h in 7.7s. After 8 hours connected to a 220V network it gets a full charge of its lithium-phosphate, and can travel up to 250km without having to plug it. Director Vjekoslav Majetić on the photo and design by Igor Jurić.

CACF raises over $150,000 at 8th Annual Golf Outing/Awards Dinner
The Croatian American Charitable Foundation held its 8th Annual Charity Golf Outing and Awards Dinner at North Hills Country and Cherry Valley Club in Long Island, New York. Over 230 golfers and 60 companies help raise money to help the American Cancer Society, Doctors Without Borders, The Cam Neely Foundation and Croatian Mine Action Centre.

Branimir Kvartuc of to cross the Adriatic Sea for charity
Croatian American Branimir Kvartuč, an award-winning photojournalist, two times cancer survivor, founder and  philanthropist, will be crossing the Adriatic Sea on June 25-27 of 2010, from Venice, Italy to Pula, Croatia on a Stand Up Paddle board, setting a world record, in the process. See some of his beuatiful photos from the Đakovo Embroidery folklore festival.

Croatian train another great product by KONCAR - Electric Vehicles Inc
Croatia is one among only six countries in Europe producing their own trains. The new Croatian train produced by KONCAR - Electric Vehicles Inc offers the state of the art concept, excellent design, air-condition, ergonomic seats and panoramic glazing enabling a comfortable drive.

1131 years since the first international recognition of Croatia
 The first international recognition of Croatia came on May 21, 879 from Pope John VIII, that is, 1131 years ago. During the solemn divine service in St. Peter's church in Rome in 879, Pope John VIII gave his blessing to Croatian prince Branimir and the whole Croatian people, about which he informed the prince in his letters. A detail of Croatian sacral monument from 9th century can be seen on the left, with the name of prince Branimir.

Erazmo Ben Ticac Croatian leading planner of Savannah nuclear ship 1959
The Savannah nuclear ship, the first nuclear-powered merchant ship, was built to the plans of Erazmo Tićac 1904-1968, a Croatian  born near the naval port of Rijeka. After the president Dwight Eisenhower announced his decision to build an experimental nuclear-powered merchant ship, Tićac became the leading planner. The ship was launched in 1959. On a plaque above the entrance to the ship's lounge was written in golden letters: "Ben Tićac, naval architect".

New Voices in Croatian Drama featured in NYC, May 13, 2010
Highlighting the first-ever playwriting exchange between Croatia and the United States, this evening will showcase the work of young Croatian dramatists Ivana Sajko (left) and Tena Štivičić, featuring a brief presentation on contemporary theatre from Croatia, excerpts from both author’s plays in both Croatian and English, and a discussion with the participants in this exchange.

Nenad Bach, Boris Ljubicic & Davor Pavuna at TEDxZAGREB April 2010
Ideas worth spreading: Nenad Bach: A lifetime of advocating for peace has led Nenad to question: What is Freedom? Boris Ljubičić: Designer in quest, he has subordinated personal to the general, persistent and uncompromising promoter of Croatian visual identity. Davor Pavuna: unusual physicist with vision, exposing on eternal theme - Ah, Love!

Irish dance phenomenon in Croatia's capital Zagreb May 16 2010
Lord of the Dance spellbounds, excites and thrills audiences worldwide. It is the greatest and most sold dance show in the world. This time, Zagreb is looking for a ticket more. Zagreb will host Lord of the Dance's Troupe One, led by Michael Flatley himself. The performances will be held on Sunday, May 16th 2010, at Dražen Petrović Basketball Center. First perfomance begins at 5 p.m. and the second one at 8.30 p.m.

Croatian Creation is the trademark of best Croatian products

In late 1997 the Croatian Chamber of Economy started the Project to Visually Mark Croatian Products with Croatian Quality and Croatian Creation labels. The Croatian Quality label is given to those Croatian products whose properties meet high world standards. The Croatian Creation label is awarded to original Croatian products that reflect Croatian tradition, development, research, innovation and inventions.

Davor Suker to Hold Mini-Clinic for Charity in NYC, May 15, 2010
Davor Suker (left) will be holding a “Mini Clinic for Charity” on Saturday, May 15th 2010 at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) campus in Old Westbury, Long Island from 10am-1pm. The clinic will be for children between the ages of 9-14 and all proceeds will benefit the CACF and its ongoing battle for removing mines in Croatia.

Concert in honor of maestro Zeljko Brkanovic in V. Lisinski Concert Hall Zagreb
The Zagreb Philarmonic Orchestra with Lana Genc on the piano marked 50 years of artistic work of professor Željko Brkanović, distinguished Croatian composer, performing his sophisticated Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall March 25 2010 under the baton of maestro Stefan Lano.

Greenwich Trio win at the Beethoven Society of Europe Competition
The Greenwich Trio comprised of Stjepan Hauser from Croatia, Lana Trotovsek from Slovenia (both pictured left) and Yoko Misumi from Japan won at the Beethoven Chamber Music Competition 2010 held on April 22, 2010 at Steinway Hall in London and  sponsored by the Beethoven Piano Society of Europe.

Srdjan Bulat shines in Valencia
On Saturday, April 17, 2010 at the Xth International Guitar Competition of Alhambra, Srdjan Bulat (left) shined winning three awards at this prestigious guitar competition. He placed second overall, and won an audience award and an award for best interpretation of Spanish music. On Sunday May 16 2010 he will have free and open concert in Chicago, International House.

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