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Ivan Pušćenik

Articles by this Author
» Frank Westerman Dutchman wrote a book about the Lipik Lipizzaners
By Ivan Pušćenik | Published 03/7/2011 | About us , Croatian Cuisine | Unrated
Frank Westermann is a Dutchman who has numerous friends in the town of Lipik. He wrote a book in Dutch entitled Brother Mendel’s Perfect Horse (Dier, bovendier) dealing with the Lipik lLpizzaners.  He was especially interested in the stallion Conversano Batosta 53 that was born in 1987 as one of two oldest and still living stallions of the Lipizzaner horse breed Conversano in the world. This horse breed has its roots back in 1767.
» Croatian town Lipik needs help to rebuild Kursalon
By Ivan Pušćenik | Published 06/29/2010 | Bilingual , Tourism , Friends In Action , Environment , Culture And Arts | Unrated
The Kursalon, the neo-Renaissance style cafe in the town Lipik, Croatia, was constructed in 1893, with concert and a dance halls, a movie theater, restaurants, a piano bar, casino etc. It was the central point of the social and cultural life of the town until 1991, when it was destroyed  and burned during the Serbian aggression on Croatia. This is an appeal to rebuild one of the trademarks of the town of Lipik. On the photo Nenad Bach and Ivan Pušćenik in Lipik.
» Drazen Petrovic, a famous Croatian basketball player, left us 15 years ago
By Ivan Pušćenik | Published 06/21/2008 | Sports , People , In Memoriam | Unrated
Dražen Petrović, a famous Croatian basketball player, died on June 1993, ie 15 years ago. With all the problems going on in Croatia back then, Dražen gave all of Croatia the joy of Basketball to alleviate their pains. His very nice monument can be seen in front of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.
» The town of Lipik in past and present described on YouTube
By Ivan Pušćenik | Published 06/10/2008 | Human Rights , History , Environment | Unrated
The town of Lipik is described by a series of very interesting and important films, all of them available via YouTube. Especially important are testimonies and endevours of Mark Cook from the early 1990s.
» 66 out of 300 Croatian Lipizzan horses returned home
By Ivan Pušćenik | Published 10/15/2007 | Environment , Community , Events , Human Rights | Unrated
66 Lipizzan horses stolen from the Lipik Stud during the Serbian aggression on Croatia in 1991 has been returned. This is a part of about 300 Croatian Lipizzans kept in Serbia, belonging to the Lipik Stud, counting progeny. A part of them starved from hunger and inappropriate treatment.
» The awakening of a new Lipik
By Ivan Pušćenik | Published 08/13/2007 | Sports , Events | Unrated
  This summer the small town of  is coming back to life. Prior to the Homeland war, Lipik was side to side with the most prestigious European health resorts Baden Baden and Karlovy Vary. In September 1991 everything was burned down and destroyed.
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