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Marin Cilic follows Croatian heroes by defeating Fernando Gonzalez
First there was the man himself, Goran Ivanisevic, the towering, big-serving lefty who won Wimbledon in 2001. Then there was Mario Ancic, who was slightly taller, with a serve just as mighty, but a fragile body. Yesterday, it was the turn for the latest player to emerge from Croatia, Marin Cilic (left), to step into the limelight.

Enriching experience: The cream of Croatia provides a fascinating experience

With miles of pristine beaches framed by dramatic mountains and impossibly clear Adriatic waters, more than a thousand picturesque islands ripe for hopping, and town upon ancient town bursting with faded Habsburg grandeur and dazzling Byzantine churches, Croatia provides a fascinating experience for any visitor.

Croatian sensations - Niko Micin and Petra Radovic at the University of Washington
Each year, thousands of students from around the country come to Seattle to start their college careers at the UW. Some come from small towns, some from big cities and some even come from other countries. Niko Micin (left) and Petra Radovic are two people who fall into the latter category.

Artist Vlatka Horvat will have three exhibitions in New York
  Croatian born, New York based, Vlatka Horvat will be showcasing her art in three different galleries in the Big Apple. Spanning a range of media - from photography and video, to works on paper and projects with text - her work often focuses on an encounter between a person and a particular system, state, or physical space.

David Diehl - Croatian among Giants - In N.F.C. Championship 2008
David Diehl is an American football player with Croatian and German background. He is an offensive lineman in the National Football League. Diehl is currently a starter on the offensive line for the New York Giants. See him playing for the N.F.C. Championship on TV, January 20th, 2008. Check Grb on his arm.

Croatian Aussie Stan Bilic: "Money won't make you rich inside"
Stan Bilic (left) moved to Sydney in 1970 at 22 and then settled in Melbourne. He is a leading figure in the Australian-Croatian community, runs a building company that specialises in residential homes and is the president of Melbourne Knights, one of the biggest and most prominent football clubs in the country.

Help Cora Yanacek explore the Dalmatian Coast
  Cora Yanacek (left) wants to explore Croatia's Dalmatian Coast in May but hasn't been able to decide on the best approach: Stay at one resort and use that as a base? Travel by bus along the coast? Take a cruise? She'll be traveling by herself and needs to stay under $2,000, including airfare.

Tess Gallagher's speech at a presentation of Drago Stambuk's poetry in Pula
Once I heard Drago read to a Croatian immigrant audience in Vancouver, Canada. It was so tender, the timbre of his voice, that it was as if he were speaking to the listeners in a clearing in the woods, surrounded by mystery and wildness and beauty, but giving them comfort too... - Tess Galagher (left)

Dr. Ante Čuvalo: Historical Dictionary of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2007, 2nd edition
In this update of a 1997 edition, Cuvalo (Joliet Junior Coll.), who is both an academic expert on the Balkans and a native of the region, treats his complex subject with breadth, depth, and clarity... - Nadine Cohen Baker, University of Georgia, Athens

Zagreb School of Economics and Management offers studies in English
  Zagreb School of Economics and Management is a private high education school with public rights. It was founded according to the Law of high education, with the aim to offer its students the best education which enjoys the same rights as the best schools in the world.

Croatian Film "All for Free" at The Museum of Modern Art Tonight, January 11, 2008
After the death of three of his friends in a petty argument in a bar, Goran sells his home and travels around Bosnia in a refreshment van, giving away free drinks. On his travels, he encounters Maja and the two fall for each other. Additional screening on January 20th, 2008

Dr. Drago Štambuk: Speech in Hiroshima for the Vukovar victims
The speech of the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Japan Dr. Drago Štambuk during the Holy Mass for Vukovar's victims now available in Croatian and English. "...Vukovar is a canopy of celestial bodies, frozen in our mind, evoking earthly shortcomings, calling for a higher destiny..."

Mime Cuvalo, web developer and proponent of open web standards

Mime Cuvalo, on the photo with small Stipo Adzaip, is a young Croatian web developer and proponent of open web standards. He is currently employed at three jobs: YouTube/Google, finishing up FireFTP, and creating the online music database The Rock Hard Times. His "charityware" FireFTP has been downloaded over 4.5 million times!

Terezija Cukrov will perform at Carnegie Hall on January 27, 2008

A native of Croatia, pianist Terezija Cukrov has performed widely throughout Europe and North America. As a soloist and chamber musician she has appeared in venues such as Weill Recital Hall, Steinway Hall, Goethe Institute, Lisinki Hall, and has been described by critics as "subtly, passionate and technically superior performer".

Croatians in America - photo collection by Vladimir Novak, part 1
Mr. Vladimir Novak, on the left with Alma Franulović Plančić in Croatian national costume, is well known for his rich collection of photos related to life and work of Croatians in America, collected over several decades in the USA. We start with a series of articles, presented for the first time exclusively for the readers of CROWN.

Western powers stood silently by while Croatia was attacked
In a recent letter to the Monthly Review, Hilda Marija Foley (left) writes" By now, 17 years after the wars in former Yugoslavia, one could assume that most people interested in its history would have come to the same and correct conclusion as to who started the wars."

Amigos del Museo Kreković, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Amigos del Museo Kreković (Friends of Kreković's Gallery) is a society in Spain which in 2007 opened a nice blog devoted to life and work of Kristian Kreković, a famous Croatian painter. His gallery in Palma de Mallorca has been solemnly opened in 1981 by the Spanish Queen Sophia.

Organic agriculture in Croatia
Processors and traders from Western and Eastern Europe are increasingly looking for organic raw materials abroad. Croatia - an official candidate for EU membership since June 2004 - is considered a potential supplier of organic raw material in the medium term. In 2006, 5,000 hectares in total were being organically managed by 340 registered farms.

Rare Croatian wine and the Internet
Dianna Dapkins thought the Internet would be the perfect place to find a rare Croatian wine that her local merchants in rural Shelburne, Mass., don't stock. Sure enough, K&L Wine Merchants, an Internet retailer that also has stores in Hollywood and San Francisco, sells the Plenkovic Zlatan Plavac Barrique for $34.99.

Eduardo struck his sixth goal in four games to give Arsenal the advantage
Eduardo struck his sixth goal in four games to give Arsenal the advantage at half-time in their FA Cup third-round match at Burnley. The Croatia international seized on to a lofted pass over the top by Kolo Toure and held off Steven Caldwell before slipping the ball neatly past Gabor Kiraly.

Japanese inspired art with a twist from Croatia
A Zagreb-based artist is reinventing the art of Japanese Manga cartoons. Nikolina Ivezic (left), is winning fans all over Croatia with a fusion of the Japanese art form and images that are distinctly Croatian.

Book Review: Escape from Despair
Katarina Tepesh has probed the depths in her compelling and powerful memoir, "Escape from Despair:  A Croatian Family's Survival".  Born into an impoverished family in the former Communist Yugoslavia, Katarina's mother is taught to believe that there are "rewards in heaven and punishment in hell."

Croatia seizes Italian trawler for illegal fishing
Croatia's navy seized an Italian trawler in Croatian territorial waters on Thursday, in the first such incident since Zagreb enforced a protected fishing zone in the Adriatic despite opposition from the European Union.

Croatia Activates Protected Ecology and Fishery Zone
With the first seconds of 2008, the Protected Ecology and Fishery Zone went into force, and Croatia got a seat at the United Nations Security Council.

The Music of Bozidar Kunc performed by his daughter Ivana Kunc
A new CD, Music of Bozidar Kunc, performed by his daughter Soprano, Ivana Kunc, has been recorded featuring Bozidar's best twenty vocal pieces. Croatian opera lovers are already familiar with Ceznja or Longing, widely sung and recorded by his world famous sister, Zinka Kunc Milanov.

Filip Grgić, world champion in Taekwondo for 2007 in Bejing, China
Filip Grgić, Croatia, won gold medal at the prestigous 2007 Bejing WTF World Taekwondo Championships in male bantamweight (under 62kg) category, China. As we know, Taekwondo is an olympic sport.

In Loving Memory of Joseph Turkaly, 1924-2007
The Turkaly Art Gallery provides a beautiful collection of works of art of Josip Turkalj, outstanding Croatian artist in the USA. In 1999 he received the "Presidential Award for the Advancement of Croatian Culture", an award bestowed on him by the Government of Croatia.

Compassionate player Vedran Corluka, BiH and Croatia's pride
'Me and my family have had to fight for everything that we have ever had and I still have that attitude. It has played a big part in helping me deal with life and my profession.'  Raised in the small Bosnian village of Derventa, Corluka and his family fled to Croatia when he was six to escape a Serb onslaught that was to burn down the family house

CROWN Croatian World Network Newsletter, December 24th, 2007

These pictures below speak for themselves. Number of incredible stories. People are Croatian strength and boy, do we have them. We are breaking world records and barriers constantly. We have an army of brilliant people here in our present time and on the horizon. We deeply appreciate your input and promotion of this page through your lives and interests.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays 2008

Sretan Božić, Nova Godina 2008. Happy Hanukkah, Bajram Mubarek, Happy Kwanzaa

Nopoki University for Peruvian Indians founded by Msgr. Gerardo Žerdin
Msgr. Gerardo Žerdin, Croatian bishop and missionary in Peru in the region of the Amazon river, founded the Nopoki Center for Investigation and Intercultural Formation. The aim is to educate future school teachers for work within their native communities, in order to preserve their roots, language and customs, and ensure material and cultural prosperity. See also 32 Kreković's paintings.

Croatia ranked 10th in the world by FIFA
With few international matches played in the past month, the top 20 remain unchanged with Argentina on 1,523 points ahead of Brazil  (1,502), world champions Italy (1,498), Spain (1,349) and Germany (1,298). The remainder of the top 10 are taken up by Czech Republic (1,290), France (1,243), Portugal (1,241), Netherlands (1,170) and Croatia (1,129).

Croatian-Americans The Cynics waited till their 40s to release best yet
Five long years went by without The Cynics rolling anything new out of the garage. The USA Today even called "Here We Are" "one of the best neo-garage-rock albums in years."It began as just an acoustic demo for the principals, Gregg Kostelich and Michael Kastelic, (left) but it turned into a rock 'n' roll explosion with the help of producer Jorge Explosion.

17th Annual Traditional Celebration of the Feast of Sv. Vlaho - St. Blaise
Sv. Vlaho Committee of Southern California Presents Traditional Celebration of the Feast of Sv. Vlaho - St. Blaise Patron Saint of Dubrovnik. It is 17th Annual Gala Dinner / Fundraiser at ST. ANTHONY CROATIAN PARISH CENTER  714 ALPINE ST., LOS ANGELES on Saturday, February 2, 2008. Great tradition, great show, great cause.

Abortion in Croatia is Down 90% Since 1989

Croatia has experienced a very dramatic drop in the abortion rate from 1989 when the nation's 51,289 abortions were nearly equal to the number of live births. The latest statistics, from 2005, indicate there were 4,563 abortions - a drop of nearly 90% since 1989.  Significantly the law on abortion has not changed.

No exaggeration: Croatia truly the 'Jewel of Adriatic'
I had read that Croatia was called the "Jewel of the Adriatic," to which I had rolled my eyes thinking it another trite and  exaggerated description. But it had become clear from the moment we got in our rental car in the marble streets of Zadar to begin our drive south that the description was in fact quite modest.

Roger Maris Croatian-American baseball player snubbed by Baseball Hall of Fame
Baseball's report about player use of steroids and growth hormones was issued last Thursday, the 22nd anniversary of the death of one of the greatest players not in the Hall of Fame. Maybe he'll get there now. Baseball needs him. Maris still holds the American League record for homers in a single season.

The actual historic facts must be recognized once and for all
In a recent letter to the International Herald Tribune, Hilda Marija Foley (left) writes "In your article 'EU proposal lays out steps on Kosovo independence' by Dan Bilefsky and Stephen Castle Dec 12, 2007 the commentators make the often quoted but erroneous statement when writing that the early recognition of an independent Croatia accelerated the breakup of Yugoslavia."

Igor Kovacevich at the Sundance Film Festival 2008 with "Downloading Nancy"

"Downloading Nancy" that was produced by Croatian American  producer - director Igor Kovacevich along with his partner David Moore made it onto the Sundance Festival. It is in the main Dramatic Competition at Sundance Film Festival 2008 as the movie made it to one of only 16 slots in the Competition, out of thousands of films that were submitted.

Hiroshima 2007: requiem Mass for the victims of the Vukovar tragedy

The requiem Mass was said by Hiroshima Bishop Misue Joseph Atsumi with the Croatian Ambassador to Japan, Drago Štambuk. "Vukovar je umro da bi Hrvatska živjela. Preobrazio je suze u zvijezde, prostrijelne rane u snopove svjetlosti, mrtve u anđele. Vukovar je svod nebesnika, zaustavljenih u našem sjećanju, podsjetnik na zemaljske nedostatnosti i zazivatelj više sudbine."

Croatia to hold "Access to Info" conference
Zadar (pictured left) will be the host of a symposium from 28 to 30 January 2008, where participants will talk about barriers to accessing information, whether they are political, social, economic or technical, and then come up with ways to break through them. The keynote speaker will be Professor Ana Marušić MD, PhD, and Editor of the Croatian Medical Journal.

Ivan Klasnic enjoys fairytale finish
Werder Bremen's Ivan Klasnic (left) enjoyed a Christmas fairytale finish to the kidney transplant nightmare - which almost ended his career - with two goals in the 5-2 win over Bayer Leverkusen.

Sean Penn endorses Croatian American presidential candidate - It's Kucinich Time!
  Dennis Kucinich is from the West Side of Cleveland, half Croat, half Irish. He was dirt poor and knew it. He now not only sits in the House of Representatives, with a big fancy office in the Rayburn Building in Washington, D.C., but also believes that he will be elected president in 2008.

Croatian Medical Journal appreciates Your support in 2007
Croatian Medical Journal appreciates Your support and contribution in the year that is behind us. In 2007 CMJ has published 67 original scientific articles. CMJ published the thematic issue on Poverty and Human Development, together with 237 journals from 37 countries in the Global Theme Issue on Poverty and Human Development.

Pittsburgh Symphony coming to Croatia
  The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra will receive $5.5 million from a charitable foundation to bolster its international tours through 2011. That tour commemorates the 250th anniversary of the naming of Pittsburgh. The symphony will perform in 13 cities in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Croatia over three weeks.

Buenos Aires, Argentina HR Tango in action again on Dec 23, 2007
On December 23rd 2007, the Argentina HR Tango Dance Company Argentina presents "Genesis." Directed by Guillermo Terrazas, the group will interpret different styles through Argentine popular dance.

Croatia's highway to Europe
The new A1 highway in Croatia winds 416km from near the capital, Zagreb, south, offering breathtaking views of the mountainous terrain and the Adriatic Sea. Built in six years, at a cost of 3 billion Euros, it has been hailed as a "national pride," a "masterpiece" and the "freeway to Europe."

Croatia's Sanja Jovanovic sets 50m backstroke world record Dec 15th 2007

Croatia's Sanja Jovanovic has set a new world record on her way to winning a short-course swimming race at the European Championships in Hungary. Jovanovic finished the 50-meter backstroke in 26.5 seconds, 0.33 seconds faster than the previous record set by China's Hui Li.

A Hard Work Day for Croatia's Borna Kovac
  On 12th December 2007 the World Junior Table Tennis Championships (WJTTC) in Palo Alto, California, began for several athletes that did not play in the team events, in the Singles events they made their debuts. One of them was Borna Kovac (left). The sixteen year old Croat started rather weakly in the tournament but improved a great deal.

Croatia - Dr. Shrink distributor expands territory
Exprimo Adria d.o.o. is taking Europe by storm. The Zagreb, Croatia-based Dr. Shrink distributor and applicator recently expanded their business into Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Spain and other countries in Eastern Europe.

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