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Danijela Grgic wins Gold at the European Athletics Junior Championships 2007

Croatian 400m runner Danijela Grgic is making a habit of hitting top form when it matters most  a quality which will put her in good-stead for the future. Danijela wins gold again.

Croatia's Blanka Vlasic cleared 2.05 metres to take victory in Madrid 2007

Croatia's Blanka Vlasic beat her own leading mark of the year when she cleared 2.05 metres to take victory in the women's high jump at the IAAF Grand Prix in Madrid on Saturday July 21, 2007

BiH, Croatia and Iran according to Ambassador Sacirbey

Petition for the Embassy of BiH in Buenos Aires to remain open

Molimo da se ne zatvori Ambasada BiH u Buenos Airesu. We petition for the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Buenos Aires to remain open. Pedimos que no se cierre la Embajada de Bosnia y Herzegovina en Buenos Aires.

Guitar virtuoso Viktor Vidovic
Viktor Vidovic comes from a well-known musical family, whose influence on his achievements was very big. At 12, he had his first solo concert. At 13, he took very convincing first places at competitions. 

International conference in honour of Academician Josip Pečarić

We are pleased to announce the conference Mathematical Inequalities and Applications 2008 in Trogir and Split. This conference is organized in honour of Professor Josip Pečarić on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

Croatia: Citizen journalists to play a big role in cross-platform

Europapress Holding has plans to launch "the New Medium" a revolutionary news project that will integrate a daily newspaper, a web portal, television shows, and mobile communications.


Zagreb Mayor: Arena Construction Begins On July 20
Arena Zagreb, the future symbol of the city, will be a multi-function hall for sports, but also for cultural, entertainment and business events, and it will be able to hold up to 25,000 people. 

Congressman Chris Smith, history of sincere support for victims & BiH
 Congressman Chris Smith (left) has been consistent in his efforts on behalf of justice and a genuine peace and multi ethnic society in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Jednog je dana seljakov magarac pao u bunar

The 12 year anniversary of the genocide of Srebrenica July 11th 1995 - 2007

is a change in both tone and commemoration. For the first 5 years, Except for the still grieving mothers and family of the mostly yet unidentified victims, no one dared even observe the anniversary. We were lectured that it was not consistent with Dayton for Bosnians and Herzegovinians to scratch an old wound best left untouched.


Ethno hairstyles of Croatia
 Ethno Hairstyles of Croatia by Blanka Žakula is the first photo-monograph treating hairstyles from various parts of Croatia. The book is of amazing quality.

Czechs love Croatia
Croatia is a country that Czech people love. The Croatian seashore helps Czechs restore their physical and mental condition, and Czech money helps Croatians to restore their post-war economy.  

Flyglobespan offers new route to Pula

Women in Homeland War - The Power of Love: to do Good
This is an extremely important collection of authentic testimonies of efforts of Croatian women to save children, wounded, as well as their own human dignity during the Homeland War in Croatia, 1991-1995.


Croatia founded a national body for ethics in science

Voices from the Heart coming to Croatia July 5 - 12th, 2007

Voices from the Heart is a 200-voiced women's a cappella chorus located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire USA. On July 5, 2007 Ms. Connolly, founding director, will be taking the chorus on a ten day international tour, to Croatia and Slovenia

OSCE Chairman says he supports closing mission to Croatia by the end of the year
OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos (left), said yesterday he favours closing the OSCE Mission to Croatia by the end of 2007. 

Europe's New Southis
 NATO Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer (left), recently gave a speech at the Croatia Summit, regarding the region and its future. Click to read more.

Croatia: All at sea
 We left British shores as six strangers, split into two crews on a flotilla holiday across the azure waters of Croatia's spectacular coast. We returned as friends who had learnt a bit about sailing.

Umro kipar Josip Turkalj 1924-2007

Live Earth will bring 2 billion people together Saturday 7 -7 -7 July 7th 2007

Live Earth is a 24-hour, 7-continent concert series taking place on 7/7/07 that will bring together more than 100 music artists and 2 billion people to trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis.

Special Deals for Australian Tourists to Croatia

Mark Viduka, Croatian Australian
  Mark Viduka (left) is surprised how much the green and gold shirt has become ingrained in his soul. He has contemplated leaving behind the Australian national team many times.

Hawaiian Fishponds in the Adriatic?
Could traditional Croatian suhozid or dry stone construction, used to create fences in rocky areas of Croatia be adapted for Hawaiian style fish ponds along the Adriatic? 

Antun Vrdoljak re-elected to the International Olympic Committee

Antun Vrdoljak (left) was one of 27 members of the International Olympic Committee assembly that was re-elected to an eight-year term in elections on Thursday.

Croatia Wins In Thriller
Led by Marija Vrsaljko (right), the Croatian women's U18 basketball team defeated Montenegro 66-62 in a deciding match to avoid early elimination from the European championships.  

Dr. Joyce Neu: Pursuing Justice in the Midst of War - Institute of Peace invites you

How do international tribunals operating during war to secure justice affect the work of peacemakers?   Do they help bring parties to the peace table, or do they hinder the prospects for peace?   Please join us as Senior Fellow Joyce Neu discusses her research. Thursday, July 5, 2007.

Mo Sacirbey: A Convenient Genocide, in a fishbowl

They preach but do not confess. They demand forgetfulness but ask for no forgiveness. Perhaps they believe that by preaching to the victims, they will then avoid accountability for their own failings. Their sermons cannot go unchallenged. These are efforts at rewriting history.

American edition of Lovers & Madmen: A True Story of Passion to be Released
 Sunshine Publishing has released the American edition of Lovers & Madmen: A True Story of Passion, Politics, and Air Piracy, by native Oregonian Julienne Eden Busic.

Croatia and Kazakhstan to boost ties

New York Times article re Thompson concert

Two Americans living in Dubrovnik
Andrew and Michelle Kehoe have swapped the "big apple" for the peace and quiet of Dubrovnik. They first came here in 2006 and as they say fell in love with the city.  

Iowans on the go: Croatia finds peace, old self

Zindependence day
 Zinfandel, like most of us, is not native to the United States. It's an immigrant, too, with a somewhat murky family history that goes back ultimately to Croatia, or so researchers believe.

Book Review: Goli Otok
This rare, first-person account of physical and mental torture in the prison on Goli Otok should be read as widely as possible, because it tells the truth about inhumane conduct in peacetime.

Ruggero Cattaneo, a scholar devoted to Croatian language and literature
Ruggero Cattaneo, a young Italian scholar with profound knowledge of Croatian language and culture, translated the monograph "Povijest hrvatske književnosti" (History of Croatian Literature) by academician Dubravko Jelčić from Croatian into Italian, under the title "Storia della letteratura Croata".

New York: Grant Opportunities for Organizations & Artists

St. Marcellinus Church: A history

Family tradition continues at Grgich Hills - The Croatian connection
Of his life's work, 84-year-old Mike Grgich says he is clearly not done, but adds, "All of my life's work is coming to fruition unexpectedly."  

New Zealand: David Cunliffe - speech for Croatian National Day

Thank you for inviting me to your national day celebrations tonight here in the Croatian heartland of West Auckland....There has, of course, been a strong, successful Croatian presence in New Zealand for well over a century.

Croatia's Konzum grows domestically

Lennon Brothers Reconcile in Croatia

The vulture man of Croatia
 Goran Susic runs an operation that helps conserve a surprisingly large local population of griffen vultures, which have become a tourist attraction, since he set up his centre in 1993.

Get fit the fun way with an Activity Holiday in Croatia
If you are always promising yourself an activity holiday, why not try one with a more adventurous edge?

Thinking now for the 7th Generation

Žarko Dolinar, table tennis world champion and top scientist
  Croatian table tennis player Professor Žarko Dolinar (1920-2003) holds a quite interesting record. He is the only athlete to have won eight world championships while holding a doctorate of science. He taught John Lennon how to play table tennis.

Velebit Trekking - 2007
 A 5th edition of the Velebit Ultra Trail - a two days non-stop ultra trail race for the individuals will take competitors through the Croatian mythical mountain - Velebit.

Croatia Leaps Past Turkey on Road to EU Membership
 Croatia leapt past Turkey on the road to European Union membership, opening negotiations in six EU policy areas and staying on course to join as soon as the end of the decade.

Help harness renewable energy from waves and tides
IEC, the global body for electrical energy standards, is now recruiting experts from around the world to develop international standards for wave and tidal energy technology.

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