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Croatia ranked 10th in the world by FIFA
With few international matches played in the past month, the top 20 remain unchanged with Argentina on 1,523 points ahead of Brazil  (1,502), world champions Italy (1,498), Spain (1,349) and Germany (1,298). The remainder of the top 10 are taken up by Czech Republic (1,290), France (1,243), Portugal (1,241), Netherlands (1,170) and Croatia (1,129).

Croatian-Americans The Cynics waited till their 40s to release best yet
Five long years went by without The Cynics rolling anything new out of the garage. The USA Today even called "Here We Are" "one of the best neo-garage-rock albums in years."It began as just an acoustic demo for the principals, Gregg Kostelich and Michael Kastelic, (left) but it turned into a rock 'n' roll explosion with the help of producer Jorge Explosion.

17th Annual Traditional Celebration of the Feast of Sv. Vlaho - St. Blaise
Sv. Vlaho Committee of Southern California Presents Traditional Celebration of the Feast of Sv. Vlaho - St. Blaise Patron Saint of Dubrovnik. It is 17th Annual Gala Dinner / Fundraiser at ST. ANTHONY CROATIAN PARISH CENTER  714 ALPINE ST., LOS ANGELES on Saturday, February 2, 2008. Great tradition, great show, great cause.

Abortion in Croatia is Down 90% Since 1989

Croatia has experienced a very dramatic drop in the abortion rate from 1989 when the nation's 51,289 abortions were nearly equal to the number of live births. The latest statistics, from 2005, indicate there were 4,563 abortions - a drop of nearly 90% since 1989.  Significantly the law on abortion has not changed.

No exaggeration: Croatia truly the 'Jewel of Adriatic'
I had read that Croatia was called the "Jewel of the Adriatic," to which I had rolled my eyes thinking it another trite and  exaggerated description. But it had become clear from the moment we got in our rental car in the marble streets of Zadar to begin our drive south that the description was in fact quite modest.

Roger Maris Croatian-American baseball player snubbed by Baseball Hall of Fame
Baseball's report about player use of steroids and growth hormones was issued last Thursday, the 22nd anniversary of the death of one of the greatest players not in the Hall of Fame. Maybe he'll get there now. Baseball needs him. Maris still holds the American League record for homers in a single season.

The actual historic facts must be recognized once and for all
In a recent letter to the International Herald Tribune, Hilda Marija Foley (left) writes "In your article 'EU proposal lays out steps on Kosovo independence' by Dan Bilefsky and Stephen Castle Dec 12, 2007 the commentators make the often quoted but erroneous statement when writing that the early recognition of an independent Croatia accelerated the breakup of Yugoslavia."

Igor Kovacevich at the Sundance Film Festival 2008 with "Downloading Nancy"

"Downloading Nancy" that was produced by Croatian American  producer - director Igor Kovacevich along with his partner David Moore made it onto the Sundance Festival. It is in the main Dramatic Competition at Sundance Film Festival 2008 as the movie made it to one of only 16 slots in the Competition, out of thousands of films that were submitted.

Hiroshima 2007: requiem Mass for the victims of the Vukovar tragedy

The requiem Mass was said by Hiroshima Bishop Misue Joseph Atsumi with the Croatian Ambassador to Japan, Drago Štambuk. "Vukovar je umro da bi Hrvatska živjela. Preobrazio je suze u zvijezde, prostrijelne rane u snopove svjetlosti, mrtve u anđele. Vukovar je svod nebesnika, zaustavljenih u našem sjećanju, podsjetnik na zemaljske nedostatnosti i zazivatelj više sudbine."

Croatia to hold "Access to Info" conference
Zadar (pictured left) will be the host of a symposium from 28 to 30 January 2008, where participants will talk about barriers to accessing information, whether they are political, social, economic or technical, and then come up with ways to break through them. The keynote speaker will be Professor Ana Marušić MD, PhD, and Editor of the Croatian Medical Journal.

Ivan Klasnic enjoys fairytale finish
Werder Bremen's Ivan Klasnic (left) enjoyed a Christmas fairytale finish to the kidney transplant nightmare - which almost ended his career - with two goals in the 5-2 win over Bayer Leverkusen.

Sean Penn endorses Croatian American presidential candidate - It's Kucinich Time!
  Dennis Kucinich is from the West Side of Cleveland, half Croat, half Irish. He was dirt poor and knew it. He now not only sits in the House of Representatives, with a big fancy office in the Rayburn Building in Washington, D.C., but also believes that he will be elected president in 2008.

Croatian Medical Journal appreciates Your support in 2007
Croatian Medical Journal appreciates Your support and contribution in the year that is behind us. In 2007 CMJ has published 67 original scientific articles. CMJ published the thematic issue on Poverty and Human Development, together with 237 journals from 37 countries in the Global Theme Issue on Poverty and Human Development.

Pittsburgh Symphony coming to Croatia
  The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra will receive $5.5 million from a charitable foundation to bolster its international tours through 2011. That tour commemorates the 250th anniversary of the naming of Pittsburgh. The symphony will perform in 13 cities in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Croatia over three weeks.

Buenos Aires, Argentina HR Tango in action again on Dec 23, 2007
On December 23rd 2007, the Argentina HR Tango Dance Company Argentina presents "Genesis." Directed by Guillermo Terrazas, the group will interpret different styles through Argentine popular dance.

Croatia's highway to Europe
The new A1 highway in Croatia winds 416km from near the capital, Zagreb, south, offering breathtaking views of the mountainous terrain and the Adriatic Sea. Built in six years, at a cost of 3 billion Euros, it has been hailed as a "national pride," a "masterpiece" and the "freeway to Europe."

Croatia's Sanja Jovanovic sets 50m backstroke world record Dec 15th 2007

Croatia's Sanja Jovanovic has set a new world record on her way to winning a short-course swimming race at the European Championships in Hungary. Jovanovic finished the 50-meter backstroke in 26.5 seconds, 0.33 seconds faster than the previous record set by China's Hui Li.

A Hard Work Day for Croatia's Borna Kovac
  On 12th December 2007 the World Junior Table Tennis Championships (WJTTC) in Palo Alto, California, began for several athletes that did not play in the team events, in the Singles events they made their debuts. One of them was Borna Kovac (left). The sixteen year old Croat started rather weakly in the tournament but improved a great deal.

Croatia - Dr. Shrink distributor expands territory
Exprimo Adria d.o.o. is taking Europe by storm. The Zagreb, Croatia-based Dr. Shrink distributor and applicator recently expanded their business into Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Spain and other countries in Eastern Europe.

The West and the UN were complicit in the genocide in Bosnia

Marko Attila Hoare (left) writes that the Western powers and the UN were undoubtedly complicit in the genocide in Bosnia, and nothing that they have done since 1995 has delivered justice to the victims.

Jerry Ricks in memoriam 1940 - 2007
American blues guitarist "Philadelphia" Jerry Ricks, who mastered the sound of the 1930s' Delta Blues, died in a clinic in Croatia on Monday. He was 67. He and his wife, Nancy, moved to Croatia this year after performing a concert in the country.

Who Needs Venice When Zagreb Beckons?
  Take Vienna's florid architecture, throw in Budapest's bubbling cafe culture, and you get Zagreb, Croatia's grand capital. A showcase of fin-de-siecle architecture capped by two hilltop medieval towns, Zagreb's unexpected beauty is drawing sophisticated weekenders.

Christmas in Croatia
  In the endearing spirit of "it takes a village" - rather than a shopping mall - to celebrate the holiday season, the 37th annual Christmas Revels will mirror the village traditions of Croatia and southeast Europe in its music and dancing.

Australian Boxer puts own money on the line to fight Stipe Drews
Australian boxer Danny Green has put his money on the line to fight reigning light heavyweight world champion Croatia's Stipe Drews (left) in Perth, Australia on Sunday December 16th, 2007.

1925 elegance lives in Zagreb
  The Regent Esplanade brought glamor and elegance to Zagreb in 1925 when it opened to cater to passengers of the famed Orient Express train route between Paris and Constantinople. Today the Esplanade offers a luxurious gateway to one of Central Europe's hottest destinations - Croatia.

Watch Croatia in primetime on the Amazing Race tonight on CBS!
  Croatia will be featured on the December 9, 2007 episode of the Amazing Race.  The Amazing Race is an Emmy award winning reality program on CBS that features teams of two in a race around the world. Tune in to watch!

Zvonimir Janko, an outstanding Croatian mathematician
Zvonimir Janko, professor of mathematics at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, is a well known expert in the theory of finite groups. His discovery in 1964 of the group now called the first Janko group in his honour, launched the modern theory of sporadic groups. We wish him a happy 75th birthday! And a happy 100th birthday to his father in Bjelovar, Croatia!

Croatia's HRT Expands Broadcast Workflow On NETIA's Radio-Assist Software
   NETIA's Radio-Assist suite of digital audio software products is being used by public radio broadcaster Croatian Radiotelevision (Hrvatska Radiotelevizija, or HRT) to streamline acquisition, editing, scheduling, broadcasting, and archiving within a highly efficient workflow.

JAVNO Column: Freedom, Food and Private Property - Nenad N. Bach
What Croatia should take advantage of is an enormous knowledge base in its own 5-10 million disciples all over the world. We who live outside of Croatia are equal patriots for our new country, but the huge difference is that we know both and can analyze what is good, better, bad or worse. And we have knowledge of implementation and a heart to do it.

Niko Dzapo Croatian BMX racer ranked 1st in cruiser class in California
Niko is ranked 1st in cruiser class and 2nd in expert class in California. He will represent California in Columbus, Ohio at the Columbus Convention Center for the President's Cup. Only the top 15 riders for each class from each state can qualify for this race.

Marco Polo's Croatian roots based on solid research - London Financial Times

The article mentions that Croatians believe Marco Polo was born in the town of Korcula on the island of the same name in Croatia. His being born there, or certainly his family coming from there, is based on solid research of the Polo Croatian family roots - by Hilda Marija Foley

Valentine Ivankovic in memoriam 1925 - 2007

Valentine (Val) was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina of Croatian parents, Andrijia and Jaka. He was among the few survivors of the post WWII massacre at Bleiburg. To escape communism, he eventually fled his homeland to Rome, Italy.

Zoran Dukić, Croatian guitarist, one of the most prominent players of today
Zoran Dukić won more prizes on international competitions than any other guitarist in the world. He had solo concerts in more than 30 countries on all five continents. He is teaching among others at the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague, Hochschule für Musik in Aachen, and at the Escuela Superior de Musica de Barcelona.

Sidro, California's favorite Croatian Tamburitza Orchestra

Sidro, formerly known as Blue Adriatic, is one of Northern California's favorite Croatian Tamburitza Orchestras. For over 20 years, Sidro has been performing throughout California, accompanied San Jose's Koraci Folklore dance group in Croatian Folklore Festivals throughout Canada, and fused Tamburitza music with rock'n'roll when recording on Nenad Bach's, "Thousand Years of Peace".

Life is a tapestry of MOMENTS - film by Liliana Resnick at the French Festival

MOMENTS is a film about the mystery of moments, some  of which get connected into the life I recognize to be living, while others come to pass by posing questions rather than giving answers @ 25th FESTIVAL TOUS COURTS International Shortfilm Festival in Aix-en-Provence and its Aera 26th - 30th november 2007 in Aix area and 3rd - 8th December 2007 in Aix-en-Provence.

Newsletter of the Croatian National Tourist Office, December 2007

Gorski Kotar is relatively less known region of Croatia located in the continental part, just half an hour drive from the Northern Adriatic Coast. With parks of nature and rich wooded areas, it is a great alternative for coastal vacation. During winter months, ski-lovers can enjoy in any of ski-resorts, like Platak or Bjelolasica.

Freedom from Despair available for purchase on DVD and VHS
  Freedom from Despair is a an award winning feature length documentary that explores the untold history of Communist Yugoslavia through first hand interviews, stock footage, news reels and narrative recreations shot in the US and Croatia. 

Croatia advances at the XVIII Women's World Handball Championships
  Having won both of their preliminary matches against Kazakhstan and Argentina, the Croatian Women's Handball team advances to the next round of the XVIII Women's World Championships being held in France.

Višnjica estate offers riding of Arabian horses and looks for investment

Guests of Višnjica on the north of Croatia can, beside visiting the fallow-deer breeding site and the stud farm, enjoy riding beautiful Arabian horses or spend a day walking, jogging or riding a bike through the nature. To bring the entire estate to its purpose we need capital investments.

Radovan Grgec, outstanding Croatian intellectual and humanist, passed away
Radovan Grgec (1929-2007), president of the Croatian Literary Society of St. Jerome (Hrvatsko književno društvo Sv. Jeronima), Zagreb, one of the founders and editor in chief of the "Marulić" journal, and wonderful person, died in Zagreb. His name is well known among many Croats throughout the world.

Croatia ceremony honored prominent Persian poet Mowlavi born in 1207
Iran's embassy in Croatia celebrated the 800th birth anniversary of prominent Persian poet and mystic Mowlavi in an official ceremony. UNESCO has named 2007 as the year of Mowlavi in honor of his outstanding achievments.

Nikola Bašić, author of the Zadar Sea Organ
Nikola Bašić, on the left, is one of the pioneers of cultural tourism in Croatia, author of the project of the Zadar Sea Organ, the newly built urban musical attraction in the city of Zadar, Croatia. His principal collaborator was Ivan Stamać, expert in acoustics who contributed musical solutions to the project. The random music is created by sea waves and tubes.

Croatian American Cultural Center hosts 6th Annual SF Bagpipe Festival

An Extraordinary Anthology of International Bagpipe Music in San Francisco. As always, the Gala Concert will feature a variety of piping traditions found around the Winter Solstice. Enjoy Swedish, Hungarian and Croatian traditional Christmas pipe music as well as New Year celebrations from Scotland and the Hungarian Csángó people of Moldav.

Basketball players from Croatia and Bosna-Herzegovina in the US
  Toni Kukoc (left) played in the NBA for the Milwaukee Bucks. Have you ever stopped and wondered how many players there are from Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina at the university level in the United States? It is an impressive list.

Rudolf Blazevich in memoriam 1925 - 2007

Rudolf Blazevich, long time resident of San Pedro, USA died on Nov. 19, 2007. Rudolf was the father of John Z. Blazevich, CEO and founder of Contessa Premium Foods. Rudolf was born on March 23, 1925 to Manda and Stanko Blazevic in Mostar, B-H. He was blessed with an infectious sense of humor, good looks, and a determination to make the most of what life has to offer.

Archaeological sites near Dubrovnik with several important discoveries

Croatia is a paradise for archaeological research. Dr. Zdenko Žeravica, a renowned Croatian archaeologist from the City of Dubrovnik, unveils us some of the miraculous sites in Župa Dubrovačka and Konavle near the City. The research over the past years has resulted with several important discoveries.

In 1880 local Croatian young men began to play football in Zupanja

In 1880 local Croatian young men began to play football in Zupanja. Since there were only nine of the Englishmen who came to Croatia several years before as experts for exploitation of oak forest, they invited local boys to join them. There is the first written record of local young men playing English football and having genuine Englishmen as tutors and team-mates.

How to build a decent team? Follow Croatia's lead

Croatia would have deserved a victory by several more goals. This may have been the greatest display from a visiting nation to Wembley in modern times A nation of 4.7 million people had produced a side that made England, with a population of 10 times that size, look ponderous. The 3-2 result was a sort of ...

Croatia 3, English Retailers -$1.2 billion

It's not just English soccer fans who will be gloomily slumped over their pint glass after a loss against Croatia in a qualifying match took the English team out of the Euro 2008, the quadrennial European championship. The Defeat will cost British retailers an estimated Ł600 million = $1.2 billion.

Spectacular win 3-2 by Croatia over England at Wembley on Nov 21, 2007
So why is a sport victory so important? It is important because you can not easily corrupt 11 people on the field and if you try, it is obvious. At the moment when Croatia had nothing to lose, since we already qualified for the Euro 2008, our national pride and sportsmanship was, where it should be.

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