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Mark Begich US senator presented with the Croatian American Bar Association’s 2013 Vinodol Code Award
At the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C., on May 20, 2014, the Croatian American Bar Association presented the 2013 Vinodol Code Award to U.S. Senator Mark Begich, in recognition of his distinguished public service career and vigilant attention to international matters affecting the worldwide Croatian community, as specifically exemplified by his insight on matters affecting economic and political progress in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and for his introduction of Senate Resolution 131 on May 8, 2013 in the Senate.

Canada Day celebration in Zagreb features Emmanuel Vukovich a distinguished violinist with Croatian roots
Emmanuel Vukovich, distinguished Candian violinist of younger generation, has Croatian roots: one of his grandfathers is from the town of Brinje in the region of Lika. Mr. Vukovich and his colleague pianist Hyun-Ho Choi had the honor to have a concert at the Hrvatski Glazbeni Zavod in Zagreb, on the occasion of the Canada Day, in the presence of Her Excellency Mrs. Louise LaRocque, Canadian ambassador to Croatia, and about 300 invited persons. He is the recipient of McGill University’s first Schulich Golden Violin Award, The Canada Council for the Arts Orford String Quartet Scholarship, etc.

Ana Lenard of Croatia is European karate champion for 2014 in Finland
Ana Lenard is the gold medalist at the 49th European Karate Championships, in the category under 61kg. The competition was organized in Finland in Tampere. Ana Lenard is from the town of Samobor near Zagreb, a well known and very beautiful resort, in the area which is a paradise for mountaineering recreation. Another Croatian representative, Ivona Tubić, has been decorated at the same competition in Finland by the bronze medal in the category under 68 kg. This is a big success of Croatian sports.

West Village Chorale from New York City's Greenwich Village touring Croatia 4-10th July 2014
Since 1971, the West Village Chorale, based in New York City's Greenwich Village, has performed an eclectic repertoire that celebrates the classics and gives voice to new directions in choral music. In a wireless age of downloads, playlists and podcasts, they bring chorus and audience together in the spirit of community to experience the joy of live choral music. This tour allows the chorus to explore the beauty and culture of Croatia and its people, joining forces with Croatian musicians and transcending language barriers to create beautiful music together. Concerts: on 4th July 2014 in Dubrovnik, on 7th July in Split and on 10th July in Pula.

Epidaurus Festival in Cavatat Croatia hosts children's artistic troup from Kaliningrad Russia 4th July 2014
Ivana Marija Vidović, artistic director of Epidaurus Festival: My wish is that every sound produced at Epidaurus Festival would merge with Cavtat's magical hug, and that every word, every verse, whether sung or spoken, would, for centuries to come, continue to echo throughout its old streets, the very same ones that - within and of themselves  - had been a stage for centuries already. BREVIS Ensemble from Kaliningrad, composed of children, will have a concert at the Epidaurus Festival on 4th July 2014, at 9 pm, marking the birth of distinguished Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac.

Ljiljana Coklin teaches writing at the University of California Santa Barbara

In the midst of the Croatian War of Independence, Ljiljana Coklin, today a lecturer in the Writing Department at UC Santa Barbara, was just a college student trying to complete her degree and escape chaos. Academically focused and driven, she finished her undergraduate education, and found immediate refuge in Canada. Today, she calls Santa Barbara her home. Her winding path to Santa Barbara brings up numerous unanswered questions of how she found her way here and where she’s headed. In her distinct Croatian accent, she opens up to answer these questions and tell her story.

My Little Piece of Land attractive brochure about Croatian farmers published by Suske consulting in Germany
  The project "My Little Piece of Land", initiated by Suske consulting, Germany, focuses on visual and written portrays of 14 farmers from protected areas in Croatia and their favourite places in the landscape. The "favorite places" will be presented with a traveling exhibition in public buildings nationwide. This accompanying brochure offers more information about the farmers using original quotations regarding their approach towards farming, relation to the landscape, every day work, farming traditions, the beautiful and the difficult side of being a farmer in Croatia and more. On the photo Marija Martinko, a member of the project team.

1135 years since the first international recognition of Croatia, more than 600 years before the discovery of America
The Croatian Prince Branimir, 9th century, made important steps in strengthening the relations with Rome. During the solemn divine service in St. Peter's church in Rome in 879, Pope John VIII gave his blessing to the prince and the whole Croatian people, about which he informed Branimir in his letters, the first one dated on May 21, 879. This was the first time that the Croatian state was officially recognized (at that time the international legitimacy was given by the Pope), which, as we see, happened more than eleven centuries ago!

Gavran's premiere of "All About Women" in Paris and hundredth performance of "Creon's Antigone" in Avignon
Miro Gavran will have the premiere of his drama "All About Women" in Paris on July 6th. The premiere will happen in LA FUNAMBLE THEATRE MONTMARTRE in the production of  "Compagnie du soir", and the show will play every day until July 29th. As luck would have it, on that same July 6th at the Theater Festival in Avignon, the formal 100th performance of Gavran's drama "Creon's Antigone" is to be performed by the ROSEAU Theater, which will then in Avignon be played 20 times in a row for the duration of the festival.

2 Billion People Will Watch Croatian Boys Playing Brazil in few Hours

In few hours 2 billion people will watch Croatian boys play soccer in the opening match of the World Cup. Za par sati 2 milijarde ljudi ce gledati nase momke kako igraju nogomet u prvom susretu Svjetskog Kupa u Brazilu 2014. Exciting. Uzbudljivo. Sport unite us. Croatian National Team consist of 100% of Croatian Diaspora. Hrvatski Nogometni Tim = 100% Hrvatski Iseljenici. Gdje je ministarstvo?

Joso's Croatian Seafood Restaurant in Toronto in Stephen Holt's interview with Leo Spralia
Stephen Holt interviews Leo Spralia at Joso's, one of Toronto's top Seafood restaurants, during the Toronto International Film Festival as broadcast on the Stephen Holt Show. Sept.'02. The restaurant serves food prepared in Dalmatian way from Croatian coast. Owned and operated by Leo and Shirley Špralja and founded by Joso Špralja in the 1960′s, Joso’s restaurant has achieved continuous success of over 36 years in business and is considered a landmark of the Toronto hospitality scene. It has been visited by numerous celebrities, like Mike Jagger, Paul Newman, Jose Feliciano etc.

Nikola Tesla Electric Vehicles Rally Croatia 2014 directed by Igor Kolovrat
Nikola Tesla Electric Vehicles Rally Croatia 2014 was the first international electric vehicle rally in Croatia. It was held from May 27 till May 31 2014, covering approximately 150 -200 km per day and accompanied by entertainment programs. Croatian engineers have designed and produced a considerable number of electric car models (for example, Rimac, Dok-ing) which were be showcased during the event. The director of the EV Rally in Croatia is Igor Kolovrat.

Choir of Matrix Croatica for the region of Ruhr in Germany singing Ave regina caelorum by Dufay
The Choir of Matrix Croatica for the region of Ruhr in Germany has been founded in 2006 by Professor Krešimir Veselić, distinguished Croatian mathematician. We can listen to the beautiful interpretation of Ave regina caelorum by Guillaume Dufay, a famous composer from the 15th century. The choir is also called the Mixed Choir of Croatian Catholic Mission in Dortmund in Germany, since both institutions support its activity. Professor Veselić is singing with Magdalena Mlikotić and Meri Mlikotić.

Croatia - Brazil opening the 2014 FIFA World Cup 12th June
  Croatian soccer players Luka Modrić on the photo and Mario Mandžukić are today among the best in the world. It is expected that Croatia will achieve a good result at the competition. The best result till now has been achieved during the 1998 FIFA World Cup, when Croatia won the third place. The best Croatian football player then was Davor Šuker, worldwide known representative of Croatian team.

Memorial plaque to three Croatians from the 17th century in the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem
On March, 29 2014 the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem was filled with pilgrims from Croatia. The reason for this great gathering was the ceremony of putting up a memorial plaque to the Croatians, brothers Pavao, Antun and Jakov in this biblical place on the slopes of the Mount of Olives where Jesus prayed the night before his crucifixion. In 1681 these knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem bought the Garden of Gethsemane and donated it to the Custody of the Holy Land. On the photo Cardinal Vinko Puljić, the Sarajevo Archbishop, who unveiled the memorial plaque.

The Baron family's Croatian tamburitza band in the USA in 1930s
By age 12, the Baron kids were proficient on traditional Croatian tamburitza instruments such as the prim, tambura and bas-prim, and were put to work playing at weddings, apartments or wherever my great-grandfather could hire them out (places where shots of whiskey apparently flowed during breaks). Their parents are from Zagreb, Croatia, who carved out a life in Braddock, in a rented flat near Pittsburgh's burgeoning steel mills.

Tomislav Sunic former Croatian diplomat author of the monograph Chronique des Temps Modernes in 2014
One is surprised when Tomislav Sunić, a political theorist and former Croatian diplomat, states that Europeans have as much to learn from Americans as Americans, from Europeans. The reason is that far too many European nationalists still define themselves through a hostility and antagonism towards neighboring Europeans. As Sunic argues, in light of our current geopolitical situation, European nationalists cannot afford the luxury of dwelling on historical grievances, no matter how real they might be.

Ljubo Krasic director of Croatian Ethnic Institute in Chicago, USA
The Franciscans established the Croatian Ethnic Institute in 1975, with headquarters in Chicago, for the purpose of preserving and promoting the Croatian heritage in the United States and Canada. This foundation was established with one far-sighted goal, namely, that all which is valuable and in any way related to the Croatians could be found in one place and used for various kinds of research. An additional goal of the Institute was to promote Croatian history, culture, literature, and heritage. The current director of the Croatian Ethnic Institute is fra Ljubo Krasić.

Diljem Hrvatske prikuplja se pomoć stradalima od poplava
Caritas Zagrebačke nadbiskupije poziva ljude dobre volje na solidarnost i djelotvornu ljubav prema stradalima u poplavama. Svi koji žele pomoći mogu to učiniti na dva načina: uplatom na račun Caritasa Zagrebačke nadbiskupije: IBAN HR1823600001101340277, poziv na broj 05400; donacijom hrane koja može duže stajati, vode, odjeće i higijenskih potrepština, koje su sada najpotrebnije. Donacije je moguće predati sljedećih dana od 8 do 18 sati na ovim adresama: Gajnice (Crnojezerska 20), Trešnjevka (Selska cesta 165), Dubrava (Avenija Dubrava 220) i Rakitje (Ribička 4).

Glasovanje u Generalnom konzulatu Republike Hrvatske u New Yorku
Podsjećamo hrvatske državljane koji su se do 14. svibnja 2014. pismeno prijavili Generalnom konzulatu Republike Hrvatske u New Yorku za glasovanje u izboru članova iz Republike Hrvatske u Europski parlament, da mogu u isti Konzulat na adresi: 369 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10017, 11 kat pristupiti glasovanju u nedjelju, 25. svibnja 2014. od 7 do 19 sati.

Ivan Hrvoic Croatian scientist, inventor, entrepreneur and benefactor in Canada
Ivan Hrvoić completed his studies in Electrical Engineering at the University of Zagreb, and earned his PhD in the field of Experimental Physics from the same university. In 1972 he immigrated to Canada, where in 1982 he founded Geo Systems, Inc., which is today the leading producer of magnetometers in the world, exporting its product to numerous countries, including Israel. In the late 1980's he participated in founding the Alumni Society of former students of Croatian Universities (AMCA Toronto), and from 1990-1995 was the president of this organization. His humanitarian and media activities in Canada were extremely important during the 1990-1995 aggression on Croatia.

Vlasta Zekulic Croatian Army female officer trained Afghan military police
  Croatian female military police officer Vlasta Zekulić, PhD in international relations and national security, trained Afghan military police, despite social taboos. In Croatia during her career, she commanded military police platoon and company, and as instructor trained Croatian officers for missions, and then in Afghanistan she trained Afghan military police students on military investigation and work of the provost marshals. She was not afraid of being discriminated against because she is a woman. She completed her education at the Croatian Defense Academy "Petar Zrinski" and at the prestigious Military Academy "The Citadel" in South Carolina in the USA.

Startup!Croatia Conference May 22-23, 2014 in Zagreb to facilitate changes in values and habits
The main goal of the conference is to show participants some real examples of how dynamic, innovative and entrepreneurial organizational culture can be developed inside a large, medium or small organization, how to increase profitability and improve competitiveness and company's overall functioning. In addition, to facilitate changes in values and habits, changes in majority of population lacking initiative, creativity and openness for new business ideas and opportunities.

"Croatian Cuisine" is the first mobile app to feature indigenous Croatian recipes
"Croatian cuisine" is the name of the new Croatian mobile application in the form of an inventive culinary guide that primarily helps users find their way through indigenous and traditional Croatian dishes. This mobile application is entirely a Croatian "product" - under the authorship of Andreja Horvatić, the application was developed by two Croatian companies Interactive1 and Grafikon. It is available via the App Store and Google Play.

Loreta Kovacic Croatian pianist-composer, singer and Boom Boom Room performer in Houston
Kovacic had a bright future as a classical pianist; she gave two solo performances at Carnegie Hall, the latest in 2008. “The New York critics said there was hope for me with 20th Century music,” she says.  Now she composes and directs children’s musicals, and plays around town at venues like the Mucky Duck, the Contemporary Arts Museum, and, this Saturday night, at the Boom Boom Room. sings. Her show includes songs from countries that she likes - Brazil, Cuba, Italy and her own compositions.

Latica Anić won 1st Prize at Liezen International Cello Competition in Austria
Latica Anić (19), cello student at the Zagreb Academy of Music, in the class of prof. Valter Despalj, won 1st Prize at the Liezen (Austria) International Cello Competition. There were over 40 students  from Europe, Asia and America competing in her age category of 19 to 23. The panel of judges was composed of distinguished professors from music academies in Vienna, Cologne, Ljubljana, Prague and Salzburg. Her interpretations of  demanding works by Boccherini, Beethoven, Elgar and Ligeti  were also met with very enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Ivan Bjelovucic the first in history to fly over the Alps in 1913
One of the greatest successes of Ivan Bjelovučić (1889 – 1949) was achieved on 25 January 1913 when, as a French pilot, he managed to fly over the Alps between Brigue and Domodossola in 26 minutes and thus become the first pilot in the history who did it. Born in Peru, on his father's side he was a descendant from the family of sea captains from Janjina, Pelješac peninsula in Croatia. Recently a postage stamp was issued in his honor in Croatia in 100,000 copies.

The Countdown Trilogy is a spy thriller written by Zdravko Basaric under the pseudonym of Patrick Hughes
The Trilogy Countdown is not only a tense spy-political thriller written by a Croatian author, Zdravko Basaric under the pseudonym of Patrick Hughes. It is a tense spy-political thriller with an uncertain ending, about an ordinary businessman Martin Balarin (36) from New York accidentally facing a spy war. The reason for that is a well-paid job in a diving expedition on his native island of Korcula (Croatia) and a beautiful woman named Bianca Stone (27), whom he meets while in a meeting in Atlantic City.

15th Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival in Svetvinčenat - July 18-21, 2014
This year, Festival activities will start in June at the Mediterranean Dance Centre in Svetvinčenat, a regular meeting place of Croatian and foreign artists at artistic residences and workshops. The peak of dance "season" is undoubtedly the 15th Dance and Non-verbal Theatre Festival, which will be held from July 18 to July 21, featuring choreographers from the whole of Europe. Performances will be staged at four attractive locations: under the starry sky at the renaissance square, inside Grimani castle, in the loggia and at the earlier mentioned Mediterranean Dance Centre.

LET'S CEE Film Festival Short Film Competition - due date for submissions June 7, 2014
The 3rd edition of the LET’S CEE Film Festival is calling for entries for the 2014 Short Film Competition. Films can be submitted between 7 April and 7 June, 2014. The Short Film Competition will give young filmmakers (up to 35 years of age) from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as from Austria, the opportunity to submit their short films with a maximum length of 30 minutes. The films featured in this competition can be submitted personally by their respective directors or producers.

Goran Visnjic in an appeal for the Croatian Scholarship Fund

The Croatian Scholarship Fund recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with a dinner in Sacramento. The crowd was surprised with a video message from movie and television actor Goran Visnjic congratulating the Croatian Scholarship Fund on its many years of success. Goran in the video reminds the audience to bid early and often for a special live auction item, which is lunch in Los Angeles with Goran. This item received the highest bid in the live auction with spirited bidding for several minutes before the final winner was announced at the CSF Gala Dinner.

Oliver Dragojević USA Tour May 10-24, 2014 featuring Nina Badrić, Ljiljana Nikolovska, and Tedi Spalato
Music legend, Oliver Dragojević, bard of Croatian music returns with his band “Dupini” to the United States May 2014. Influenced by global music trends, his work still preserves the elements of Dalmatian music, the key to his more than 40-year sparkling career. Oliver’s previous performances took place in many renowned venues around the world including sold-out concerts in: Olympia-Paris, Royal Albert Hall-London, Carnegie Hall-New York, and Sydney Opera-Australia.

Happy Easter - Sretan Uskrs 2014 through art of Jozo Kljakovic
Wishing a Happy Easter to all readers of the CROWN, we touch a part of the work of art of distinguished Croatian painter Jozo Kljaković (1889-1969). In Zagreb there is a Memorial Museum of Jozo Kljaković, dedicated to his life and work. He is well known for his frescos in the Pontifical Croatian St. Jerome Institute in Rome and in the church of St. Mark in Zagreb.

‘Everything is Forever’ biographic film about Nenad Bach wins international filmfest top awards in Houston
  The journey of Croatian-American composer/singer and writer Nenad Bach through war and peace, and rock and roll captured in the documentary/feature film ‘Everything is Forever’ won top awards at the 47th Annual Worldfest Houston International Film Festival (April 4-13). The feature film garnered the prestigious Platinum Remi Award for Theatrical Feature Film & Video Award and the Special Jury Remi Award for Music Video Award – Stage Concert/ Performance. Written by Violi Calvert. On the photo Stehanie Silber, Victor Zimet and Nenad.

The Croatian Academy of America celebrates 61 years 1953 - 2014
The Croatian Academy of America is celebrating its 61st anniversary with its Annual Dinner to be held on Saturday, April 26, 2014 at Appetito Ristorante in New York City with cocktails starting at 6:30 p.m. and dinner starting at 7:30 p.m. The keynote address will be made by Frank Jankac on “Enemy Aliens: Recovering the Unknown Story of the Internment of Croats in North America During World War I”. An additional presentation will be made to commemorate the work of the late Karlo Mirth.

Vuprem oci an old traditional Croatian song very popular among French vocal choirs
Vuprem oči is a very tender and poetic Croatian folk song from the region of Međimurje on the north of Croatia. Its simple melody follows a pentatonic pattern, so typical for this part of Croatia. We express our deep gratitude to Professor Krešimir Veselić, distinguished Croatian mathematician, who informed us about popularity of this song in France. We also owe our sincere gratitude to numerous French choirs and their conductors for their exceptional perfomances. Moreover, they all sing this song in Croatian! This song is a jewel of the European cultural landscape. On the photo Mrs. Pascale Scarabin from France, fantastic solo interpretor of Vuprem oči.

Ignacio Frezik Croatian that flooded Colombia and half of the world with his strawberries
For half a century, The Frezik-Rozman Family is reputed to sell the most delicious strawberries in EL FRESAL (The Strawberry Place) located at Saucio neighborhood, Choconta Municipality of Colombia. Ignacio Frezik came to Colombia in 1954 as a refugee from World War II after escaping from four concentration camps. With his wife Elizabeth Rozman (on the photo) and their children also from Croatia, he began less than zero: Bricklayer, domestic service, foreman, farmer, cook and micro-entrepreneur.

Everything is Forever by Victor Zimet docu-drama on the life of Nenad Bach World Premiere April 11th 2014
WorldFest, founded in 1961, is the third oldest film festival in North America & the Oldest Indie Film Festival in the World! This annual event has evolved into a competitive Independent International film festival showcasing rising Indie cinematic talents! WorldFest Houston is a non-profit Educational and Cultural Organization. Croatian rocker/composer Nenad Bach's cinematic journey through war and peace and rock and roll. An unflinching examination of the universal creative process. The world premiere will be in Houston on Friday April 11th @ 9PM.

Survey for scientific Diaspora and its linkage to home country

We would like to kindly ask you to participate in a survey concerning the Scientific Diaspora and its linkage to their home country. The survey is conducted in the framework of the EU-funded project “WeB-InUnion” (Bringing South East Europe closer to Innovation Union: An example of EURAXESS Regional Collaboration). The project’s overall aim is to facilitate the realization of the Innovation Union (IU), a key policy of the EU for 2014-2020 period, in South East Europe countries. One of the 34 Commitments of the IU is that of retaining the highly skilled human capital while attracting more from third countries in order to cover the high EU demands for researchers.

Branko Istvancic Croatian filmmaker recipient of the Liliane Stewart Award for Design Arts in Montreal Canada
Branko Ištvančić is recipient of a highly praised award at the The International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) 2014 in Montreal, Canada, for his very beautiful and poetic documentary film "Straw-Girls." The “straw girls” are anonymous Croatian artists of Bunjevci ethnicity who live in the province of Bačka. They found straw to be the “green” medium of choice for creating paintings, sculptures and applied art objects as an antidote to their difficult life on the vast Pannonian plain. In 2013 Mr Branko IIštvančić already won the Gold Camera Award for best documentary in Los Angeles, USA.

Quietest road race ever? Croatia hosts electric vehicle rally in May 2014
Nikola Tesla would be proud. In May, Croatia will host its first electric car rally that winds from the northern coast to the capital Zagreb through some of the country's most scenic spots. The route includes a visit to electricity pioneer Tesla's hometown too. Over five days, electric car and motorcycle drivers will pass through three national parks - Paklenica, Plitvice Lakes and Krka - as well as resort towns like Opatija and Rovinj.

Katarina Peročević published The Right to Dignity on The Cyprus higher education Portal
Even at first glance, it is clear that we live in a materialistic world, where man is (or has already become) the means and the goods to make a profit. We live in modern  slavery, where slaveholders have been replaced by employers, in which hard labor work has been replaced with working hours from morning to evening and in which, instead of meals, we get a cellphone and the company car, so we can always be available and on time. That is the reason why today, more than ever, human rights are being heavily discussed and among them also the right to dignity. Isn’t that a paradox in a society where the basic human needs are not achieved...

Caltech Appoints Diana Jergovic to position of Vice President for Strategy Implementation
Caltech‬ has named Diana Jergovic (left) as its vice president for strategy implementation. In the newly created position, Jergovic will collaborate closely with the president and provost, and with the division chairs, faculty, and senior leadership on campus and at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, to execute and integrate Caltech's strategic initiatives and projects and ensure that they complement and support the overall education and research missions of the campus and JPL. This appointment returns the number of vice presidents at the Institute to six. Dr. Jergovic is the daughter of ‪‎Croatian‬ immigrants to ‪Chicago‬'s South Side.

Ukrainian - Croatian friendship
Croatian-Ukrainian ties are very old. The so called White Croatians originate from the western part of Ukraine. It is no surprise that, for example, the Ukrainian traditional art and the architecture of wooden churches are close to that of the north of Croatia. In 2010 a nice monument was erected in honor of distinguished Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko in Croatian town of Lipik, who spent a few years in Croatia. Ukraine was the first country which, as a member of the UN, recognized the Republic of Croatia. On the photo one can see Croatian and Ukrainian Easter eggs, decorated by Annette Hricko Czupylo, an Ukrainian living in the USA.

Professor Suncica Canic Croatian-American mathematician uses math to build better stents
University of Houston mathematician Sunica Canic and her colleagues build computer models to study stents. Their simulations could lead to better designs and also help doctors select the right stents for specific procedures. Computer scientists usually model stents in three dimensions, keeping track of about 200,000 mesh points points Together with her collaborator Josip Tambaca of the University of Zagreb in Croatia, and her Ph. D. student Mate Kosor, Canic wrote a much simpler program that approximates stents with only 400 mesh points.

Croatian Fraternal Union CFU founded in 1894 in the USA celebrates 120 years of existence
From a membership of less than 300 in 1894, the Croatian Fraternal Union, or in Croatian - Hrvatska bratska zajednica, has grown into an organization with approximately 60,000 members worldwide. The history of the Croatian Fraternal Union actually coincides with the history of the Croatian people in North America. From the beginning, when an itinerant young newspaperman came to Pittsburgh from Chicago in the late fall of 1893, Zdravko V. Mužina attracted more than 300 people to a meeting on Jan. 14, 1894, to organize a mutual benefit society for all Croatians. On the photo Mr. Bernard Luketich, president of CFU.

2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser: Resistance - Benedictus - Sir Elton John speaking
2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser performing their arrangement of Resistance by Muse, from an exciting, unforgettable and emotional evening at the beautiful Roman Colosseum in Stjepan's hometown of Pula, Croatia. Next, performing their arrangement of Benedictus by Karl Jenkins with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra. Then, Sir Elton John talking about 2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser...

Vinko Coce 1954-2013 Croatian tenor and klapa singer from the city of Trogir
Vinko Coce is a distingushed Croatian pop and klapa singer, known for his numerous unforgettable songs like "Vilo moja“ (My Fairy), „Ribari“ (Mariners), or „Mirno spavaj ružo moja“ (Sleep peacefully my rose). He is known for his numerous humanitarian concerts, in particular during the 1990s. Among his memorable appearances are the concerts at the grand stadium in the city of Split. We invite You to listen to his singing.

Croatian Ambassador to USA Joško Paro leads campaign to reduce dependance upon Russian Energy

For more than a year Croatians and Americans have been proposing that Croatia be an entry point of U.S. natural gas into the European market. The recent crises in the Ukraine has brought the matter to the forefront as it becomes more and more evident that dependency on Russian energy supplies places Europe at a marked disadvantage in negotiations with Russia.

England U18 1-2 Croatia U18 the second Croatian soccer victory against England in just 48 hours
England's soccer team Under-18 has been defeated by Croatian young team U18  with the result of 2-1 for the second time in just 48 hours. Congratulations to Croatian players and their coach for this big sports success in two friendly matches St George's Park in England. We remind the readers of the CROWN of the historic 3:2 Croatian sports victory against the English senior soccer representation at Wembley in London in 2007.

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