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Croatia Advances to Quarterfinals in 2007 Handball World Championships

Croatia continue to look to be the team to beat in the World Championships as they defeated previously unbeaten Hungary 25-18.

Kansas City: Performance of Croatian Medieval Music, Saturday February 24th

Kansas City: World Heritage Sites in Croatia on Exhibit, January 28 - March 11

Chicago: HNNK Hrvat 2nd Annual Super Bowl Party, Sunday February 4

"Beyond the Call" on PBS - Check Local Listings

New York City: Screening of Lukas Nola Film "Alone" Tonight at 7:00 p.m.

A Cellar Full of Miracles
Wine has been part of Miljenko Grgich's (left) life since he was born, the youngest of 11 children in the small village of Desne, Croatia. His father was a respected winemaker and young Miljenko, at the age of 3, would be put into a vat of grapes and told to - walk around and have a good time.

Amateur Radio Club Koprivnica Celebrates 60 Years

Ambassador to Croatia Visits Pittsburgh
 Robert Bradtke (left), the United States ambassador to Croatia, lived in the Pittsburgh area just a short time.But he remembers those few years fondly, he said during a recent visit to the Croatian Fraternal Union of America in Wilkins.

Croatia: The best of Europe
Does Croatia cross your mind while you use a ball pen or knot your tie? Probably not, but not too many know that these mundane, every day things originate from this Mediterranean country (the ball pen was invented by a Croatian and the latter by Croat soldiers). 

Guillermo Terrazas & HR Tango in Zagreb Tonight Jan 18, 2007 - Free Entrance
   Tonight in Zagreb - HR Tango, Jan 18th 2007

Letters to the Editors of The Baltimore Sun - Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but not to their facts.

Andrija Mohorovičić and his MOHO discontinuity of the Earth
Among scientists studying seismology the famous Moho layer (or Moho discontinuity) of the Earth is well known. It was named after the great Croatian geophysicist Andrija Mohorovičić (1857-1936), professor at the University of Zagreb. His discovery was essential for understanding the inner structure of the Earth and the behavior of seismic waves. This is one of the greatest achievements in the history of Croatian science.  

Los Angeles: Sixteenth Annual St. Blaise Fundraiser - February 3, 2007

Kastav, Croatia on the World map, thanks to Darko Ivančić & ELCON - KEZIA formed.

One of the most demanding businesses that ELCON Marine carried out was equipping the largest cruise ship in the world, Queen Mary II with the "heart" of  AV systems - audiovisual racks for local entertainment for the entire cruise ship. Numerous awards and acknowledgments followed.


January 15th Croatia’s International Day of Recognition

The new Baska Tablet was introduced on the set of a special edition of HRT on January 15, 1992 for the day that Croatia was internationally recognized by 30 countries in Europe and the world.

Croatia vs Greece

Greece has sharpened up its image, but Croatia needs no makeover. Summer holidays here are hype-free, a throwback to the Med as it used to be. Few bits of Europe compare with the southern Dalmatian coast. It has the cleanest seas in the Med (sorry, Greece); the sunniest islands in the Adriatic (Hvar and Mljet); and the longest, whitest beaches.


Tanja Simic to Perform at Flames of Classic Concert in Berlin

This Saturday, Jan 13, 2007, Tanja Simic, mezzo-soprano, will sing with BKO/ Berlin Chamber Orchestra in the Flames of Classic concert to be held in Handel hall at Salzgrafenplatz 1.

John Mayasich, Olympic medal winner: The First Miracle on Ice
John Mayasich (right) has enjoyed an outstanding career as one of the top broadcast executives in Minnesota. A talented athlete, he is a member of the United States Hockey Hall of Fame and an Olympic medal winner.  

Croatia's Ana Jelusic en Route to the Podium
  Ana Jelusic was excited about her first ever World Cup podium on home soil after twice finishing fourth earlier this season. "I wondered if I could manage such a result here despite the pressure from the crowd and the media and I'm proud to have achieved such a performance in front of so many fans," said the young skier from Rijeka, who turned 20 on Dec. 29.

Ljubicic beats Murray to win Qatar Open title
Ivan Ljubicic of Croatia (right) beat Andy Murray of Britain 6-4 and 6-4 to take home the trophy from the one million U.S. dollars Qatar Open tennis tournament on Saturday. 

George M. Slavich, Ph.D. Lecture at Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences, Jan 10th 2007

'Life Stress and the Development of Depression' George M. Slavich, Ph.D. Harvard Medical School Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences Meštrovićevo šetalište b.b. Split, Croatia Wednesday, January 10th, 2006 6:00pm - 8:00pm


Otto Lang, 1908-2006: Northwest icon founded first ski school at Mount Rainier
  Otto Lang, a skiing pioneer and filmmaker, was a Northwest icon who had few equals in elegance, work ethic and zest for life. Lang, who touched the lives of neophyte skiers and Hollywood stars alike, died at his West Seattle home at the age of 98.

Croatia would soon be calling for bids to privatise five of its largest shipyards

Ivan Illich, 1926-2002
Ivan Illich, was one of the world's great thinkers, a polymath whose output covered vast terrains. He worked in 10 languages; he was a jet-age ascetic with few possessions; he explored Asia and South America on foot; and his obligations to his many collaborators led to a constant criss-crossing of the globe in the last two decades.

Prof.Dr. Ante Simonić: O promicanju zdravlja i populacijske politike

 Mnogi su nezadovoljni zdravstvenim sustavom u RH. Od pacijenata do medicinskih sestara i liječnika, od pronalazača, proizvođača i trgovaca lijekovima, preko financijera i osiguravajućih institucija do lokalnih i državnih zdravstvenih vlasti.


Dalibor Matanic's "I Love You" opens tonight at the Two Boots Pioneer Theatre. Jan 3-9


The New York Times review "I Love You" by Dalibor Matanic. Jan 3rd, 2007

Review by Jeannette Catsoulis.  A bleak drama from the Croatian writer and director Dalibor Matanic, is an unusually perceptive scrutiny of absence and emptiness. Set in the filmmaker's hometown, Zagreb, the movie follows a young advertising hotshot .

CROWN Croatian World Network Newsletter, December 25th, 2006

 It is Christmas Day, which is a very significant day even for CROWN. This Internet webpage began on Christmas day 2001, being a chain letter since 1999. Many interesting and good news. Slow down you move too fast..

Last month, on a frosty night in Zagreb, Croatia, they draped the shimmering cape on the shoulders of James Brown for the last time

As the crowd cheered, the "Hardest Working Man in Show Business," whose career had begun six decades and a world away as a child dancing for coins along the Savannah River, walked away from the microphone.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 2007 - Blagoslovljen Božić, Sretna 2007. Happy Holidays

Traditional - Modern  

An on-line auction for 48 hours. Famous artists helping other artists. Unity Through Music Dec 27-29, 2006

Dino Zonić on Golden Karma Awards on WGN, 9pm EST. Dec 27th 2006. will be hosting an on-line auction during the Special and for 48 hours after the Special. Unique opportunity for you to buy famous paintings of Berber, Ibrulj, Trnski...   

Croatia's food industry challenges

Taizé Pilgrimage Stops in Zagreb from Dec. 28-Jan. 1. 2007

Forum discusses Vietnam - Croatia economic co-operation


A Triumph at Carnegie Hall: Ivana Kunc makes Her Smashing Debut on Dec. 9th, 2006

Ms. Kunc's comportment and grace on stage, and the depth of emotion that she conveyed through her father's direct and passionate vocal style, all connected with her audience, the cumulative result garnering an even deeper respect for this unique family legacy. 

Night At The Museum - New Movie Has Croatian Roots - Milan Trenc in Action
Milan Trenc (pictured right) was born in 1962. in Zagreb, Croatia where he graduated graphic arts and film direction. His comic strips appeared in Heavy Metal Magazine and his children's book, The Night At the Museum (Baron's 1993,) became a Twentieth Century Fox. feature movie directed by Shawn Levy, with an all star cast including Ben Stiller, Robin Williams and Dick Van Dyke.  

Croatian Christmas Traditions by James Monti published in The Magnificat Advent 2006

And it is in the night that the Church has placed the principal liturgical act of Christmas, midnight Mass. This focus upon Christmas night is particularly evident in the tradition of Croatia


Prof.Dr. Ante Simonić: O promicanju odgoja, obrazovanja, znanosti i tehnologije

Preduvjet kvalitetnom razvoju svakog pojedinca su dobar odgoj i dobra edukacija koji omogućavaju njegovu sustavnu izgradnju, te mu u pravom trenutku na adekvatan način nude optimalne sadržaje.

Chicago: Friday December 22nd, Boduli and ODE Collaboration at Martyrs'
 This Friday December 22nd, come enjoy an evening with The Champagne Room.  TCR features members of Ode, Boduli, Plavi Jadran and The Jerry Grcevich Band.  TCR blends folk, rock and ethnic music with soulful versions of Ode and Boduli originals and a wide variety of covers from Cole Porter to Oliver Dragojevic.

Admiral Lunney continues with Peter Tomich's story in The American Legion

2.5 million copies sold. Story about Croatian American hero Peter Tomich. Thank you Admiral Lunney and The American Legion.


The Husband Store

William Feller, outstanding Croatian - American mathematician
 William Feller (Zagreb, 1906 - New York, 1970), graduated in mathematics from the University of Zagreb (1925), earned his PhD in Göttingen (1926), since 1939 living in the USA. One of the founders of Probability Theory as a scientific discipline. Many mathematical notions bear his name. Author of a one of the best math textbooks of the 20th century. Recipient of the National Medal of Science, USA.

Oscar nominated filmmaker Adrian Belić showing his film Beyond the Call @ Jakarta International Film Festival
The Adventures of Mother-Theresa-meets-Indiana - Jones, depicting the enterprising spirit of three aging Americans who form a humanitarian organization called Knightsbridge International. The three men set out on an independent Robin Hood-like odyssey, visiting dangerous spots worldwide to lend their support to worthy causes. The result is a riveting documentary.   

New York City Tonight: Croatian director Dalibor Matanic will present his film *I Love You*
  It is our great pleasure to announce that a very special guest Croatian director Dalibor Matanic will present his film *I Love You* on Thursday, December 14th at 7:00 pm at the Two Boots Pioneer Theatre,  Manhattan, New York. A Q&A with the director will take place after the screening.  Presented by

Reclaiming the lost harmony of the world: CROWN goes behind Golden Karma Awards, with winner Dino Zonic

Reclaiming the lost harmony of the world is our mission . We are presenting gala concerts worldwide, celebrating the spirit of life, which will symbolize a unique, magnificent and unifying message for the world. Music is our deepest connection and most powerful tool of unity and peace among all people. It gives a voice to our deepest sorrows while opening our hearts to forgiveness.


I'm from Croatia, Rijeka and in the very center of my town flows a river. Possible kayaking?

World famous Russian Tsar's ballet performed Swan lake in Osijek, Croatia Dec 8, 2006

 Members of the Russian Tsar's ballet and soloists of the Bolshoi theater from Moscow, Ana Ivanova and Kiril Radiv performed one of the most famous ballets, Swan lake by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovski in Osijek, Croatia on December. 8th 2006

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