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» The Metros-Croatia, a Toronto soccer team
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published 03/21/2024 | Sports , Education | Unrated
Metros-Croatia soccer club was founded in 1956 by Croatian diaspora in Canada. The greatest success was achieved in 1976, when Toronto-Croatia won the Soccer Bowl. This 1976 team was subsequently inducted to the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame. Toronto Croata has been among the most successful Croatian diaspora clubs. There are numerous other Croatian diaspora soccer clubs: New York-Croatia, Frankfurt-Croatia, Frankfurt-Croatia, Munich-Croa
» Nenad Bach International Newsletter No. 59: Winter 2024
Submitted By Marko Puljić | Published 03/9/2024 | Education | Unrated
In 2024, I will release my 7th and 8th album. Music from the movies played by symphony orchestra, and Forgotten Songs, album with the songs that I either recorded but never released or never recorded at all but remembered them. Let's see if I really accomplish that. My main preoccupation after having Parkinson for 14 years is a global movement PingPongParkinson that I started on March 1, 2017. Two major tournaments are listed here: 9-
» Hauser - cellist's story from Croatia to global music celebrity
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published 03/1/2024 | Music , Education | Unrated
Since that fateful moment when he decided to create a new, musical experience out of the long and established traditions of classical, pop and rock music, HAUSER has been playing arena concerts all over the world and, defying the conventions of the established music business. As part of the quintessential 2Cellos, Hauser has toured the world - from the Royal Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House to New York’s Madison Square Garden
» Exploring Tesla at the Czech Technical University in Prague - four lecturers from Croatia
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published 01/24/2024 | Science , Education | Unrated
Nikola Tesla Network is a Croatian NGO placed in the city of Gospić, very near the village of Smiljan where N. Tesla (1856-1943) was born. This NGO has organized, in cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague and the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia, an interesting event entitled "Exploring Tesla", in which four lecturers from Croatia have participated on 11th January 2024: Dubravka Davidović, Darko Žubrinić, Martina Maruši
» Humanitarni koncert za Opću bolnicu DUBROVNIK
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published 12/24/2023 | Music , Events , Education , Culture And Arts , Charity | Unrated
Najavljujemo početak humanitarne akcije uglednih umjetnika različitih profila ali s istom srdačnom željom u ova sveto doba: "Kupnja suvremenog aparata za kardiološki odjel Opće bolnice Dubrovnik". Pozivamo svih da nam se pridruže u hvalevrijednoj akciji: samostalne građane, poduzeća i sve pojedince da doprinesu koliko bili u mogućnosti. Upravo Božić nas uči biti boljima, biti dijelom velike ljudske obitelji. Podupiru: Klapa Ragusa, Ra
» Miljenko "Mike" Grgich 1923-2023: "The King of Chardonnay"
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published 12/14/2023 | People , In Memoriam , Education | Unrated
With profound sadness, we announce the passing of Miljenko "Mike" Grgich, a name synonymous with innovation, excellence, and pioneering spirit in the world of winemaking. Mike's enduring legacy extends far beyond his remarkable wines; it encompasses his dedication to sustainability, his mentorship of future winemakers, and his unwavering commitment to his Croatian heritage. His Chardonnay was chosen in 1973 for a blind tasting in Paris
» Bokeljska trilogija Vicka Tripkovića Podnopljskog / uredio Vinicije B. Lupis
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published 11/25/2023 | Croatian Language , People , History , Education | Unrated
Izdavačka kuća Gospa od Škrpjela - Perast u Crnoj Gori, objavila je 2023. knjigu Bokeljska trilogija Vicka Tripkovića Podnopoljskog, koju je dr. sc. Vinicije B. Lupis (na slici) uredio, opremio i popratio uvodnom studijom "Vicko Tripković Podnopoljski (Dobrota, 1870. Zagreb, 1938.), zaboravljeni hrvatski književnik, autor svojevrsne bokeljske trilogije". Pripovijetke koje čine ovu trilogiju tiskane su u dubrovačkom književnom časopisu Sr
» Vukovar road to recovery
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published 11/11/2023 | Human Rights , In Memoriam , History , Education | Unrated
We provide an audio presentation "Vukovar road to recovery" by Thomas Burns. We also provide a description of the drama in the Vukovar Hospital by the end of 1991, when its director was late Dr. Vesna Bosanac (on the photo). Dr. Vesna Bosanac sent numerous messages during several months of Serbian attacks on the city, asking for help. We also add a video-film "Operation Storm" produced by Nikola Knez. Another video contains a song Croatia
» Ivana Marija Vidovic presided the "Ariano International Piano Competition" in Italy 2023
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published 10/28/2023 | Music , Education | Unrated
Respected Dubrovnik pianist, Ivana Marija Vidović, returned from Italy full of impressions after chairing the international piano competition 'Ariano International Piano Competition.' Being the head of the jury, she emphasized that it came as a pleasant surprise, and the entire experience enriched her. She mentioned that once again, she had the opportunity to represent her hometown Dubrovnik.

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