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Adriana Smajic from Argentina for Radio Split

Adriana Smajic contributes from Argentina to the program Nedeljni Akvarel. The program is emitted every Sunday noon from Radio Split. Adriana’s contributions deal mainly with the life of Croatians in Argentina

Goran Karan Tours the United States and Canada April-May 2009
  Croatia's platinum and diamond recording artist Goran Karan and his six -piece band "Vagabundo" will be performing in select cities in the United States and Canada. He promises an unforgettable concert featuring his most popular songs and some traditional Dalmatian songs as well as other hits. 

Croatia in NATO on April 3, 2009. NFCA newsletter.
Republic of Croatia is scheduled to formally join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) together with Albania at a summit marking the bloc's 60th anniversary during April 3-4. 2009. The NFCA is pleased to have contributed over the years to this great accomplishment for the Old Homeland. May Croatia long enjoy the peace and prosperity that is a by-product of NATO membership.

Studia Croatica 1986 #102

In this 102 (1986) issue of Studia Croatica, the main articles are one by Mate Mestrovic about the possibility of Democracy in the then Yugoslavia. Ante Kadic wrote about Marko Marulic, while Maja Lukac-Stier presents the main Croatian community contributions to Argentina. In turn, Ivo Boric wrote about the Croatian immigrants to Bolivia. This issue has 96 pages, in Spanish.

Mario Preskar's 15th win in heavy weight professional boxing on March 28, 2009
Mario Preskar has 15 wins, 2 draws and is undefeated In his short career as a heavyweight professional boxer. His last victory was against Georgian boxer Zurab Naniashvili in the Ukrainian city of Čerkasi.

Jerry Blaskovich - Anatomy of Deceit

Jerry Blaskovich is a US physician of Croatian origin. During the 1991-1995 war in Croatia, nobody had to tell Dr Blaskovich where to go, what to do, whom to help, and what to write. Although living in California, Jerry knew what his homeland needed, what tasks suited his abilities, what pressure his family was able to go through, and what his health and strength allowed him to do.

Sime Strikoman millenium photos of Croatia
Šime Strikoman is the author of a series of unusual photos representing various aspects of Croatia. For example The Kutjevo Wine Cellars celebrate 777 years of existence, so he made a millenium photo. Equaly interesting are his photos related to the island of Pag, towns of Šibenik, Zadar, Biograd, Split, etc.

Earth Hour on Saturday March 28th 2009 8:30 pm local time
On March 28, at 8:30 pm local time, one billion people will go dark for Earth Hour. World Wildlife Fund is asking individuals, businesses, and governments around the world to turn off their lights to make a global statement and to demonstrate commitment to finding solutions. Mole se ljudi širom svijeta da 28. ožujka 2009. u 20.30 sati ugase svjetla i ujedine se u stvaranju bolje budućnosti

Stana Katic Croatian Movie Star in Canada
Stana Katić (b. 1980) is a Canadian film and television actress active in the United States. Stana Katic was born to Croatian parents. In addition to English, she speaks Italian, French, and Croatian. She has an alto mezzo-soprano singing voice.

Studia Croatica 1986 #101
Radovan Latkovic, then editor of Studia Croatica, analysed in 1986 the future of Yugoslavia from an historic perspective. In the 1986 issue, other articles deal with literature, with Pope Sixtus V, of Croatian origin, with brothers Mirko and Stevo Seljan, Croatians explorers in Africa and South America. And much more, 96 pages, in Spanish.

Miro Gavran's 200th staging and new premier in Poland March 27 2009
Croatian playwright Miro Gavran has been a frequent guest in Poland lately, where his plays saw ten theater premiers, and where he had two books of dramas and comedies published. Within the World Theater Day (March 27), the famous Teatr Ludowy in Krakow will stage the 200th performance of this comedy "My Wife's Husband", translated by Anna Tuszynska.

Journal of Croatian Studies - Volume I - 1960
On its first issue, the Journal, which is approaching its 50th anniversary, presented itself with the text "To Our Readers". There, the editors state that the Croatian Academy of America, established in 1953, had planned to publish a learned journal of Croatian cultural, historical, political and economic developments.

Brian Gallagher interviewed Croatian American filmmaker Jack Baric
Exclusive interview with American Croatian filmmaker Jack Baric, the director of the new film, 'Searching for a Storm', published by Croatian Herald (Australia) 13 March 2009. New documentary about 'Operation Storm' which liberated the occupied parts of Croatia in 1995, and saved the city of Bihać in BiH from tragedy. Interviewer: Brian Gallagher, London; Jack Baric on the photo.

CROWN BUSINESS: VRELO juices of health, love and beauty, Osijek Croatia
PRIRODNO VRELO (Natural Source) is a company from the city of Osijek offering juices which are 100% natural, made with cold pressure of fresh fruit and vegetables without concentration, sweetening and addition of water, preservatives, colors and flavour. The company would like to find distributors for these products in Europe, USA, Asia,...

Davor Dijanovic: Da je Hrvatska pokazala malo više samopoštovanja
Da Hrvatska politička klasa nije slijepo jurila u EU, bespogovorno izvršavala svaki diktat iz Bruxellesa i da je pokazala malo više samopoštovanja i dala do znanja da Hrvatska nije ničija prčija niti kolonija, nema sumnje da bi se stvarili odvijale mnoge povoljnije po RH, ne bi bili ni koraka dalje od EU, dapače.

Croatian World Games - Zadar 2010. Interview with Franjo Pavic.

The second Croatian World Games, also known as Crolympia will be held in Zadar in July, 2010, and organized by the Croatian World Congress, the main association of expatriate Croatians in the world. Interview with Mr. Franjo Pavic, head of the organisation committee for Germany and coordinator for Europe

Josip Mikulec tireless world hiker hundred years ago
 Very brave Croatian adventurer Josip Mikulec set out to circumnavigate the globe on foot in the span of five years.  With the start of this journey in Croatia's capital Zagreb he became a perpetual wanderer.  Mostly hiking, he traveled the world some 28 years and achieved a degree of fame for having collected more than 30,000 autographs of world-famous people. 

Zadar Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea under the snow in February 2009
By the end of February 2009 the city of Zadar was completely covered with snow. We provide an interesting presentation by Darko Tomičić, submitted by Ivana Marija Vidović. On the photo is a palm in Zadar covered with snow, as well as The Monument to the Sun behind it, both just by the seashore.

Louis Cukela recipient of USA Navy and Army Medals of Honor during WWI
Louis Cukela (Vjekoslav Lujo Čukela, 1888-1956), was awarded both the Navy and Army Medals of Honor for extraordinary heroism in France 1918 during World War I. He was the only living man to hold two such decorations for extreme bravery in a single war. Čukela was born in Split in Croatia, and emigrated to the USA in 1913.

LADO National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia celebrates 60th anniversary in 2009
 In celebration of the ensemble's 60th anniversary, many events, concerts and other commemorative activities have been organized for this special year. The ensemble will be marking this anniversary year with an impressive tour of the US and Canada which will take place in October and November. Also planned is the promotion of a documentary DVD entitled '60 Years of LADO' and the issuing of a LADO postage stamp.

Kristian Krekovic portrayed Mahatma Gandhi, Queen Mother, King Gustav V, etc.
Kristian Kreković (1901-1985), distinguished Croatian painter born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, since the end of 2008 has a web site dedicated to his life and work. It was launched by the Associtiation of Friends of the Krekovic Museum in Palma de Mallorca in Spain. Among his numerous portraits, we can find those of Mahatma Gandhi, Queen Mother, King Gustav V, and many others.

Lady Jadranka Njers Beresford Peirse promotor of Croatian culture in GB
Lady Jadranka Njerš Beresford Peirse of London is a fascinating personality and a great Croatian patriot, whose efforts  have been engaged in raising funds both for the restoration of the damaged monuments that form such an important part of Croatian heritage and in finding ways to promote Croatian culture in Great Britain. She is recipient of the 1999 INA Award for international promotion of Croatian culture.

Ante Sardelic distinguished Croatian sculptor, painter and printmaker in Canada
Ante Sardelić Kraljević, sculptor, painter, and printmaker was born in the town of Blato on the island of Korčula in Croatia. The last ten years he worked on the project The Eternal Homeland. This exhibition is now traveling through many major cities throughout the world.

Luka Sulic Croatian cellist wins the first prize in Warszaw, Poland 2009
Croatian cellist Luka Šulić (1987) is the First Prize winner of the Witold Lutoslawski International Cello Competition held in February 2009 in Warsaw. This very prestigious biannual competition, whose Honorary President during his lifetime was legendary Mstislav Rostropovich, attracted some forty cellists from all over the world.  Luka also won special prize for the best performance of Lutoslawski's Sacher Variations.

Vladimir Kristl filmmaker and artist from Croatia
Vladimir "Vlado" Kristl (24 January 1923 – 7 July 2004) was a filmmaker and artist from Zagreb, Croatia, best known for his celebrated animations and short films. Kristl first came to international prominence for his formally challenging and rigous animations, particularly Don Kihot. The film is a "graphical and abstract masterpiece which went beyond all existing conventions"

Prof. dr. Srećko Gajović utilizes glowing mice to study stroke
A group of scientists at the Croatian Brain Research Institute in cooperation with the Laval University in Canada started a research on post-stroke events in the brain using unique models. Project was started by the group of prof. dr. Srećko Gajović, Head of the Section for Neurogenetics, Cytogenetics and Developmental Genetics at the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb.

Pliva In Memoriam ili Kuda "pliva" naš Hrvatski brod?
Povijest Plive započinje otvaranjem vrata dioničarskog društva i tvornice "Kaštel" u Karlovcu 1921.g. Prvi je predsjednik odbora prof. dr. Gustav Janaček. Ovaj tekst je geneza jedne Hrvatske priče,  da se  ne bi ponovila. Kuda "pliva" naš Hrvatski brod. Možemo li bolje? Odgovor znamo, ali tko ima petlje odraditi to s integritetom,  poštenjem i znanjem? Ima nas samo se tek povezujemo.

Croatian Woman celebrating 80 years of existence in Chicago 2009
"Croatian Woman" was founded in 1921, in Zagreb, with a simple mission: Help Croatians who are in need and less fortunate. Already in 1929  its first branch would open in Chicago. It was the original idea of Agata Durak and her daughter Vilma Strunjak to start a woman's organization in Chicago's Croatian community.

Support Ann Marie Boskovich For The Next American Idol
 Support Croatian talent. Vote for Ann Marie tonight! We begin an exciting week as Ann Marie was picked to sing in the first group set to perform on Tuesday, February 17th. 2009. If you have the privilege of knowing Ann Marie, you were a fan long before her involvement with American Idol simply because she is just one of those special people with an amazing heart. This is a grass root support.

Croatians in Romania celebrate 500 years of their roots
Croatian community in Romania is not large, but is stable with well-preserved traditions and language. It is estimated that the number of Croats in Romania number around 14,000, but likely the number is higher. They are a part of one of the oldest communities in the Croatian diaspora. They have lived there over 500 years.

World`s Longest Sausage Made In Vinkovci Croatia
On Saturday February 14, 2009 Croatians in Vinkovci cooked up what they claim to be the world's largest sausage, measuring 530 metres or 1,738 feet. Organisers said the sausage was the world's largest and could feed as many as 3,000 people, but adding it was merely "training" for next year when they plan to produce a sausage measuring 1,000 metres. For Valentine. No comments.

ChessQuire is a new game created by Zarko Svatovic
 ChessQuire is an expanded Chess Game played on ten by ten, 100 squares board, instead of classic 64 squares. The new game introduces one new type of chess piece named “Esquire”: four of them in total; two Esquire on each side of the board, belonging to the two opposing sets of pieces. There are also extra four pawns on the board, two on each side. Invented by Zarko Svatovic.

Croatia Coming Soon at Jimmy Choo
 These 35mm wedge sandals have an embroidered decorative pannel and  are pefect for laid back summer chic.

Robert Belinic to play guitar at the University of Chicago March 10 2009
Robert Belinić, acclaimed Croatian guitarist, will have a concert at the Khorsabad Court of the Oriental Insitute at the University of Chicago, Tuesday, March 10, 6:30 pm. He was the sole winner of the 2001 Young Concert Artists European Auditions in Leipzig, Germany, and in 2002 was the first guitarist ever to win a place on the Young Concert Artists roster in New York.

Miro Sinovčić innovative Croatian artist in the USA
In 1985 Miro Sinovčić emigrated from his native Croatia to the United States, where he became one of the most-sought after artists in publishing, advertising and motion pictures. His art has appeared on more than a thousand book covers, and his innovative techniques helped transform the traditional look of book illustrations into more modern treatments of color and atmosphere.

Kimono Croatia worn in honour of Croatian ambassador Stambuk's birthday
The winning silk kimono named Croatia has been made in Tokamachi in the memory of the Croatian national football team's presence during the World Cup 2002 in Japan. The Mayor's daughter has worn it for the Croatian ambassador's birthday.

International conference dedicated to the memory of Branko Fucic
Branko Fučić (1920-1999) is a distinguished historian of Croatian art and investigator of Croatian Glagolitic monuments. His work is especially important for Istrian peninsula. A three day international conference was superbly organized in Malinska on the island of Krk dedicated to the study of his life and work. More than 70 scientists have participated from seven countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, and Bulgaria.

Paul Bucha Leading Candidate for the Secretary of the Army in Obama-Biden team
Paul Bucha is of Croatian descent; his paternal grandfather immigrated to the United States from the Croatian town of Našice. Bucha attended the United States Military Academy at West Point. Earned an MBA at Stanford University before his military career at Fort Campbell. Recipient of a Medal of Honor, he was very instrumental in Admiral J. Robert Lunney's successful effort to present Peter Tomich's Medal of Honor to the next of kin.

Caridad Svich is a playwright-songwriter-translator-editor with Croatian roots

Caridad Svich is a playwright-songwriter-translator-editor of Cuban-Argentine-Spanish and Croatian descent. Her works have been staged across the US and abroad at venues as diverse as Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, INTAR, The Women’s Project, 7 Stages, Cleveland Public Theatre, Salvage Vanguard Theatre, Dad’s Garage and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Listen to a famous Croatian song O MARIJANA in Japanese
A famous Croatian tune O MARIJANA composed by Vlaho Paljetak from Dubrovnik, Croatia, is now available via Internet, sung by Seiji Tanaka in Japanese and Croatian. The song was recorded in Japan already in 1976. It is extremely popular in Croatia.

GAVRANFEST 2009 in Trnava Slovakia February 23 - 27, 2009
Since 2003, the Jan Palarik Theatre from Trnava, Slovakia has organised a theatre festival that is unique in Europe, at which only the dramas and comedies of the Croatian author, Miro Gavran, are performed. This year's GAVRANFEST is the fourth to be organised and it will be held between February 23 and 27, with theatres from five countries taking part:  Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Croatia.

Dietrich Mateschitz another Croatian billionaire
Another day another Croatian billionaire. Dietrich Mateschitz (born May 20, 1944 in Sankt Marein im Mürztal, Styria) is an Austrian businessman and billionaire. He is of Croatian heritage. Lives in Salzburg, but also owns Laucala Island, off Fiji. Brilliant in marketing and business, he holds 49 percent of shares in the energy drink producer Red Bull.

Bruno Krajcar dedicated himself to the study of Istria's ethnic heritage
Bruno Krajcar is academic musician, composer, singer, journalist and  editor. Krajcar plays various instruments and has been composing since he was ten, now being the author of many compositions. He represented Croatia at the 25th EBU International Folk Festival. Moreover, he has dedicated himself to the study of Istria's ethnic heritage.

Damir Simic featured in Premier Guitar Magazine
As musicians, many of us are lucky to be surrounded by our peers and influences. Imagine, if you will, the horror of growing up in a place where you have to not only leave the city or state, but cross international lines in order to get new music. Damir Simic Shime grew up in Croatia before moving to America at the young age of 22.

Davor Pavuna, Croatian Physicist in Obama’s Science Team chosen by Steven Chu
 Steven Chu, Nobel Prize winner and Obama’s energy minister, has named Croatian physicist prof. dr. Davor Pavuna as one of the reviewers of projects at the U.S. Department of Energy. Reviewing projects for the DOE will be an enormous challenge because it will focus on avant-garde research that, among other things, includes new materials, high-temperature superconductivity, so-called green energy and green technologies.

Croatia winning silver on Feb 1, 2009 in Handball World Championship
 Croatia - Poland 29:23. Outstanding right wing Ivan Cupic, who scored 12 goals, as well as 19 saves by keeper Mirko Allilovic paved Croatia's way to the final of their dreams where they met France. France has defeated host Croatia in the final of this year World Handball championship in a thrilling match that saw both sides tied for most of the match.

In Memoriam: Paul Unger, a great friend of Croatia
Paul A. Unger's small idea to help his beloved wife's Croatian homeland acquire a better understanding of democracy kept getting bigger until it became a truss on the bridge of people linking Cleveland with the world. Unger died Friday at the age of 94.

Nenad goes to Washington to witness history. Obama - Biden.
Cold day, with warm hearts. January 20th, 2009. In the first seven days, more good is done then in the last seven years. Transparency in the government addressed. Guantanamo. New emissions standards for automobiles. Environmental promises in progress. Reach out to the other side of the world. Creative ambition. Very impressive start. I've never seen anything like this before. Let's hope and let's participate.

Zumberak a hidden Croatian treasure
 Žumberak is a Croatian region south-west of Zagreb. It is a favorite place for mountaineers, those wishing to learn about rare plants and interesting archaeological sites, or about Croatian churches of Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic rites built side by side like in Sošice. Remote villages and their hospitable inhabitants still preserve their old habits. On the photo Miroslav Peris from Sošice in Žumberak, Croatian pilot and Hero.

Croatia 32 - Spain 22 at World Handball Championship Croatia 2009
Croatia convincingly defeated handball superpower Spain 32:22. The match was also a revenge of Croatian handball team for the defeat they suffered from Spain in the match for the third place at the Olympics in Beijing. In a great atmosphere of Spaladium Arena Croatian players showed determination from the very beginning. Ivano Balić on the photo, one of the best players of today, playing for Croatia in his native city of Split.

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