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Ivan Mrvos of Croatia designed the best smart street bench in the world
Steora is the world's best street bench, and its designer is Ivan Mrvos from the town of Solin, Croatia. It provides phone charging and internet to users and beautifies the street. All powered by green solar energy. Steora is more than a bench. Steora is the future of cities. The benches are equipped with an independently developed wireless device charger and two smart USB connectors, providing fast charging for mobile devices whilst ensuring battery protection. Internet access is constantly available within a four-meter diameter of the bench, delivered by a superfast 4G mobile router. The product is exported to Australia, and the product is tested in the USA, Switzerland, etc.

Sandra Perkovic's win in discus trow at European Athletic Championship in Amsterdam 2016
Sandra Perković, one of the greatest Croatian athletes, won gold medal in discus throw at European Athletic Championship in Amsterdam. It is her fourth consecutive win at European Athletic Championships. It is interesting that both silver and bronze medals were won by representatives from Germany. Sandra is the current Olympic and World champion in discus throw. It is indeed rare to see such a dominant athlete at international competitions in the course of the last several years.

Croatian basketball representation qualified for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio by defeating Italian team
In dramatic finals of the basketball tournament in Italy, Croatian team defeated Italian team in Torino, thus securing its participation at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Croatia has a very young team, and its victories under the guidance of Aleksandar Petrović, against very strong Greek and Italian temas are a pleasant surprise. Among better known players, we mention Dario Šarić, Krunoslav Simon, Darko Planinic (on the photo) and Bojan Bogdanović. Aleksandar Petrović is the brother of late Dražen Petrović.

Zvonko Vranesic Croatian-Canadian International Chess Master and Professor at the University of Toronto
Professor Zvonko Vranesic was born in Croatia's capital Zagreb. At the University of Toronto, he served as the Director of the Computer Engineering Program from 1991 to 1995, and as Chair of the Division of Engineering Science from 1995 to 2000. He worked on numerous consulting projects in the area of computer engineering. Presently, he is a Principal Software Engineer at the Altera Toronto Technology Center. He has co-authored five books which have become widely used (worldwide) in undergraduate courses. He represented Canada in numerous chess competitions. He holds the title of International Master and since 2010 is a member of the Canadian Chess Hall of Fame.

Lipik Streetball Tournament 2016 organized under the auspices of FIBA
The Lipik 3x3 Challenger 2016, organized in the town of Lipik on Croatian North, is an international event in 3x3 street basketball, that will be held in Lipik on July 8 and 9 as a part of the World tour series and under the direct sponsorship from FIBA, the international governing basketball organisation. The Challenger status and the trust that FIBA showed came as a result of many years of hard and devoted work of young people who, 17 years ago, in the summer of 1999, led by the idea to enrich the local social life, decided to organise the first tournament in street basketball. Especially important was the role of Ivan Pušćenik, on the photo with Nenad N. Bach in Lipik.

Goran Visnjic distinguished Croatian-American actor in a new TV series
Goran Višnjić, an actor best known for his role in TV Series ER, was born in the city of Sibenik, Croatia. He studied at Croatia's Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Goran's first notable appearance on stage was cast in the role of Hamlet at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Visnjic's new venture will be as a co-star in NBC’s ‘Time’ Travel Pilot from Eric Kripke & Shawn Ryan.

Nenad Bach successfully finished his workshop at the 56th International Children's Festival in Sibenik
Nenad Bach, proslavljeni hrvatski pjevač, skladatelj i izvođač koji je tijekom svoje uspješne međunarodne umjetničke karijere surađivao s Lucianom Pavarottijem, Bonom Voxom iz grupe U2, Brianom Enom, Richiem Havensom, Garthom Hudsonom i Rickom Dankom iz slavne grupe "The Bend" koja je bila prateći band Boba Dylama, Vinceom Welnickom iz legendarnog banda "Grateful Dead", glumcima Martinom Sheenom, Michaelom Yorkom, Johnom Malkovichem i mnogim drugima, sudionik festivala "Woodstock 94" i autor kompilacijskih albuma Brucea Springsteena, Leonarda Cohena i Allena Ginsberga, u crkvi sv. Duha u Šibeniku otpjevao je, prateći se na drevnim orguljama iz 1640. godine, svoju pjesmu "I Will Follow You".

PagArtFestival founded on Croatian island of Pag by Lovro Pogorelic dedicated to classical music
PagArtFestival was founded in 1999 and it has already become a tradition to have it opened by Lovro Pogorelić's recital. Lovro Pogorelić, Croatian pianist, traces his origin to Pag, and the Festival originated out of his wish to help and dignify life of the town of Pag by meaningful companionship of quality through various projects. The town of Pag is a small renaissance town made of stone, a zoning unicum well known not only by the famous lace and cheese, but also by the tradition of cultural events.

Ivana Marija Vidovic Croatian pianist presenting Luka Sorkocevic and Dora Pejacevic in Amsterdam
In June 2016, Ivana Marija Vidović from the city of Dubrovnik had a very succesful pianist concert in the Pianola Museum in Amsterdam. Her program included music pieces by Brahms, Liszt, Elgar and Ramovš, as well as Croatian Renaissance composer Luka Sorkočević and the first internationally established Croatian woman composer Dora Pejačević. Ivana is also a fine poet, and she had the honor to recite her own verses translated into English. After she played Dora's pieces dedicated to the Life of Flowers, Mrs. Marijke Brekelmans, curator of the Pianola Museum, enthusiastically recited Ivana's verses.

Goran Colak Croatian holder of amazing freediving WR 273 m and of the Guinness WR 23min breath hold
We provide a short documentary about life and training of most decorated pool freediver in the history of sport. At the time of filmmaking, summer of 2014, Goran Čolak had 10 gold medals from pool World Championships with addition of 8 World records CMAS(5) and AIDA(3) combined. Goran Čolak holds the Guinness WR 23min breath hold. He is multiple world champion and record holder in various free diving disciplines. Guinness WR attempt took place at island Vir in Croatia (20.06.2014), and exact breath hold time was set at record 23 minutes and 01 seconds. These sports are extremely dangerous and require special physical and mental trainings.

Srdjan Bulat to perform in Yerevan, Armenia July 2016
The young guitarist from the city of Split and graduate from the Royal Academy in London, Srdjan Bulat, will hold a cycle of chamber recitals in the capital city of Armenia, Yerevan. As part of the Hassfest guitar festival July 4-9, 2016, he will hold a solo recital, in which he will perform works from Spanish, Armenian and Croatian composers, thus contributing to this first joint festival of music and visual art which will be attended by numerous young artists from 15 countries worldwide.

Croatia - Spain 2 : 1 at the Euro 2016 in France
  Rejuventated Croatian soccer team, with even five new very young  players, won in an important match against Spain. It was Spain's first loss at Euros since 2004. Spanish team is considered as one of the strongest ones in the world today. Especially impressive was the performance of Croatian goalkeeper Danijel Subašić, here on the photo. Croatian competed in group D, and finished ranked on the first place: 1. Croatia (7 pts), 2. Spain (6 pts), 3. Turkey (3 pts), 4. Czechia (1 pt).

6th Croatian Mathematical Congress in Zagreb 2016 hosted 200 mathematicians
Croatian Mathematical Congresses are organized every four years by Croatian Mathematical Society in different university centers throughout the country. In 2016, the Congress had 6 plenary lecturers and 14 invited lecturers presenting their current work in various parts of mathematical sciences, as well as numerous short reports. The Conference was accompanied by interesting panel discussions. On the photo are professors Dragan Miličić (University of Utah) and Ivan Mirković (University of Massachusetts), two former students of the University of Zagreb, distinguished international experts in the Representation Theory of Groups.

Sibe Mardesic 1927-2016 distinguished Croatian mathematician and Fellow of the AMS

Professor Sibe Mardešić: "I have been very devoted and faithful to Mathematics in Zagreb. I dedicated approximately equal shares of my time and energy to research, teaching and organization. I tried to transfer to Zagreb good things that I saw at other more developed places. I paid particular attention to teaching at the graduate level." Professor Sibe Mardešić is a member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and a Fellow of the prestigious American Mathemacial Society. He had over 260 lectures at conferences and universities in 20 countries. Besides his native Croatian, he fluently spoke six languages. We provide an interesting interview with him conducted by Professor James Keesling, USA.

Dvigrad Festival 2016 offering a rich program of Renaissance and Early Baroque music
The Dvigrad Festival has been conceived by Alojzije Prosoli and his Musica Sacra / Sveta glazba society, along with numerous collaborators. This year, among distinguished soloists and players, the Festival will host Mario Penzar, Jelena Čilaš, Josue Melendez, Sarah Louise Ridy, Diego Leverić, Tin Cugelj, Martina Klarić, Augustin Mršić, Ema Stein, Ana Jembrek, Anna Waszak, Edmund Andler-Borić, Silvio Richter, Darko Solter, Responsorium ensemble, etc.

Croatia-Turkey 1:0 at EURO France 2016 on the Parc des Princes in Paris with anthological goal of Luka Modric
A difficult match of Croatia with Turkey at EURO France 16 ended with a win for Croatia, due to spectacular goal of Luka Modrić. Croatia has been dominant throughout the match, exhibiting high quality collective game, and the result could have been even more convincing for Croatia. This was an exceptionally good opening match, since the group in which Croatia competes is very tough. Except of Luka Modrić, Croatian team has several very experineced international players, like Modrić, Manđukuć, Rakitić, Perišić, Srna etc. Did You know that Raktić is not only amazing football player, but also an outstanding polyglot, speaking, except Croatian, also German, English, French and Castillian? On the photo, the flag of Croatian fans from the village of Lukoran on the island of Ugljan near the city of Zadar on Croatian coast.

Euro 2016 in France - Cheering and Singing for Croatian Vatreni!
The host country of the Euro is France, the same territory where Croatia placed third in the World Cup in 1998 (which was a huge accomplishment for the then reborn country), so who knows what is going to happen. When I was a little girl growing up in Zagreb (the Croatian capital), I will never forget how during every Euro or World Soccer Cup, whenever Croatia would play against someone, everything in the city would literally stop. Whenever we did win, people would go crazy (in a good way), and many would wipe those tears of joy from their faces. And this soccer frenzy applies not just to Croatia, but to almost every nation who is into soccer. On the photo, the author, Maya Brlečić, internationally accompished Croatian pianist and singer, living in Cincinnati, USA.

1137 years since the first international recognition of Croatia, more than 600 years before the discovery of America
The Croatian Prince Branimir, 9th century, made important steps in strengthening the relations with Rome. During the solemn divine service in St. Peter's church in Rome in 879, Pope John VIII gave his blessing to the prince and the whole Croatian people, about which he informed Branimir in his letters, the first one dated on May 21, 879. This was the first time that the Croatian state was officially recognized (at that time the international legitimacy was given by the Pope), which, as we see, happened more than eleven centuries ago! On the photo is a stone monument from 9th century bearing the name of Croatian prince Branimir.

FRODDO international Croatian shoemaker superbrand for toddlers and preschoolers
Best friends since childhood, Iva and Doris started Zagy Shoe Shop (Zagy being derived from the name of Zagreb) with the mission of offering Canadian toddlers and preschoolers the highest quality shoe for the development of healthy and happy feet. The two got together with the manufacturer in Croatia who has been producing quality kids shoes for the last 70 years. The first order arrived to Canada in March 2015. The related Ivančica company was established as a small business made up of a group of shoemakers. Through mutual assistance, updating our knowledge and hard work, they have become a company with over one thousand employees – today a leading footwear manufacturer in Croatia. On the photo Nada Zver, director of Ivančica, which produces 5000 pairs of shoes for children daily, or more than a million pairs of shoes per year.

Filip Cvitic and his Fabula Croatica offer nice looking, edible and tasteful products
Filip Cvitić has created a series of chocolates, which promote Croatian cultural heritage in a way consumers find attractive, with which they could connect with their everyday lives and through which they will see their own culture. Chocolates DOBRO describe the stories about music, art, science, economy, customs and daily life of people who make a particular Craotian city. These chocolates are supplied from Croatian chocolate factories. In the packaging, these stories are written in four languages: Croatian, English, German and Italian. Through these written stories it is possible to get acquainted with the cultural values ​​of the city.

17th Dance & Non-Verbal Theatre Festival in Svetvinčenat July 22-25 2016
Save the date! The 17th Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival Svetvinčenat (San Vincenti) will take place from July 22th to July 25th. 2016. We are preparing the program with a lot of dance treats from around Europe and Croatia!

2CELLOS Classical Crossover for the Win, analysis by the New York Times on 24 May 2016
  In Budapest, Hungary, on 24 May 2016, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser made the crowd roar and scream by playing instrumental covers of songs by U2, Michael Jackson and Nirvana. “We want to show the possibilities of cello playing,” Mr. Sulic said before the show. “To break the boundaries between different genres of music.” Mr. Hauser laughed and put it more bluntly: “I wanted to have screaming girls in the audience, which we get now for sure.” Katja Kinnunen, who came from Finland: “If you play with passion, that’s my thing,” she said. “They blew my mind.”

Stipe Miocic became the UFC World Heavyweight Champion in 2016
Stipe Miočić, USA, born in 1982 to Croatian immigrants, is an American mixed martial artist competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) where he is the current UFC World Heavyweight Champion. He defeated Brazilian champion Fabricio Werdum in front of 45000 fans in Curitiba, Brazil.. His height is 6 ft 4 in (193 cm). In a few occasions he visited Croatia, the land of his parents, where he also met with Mirko CroCop (Mirko Filipović), who is one of his idols. After winning his title, Stipe Mioč will rest in Croatia from May to August 2016. Croatian fans describe him as a perfectly normal and pleasant person.

We learn from others - edible six pack rings
Most of these plastic six-pack rings end up in our oceans and pose a serious threat to wildlife. Together with Saltwater Brewery, a small craft beer brand in Florida whose primary target are surfers fishermen and people who love the sea, decided to tackle the issue head on and make a statement for the whole beer industry to follow. This is a solution that could be implemented to keep harmful pollutants out of the Adriatic Sea and Croatia.

MEETING G2.2 10-12 October 2016 in Zagreb offering new business opportunities for Croatia and its diaspora
We are happy to see that the connection between Croatians of the diaspora has become a world-wide trend and that there are many „sibling“ Meeting G2 conferences around the world. This year two successful conferences took place in North America (Washington, USA) and in South America (Santa Cruz, Bolivia), while future conferences have already been announced: Chile and Chicago in 2017, Paraguay in 2018 and Australia soon to be announced! On the photo Mara Vitols Hrgetić and Josip Hrgetić, successful entrepreneurs in Croatia, owners of the FORUM Centre in Zagreb..

Interview with Giovanna Drpic
Bolivian born Giovanna Drpic is a journalist and the host/producer of the Emmy-nominated business show, Money & Main$treet on Verizon FiOS1. CROWN recently sat down with her and asked her about her life and career and how she came to the U.S. from Bolivia as well as her origins from the island of Brac.

Andrija Colak & Denis Polic founded Surf'n'Fries franchise in Rijeka Croatia awarded in Las Vegas
Andrija Čolak and Denis Polić, two young Croatians from the city of Rijeka, founded Surfnfries franchise company in their native city in 2010. Since then, in only six years, their franchise network has grown to 40 franchise companies. Their attached companies are blossoming not only in Croatia, but also in Germany, Hungary, Austria, Ireland, Norway, Turkey, Iran, Vietnam, Thailand, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc. On February 15th 2015 in Las Vegas Andrija Čolak received an award given out by the International Franchise Association for Next Generation Franchising.

Beautiful Croatia founded and directed by Amanda Grbavac organized an event in New York on 26 April 2016

Beautiful Croatia will be hosting stylish and unique events throughout the year. With over 15 years of experience in events, Beutiful Croatia also offers an event management service, to help make your destination dream event a reality. Beautiful Croatia presents all this to you with style, lots of love and happy spirit. On travels around the world, there was always one country that stood out for me like the brightest gem, it stole my heart and never let me go. That country was Beautiful Croatia. On the photo Sylvio Roubertto Kovacic, haute couture fashion designer, Amanda Grbavac founding director of Beautiful Croatia and Robert Grgurev, President of Startas USA.

Croatian Vocal Group Roots / Vokalna skupina Korijeni from Chicago, USA
Croatian Vocal Group Korijeni (i.e., Roots) is a non-profit traditional Croatian folk singing group. The group focuses on singing traditional a capella songs in 3 to 4 part harmony. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has recognized several forms of Croatian singing: Klapa, Bečarac, Ojkanje, Istrian 2-part singing. Vokalna Skupina Korijeni intends to perpetuate traditional forms of Croatian singing. we are extremely honored to have the Zagrebački Folklorni Ansambl (ZFA) coming to Milwaukee to perform a concert. The ensemble will present a concert in Milwaukee on Tuesday, November 15th 2016 at the Alverno Colllege Pitman Theatre.

Ivana Marija Vidovic and Diana Hilje celebrating Rugjer Boskovic in Brera in Milano, Italy, 17 May 2016
Under the name of VOX RAGUSEI, two distinguished Croatian artists, mezzosoprano Diana Hilje and Ivana Marija Vidović, pianist, both from the city of Dubrovnik, will be hosted by the University Library of Brera in Milano, Italy. They will have an exceptional honor to perfom music pieces by Jelena Pucić Sorkočević (1786-1865), the first Croatian woman composer, and Luka Sorkočević (1734-1789), known for his beautiful simphonies. Brera is famous for its astronomical observatory, founded by Ruđer Bošković, SJ (1711-1787), one of the greatest Croatian scientists in history, and the music event will be dedicated to his memory.

KISHA, the first Croatian smart umbrella that you'll never lose created by Andrija Colak

KISHA is the world’s first smart umbrella. Never lose it, always take it with you when it rains. With KISHA, you'll never ever worry about getting soaking wet. It's connected with a mobile app on your iPhone or Android and tells you each morning (or any other time of the day) if it's going to rain. It also reminds you when you leave it in a pub, bar, restaurant or any other public place. Smart? We'd rather say intelligent! The meaning of KISHA in Croatian is RAIN. Of course, you will get umbrella, not rain :) On the photo Andrija Čolak,

Nikola Tesla Croatian citizen advised the City Hall of Croatia's capital Zagreb in 1892 about electrification
In 1892, Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) has been invited by Milan Amruš, Mayor of the city of Zagreb, to visit the City Hall in order to give advice about future electrification. An interesting article from 1892 has been published in the Zagreb newspapers, which we provide for the first in English translation from Croatian original. We cite the following significant sentence from this 1892 article: Mr. Tesla considers it his duty, as a native son of this country [Croatia], to assist the Zagreb City Council in this matter offering his advice and helping in every way he can. The country he meant here is without any doubt Croatia. As a Croatian citizen, Nikola Tesla possessed the passport issued in the city of Zagreb in 1883. On the photo Nikola Tesla in 1941 with Fritzie Zivich, known as the Croat Comet, the then welter-weight boxing world champion.

Association of Croatian American Professionals First In-Person Conference Held in Washington, DC
The First In-Person Conference of the Association of Croatian American Professionals (ACAP) held in Washington, DC on April 21st and 22nd was a resounding success. The conference highlighted seven different panels to showcase Croatian Americans’ talent, success and commitment within the fields: National Diaspora Organizations; Future of the U.S. Croatia Relations; Entrepreneurship and BioTechnology; Medicine - Focus on Cancer and Health Tourism; Croatian Space Program; Croatian Arts and Entertainment in the USA; Legal Topics-Immigration and Real Estate.

MEETING G2.2 Conference in Zagreb 10-12 October 2016 aiming at revitalisation of Croatian economy
It is very important that Croats living outside the Republic of Croatia be connected with each other, not only with the Croats in the homeland. We wish to strenghten our impact on the Office for Croats outside Republic of Croatia and on Matica Iseljenika around the world, and to connect more strongly with the emmigration Congress and Croatian World Congress, in order to achieve synergy through the cultural, ethnological and business cooperation. On the photo Mara Vitols Hrgetić, Program Director of the meeting. MEETING G2.2 Conference is organized at the Forum Center in Zagreb 10-12 October 2016

St Leopold Bogdan Mandic Croatian saint visited Croatia in April 2016
St Leopold Bogdan Mandic (1866-1942, memorial day 30th July) was born in Herceg Novi in Boka kotorska, and died in Padova, Italy. Physically malformed and delicate, having height only 1m 35cm, with clumsy walk and stuttering, he developed tremendous spiritual strength. Although he wanted to be missionary in Eastern Europe, he spent almost all of his adult life in Italy, and lived in Padova from 1906 until the end of his life. He spent also one year in Italian prison during the WWI, since he did not want to renounce his Croatian nationality.

Branko Leskovar 1930-2016 distinguished Croatian-American expert in Electrical Engineering & Electronics
Dr Branko Leskovar, born in Croatia's capital Zagreb, earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Zagreb. Since 1965 he worked atthe  Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley. His work in resolution studies of electro-optical devices has had profound benefits on development and manufacturing of new devices with significantly improved characteristics. These methods have been accepted world-wide by government and industrial laboratories. Upon retirement, he served as Scientific Advisor to numerous universities and US government agencies. He was a fellow of IEEE and Sigma Xi societies.

Yoko Nishii's humanitarian concert in Zagreb during the Japanese Culture Week in March 2016
  This humanitarian concert of Yoko Nishii, Japan, has been organized by the Embassy of Japan in Zagreb in cooperation with Croatian Society for Training Guide Dogs and for Mobility. She played the works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Liszt i Ferrucci Busonij, Frédéric Chopin, Eric Satie, Dora Pejačević, Kozaburo Hirai, Kosaku Yamada i Tooru Takemitsu. In Tokyo in 2015, she published the first CD in the world, which includes all pianistic compostions of distinguished Croatian female composer Dora Pejačević.

The 3rd International Flute Summer Academy in Karlovac, Croatia July 3-10th 2016

The Croatia Flute Academy is an international flute summer course, which presents a week full of intensive workshops, flute-clinics, seminars, shows, masterclasses, concerts, 1-1 Lessons, round-tables & ensemble-rehearsals. Flutists of all ages and levels are welcome to apply for a place. It will also feature guest professors from all over the world including Pierre-Yves Artaud (left) of France.

Bruno Vlahek distinguished Croatian pianist and composer
Pianist and composer Bruno Vlahek has distinguished himself as one of the most prominent and versatile musicians of his generation; being praised by the critics for his "fantastic virtuosity" and "depth of musical thought that bewitches the audience". Born 1986 in Zagreb (Croatia), it was there that he received first piano lessons at the age of 9. He is also active as a concert organist and composer. His music has been performed on five continents in cities such as New York, Chicago, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Cambridge, Lisbon, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Seoul, Sydney and Zagreb.

Roman Krznaric popular philosopher and his new book Carpe Diem Reclaimed
Roman Krznaric is a cultural thinker and writer on the art of living and social change. His bestselling books, which include Empathy, The Wonderbox and How to Find Fulfilling Work, have been published in over 20 languages. His writings have been widely influential  political and environmental campaigners, education reformers, social entrepreneurs, psychologists and designers. He is founder of the world’s first Empathy Museum and is also a founding faculty member of The School of Life. Roman has been named by The Observer as one of Britain’s leading popular philosophers.

Ines Trickovic Croatian Jazz Vocalist and Friends performing at Carnegie Hall NY April 6, 2016, 8 PM
Ines Trickovic, a Croatian jazz singer based in Macau, joins forces with young jazz artists Brian Girley, Julian Shore, Gilad Hekselman, Marion Ross III, Shin Sakaino, and Marcus Gilmore. Their music is strongly influenced by jazz, as well as cinema and contemporary music. Songs are composed and arranged by Brian Girley and Ines Trickovic, with the exception of a few classical jazz pieces from the American Songbook and a traditional Croatian song, paying homage to their musical background. They will be performing at Carnegie Hall NY, Weill Recital Hall, April 6, 2016, 8 PM.

My Little Piece of Land is award finalist for the NATURA 2000 AWARD by EU Commission
The objective of this project was to increase the public’s awareness of farmers' important role in protecting Croatia’s Natura 2000 habitats and species. Most citizens in rural areas are still insufficiently informed about the existence and meaning of Natura 2000. The project was a collaboration between a private company, Suske Consulting, the Croatian State Institute for Nature Protection and the German Association for Landcare, an umbrella organisation representing agriculture, nature conservation and policy. On the photo Marija Martinko, a participant of the project.

Carolina Blaskovic Croatian violinist wins American Protege International Piano & Strings Competition 2016
Carolina Blaskovic from Zagreb, Croatia, who is currently studying at the Royal College of Music in London, is just 20 years of age, and was the youngest of 62 participants in the College students and professional musicians category in ths years competition. The American Protege International Piano and Strings Competition is open to adults and school students of all nationalities. She beat participants from around the world, including Australia, Hungary, Korea and the United States. Thanks to her winning performance, she has been given the rare chance to perform at the spectacular Carnegie Hall in New York.

Ivana Marija Vidovic performing with Albanian and Croatian musicians in Austria and Slovenia in April 2016
Ivana Marija Vidović, distinguished Croatian pianist, will be performing in April 2016 with an Albanian Trio and with Krešimir Marmilić on the tour including Austria and Slovenia. This tour is a result of and continuation of fruitful music collaboration between Croatia and Albania, established during the past years by Ivana Marija Vidović (on the photo with maestro Fatos Qerimaj), founder and director of the prestigious Epidaurus Festival in the Cavtat near the city of Dubrovnik. The concert in Gmunden, Austria, takes place on 15th April 2016, while in Slovenia, it will be held on 17th April in Kazinska festivalska dvorana (SNG, Slovensko Narodno Gledališče) in Maribor and on 19th April in the Church of St. Martin in Bled.

Miro Gavran's comedy premiered in Lithuania's capital Vilnius on 10 March 20016
Miro Gavran's comedy "Henpecked Husbands" had its premiere in popular theater Domino in Vilnius, Lithuania, on March 10th. Director is Kostas Smoriginas, main roles are performed by Edita Užaite, Ineta Stasiulyte, Eimutis Kvoščiauskas, Mantas Vaitiekunas, Andrius Bialobžeskis, Evaldas Jaras and Sandra Daukšaite-Petrulene.  The works of Miro Gavran have been translated into 38 languages. His books had over 200 editions in Croatia and abroad. Based on his dramas and comedies, there were more than 300 theatric premieres worldwide, seen by more than three million of people.

Mia Negovetic Croatian teen singing prodigy participating in the Steve Harvey NBC show 2016
As part of NBC's new midseason shows in 2016, Little Big Shots follows Steve Harvey as he showcases the nation's most extraordinary young people. Among them is Mia Negovetić, very beautiful 13 year old lady from Croatia, who is an unusual singing talent. However, her major interest for the future is cooking, so she plans to becom a singing cook. The show is superbly directed by Steve Harvey, who learned his first Croatian words from Mia - "Bog, kako si?" (Hello, how are you?). Mia spent 9 days in Los Angeles filming for the show which has just started to air in the U.S.

Vladimir Novak 1928-2016 distinguished Croatian-American photographer
Vladimir Novak, distinguished Croatian-American photographer, born in the city of Varaždin in 1928, died in Croatia's capital Zagreb in 2016. He will be remembered for his extremely interesting photos dealing with the work and life Croatian emigrants in the USA. Some of his photo-testimonials can be seen on the web pages of the CROWN, as well as on related web pages. Višnja Starešina, in her important documentary film "Narodni neprijatelj" (People's Enemy), released in 2015, among seven short biographies described also that of Vladimir Novak.

Branka Cubelic and her Dreamtime Events Croatia
Branka Čubelić is CEO of Dreamtime Events Croatia, which is an international  team of professional creative event planners. Their diverse staff, having lived and worked in Australia, Canada, and Croatia, has over 30 years of experience in creating stylish, memorable, and of course, fun weddings and events. First class event planning experience from their native countries coupled with all of the amazing possibilities that Croatia has to offer. The Dreamtime is the Aboriginal understanding of the world, of it’s creation, and it’s great stories.

Betiana Bellofatto Purifying Ties in Antarctica
Betiana Bellofatto was born in 1979 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her parents, Teresa Perinic and Carlos Bellofatto, are daughter and son of European immigrants (Croatian and Italian). Betiana studied Audiovisual Design and Photography. Her work as an artist often has a participative and relational approach, and has been exhibited in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic and China. Purifying Ties is a time-based art work that emerges from the specific location where it was done: Antarctica.

Branding Croatia 2
Gosti predavači u Hrvatskoj matici iseljenika (HMI, Trg Stjepana Radića) bili su Nenad Bach, Ante Mandić, Mate Rimac, Ivan Mažuranić i Daniel Kolak. Vrlo interesantna predavanja popraćena su živim diskusijama i mnogim novim idejama. Među sudionicima manifestacije bili su Robert Schenk, Radojka Šverko, Miroslav Ćiro Blažević, Amanda Grbavac, Ljiljana Vinković, Branka Čubelić, Sven Maričić, Lucija Petrač, Marko Sever, Helena Peričić, Michael Glazer i drugi. Najveća vrijednost ovog susreta su nova sklopljena prijateljstva. Na fotografiji su Petar Ćurić (moderator), Mara Vitols-Hrgetić i Nenad Bach.

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  4. (E) 100 Years Old Hotel Therapia reopens in Crikvenica
  5. Nenad Bach & Miro Gavran hosted by Branimir Bilic on Croatian TV 2010
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