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The awakening of a new Lipik
By Ivan Pušćenik | Published  08/13/2007 | Sports , Events | Unrated
The Lipik basketball tournament, 2007

There once was a town of gentlemen and flowering fields

A gentile world of cavaliers and their final bow

The last place where romance and lovely ladies were seen

It exists now only in books and pictures as a dream long remembered

A civilization gone with the wind

The Lipik Kursalon in 1989

The Lipik Kursalon in 1991, destroyed during the Serbian agression on Croatia


This summer the small town of Lipik is coming back to life. Prior to the Homeland war, Lipik was the highlight of continental tourism in the former state, side to side with the most prestigious European health resorts Baden Baden and Karlovy Vary. In September 1991 in some 20 days everything that people lived for since 1893, when the neorenaissance Cursalon hall was built, was burned down and destroyed.


This year, from 13th to 18th of August, in the playground of the Lipik Orphanage, rebuilt after the war by Mr. Mark Cook, colonel of the British Army, the 9th night basketball tournament STREETBALLipik2007 will take place. Lipik has finally acquired the status of the Croatian Super cup for seniors, as well as state Masters status for school-aged, cadettes and juniors. In other words, the best teams from all of Croatia in all categories will have the final showdown for the championship title in Lipik.

The Lipik Catholic church destroyed in 1991 during the Serbain agression on Croatia


Along with the sports competition of the finest streetball teams from all over Croatia, visitors can expect numerous music events and entertainment. On Thursday, August 16th, Cameron James Price from London will hold a concert. Mr. Price is the brother of one of the volunteers that through the organization Hope and Homes for Children (founded by the benefactor of Lipik Mr. Mark Cook) visited Lipik a few years ago and helped rebuild the Orphanage. The warmth of children and Lipik, as well as the heroic story of rebuilding the burnt down Orphanage tied them to Lipik permanently. The hip-hop group Tabula Rasa from Požega will hold a concert the same day, and a memorial program marking the 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, the King, will also be held that day. On Friday, August 17th, rock group El Constido will have a concert, and on Saturday, August 18th, the leading Croatian rock group Hladno Pivo will step on the stage.


The organizers of this event are associations of the youth of Lipik, who are for the 9th year in a row trying to create new foundations to the social and cultural life of Lipik. Those are generations from whom the war has taken the best parts of their youth and left them remembering that which was and which will never be again. Regardless, they did not give up. They wanted to do something for that torn down town, for every man counts. Every man can make a difference, it is only important that he believes, for you are what you believe in.

The Lipik Lipizzaners

Contact: Ivan Pušćenik, Children's Home, Lipik

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