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The town of Lipik in past and present described on YouTube
By Ivan Pušćenik
Published on 06/10/2008
The town of Lipik is described by a series of very interesting and important films, all of them available via YouTube. Especially important are testimonies and endevours of Mark Cook from the early 1990s.

Portrait of the town of Lipik via YouTube

Lipik 1989 - 1991

Lipik Orphanage - Djecji dom Lipik - Mark Cook - the Story

Lipik Orphanage - Dječji dom Lipik - Mark Cook on the BBC

Lipik Orphanage - Dječji dom Lipik - Mark Cook in Sarajevo

Lipik Orphanage - Dječji dom Lipik - Martin Bell speaks

Lipik Orphanage - Dječji dom Lipik - Mark Cook speaks

Lipik Streetball - 9 godina / 9 years

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