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Martin Cvjetković


Born in Rome, Italy   May 1955. Baptised in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, where my parents were also married in 1954 after their 1953 escape from the former yugoSLAVIA!. Came to the USA on my first birthday. Lived in Buffalo, NY till October 1958. Mostly lived in southern California the last 46 years. I am a technician in a laboratory. I do not write Croatian very well.

Articles by this Author
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» Leo Majich in memoriam 1925 - 2008
By Martin Cvjetković | Published 04/18/2008 | In Memoriam | Unrated
Leo Anthony Majich, age 82, was born July 17, 1925 in Los Angeles and died April 10, 2008 in Pasadena after a brief illness. He was a founding member of the Croatian American Association as well as the National Federation of Croatian Americans, serving several terms as its Western Region vice-president.
» Rare Croatian wine and the Internet
By Martin Cvjetković | Published 01/4/2008 | Croatian Cuisine | Unrated
Dianna Dapkins thought the Internet would be the perfect place to find a rare Croatian wine that her local merchants in rural Shelburne, Mass., don't stock. Sure enough, K&L Wine Merchants, an Internet retailer that also has stores in Hollywood and San Francisco, sells the Plenkovic Zlatan Plavac Barrique for $34.99.
» Croatia seizes Italian trawler for illegal fishing
By Martin Cvjetković | Published 01/3/2008 | Environment | Unrated
Croatia's navy seized an Italian trawler in Croatian territorial waters on Thursday, in the first such incident since Zagreb enforced a protected fishing zone in the Adriatic despite opposition from the European Union.
» Valentine Ivankovic in memoriam 1925 - 2007
By Martin Cvjetković | Published 12/5/2007 | In Memoriam | Unrated

Valentine (Val) was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina of Croatian parents, Andrijia and Jaka. He was among the few survivors of the post WWII massacre at Bleiburg. To escape communism, he eventually fled his homeland to Rome, Italy.
» Rudolf Blazevich in memoriam 1925 - 2007
By Martin Cvjetković | Published 11/26/2007 | In Memoriam | Unrated

Rudolf Blazevich, long time resident of San Pedro, USA died on Nov. 19, 2007. Rudolf was the father of John Z. Blazevich, CEO and founder of Contessa Premium Foods. Rudolf was born on March 23, 1925 to Manda and Stanko Blazevic in Mostar, B-H. He was blessed with an infectious sense of humor, good looks, and a determination to make the most of what life has to offer.

» Prof.Dr. Daniel D. Gajski, a hero of Computer Science
By Martin Cvjetković | Published 10/21/2007 | Science , People | Unrated

Prof.Dr. Franz Ramming: "... Daniel Gajski did not just light the fire, he also fuelled it substantially. During the last three decades he achieved pioneering results. He was a principal contributor to the areas Silicon Compilation, High-Level Synthesis, and System-Level Design. ..."
» Czechs love Croatia
By Martin Cvjetković | Published 07/11/2007 | Tourism | Unrated
Croatia is a country that Czech people love. The Croatian seashore helps Czechs restore their physical and mental condition, and Czech money helps Croatians to restore their post-war economy.  
» Two Americans living in Dubrovnik
Andrew and Michelle Kehoe have swapped the "big apple" for the peace and quiet of Dubrovnik. They first came here in 2006 and as they say fell in love with the city.  
» Zindependence day
By Martin Cvjetković | Published 07/2/2007 | Culture And Arts , History | Unrated
 Zinfandel, like most of us, is not native to the United States. It's an immigrant, too, with a somewhat murky family history that goes back ultimately to Croatia, or so researchers believe.
» Tesla Motors Selects Site For Electric Sedan Factory
By Martin Cvjetković | Published 02/22/2007 | Ideas , Business | Unrated
Tesla Motors, the San Carlos, Calif., company that is marketing a $92,000 battery-powered roadster to boost the visibility of electric vehicles, said it had selected a site in Albuquerque for a factory to build a $50,000 electric passenger sedan.  
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