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5 Ways to purchase Freedom from Despair on DVD & VHS
By Marko Puljić | Published  05/2/2008 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
Support Croatian talent and order your copy today!
5 Ways to purchase Freedom from Despair on DVD & VHS

I am happy to announce that Brenda Brkusic's award winning PBS TV film about the Croatian struggle for independence "Freedom from Despair" is now available for purchase.
Heart of Croatia Gifts handles online US and international orders and ships internationally at low shipping rates without tracking. The direct link to purchase the film on the site is

2. or 888-246-4585
PBS TV handles online orders and phone orders but can only take orders from US customers and can only ship within the US.

3. or (02) 97286207
Hrvatska Knjiga is located in Sydney, NSW, Australia and handles online  orders and phone orders. See their website for shipping info.  

4.  Zagreb Croatian Bookshop (03) 94847236
Zagreb Croatian Bookshop is located in Preston, Victoria, Australia and handles in person orders and phone orders.

The film's official website handles US and international orders online and ships internationally at higher shipping rates with tracking.

If your store or organization would like to carry Freedom from Despair as a fundraising item, please contact me at Thank you.
More info about the film is below. Thank you for your support.
Brenda Brkusic
Filmmaker, Freedom from Despair
Freedom from Despair Portrays the Power of the Human Spirit and Tenets of Democracy
From Chapman University, to the Halls of Congress, to the European Union, and back to KOCE-TV, 26-year-old Brenda Brkusic's student film makes headlines around the world. Freedom from Despair had its public television debut on KOCE-TV Thursday, Jan. 24, 2008 at 9:00 p.m.  The 90-minute film uncovers the long history of suppression and abuse of the Croatian people and their struggle for independence from Tito’s Yugoslavia, using as its focus the dramatized true story of Kruno Brkusic, Brenda’s father, who risked his life to escape the regime. The film is narrated by celebrated actors Michael York (Cabaret, Austin Powers), John Savage (The Deer Hunter, The Thin Red Line), and Beata Pozniak (JFK) and includes interviews with U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich. Music by Nenad Bach.
Award-Winning Film Screened Worldwide
Brkusic’s work to promote human rights has been recognized and honored by the U.S. Congress at the House of Representatives. The film screened in October for members of the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium; has been featured in 15 national and international festivals; and has garnered a dozen notable awards including the CINE Golden Eagle Award (previously awarded to Steven Spielberg and George Lucas), Best Documentary: New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, and Nominee: International Documentary Association (IDA) David L. Wolper Distinguished Documentary Achievement Award.
A Truth Once Silenced, Now Revealed
Freedom from Despair follows the journey of Kruno Brkusic, a Croatian Catholic who was repeatedly jailed by communists and managed to escape the country on foot at age 17. As Kruno's homeland becomes scarred by war during the dissolution of Yugoslavia in 1991, he becomes a voice in the American media, working to correct untrue propaganda and challenging the journalistic community to take a stand on human rights in that part of the world. We watch as Kruno and thousands of Croatian-Americans demonstrate on Capitol Hill during the dissolution of Yugoslavia in 1991, pushing George H.W. Bush to recognize Croatia while the nation watched the carnage on television. This film reveals the atrocities committed and hidden by the communist government of Yugoslavia and its allies - piecing together a shocking truth that lay silenced for 60 years.

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