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Gordana Muraja Revives Hidden Cultural Heritage of Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/27/2008 | Culture And Arts , Business | Unrated
Hidden cultural heritage of Croatia


The braided kraluš is a luxurious necklace braided in 12 threads.

Braided kraluš

It captures the attention with it's stylish elegance, unique design and beauty.

Recently some of these elegant necklaces were worn by top Croatian models at Cro a Porter 2008 fashion show coupled with glamorous creations by Boris Pavlin, one of the most prestigious Croatian fashion designers.

Artist Gordana Muraja, designs a collection of necklaces based on traditional form but with contemporary allure. The result is a lavish, exclusive necklace which can be worn with the most glamorous garments.

Each necklace comes in an elegant wooden box with a Certificate of Authenticity and a booklet containing information about kraluš in Croatian, English, German and Italian.

You can purchase a kraluš in one of these fine shops or you can order custom braided necklace especially for you.

The goal of Collection MOST is the revival of heritage; using traditional techniques to create beautiful jewelry which have a highly valued place in the modern world.

Photo on the top by Gordana Sermek.



Address: Kralja P. Svačića 10, 10410 Velika Gorica

Phone: +385 1 6264-062; E-mail:


Date of birth: 1960 in the city of Vukovar

Education: Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Osijek University, Croatia, in 1985.

Bar examination in 1991; Foreign language: English

Active member: Academic Cultural and Artistic Association "Ivan Goran Kovačić", Zagreb, branch of "Seljačka sloga", Buševec

Gordana Muraja was raised in a family in which all the women showed interest in various handy work. The key influence came from her grandmother, whom despite her large family to care for, always found time for weaving, sewing, knitting crocheting and embroidery.

When Gordana was five years old, her grandmother gave her two short needles with casted stitches and thought her to knit. As she matured her interest in hand made objects became more evident and she became excellent in sewing, crocheting and embroidery. She knitted many beautiful peaces of clothing for herself, sister and other members of the family.  During this period in her life she developed an intense passion for the traditional culture of her native Croatia.

After graduating from the Faculty of Law, professional obligations forced her to set aside her interests. Then, several years ago she came across an article about Samobor kraluš and realized it was possible to attend a seminar and workshop at the Museum of Samobor. In 2003 she did so, and began making kraluš, an intricate necklace in several different styles, worn with traditional regional costumes.

Since then she has been designing and making more contemporary versions of this jewelry which became known as Collection MOST. Recently some of her designs were worn by top Croatian models at Cro a Porter fashion show.

Her aim has been to revive the interest in the cultural heritage of Croatia as well as bring forth beautiful objects, which have a highly valued place in this contemporary world. She has succeeded in presenting the magnificent beauty of an art form otherwise unknown to the masses.

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