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 »  Home  »  Awards  »  Kastav, Croatia on the World map, thanks to Darko Ivančić & ELCON - KEZIA formed.
 »  Home  »  Business  »  Kastav, Croatia on the World map, thanks to Darko Ivančić & ELCON - KEZIA formed.
Kastav, Croatia on the World map, thanks to Darko Ivančić & ELCON - KEZIA formed.
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/15/2007 | Companies , Awards , Business | Unrated
KEZIA Group has arisen from a joint venture of three acclaimed companies

ELCON & Kastav step on a world stage

Queen Mary 2 ELCON's pride

Darko Ivančić, B.Sc.Eng. - General Manager

Ness, TGA & ELCON Marine Join forces to become KEZIA Group

Dear CROWN readers,

           We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about the incurred changes in our company ELCON Marine d.o.o. from  Kastav. Many years of experience, hard work and technological competencies have brought our company a renowned status in the international corporate maritime market primarily due to our strong export business.  One of the most demanding businesses that ELCON Marine carried out was equipping the largest cruise ship in the world, Queen Mary II with the "heart" of  AV systems - audiovisual racks for local entertainment for the entire cruise ship. Numerous awards and acknowledgments followed.*

           Nevertheless, our production is mostly recognized and appreciated in professional circles in the "cruising" business world. Hence, in order for our company to continue growing, we have made the decision to merge in a newly formed association - KEZIA Group. KEZIA Group has arisen from a joint venture of three acclaimed companies for the engineering of  audio visual systems and lightning  - Ness - Network Essential Systems from Lyon in France, TGA - Thomas Gregor Associates from Los Angeles in USA and ELCON Marine from Kastav in Croatia. With this joint venture KEZIA Group will become a leading association in the world for delivering turnkey projects in the international corporate and maritime market, namely cruisers and mega-yachts.  Although the focus is on cruisers and mega-yachts, the company, equips congress and multifunctional halls in hotels of the highest standards, as well as theatres, auditoriums, cinemas and other projects that require this highly sophisticated yet, for the client, essential technology.  Among others, customers of the KEZIA Group are: cruise companies such as Princess and MSC, distinguished companies such as Disney and Boing, as well as some of the leading world hotels from Monte Carlo, Las Vegas etc.  This business decision has already shown strong positive results making our production increase constantly, which in the end will, we're more than sure of it, increase the overall quality and quantity of our collaboration with all our business partners. For all additional information we kindly ask you to visit our new web site at


Darko Ivančić, B.Sc.Eng.
General Manager

*awarded: County Award for Innovation, first prize for Best Business Achievements in 2004 and Award for Best Exporter among Small Enterprises from the Government of the Republic of Croatia. KEZIA GROUP  

Collaborate | Innovate | Integrate   

ELCON Marine d.o.o.    
Rubeši 9a, 51215 Kastav
Croatia       Phone:+ 385 (0) 51 691 313
Fax:     + 385 (0) 51 691 151

KEZIA Group Croatian Team


Workshop team from Kastav, Croatia, delivered a world success

Formated for CROWN by Nenad Bach
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