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CROWN Croatian World Network Newsletter, January 30th, 2007
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/30/2007 | Editorials | Unrated


C R O A T I A . O R G

CROWN Croatian World Network

                                                                                                                                         photo by Risha

Dear All,
A lot of good and interesting news. Yes it is a long time since I wrote an editorial. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Ljubicic won Qatar. Ana Jelusic first time on a podium. Lecture 'Life Stress and the Development of Depression' by George M. Slavich, Ph.D. from Harvard Medical School at Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences Croatian American Otto Lang, a skiing pioneer and filmmaker, an icon who had few equals in elegance, work ethic and zest for life, died at the age of 98. Health system in Croatia, analyzed by Prof.Dr. Ante Simonic. In another letter, part of his 12 political visions, he said that tradition, culture, art and faith are not less valuable and important than business, politics, trade, technics, security and money. Look through Croatian Gallery 2005 assembled by Prof. Dr. Darko Zubrinic. If you are not proud to be Croatian after that, see psychiatrist....or a comedian. A Cellar Full of Miracles is another story about Miljenko Grgich, our legendary winemaker. Read about famous Croatian American philosopher Prof. Dr. Daniel Kolak. He wrote about 30 books and is bringing International Institute of Philosophy to Zadar. More than 80 top philosophers in the world will come to Croatia this summer. Not that we lack "philosophers", but this are world thinkers. This a wonderful news and an event worth paying attention. More about that soon. Check the photos and 600 years old University in Zadar. Yes it is not a typo. It is 600 years old. Nismo mi kaj god. Ambassador to Croatia, Robert Bradtke, Visits Pittsburgh and a Croatian community, organized by NFCA. Croatia: The best of Europe. You see titles like this all the time. Let's not take this for granted, but work hard to make it sustainable and better. Clean energy, great food, grown in a Croatian soil. Hospitality without obtrusiveness. Modesty and nobility. We have it all. Willy Terrazas came to Zagreb all the way from Argentina and gave number of lessons of Tango as a part of his HR Tango group. Did you know that MOHO layer (discontinuity of the Earth) was discovered by Croatian scientist Andrija Mohorovičić. Check a crater on the moon, named after him. Another contribution letter by Prof. Dr. Darko Zubrinic Los Angeles: Sixteenth Annual St. Blaise Fundraiser - February 3, 2007. If you are in LA, do not miss it. Do not miss Katarina Livljanic and Dialogos if you are in Kansas City on February 24th 2007. It is worth your time. Dialogos has emerged as one of the most expressive and original medieval music ensembles of today. And if you are in Kansas already do not miss The Kansas City Missouri Public Library that will host the North American debut of a breathtaking series of photo murals that compromise the World Heritage Sites in Croatia. Amazing how talented, versatile and active we are. If you were in Berlin, Germany recently you could listen to Tanja Simic. Beyond the Call a new movie by famous Adrian Belic played on PBS TV stations all over the country. Film is worth seeing. Nobility is just a word, but after you see the movie, there will be another definition for that word. Amateur Radio Club Koprivnica Celebrates 60 Years. Congratulations. Did you know Ivan Illich, one of the world's great thinkers? Read a success story about Darko Ivančić from Kastav, Croatia who put not just Kastav but the whole Croatia on the World map of shipbuilding (servicing ships with the equipment). ELCON joined KEZIA to form one of the best company in the world for installation of specific equipment. ELCON Marine carried out equipping the largest cruise ship in the world, Queen Mary II with the "heart" of  AV systems - audiovisual racks for local entertainment for the entire cruise ship.All done by these guys from Kastav, Croatia. Amazing. Another great story about  will be posted on CROWN soon. See the new and old Baska Tablet to commemorate January 15th Croatia's International Day of Recognition. New Tablet was made by a famous Croatian painter and world renowned designer Boris Ljubicic. The new design of CROWN is partially Boris's' "fault' The proposal for the new Croatian flag in 1990 by Boris Ljubicic was captured by my eye and the segment of that flag is what you see on the top and then working with Darko Zubrinic and his passion for Glagolitic letters (Croatian original fonts), I combined this two. Ancient and modern and wrote in Glagolitic fonts. What do you say? I love it, so ..don't say much if you don't. I was looking for visual identity for CROWN since we started. Now I know I found it, with the help of many. Implementation will happen as soon as I can catch Emil from . Le Meridien Lav Opens First Hotel In Split, Croatia with 364 guestrooms. Split needed it. I was pleasantly surprised to see Croatia - The New Foodie Frontier at the . Elegant and passionate. Check them out. Terra Incognita is an Expedition Adventure Race that covers over 400 km through Croatia - one of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes on the European Continent. Two person teams race non-stop for 24 hours a day during five days and five nights. Still time to catch it if this is fun for you. Check those photos. Terra Incognita Croatia 2007. Handball Championship of the World. We got to quarterfinals. Every 1st and 3rd Thursday, you can see Croatian film in New York, thanks to Doors-Art Foundation. Check listings.Nova TV Istraga - check . We support Robert Valdec and the whole team at NOVA TV. As he said: "Ne bu nas ni'ko jebal" . Soon more on CROWN. Click for - video  'See what tireless Pam Kelley and Melissa Obenauf  have for you at the Croatia Gifts Store. Read about John Mayasich, Olympic medal winner: The First Miracle on Ice. Thanks to Marko Puljic for his tremendous help on CROWN. Got a great postcard from Magdeburg (Handball Championship) thank you Violi... and much more....
Besides regular news, and there is always something happening as you can see, I would like to reflect on a few interesting points.  Kosovo is about to gain independence and become a country recognized by UN. On these lines of events, recently The Baltimore Sun and number of other not so significant newspapers or Internet magazines published distorted story about Croatia, paid by "our neighbors" , delivered by comedians with the help of a former congresswoman H B-D. who supported Milosevic all the way and lost Maryland, but is still working behind the scene. Now, we responded immediately with a lot of letters that I posted some on CROWN and took it off recently, because we gave too much publicity to untalented and immoral person. Just on a first day 2500 visitors opened the page. So, this would be very disturbing that there is no silver lining. What happened is this. Secretary (and I spoke with both editors for cca 15 minutes each) said that never in her carrier she got so many phone calls and letters. Which means that we are well and alive. You found every possible detail and the trace in few hours and then in a few days, we knew who ordered it and orchestrated the whole campaign, that involved even the tennis riots in Melbourne. Task Force will be formed, but what is even more significant is that a certain crystallization, or you may say Croatian Identity is being born. I receive tons of emails and information and the enthusiasm that swept Croatians around the world is tremendous. Not for particular reason, that I know, but as a possible historical materialism or simply because we are more ready than ever. Concentration of talent and desire is enormous. What we need is Honesty and Integrity on the top and that the government is NOT in the way of talent and entrepreneurship. There are still cca 1000 letters to be published. Sorry to all of you that didn't get attention this time. Can't take it any more, slow down Croatians.  
Svako dobro, All the best,
New York, January 30th 2007.

Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

                            Segment of the prposed flag in 1990, by Boris Ljubicic

Formated for CROWN by Nenad Bach
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