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Willy Terrazas Muller

Articles by this Author
» Willy Terrazas Muller and Tango HR in Croatia
By Willy Terrazas Muller | Published 02/14/2008 | Events , Culture And Arts | Unrated
The HR Tango Dance Company and its director Guillermo Miguel Terrazas from Buenos Aires, Argentina will present a performance of Argentinian Tango and folklore on Sunday, February 17, 2008 at the Buffet Kinoteka in Zagreb.
» Buenos Aires, Argentina HR Tango in action again on Dec 23, 2007
By Willy Terrazas Muller | Published 12/16/2007 | Culture And Arts , Community | Unrated
On December 23rd 2007, the Argentina HR Tango Dance Company Argentina presents "Genesis." Directed by Guillermo Terrazas, the group will interpret different styles through Argentine popular dance.
» Zrinski in Concert HR Tango Klapa BA Orquesta T.C.Zrinski 27 de Octubre de 2007
By Willy Terrazas Muller | Published 10/9/2007 | Events , Culture And Arts , Community | Unrated

Croatian Community is strong, vibrant  and healthy in Argentina. Big gala on October 27th 2007 at the Centro Cultural Croata de San Justo, Ocampo 2946 San Justo Buenos Aires with HR Tango, Klapa BA, Orquesta T.C.Zrinski. Sponsored by a local ministry of culture.

» Guillermo Terrazas & HR Tango in Zagreb Tonight Jan 18, 2007 - Free Entrance
By Willy Terrazas Muller | Published 01/18/2007 | Events , Culture And Arts | Unrated
   Tonight in Zagreb - HR Tango, Jan 18th 2007
» C.F.Croata Zrinski Compañia Hr Tango Argentina, Nov 11th, 2006
By Willy Terrazas Muller | Published 10/22/2006 | Events , Culture And Arts | Unrated

C.F.Croata Zrinski Compańia Hr Tango Argentina Estimados amigos queremos comunicar que las localidades del espectaculo que ofreceran el Conjunto Folklorico Croaata Zrinski y HR Tango  ya estan agotadas. Desde ya agradecemos a todos los interesados y esperamos compartir una gala diferente. Contact: Willy Terrazas Muller: . 

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