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Answer to British MP article - British MP's total ignorance.
By Hilda Marija Foley | Published  07/25/2007 | Letters to the Editors , Opinions | Unrated
Truth about Croatia

Answer to British MP
Hilda M. Foley
July 21, 2007

Mr. Daniel Kawczynski
House of Commons

Dear Sir:                                                                

          In your commentary "Our Duty to Support Our Serbian Allies" the very first paragraph shows how much you have been deceived by decades-long Serb propaganda lies. What ever makes you state: "The great nation of Serbia has a long and proud history". The Karadjordjevic dynasty was founded by a pig farmer, who killed his own brother and stepfather among others. When the Obrenovic dynasty came to power, the Karadjordjevic clan had the legitimate king and his queen killed in 1903, throwing them out of the palace windows. The whole of Europe was appalled. Of all their rulers, only two died on the throne of natural causes! You are right saying that Serbs played a critical role in European affairs during the last century. They started WWI by assassinating the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo, Bosnia (not Serbia by the way). Consider the slaughter this has caused on all sides!

           Your assumption that "Serbs' ferocious resistance in 1941 to WWII German occupation delayed the Germans" is another myth, as the largest resistance to German and Italian occupiers was carried out by Croatians, forming  partisan brigades already in June 1941, that eventually with Bosnians numbered 34 units. The Serb ultranationalist Chetniks with their leader Draza Mihajlovic collaborated with the Germans and the Chetnik Orthodox priest Djujic collaborated with the Italian Fascists. Only toward the end of the war did the Serbs join the partisans. One can suppose, they realized which side was winning!

           You don't seem to know that the Serbs also had a Nazi puppet regime during WWII, that cooperated with the Germans and proudly proclaimed to Hitler that Belgrade is the first Jew-free city. Serbia had concentration camps in Banjica, Sajmiste and other places where thousands of Jews were killed. Today, Serbs and their friends keep bringing up the Jasenovac camp in Croatia, which was also established by a WWII puppet regime in Croatia. But in contrast to Croatia that honors the victims with a memorial, the Serbs destroyed every trace of their camps. One would hope that would give you pause!

            Your paragraph "The Serbian people played a key role during the Cold War by refusing to be tied to the Warsaw Pact" and that their "brave" resistance to Soviet oppression gave hope to the people of Eastern Europe" is ludicrous! It was the megalomaniac Croat/Slovenian communist Josip Broz "Tito" who did not want the Soviets dictating to him - he managed to be a bloodthirsty dictator quite on his own. The Serbs played absolutely no role in this resistance. The only thing the Serbs were great at was their oppression of Croatians. They set themselves up as rulers when Croatia joined Slovenia and Serbia in 1918 in the "Kingdom of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia", which was renamed Yugoslavia by Serb king Aleksander in 1929, establishing a royal dictatorship.

          You write that the demands on Serbia by the EU are totally unrealistic compared to the ones asked of Croatia. This is absolute nonsense, as the ones for Croatia are indeed overbearing, considering that  Croatia delivered its Generals to the ICTY, generals who did not invade Serbia but defended their own country and liberated it from Serb rebels. At the same time they also stopped the war in Bosnia and brought peace. Serbs still harbor true war criminals Mladic and Karadzic. While the former republics had the constitutional right to secede, you seem to overlook the fact that Serbs started the wars in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia in their pursuit of "Greater Serbia" on lands that were never in history theirs.

Very truly yours,

Hilda M. Foley
National Federation of Croatian Americans
13272 Orange Knoll,
North Tustin, CA, 92705 USA

This is the letter I sent to the British MP via e-mail. ( I am also sending him a few fact sheets by mail: (His address is on his web page.) Excerpts from books by Cohen and others with pictures of Draza Mihajlovic and Cetniks with German officers and priest Djujic with Italians, Nedic with Hitler and boast of Jew-free Belgrade, and antisemitic stamps. Ljubica Stefan article regarding Banjica etc. and letters of protest by Einstein and Heinrich Mann and 43 intellectuals and writers written in 1931 and 1933 to the Yugoslav government regarding its system of political persecution of Croats. One has to hit them with facts, if they like it or not, they can chew on it!


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  • Comment #1 (Posted by an unknown user)

    Dear Ms Foley, Your reply to British MP Kawczynski exposing his ignorance about Croatia is totally brilliant.
    Statements made by people like MP Kawczynski should always be challenged. Thank you for bringing this correction to the world historians
  • Comment #2 (Posted by Svetislav)

    Very fascistic
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