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Marin Soljacic, A New Nikola Tesla in Zagreb
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/29/2007 | Science | Unrated
Croatian government praises scientist for his work

New Nikola Tesla in Zagreb

The scientist was visibly moved by interest of Croatian media in his work and prime minister praised his team and invention.

Sc. D. Marin Soljacic, originating from Zagreb, has spent half an hour talking with Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader in a government office at St. Marko's Square.

-I am exceptionally amazed and have congratulated Mr. Soljacic and his team on all of his scientific accomplishments. This invention, wireless transfer of electric energy, suddenly resounded world-wide. We are proud to have such a young scientist of world credit, all the more because he has proved that such a landmark discovery can be achieved with persistency and work- said the prime minister.

-This is more than great honour for me and our project. I am deeply moved by the interest that the Croatian government, the media and the Croatian people have shown for our work- Soljacic said.

Prime Minister Sanader also revealed that the name of the young "new Nikola Tesla" was mentioned at the table of political elite during the recent Tirana talks, when Sanader was in the company of George W. Bush and everyone was impressed by this invention of wireless transfer of electricity.

Sanader listened to Soljacic`s explanations and future plans and supported them, At the same time, he pointed out that his success was an incentive for other young scientists, although Croatia is a "small country, medium country and does not have an economy that is as developed as in great countries in Europe and the world".

Soljacic said he has more and more contacts with scientists in Croatia and how he was surprised that everything rapidly happened for the better. We asked him if he would have realised the same success in his career and come to this invention if he had stayed in Croatia.

-This is a hard question, it is very difficult to predict now. I left for America practically right after secondary school, therefore I am not that familiar of circumstances here in Croatia- Soljacic was a diplomat in his reply.

After the next few weeks, the scientist will be resting from electricity and electric circuits and will spend his days with best friends and relatives at the Adriatic Sea.

Published: June 29, 2007


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