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Croatia advances to the finals of “Trofeo Diego Gianatti” by defeating Serbia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  08/4/2007 | Sports | Unrated

Croatia advances to the finals of "Trofeo Diego Gianatti" by defeating Serbia in Bormio, Italy

Croatian national team advanced to the finals of "Trofeo Diego Gianatti" tournament in Bormio, Italy.  Jasmin Repesa's team defeated Serbia 84-76 and will face hosts in tomorrow's finals. Italy had a lot easier job against Australia (86-54) in the first semifinal game.

After good start and 10-point lead Croatia quickly allowed opponents to come back. Serbian 12-2 run put our team in 42-33 deficit by the half-time break. Towards the end of the first half Repesa sent Mario Kasun to the locker room but brought him back in the third quarter. It was a great move as Kasun began to dominate the paint after the break and Croatian center himself tied the game at 51-51. In the last seconds of the third period at 60-60 Marko Tomas received a technical foul which impelled Repesa to send him as well to the locker room. In the close ending the game was tied at 73-73 three minutes before the end but our defense allowed Serbian players to score only three points in the remainder of the match. Damir Miljkovic and Luksa Andric were not in the roster for this match, Mario Stojic didn't play as well while Jure Lalic spent little time on the floor. Croatia had 11/20 3FG and 18/21 FT. Our players outrebounded Serbian 35-26 and had 11 assists (Planinic 5) against 11 from the opponents.

Croatia - Serbia 84:76 (19:22, 14:20, 27:21, 24:13)
Croatia: Ukic, Kus 11, Popovic 13, Bazdaric, Prkacin 7, Tomas 6, Planinic 7, Stojic, Markota, Banic 9, Kasun 16, Barac 10, Rozic 5, Lalic
Serbia: Teodosic 2, Cvetkovic 4, Radivojevic, Erceg 16, Labovic 11, Ilic, Jaric 9, Milicic 11, Aleksandrov, Rasic, Tepic 2, Gurovic 21,

Markovic, Misanovic, Velickovic.

Published: August 04, 2007 11:29h  

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