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Rare air indeed - Vlasic Jumps Second Highest in the History of the World
By Lea Bach
Published on 08/7/2007
With 2.07, Vlasic moves up to No. 3 all-time in Stockholm Tuesday 7 August 2007. Blanka attacked her own Croatian record of 2.06 with the bar raised to 2.07. All the spectators in the fully packed Olympic Arena will remember Blanka Vlasic's 2.07 leap.

Blanka Vlasic is close to the world record

Amazing Blanka Vlasic

Rare air indeed - Blanka Vlasic improves to 2.07 in Stockholm (Hasse Sjogren)

With 43.50 and 2.07, Wariner and Vlasic move up to No. 3 all-time in Stockholm - IAAF World Athletics Tour 2007
Tuesday 7 August 2007

Stockholm, Sweden - A wonderful summer night in Stockholm brought out three unique exploits. All the spectators in the fully packed Olympic Arena will remember Blanka Vlasics 2.07 leap, Jeremy Wariners 43.50 lap and Kenenisa Bekeles 7:25.80 in the 3000m with a splendid second half of 3:38. These were but three historical results that highlighted the 41st DN Galan. The DN Galan meeting is a Super Grand Prix status event as part of the IAAF World Athletics Tour 2007.

Jeremy Wariner improves to 43.50 in Stockholm
(Hasse Sjogren)

Vlasics rise continues

When local hero Kajsa Bergqvist and Russian Champion Anna Chicherova went out at 2.01 Vlasic had a clean sheet with five spotless leaps. She continued with 2.03 at her second attempt which already guaranteed a one-carat diamond before she attacked her own Croatian record of 2.06 with the bar raised to 2.07. The second effort was close and the third successful. Only World record holder Stefka Kostadinova has jumped higher outdoors.

Bekele pounces in the 3000m

Peerless in Stockholm - Kenenisa Bekele en route to career best in the 3000m
(Hasse Sjogren)

With the current form he is displaying, Bekele needs to find someone who can better manage to assist him with world record pace setting, because the 25-year-Old Ethiopian is definitely in such shape. The rabbits left him alone at the front after a first half clip of 3:47. The multiple world champion stepped up the pace and produced a couple of 58-second laps, reaching the finish in 7:25.79 to become historys sixth fastest man over the distance.

Ideal sprint conditions

Stockholms Olympic Arena was bathed in sunshine and the sprinters really enjoyed the high temperatures, reaching upwards of 30 degrees C. Jaysuma Saidy Ndure set the tone by improving the Scandinavian 100 meters record already during the afternoon. The Norwegian won the B-final in 10.07. But better times were to come.

Lorenzo Nesi for the IAAF

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