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Dr. Ante Čuvalo

Articles by this Author
» The unbelievable story of a Croatian hero: Michael Palaich
We asked Mr. Palaich about his activities during the 1991-1995 war in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as about an indictment against him in the USA, that stemmed from his efforts to help Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina to defend themselves against Serbian aggression. Those who know Mike, are well aware of his hesitation to talk about himself. But since so many have already forgotten about what happened in a not so distant past, and for the sake of new generations, he agreed to answer to a few questions, so that we may all remember how much liberty and independence meant, not only to Croatians in the homeland but to those around the world as well.
» Sinking of the Titanic in 1912 and Croatians
By Dr. Ante Čuvalo | Published 04/19/2012 | People , History , Education , Croatian Life Stories | Unrated
April 15, 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the famous Titanic liner.  Among 1,316 passengers, out of which 818 died in this horrific tragedy that stunned the world, there were also a number of Croatians and/or people coming from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Carpathia was the only ship to come to Titanic’s passengers and crew rescue. At the time of Titanic’s sinking Carpathia was on its regular route New York – Rijeka (Croatia). There were 76 Croatians working as crew on the Carpathia – the hero ship.
» Michael McAdams 1947-2010 historian and sincere Croatian friend
By Dr. Ante Čuvalo | Published 11/13/2010 | Bilingual , Science , People , In Memoriam , History , Friends , Education | Unrated
C. Michael McAdams (1947-2010) is best known for his important monograph Hrvatska - mit i istina (Croatia Myth & Reality), published in Croatian, Swedish, Danish, Spanish (2 editions), and English (3 editions). Other translations are planned. We invite you to read an article by Croatian historian Dr. Ante Čuvalo written in memory of Michael McAdams.
» Dr. Ante Cuvalo: Ph.D. dissertations dealing with Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
By Dr. Ante Čuvalo | Published 10/14/2010 | Croatian Language , Croatians in B&H , Science , History , Education | Unrated
By the courtesy of  Dr. Ante Čuvalo,  distinguished Croatian historian, we can offer you an impressive and yet incomplete list of recent Ph. D. dissertations dealing with Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, on various subjects, defended in the past several years throughout the world.
» Josip Mikulec tireless world hiker hundred years ago
By Dr. Ante Čuvalo | Published 03/18/2009 | Sports , People , In Memoriam , Entertainment | Unrated
 Very brave Croatian adventurer Josip Mikulec set out to circumnavigate the globe on foot in the span of five years.  With the start of this journey in Croatia's capital Zagreb he became a perpetual wanderer.  Mostly hiking, he traveled the world some 28 years and achieved a degree of fame for having collected more than 30,000 autographs of world-famous people. 
» Helen Crlenkovich renowned Croatian - American springboard diver
By Dr. Ante Čuvalo | Published 10/13/2008 | Sports , People | Unrated
Helen Crlenkovich (1921-1955) was one of the most successful athletes in America and the world on the three-meter springboard and the ten-meter platform. She was an American-born Croatian lovingly known as  "Klinky." She was the first female to do a full-twisting 1 1/2 somersault and several other dives that were heretofore only achieved by men.
» Croatian Heroes: Vinko Gecan USA
By Dr. Ante Čuvalo | Published 10/11/2008 | Croatian Heroes , People , History | Unrated
Vinko Gecan (1862-1916) is one whose name is woven into the historical fabric of our Croatian and American people. True heroism is not something that is planned. Rather, it is something that takes place under difficult circumstances as presented by life. Heroic moments are those that for some mysterious urge within us surface out of love for others - those in danger or need.
» Croatian Educational Club in St. Louis, Missouri, 1910
By Dr. Ante Čuvalo | Published 02/1/2008 | Croatian Language , History | Unrated
Croatian Educational Club Zrinski - Frankopan was founded in St. Louis, Missouri, already in 1910. On the left is the photo from that time with Croatian Coat of Arms. We invite you to enjoy the Croatian langauge spoken 100 years ago.
» Josip Turkalj 1924-2007, a renowned Croatian American artist, died
By Dr. Ante Čuvalo | Published 09/19/2007 | In Memoriam , Culture And Arts | Unrated
  On July 3, 2007, a renowned Croatian American artist, Josip Turkalj, died at his home in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Besides being an exceptional husband and father to six sons, he was a brilliant sculptor, educator, wonderful man, and a friend to many of us.
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