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Closer Croatia 2007 - Croatian Film Festival in London UK, Oct 11-14, 2007
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  10/13/2007 | Culture And Arts , Events | Unrated
Croatian Cultural Invasion

Closer Croatia 2007 - Croatian Film Festival
Written by Marko   

Closer Croatia 2007 - Croatian Film Festival
Closer Croatia
After a very successful Croatian Film Festival in 2004 - the first such a festival in the UK for almost 40 years - there is another one in October. As young Croats of London paved the way and got the winning formula, it's essential to repeat the experiment - this time with more support and more partners.

The Festival, also entitled Closer Croatia, will again take place in the Riverside Studios, Thursday 11th - Sunday 14th October 2007. The programme is made of contemporary eight feature films and ten short films. We hope you will join us!

Thursday 11th - Sunday 14th October 2007
Riverside Studios, Crisp Road, London W6 9RL

 I am delighted that the Riverside Studios is once again hosting a selection of the very best of Croatian cinema. This time, the selection differs from 2004, concentrating exclusively on contemporary feature films, documentaries, animation and art house films.

Croatian cinema is enjoying a revival and is actively supported by the Ministry of Culture as the main national institution providing funding with the result that for the second year running, Croatia has been represented at the Cannes Film Festival. The consistent quality of recent Croatian films is becoming recognised both locally and internationally.

Finally, I would like to thank all the organizers and sponsors who have made possible for London film enthusiasts to enjoy this important aspect of Croatian culture and to become ever closer to Croatia itself.

Josko Paro
Croatian Ambassador


Contemporary Croatian Film Festival in London

By Karmen Horvat, Hina

18 films will be screened on second edition of the festival, which was opened by Rajko Grlic`s `Karaula`. 
Festival of contemporary Croatian film `Closer Croatia` was opened yesterday at the Riverside Studios in London, informs Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integrations.

`Closer Croatia` festival will run until Sunday, October 14 and a total of 18 films will be shown (8 feature films, 7 animated films, 2 experimental films and a documentary). The festival was opened by Rajko Grlic`s `Karaula`in the crowded hall.

The second edition of the Closer Croatia festival was opened by Croatian Ambassador Josko Paro who pointed out the exceptional significance of film in cultural promotion of a country

Wit numerable representatives of the diplomatic and business world, as well as respectable cultural artists, the reception and the screening were attended by Croatian film directors Arsen A. Ostojic, Ognjen Svilicic and Dalibor Matanic.

After the screening, they answered questions in front of the interested London audience, while the organisers of the Filmhouse programme in Edinbourg have expressed interest to present a similar programme in January next year.

With sponsors and associations in Croatia and Great Britain, the festival was organised by Croatian Embassy in London, International Cultural Co-Operation Department of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Croatian Culture Ministry, City Department for Culture and Multimedia Research Centre of Zagreb University Students` Centre


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