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Resurrection of the Town of Lipik
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  09/11/2007 | Miscellaneous , Environment | Unrated
The town of Lipik today

Excursion to the Town of Lipik

This town deserves to be visited. See the photos and follow the links below.

Renewed Catholic church in Lipik, totally destroyed in 1991 during the Serbain agression on Croatia:

Children playing in front of renewed Children's Home,
completely destroyed in 1991 during the Serbian agression on Croatia

Mr Ivan Puščenik, the author, and a group of children from Children's Home, Lipik 2007:
Tea Tušak, Tomislav Grudiček, Nikolina Medenjak, Ana Lebec, Nevenka Božić, Ivana Božić.

Professor Merisanda Pjerabon, with a group of children from Children's Home of Lipik (as above, + Sanja Božić). Mrs. Merisanda Pjerabon is of Italian nationality, born near Lipik, and employed at Children's Home. Her name is rather surprising: indeed, there is more than a century old Italian community around the towns of Lipik and Pakrac. See below.

Majorettes of the Lipik Children's Home dancing during the 2007 Streetball basketball competition.

An old fire-engine and a fireman statue near the renewed Lipik Firehouse,
 destroyed during the 1991 Serbian aggression on Croatia.

Renewed Lipik Library, former primary school,
severely damaged during the 1991 Serbian aggression on Croatia.

Hall of the Lipik Library. A reconstruction of the building and inner equipment
have been made possible due to donations from Italy.

Mr. Stjepan Horvat, former Mayor of the town, playing piano in the Lipik Library.
Director of the library, prof. Jasna Molnar-Kukić, photographing.

Interior of the Lipik Library.

Monograph of Mr. Duško Kliček, Pakrac, dealing with Italian minority in the north of Croatia,
near the towns of Lipik and Pakrac, existing there since 1880. The book is also in the Lipik Library.

Croatian and Italian names of villages near Lipik and Pakrac.
Reproduced from the monograph with permission of Mr. Duško Kliček.

Members of  Italian community "Liberta"  near Lipik, during their visit to Verona (from the monograph of Mr. Duško Kliček).

Biography of Duško Kliček, Pakrac, author of the book, printed in Croatian and Italian. According to his monograph, fifteen Croatian citizens of Italian nationality from Lipik and Pakrac fell as victims of the 1991 Serbian aggression on Croatia.

Duško Kliček is also the author of the following book:
Grad Lipik : fotomonografija : Pozdrav iz Lipika / Duško Kliček. - Lipik : Poglavarstvo grada Lipika, 2002. - 125 pp. : illustr. ; 30 cm. - ISBN 953-96542-0-3.

Literature in Italian language in the Lipik Library, donated from Italy.

The Lipik Mixed Choir, with former Mayor Mr Stjepan Horvat in the center.

Memorial room of the Lipik Library, dedicated to the victims of the 1991 Serbian aggression on Croatia.

Victimes of the 1991 Serbian aggression on Croatia who fell on the region of towns of Lipik and Pakrac,
originating from other parts of Croatia.

The Lipik Town Hall

Wir sind Partner (We are Partners):
The towns of  Neustadt an der Aisch, Germany (near Nuremberg) and Lipik are brother towns since 1998.

It is nice to hear a rock song devoted to the town of Lipik (summer 2007)

Renewed Lipik Post Office, severly damaged during the 1991 Serbian aggression on Croatia.

2007 Streetball competition in Lipik near Children's Home

One of villas in Lipik, victim of the 1991 Serbian aggression, awaiting reconstruction.

The main entrance to the Lipik Mineral Water complex - Lipički studenac, or Studena. It is placed quite near the famous Lipizzan stable, which awaits stolen Croatian horses to be unconditionally returned from Serbia.

Industrial revival of Lipik ... GOOD LUCK!

Formated for CROWN by prof.dr. Darko Žubrinić
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