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PYRAMID on top of the Pyramid - Monumental success of Croatian TV
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  09/12/2007 | News , Entertainment , Awards | Unrated
Best Show 2007 at the Rose D’Or Television Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland

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RDF Rights has partnered with Croatian independent production company Castor Multimedia, the creator of the award winning Pyramid, to distribute the format globally. After enjoying huge success in its home territory for three seasons and becoming a hit format in the broader region, the format achieved global recognition when it was named Best Show at this year's Rose D'Or Television Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland. RDF Rights will be taking the format to MIPCOM in October where it is expected to be one of their best sellers.

The Pyramid is a unique combination of talk show and game show, with three celebrities debating hot topics to win votes from viewers at home. The programme is transmitted live and is currently in production for Croatian Television, for whom it has been a huge ratings success. On average 15% of the entire Croatian population watched the programme in its regular weekly primetime slot, and at times this figure reached over 20%. But the show has not only been a ratings hit; the latest season on Croatian Television generated on average over 50,000 votes per programme; an impressive figure for a country of just 4.5 million people.

The Pyramid has also been produced in Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bulgaria with similar success.  Europroducciones from Madrid has already optioned the format for Spain, Italy and Portugal, as has Gestion Avanti Cine Video for French speaking Canada.

"It is always exciting to find television formats which are genuinely fresh and new", says RDFR's Head of Light Entertainment Acquisitions, Barnaby Shingleton . "The Pyramid is like nothing else on television at the moment and is guaranteed to make an impact on any schedule. We're even more pleased that this comes from a market which hasn't traditionally been known for its format development; it just goes to show great ideas can come from anywhere!"

"The Pyramid has already proved itself on six demanding markets in the region where it has fared exceptionally well against the best-known international formats, and the Rose D'Or for the best show in 2007 has only served to give us additional encouragement to market our format outside the region. We have decided to entrust this work to RDF Rights since their professional approach, dedication to The Pyramid and the results they have achieved so far have proved to us they are the best choice. We are convinced that RDF will open the door of the

International TV format market for The Pyramid and so provide viewers from all over the world with the pleasure of participating in debates as they have never seen before", says Dubravko Merlic the Managing Director of Castor Multimedia and author of The Pyramid.

For further details please contact:
Alice Robertson
Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7013 4368  
RDF Media, The Gloucester Building, Kensington Village, Avonmore Road, London, W14 8RF


This is a monumental success. First time ever that one of Croatia's TV shows have been exported. Congratulations, good luck and I hope to see you on American TV very soon.


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