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Protest in front of the ICTY's headquarters located at The Hague, Netherlands
By Prof.dr. Zvonimir Šeparović | Published  10/9/2007 | Human Rights , Events | Unrated
Appropriate measures need to be undertaken by the ICTY to correct these unjust verdicts

Hrvatsko žrtvoslovno društvo
Croatian Society of Victimology

Ilica 36/I/dvorište, 10000 ZAGREB
tel. 01/48 301 48 fax 2955 000
E-Mail : hrvatsko.zrtvoslovno.drustvo@zg.t-ht.

Appeal to the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) on behalf of the Croatian Society of Victimology

Whereas the original purpose of the ICTY was to pursue high-level war criminals in the hopes of securing meaningful justice and reconciliation in the region. Whereas the ICTY was initially created to punish those who perpetrated war crimes in Croatia and in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the 1990s and its intent was never to become a politicized and antidemocratic tribunal;

Whereas the ICTY has become an unaccountable and antidemocratic tribunal, whose goal was to prosecute mass murderers; however, under Chief Prosecutor, Carla Del Ponte, the ICTY has become a vehicle to pursue her political and personal agenda;

Whereas Carla Del Ponte failed to indict top ranking Serbian/Yugoslav National Army (JNA) officials who were responsible for heinous war crimes in Vukovar, Croatia; instead, Del Ponte only focused on the town of Ovcari and JNA officers Mrksic, who was sentenced to 20 years, Sljivancanin, sentenced 5 years and Radic who was acquitted altogether. These Serbs are responsible for murdering, torturing and massacuring 194 Croatian victims in 1991. These pathetic and meaningless verdicts show the ICTY's bias and political agenda which is clearly not in the interest of any justice;

Whereas the appropriate measures need to be undertaken by the ICTY to correct these unjust verdicts given to Mrksic, Sljivancanin and Radic as quickly as possible;

Whereas in the interest of justice, it is the Tribunal's responsibility not to have indicted or to prosecute innocent Croatian General Ante Gotovina who led the Croatian Army to a cessation of hostilities perpetrated, run and spearheaded by the Serbian/Yugoslav Army in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina;

Whereas it is the Tribunal's responsibility to identify historical facts that Croatia was defending herself against Serbian/Yugoslav aggression and occupation; moreover, Croatia was aided in her defense with the help and assistance of the United States of America and the International Community before and during the successful military operations of Bljesak and Storm which liberated Croatia's internationally recognized territories;

Whereas the Croatian Society of Victimology supports the Croatian Government's response to the unjust Ovcari verdicts and its promise to the Croatian people they will address this issue at the upcoming United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York on October 15, 2007; 

Therefore we support the peaceful protest of mothers and fathers who lost their loved ones during this bloody and grossly inhumane massacre in Ovcari, Vukovar, Croatia; this peaceful gathering is scheduled for Thursday, October 11, 2007 in front of the ICTY's headquarters located at The Hague, Netherlands; lastly, we urge the tribunal and the international community to take notice and assist in bringing forth true justice.

President Dr. Zvonimir Šeparović 
Zagreb, October 10, 2007

International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia,
Churchillplein 1,
2517 JW The Hague,
The Netherlands.

Tel.: +31 70 512 5000
WHERE: Churchillplein 1,2517 JW The Hague The Netherlands

Croatian Society of Victimology 
Srebrnjak 18, 10 000 Zagreb Croatia

Telefoni: +385 1 2431-075

Fax: +385 1 2431-095


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