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Prof.dr. Vlatko Čerić and his algorithmic art in New York on Nov 1st 2007
By Mladen Lolic | Published  10/9/2007 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
Pixel Perfect

You are Cordially Invited to Attend the Opening Reception
Thursday, November 1, 2007 6-8 PM
Exhibition Dates: October 26-November 15
Agora Gallery
530 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York
Tel. 212-226-4151 / Fax 212-966-4380

This is a new millennium, a new age, one in which Art need no longer do battle with Science. Instead of existing in opposition, a beautiful synthesis between the two can be achieved. This lesson is perhaps taught best by Vlatko Čerić, who has blended the science of mathematics with artistic expression using especially self developed software that utilizes algorithms to transform idea into image.

Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Vlatko Čerić trained as a scientist working in the field of computer modeling and simulation, and today is a full professor of Informatics at the University of Zagreb. Vlatko first began producing images via computer in the 1970's, making use of the relatively primitive technology of printed symbols to create strikingly beautiful, yet orderly images that soon came to be in high demand.

Through many years experimenting with images and image manipulation, Vlatko's works have reached new heights, and have been exhibited across the globe. There is a spirit in the machine, and Vlatko Čerić has freed it.

Amanda Aaron,

Agora Gallery


Prof. dr. sc. Vlatko Čerić
Fel: +385 1-238 3280
Fax: +385 1-2335-633

Jewish Community in Zagreb, source


Vlatko Čerić - my bio

Born in 1945 in Zagreb, Croatia. Majored in physics and started working in the Institute of Physics in Zagreb, but soon got involved in computing, and particularly in computer modelling and simulation. Full Professor of informatics at the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb.

During diploma study I attended art history class and was impressed by abstract art, and especially by Brancusi. Also inspired by Klee, Mondrian, Vasarely, de Stael and Max Bill.

Computer generated graphics (being also a sort of computer modelling) attracted me very early, and I started working with it in mid 1970ties. I begin working intensively from early 2002, but until 2005 most of my graphics were appearing only on the computer screen. In October/November 2005 I had my first exhibition, and from the beginning of 2006 I start sending my works to international exhibitions.

I am a member of the Croatian Association of Artists.

My works are represented by two New York City galleries:

   Rhonda Schaller Studio gallery
   Agora Gallery  


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