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Ivana Kunc’s brand new CD “Music of Božidar Kunc" in stores now
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  09/28/2007 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
A great CD. Songs never recorded before. Preserving Croatian culture for new generations.

We are pleased to announce the release of Ivana Kunc's brand new CD "Music of Božidar Kunc". Ms. Kunc is the daughter of Croatian composer Božidar Kunc and the niece of soprano Zinka Milanov. 
This recording contains songs with both Croatian and English text, many of which are being presented on CD for the first time.

Please visit for more information and to listen to selections from this beautiful new recording.

Listen to Ivana sing:

Just a quick note to let you know that my CD, "Music of Bozidar Kunc" is going to be featured on a prominent Croatian radio show this Saturday morning, September 29Th from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM (7:30 AM our time, Zagreb is 6 hours ahead of us.) The program is hosted by Franjo Bilic (A local radio legend) and will air on Croatian Radio Three.

The Croatian Radio Television (Hrvatska Radiotelevizija) home page is and the link below takes you directly to the streaming audio page for those who wish to listen in.

Visit:  (Click on HR3.)

Thanks so much for your support.




"Music of Božidar Kunc" - Ivana Kunc

Review by James Manheim - All Music Guide

Božidar Kunc was a Croatian composer, brother of soprano Zinka Milanov (the story of this name change is worth checking out). Like Milanov, he emigrated to the U.S., and continued to compose. Those who haunt the ethnic music programs at the lower end of the FM dial know that the entrenchment of the concert tradition in Eastern European cultures is deep, and that local scenes flourish largely under the radar. This disc gives us an above-average sample of what you might hear at a Croat community center in Toronto, Akron, or Chicago.

Kunc died in Detroit in 1964. His music was touched only lightly by specifically Croat elements; its primary stylistic stimulant is Ravel's late impressionism, specifically its slightly jazz-tinged variant of the 1920s. Indeed, it is hard to tell whether Kunc absorbed influences from Gershwin in his adoptive home, or whether one is hearing them filtered through Ravel  and through the light, agile voice of his daughter, soprano Ivana Kunc, who lives in New York. Most of the songs have English texts; to hear a Ravel-like setting of William Wordsworth's poem "The Daffodils" is a novelty. There are two Croatian-language songs, and these are more ambitious and larger in scale than the rest of the music on the disc, which could have been written for family and friends.

Ivana Kunc is a pleasure to hear, and the real highlight of this disc is its domestic quality - the third member of the family involved is Božidar Kunc's wife, De'Elda, who wrote many of the texts and chronicled her love affair with her husband in De'Elda's Love Songs, Op. 72. They're rather naďve, yet oddly original ("I could write a poem, it may be short or long/And when I write in meter, my love writes in song"), and the music picks up on their unusual twists in an intimate way. This privately issued disc is probably intended for social and cultural circles close to those of the performer, but its charms are accessible to outsiders.


Thank you Ivana for preserving Croatian culture through a unique project, with a lot of effort, talent and a great result. Songs of your father are now recorded forever for many generations to come.

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