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Studia Croatica 1986 #103
By Joza Vrljièak
Published on 05/20/2009
In this 103 (1986) issue of Studia Croatica, Ivo Korsky explains why Croatians struggle for independence and Ernesto Livacic writes about the living Croatian presence in Chilean literature. Three articles are devoted to the Venezuelan Precursor Francisco de Miranda (1750-1816) and his relation with Croatia, while Mateo Martinic writes on the Croatian immigrants to Chile (1919-1939). 96 pages, in Spanish.

Studia Croatica - number 103 - 1986
 Dr. Ivo Korsky
 Dr. Ernesto Livacic
 General Francisco de Miranda

Studia Croatica

Año XXVII, Buenos Aires, 1986, N° 103